GENUINE JUSTIFICATION FOR INDIAN and JAMMU-KASHMIR GOVERNMENT TO GRANT LAND FOR ‘PANUN KASHMIR’ and ITS DIRECT PLACEMENT ALONG WITH JAMMU(and if possible, Ladakh/at least Leh-Ladakh District plus Zanskar tehsil of Kargil Dist. which have Buddhist majority. Zanskar was earlier a tehsil of the Kishtwar district of Jammu province, but made a tehsil of the Kargil District subsequently) UNDER THE STATE GOVERNOR and ARMY, FOR PROTECTION OF THE SAFETY and RIGHTS OF KASHMIRI PANDITS and DOGRAS, as well as, Greater Autonomy for the Kashmiris of the Rest of Kashmir Valley, (who feel neglected by the Indian Government), under the local political parties, elected by people of the (moderately) ‘AUTONOMOUS KASHMIR’ (and the Kargil district of Ladakh minus the Buddhist majority Zanskar Tehsil) of Indian ‘ADMINISTERED’ Kashmir, comparable to ‘Azad Kashmir’ of Pakistan ‘Occupied’ Kashmir. A very distressing situation has arisen in the State of lire a Jammu and Kashmir since January 1990 in that the Pandits of Kashmir Valley, a BrahminCommunity (and lately, the Dogras of Jammu too) are being regularly subjected to attacks and (persecution by the Kashmiri separatist as well as Pakistani Muslim terrorists, making them flee from the Kashmir valley despite the Indian Army posted there. Their temples are also vandalised. TheKashmir Valley is no longer the ‘Paradise on Earth’ that it once was. Thorns have started cropping up among the flowers in the Paradise on Earth from the time of the independence.Now, it has become a Valley of Bloodshed with which the gentle Kashmiri Pandits are in no position to cope and have thus become exiles from their own homeland. Hence a part of the valley needs to be earmarked for them, as per their plea, where they can live in peace, in the interest of preserving their culture and the original demography of Kashmir. (The original undivided Kashmir Valley of 22065 Sq.Kms as it was when sold by the British to the Maharajah of Jammu in 1846 AD, including the Muzaffarabad block of ‘Azad Jammu Kashmir’ of 6117 sq .km,which is now under Pakistan Occupation, has been taken into account for calculating the 4% share of it-about 900 sq km- equivalent to the over 4% popu- lation of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley prior to Pakistani invasion from 22nd Oct 1947).Baramulla and Sopore Cities, not tehsils, are asked for Panun Kashmir)Remaining blocks of Azad Jammu Kashmir, viz. Mirpur and Poonch blocks were parts of Jammu,not Kashmir,before the Pakistani invasion. The present Indian Administered Kashmir Valley is 15948 sq. kms. in area, so even after sparing 900 sq kms of it for Panun Kashmir, 15000 sqkms will still be left with Kashmiri Muslims, which is more than the area of the total Azad Jammu Kashmir (13297 sq. kms). The Details of the Tehsils included as required for Panun Kashmir are given in the image enclosed with this article, below.(Srinagar is not mentioned in the tehsils that are desired to be included in Panun Kashmir, as it is the capital of Kashmir Valley, and would have to be with the rest of the valley. The KPs can make another city/town e.g.Ganderbal with Manasbal lake/Pahalgam/Anantnag their capital if they want to live separately from the other Kashmiris of the valley.Or Srinagar can be Joint capital for them, And for the Rest of the Kashmir valley). THE DIVISION Can be made Without scrapping Art370/ 35A, or Dissolving the State Govt., simply by placing Panun Kashmir, which would be a vulnerable area, Under the Direct Control of the Governor of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh, Permanently for more safety – singly, or as a combined Unit with Jammu and Ladakh, whose people also want to be separated from Kashmir). In view of the increasingly bitter and violent struggle of the Kashmiri Muslims forced Freedom, the Government of India should contemplate giving at least Greater Autonomy to the residents of the Kashmir valley, along with the Kargil and Sanku tehsils of Kargil dist connected with it through Bandipore dist. of the valley, (except for the part mentioned above as required for Panun Kashmir,Zanskar tehsil of Kargil dist and Leg, side by side with Jammu, which alone should be kept under the protection of the Indian Army, while the remaining valley should be managed only by the Central Reserve Police Force,barring the border areas which too have to be under the protection of the Border Security Force), subject to the condition that they should give up their demand/fight for ‘Azadi’ or for joining Pakistan, and stop harassing the other civilians, as well as agree to the formation of Panun Kashmir. Else, a Civil War of Kashmiri Muslims militants – backed by Pakistan – with India cannot be ruled out, with uncertain and disastrous effects! All said and done, the Chief Problem in this sort of settlement would be not so much of settling Kashmiri Pandits in the ear- marked area, but of relocating the old domicile Muslims out of Panun Kashmir, even if demarcation of Panun Kashmir is agreed to by the other Kashmiri Muslims of the Valley. So those among them who want to stay on there should be allowed, provided they agree to give a Binding on Oath Not to harm the Pandits or their Homes, Property and Temples. Perhaps it may not be possible to accommodate all Kashmiri Pandits in the earmarked area for Panun Kashmir. So the older members of the community, who were residents of the valley before their exile should be given the first priority to return to the valley, while the younger members can be settled in Jammu, or in Himachal Pradesh which is supposed to have been their original abode [on the banks of the ancient river Saraswati, that is said to have sprung from HP (but exists there now as a tributary of it named Ghaggar- Hakra river), which passed through Punjab, Haryana,Rajasthan, and northern Gujarat upto the Rann of Kachh, from which they have derived their caste name of ‘SaraswatBrahmins’ as they worship the river Saraswati as Goddess, which is also called Sharda, and migrated to Kashmir on the river drying up, where they were given shelter by the Naga Kings who were rulers of Kashmir that time]; Or in Uttarakhand, where the ecology is similar to that of the Kashmir Valley.



Origin of the Mongolian Races(Part – II) Ref: Our ancestors mated with the mystery ‘Denisovan’ people – twice | New Scientist


Our ancestors mated with the mystery ‘Denisovan’ people – twice | New Scientist
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Since these Denisovian people are supposed to have existed in two places, viz. from Altai Mountains of Siberia to East Asia, and in South East Asia, in two different streams, (coinciding with the habitats of the early Mongolian people, it would be interesting to investigate whether the abovementioned findings have relationship with the Origin/s of the Mongolian races, particularly in view of their strikingly different features compared to other races.

The Bible and Hindu Theology with reference to Islam: Their mutual relevance and relation to Primeval History and Anthropology.


Edited Version:

Religion, that is, belief in a Supreme Spirit or Force that has created the Universe and is the Controller of it, exists in all the communities of the world. Each religion preaches Love for All beings. Hence the initial aim of every religion was to induce its followers to live in peace with other fellow beings, and not take one another’s lives. Unfortunately though, with the sprouting of more and more religions over the ages on this earth, differences of religious beliefs between the various peoples of the world have made Religion itself a disturbing cause of clashes among communities in the present age. The strife is particularly marked between Muslims and Hindus in India, Muslims and Christians in the Western countries, as well as Muslims and Jews as also Christians in the Middle East. The reason is that each community believes it’s own faith to be true and superior to others.

However, if one goes into the study of the religions, one can observe many Common points between them, particularly between Hinduism and Christianity, in that a good number of the Hindu gods, like (1) Indra the Commander in chief of the gods, (b) Sukracharya (Sukra = Venus )who was also a member of the gods’ land, but rebelled to become the Priest and Guru of the Daityas or Antigods, comprising the Asuras(Assyrians, named Asshur in the Hebrew Bible) (2) Danavas (The Titans or the early, Hamite-mixed Indo-European Greeks) and the Rakshasas who were Ethiopian Hamites, that is Proto-australoids/aboriginal tribes, as also (3)Dhanvanthari, Physician of the gods, and (4) Yamraj, the God of Death, are relatable to the ‘Archangels’ (1) Michael, the Chief Archangel of God’s Army,(2) Lucifer the rebel Archangel of Enlightenment who was banished from the Land of God, (3) Raphael the Archangel of Healing, and (4) Azra-el, the Angel of Death respectively, that are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Jew and Christian Bible.

The Angels are recognised as’Farishte'(Holy Spirits) in Islam.’Azra-il’ is the name of the ‘Maut ka Farishte’ in Islam.

(It may interest some readers to learn that the Zoroastrians or Parsis, who are the worshippers of the Ahura Mazda, regard the Vedic Aryan or Hindu gods, particularly Indra, and ‘Ahriman/Angra Mainyu’, that is ‘Aryama'(an Aditya or aspect of the Sun God) as ‘Demons’!

Outwardly, it is the differences of theologies between the various religions that may strike one first. For Hinduism is a Polytheistic religion involving the worship of various divine spirits, BUT the divine spirits are manifestations of the One Supreme Spirit or Power to the many incarnations of Vishnu , the Lord for Protection of the Universe, who is one of the Brahmanical Trinity along with Brahma the Creator, and Shiva the Final Disposer or Catalyst. Contrary to the common belief that there are 33 crore Hindu gods, there are in fact only 33 classes (‘Koti’ in the sense of classes) of gods viz. 12 Adityas (gods of the Realm of Light) who are the different aspects of Surya, the Sun God; 11Maruts (gods of the Realm of Air, including Indra, the God of Thunder and Rain, and of War, Vayu, Parjanya or Torrential Rain etc; 8 Vasus or Terrestrial gods, and the Ashwini Kumars. Moreover, Hindus believe in the Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth, as also the Law of Karma, according to which One’s Good or Bad Deeds, in the Present and/or Past lives, are accountable for one’s Well-being or Sufferings. Judaism, Christianity and Islam do not subscribe to the Rebirth theory. However, they too believe in the theory of Retribution for Sins on Last Day of Revelation and Judgement by God or the Messiah sent by Him to the Earth to punish those who are Evil, and Reward the Noble and Self righteous.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are Monotheistic religions. Islam and Judaism are separated from Christianity on the grounds that Christians regard Jesus Christ as the Saviour of Mankind by virtue of being the Son of God Jehova or Yahweh, because He died for the Sins of Mankind, and got resurrected as the Holy Ghost, so that those who accept him as their Messiah would be forgiven their Sins and admitted to Heaven on the Day of Revelation and Judgement.

The Jews too follow the Old Testament of the Holy Bible like the Christians, and the Muslims worship One Supreme Spirit, whom they call Allah, and follow the Quran which is said to be similar in content to the Old Testament, but they regard Christ only as a Prophet like Moses, not as the Messiah. For they believe that the real Messiah or Savior is still to come in a furious form like ‘Kalki’ for Hindus, Jehova for Jews, and ‘Imam Mahdi’ for Mohammedans.

Among the Christians, there areTwo broad divisions- Catholics and Protestants. The later comers, the Protestants do not worship Mary, the Mother of Jesus, but only Jesus Christ as the ‘Son of God’. Nor do they regard the Pope as their religious head and mediator between them and Christ or God. They are also more liberal about matters like divorce and birth control. The Catholics on the other hand, worship not only Christ and Jehova, but Mary too as The Holy Mother, and keep as well as decorate and bow to the statues of both in their churches. Yet, they claim that the service rendered by them to the statues of Jesus and Mary is not the same as the custom of idol worship among the Hindus, in that their decorating the statues of Holy Mary and Son is just their way of showing honour to Mother Mary and Christ.

Well, be that it. All the same, that practice as also the worship of Mother Mary in addition to that of Jesus Christ serves the important purpose of making Hindus (especially those of Goa where many Hindus were persuaded or forced to adopt Christianity) feel closer to the Catholics than to those of the other religions like Islam, because Mother Mary appeals to their sentiments as a version of the Mother Goddess Ambika!

Relation of the Biblical Characters to Primeval History and Anthropology :

The earliest Humans are represented by ADAM and EVE, and their sons CAIN the eldest, who originally tilled a farm but was cursed and banished by God to lead a Nomadic life for killing his younger brother ABEL, a breeder of livestock, out of jealousy), and SETH, the youngest son of ADAM and EVE, must have been the Palaeolithic Humans, and NEGROES. The Satan in the form of the SNAKE who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden apple, must have been a Naga tribal, I.e Mongolo- Dravidian,

A descendant of SETH born after many generations was NOAH, the Neolithic Man, from whom the Three main Biblical races, Ham, Shem and Japheth arose.

HAM the youngest, was the progenitor of the Proto-Australoid and Aboriginal Caucasian Tribes of Northern Africa (Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, and Canaan- the father of Heth, Sin, Phillistines etc. ), Aboriginal Pre-Dravidians of India (including the Mongolo-Dravidians of Northeast India), Sri Lanka and Australia;

SHEM, was progenitor of the Semitic Mediterranean Arab races of Arabian subcontinent and the Dravidians of South India.

And JAPHETH was the progenitor of the Alpine and Nordic Caucasian races of Europe, Eurasia. West Asia, Iran and the Central as well as Southeast Asia.

(1) The Aryans of Iran/Persia who migrated to Iran from Europe, and occupied the Upper Indus Valley ,were Nordic Caucasians., and descendants of Meshech(Muscovy near Moscow) and Madai. They were accompanied by (2) Indo-Scythians who were an Alpine Caucasian tribe of Central Asia, and were the priests of the Aryans. They were descendants of Magog.The two races are mentioned as the ‘Gentiles’ of the East in the Bible, and are the descendants of Japheth.

(3) It is not yet certain from which Biblical character/s the Mongolian/Mongoloid races of Mongolia like the Huns, Chinese, and the people of Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia have originated. According to the Bible, they are supposed to be the descendants of Gog, Magog, (called yajuj and Majuj in the Quran), Meshech(Southwest Russia) and Tubal(Anatolia or Turkey), the Turkish descendants of Japheth.

According to some authors, a number of them like the Chinese, have a Hamitic mixture – with the Sinites, considering the prefix ‘Sino’ used by the Chinese to indicate themselves in their links with other nations e.g. Sino- Indian, whereas the Nagas and American Indians as well as the ancient Sumerians appear to be Mongolian/ Mongoloid tribes of the Far East, who mixed with the Canaanite Dravidians. They are an enigma in themselves in that they believe themselves to have descended from the ‘Reptilian Serpent Alien’, namely the notorious ‘Sea Dragon’ Leviathan, the representative of the Satan!