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POINT FOR THOUGHT:-                                                                            CAN THE KASHMIR CONFLICT BE RESOLVED BY BI-/ TRIFURCATION OF JAMMU-KASHMIR  STATE, WITHOUT ABOLITION OF ARTICLE 370 OF THE CONSTITUTION?                                                     In view of the constant clashes and bloodshed between    the Indian Defense Forces, viz. the Army/CRPF Jawans and the Separatists accompanied by Pak terrorists that has disturbed the atmosphere and jeopardised the security of the other citizens of Jammu-Kashmir,it needs consideration whether a step to divide Jammu+Kashmir State-                   into (1) A Hindu majority Jammu province, plus Ganderbal dist,as also Pahalgam tehsil of KashmirValley as one Unit;(2)The remaining Muslim (esp. Sunni Muslim)Dominated Kashmir Valley with nearly 9 of the 10 districts of the valley, and (3) Ladakh, alone or jointly  with Jammu, WITH- or if not feasible – WITHOUT ABOLITION OF ARTICLE 370 in any of the Three provinces  (BUT, with an independent Chief Minister for each Province, viz. Kashmir Valley, and strict or firm but sympathetic,tactful Chief Minister/s in Jammu and Ladakh) –  is likely to enable easier and effective Law and Order Control in the Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh!                                                                                             NOT removing  Art.370 may be GOOD in a way, for it can’t be said whether the removal of the Article will lead to influx of more Muslims or Hindus from outside. If the Article has to be retained, some way should be found to resettle the Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims elsewhere in India,e.g, in the Northeastern states where the population is ethnically closer to them, and the Art.370 does not exist, instead of Jammu. OR they can be established in Ladakh, which is also populated by Mongoloid people, and would be the easiest place to shift them to, if it is not possible to drive them out from India, nor settle them in Kashmir Valley, since our Government has much sympathy for them. In that case, Ladakh too may be separated out from Jammu as a third province.                                             The bi-/trifurcation will also facilitate the local Hindus and Buddhists of Jammu and Ladakh respectively to exercise their regional majority rights, and to vote a Hindu or Buddhist Chief Minister to power in Jammu and Ladakh!                                                                                               The PROBLEM is,”WHO Will Bell The Muftis and Abdullahs to make them acquiesce to this type of Amendment for Bifurcation of J+K for Administrative Convenience, and HOW, even if there may not be any Constitutional Contra- indication to it?”


Limitations of Buddha’s Ahimsa and Detachment philosophy.(87)


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Is Ahura Mazda, the God of Parsis, a version of the Hindu God Kartikeya?(My Facebook post of 22.7.2016)(86)


An author, Ajit Vadakayil, has written that Shukracharya, the priest of the Asuras, is Ahura Mazda, but he was not the god but only the priest of the Asuras. Also, he is depicted as a man blind in one eye, and having a horse as his vehicle, which is far different from the image of Ahura Mazda, which shows him as a man with only his upper body and shoulders showing, while the lower part has wings and a plume like tail. The description of Ahura Mazda is more like Kartikeya atop his Peacock.