POINT TO PONDER:- IS IT NOT HIGH TIME FOR THE INDIAN and JAMMU- KASHMIR STATE GOVERNMENTS TO INVESTIGATE THE POSSIBILITY OF TRI/QUADRI -FURCATION OF JAMMU,LADAKH and KASHMIR STATE WITHOUT ABOLITION OF ARTICLE 370 andARTICLE 35-A on religious and ethnic basis? [Or At least keep the Part of the KashmirValley sought by Kashmiri Pandits for ‘Panun Kashmir’, as well as Jammu and Ladakh under Presidential Rule, with Article 370 and 35-A intact, for Time Being, under the direct and firmer protection by Central Government to save them from further clashes with the Separatists of the valley, and the State from non-stop Violence, which is endangering the lives of even pilgrims and tourists!] For HOW LONG are the citizens of the state to stay in such an unsafe atmosphere? The Indian Army alone cannot restore peace unless some Political step is also taken to supplement and strengthen their hands. In fact, they too have become the targets of Stone pelting and violence. Therefore, if there are constitutional difficulties for abolition of the Articles, the Govt. of India should seriously consider if – JAMMU AND KASHMIR STATE CAN BE DIVIDED into 3 parts: (a)JAMMU STATE (joined with the , EASTERN part of theKashmir Valley as requested by the Pandit Minority(which is targeted byKashmiri Muslims as revenge for the massacre .of Muslims in Rajouri, ordered by Raja Hari Singh in Oct1947 before Pakistani invasion of Kashmir same month,22Oct 1947 on22nd ) viz. the tehsils of the Kashmir Valley housing the places of religious importance for the Hindus viz.the part ofAnantnag district from Pahalgam in the North to Anantnag Tehsil in the Southwest of the district,Awantipora,and the Tulmula village, Baltal Valley (near Sonamarg)as also Manasbal lake of Ganderbal district, and the Baramulla(Varmul),Sopore and Pattan tehsils of the Baramulla district,with sharing of Wular Lake, BUT WITHOUT THE ROHINGYA MUSLIMS WHO MAY BE SHIFTED TO SOME OTHER PLACE IN/UNDER INDIA,e.g. the ANDAMAN-NICOBAR ISLANDS,(which is not u/Article 370); this division should be directly under the Indian Government, even if under Article 370. (b)LADAKH as a separate province also under the GOI or linked with Jammu by a fairly broad Passage through the lower border of the Zanskar Tehsil of the Kargil District (adjacent to Himachal Pradesh); and the Remaining (c)Major part of KASHMIR Valley as SEPARATE KASHMIR PROVINCE with POONCH and RAJOURI that are the borderline Muslim majority districts of Jammu but UNDER THE existing local Government of Jammu and Kashmir and under Article 370 (Kashmir being as it was, just after Kashmir was sold to Maharaja of Jammu and Ladakh,i.e before it merged withJammu-Ldk – Except for the far WesternPart Gone into AzadJK of Pak Occupied Kashmir,as also the Eastern tehsils required by Kashmiri Pandits and other Hindus of Jammu+ Kashmir WITHOUT ABOLITION OF THE ARTICLES 370/35-A OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION ]             -TO QUELL THE LOCAL HINDU-MUSLIM FIGHT FOR POWER OVER THE TOTAL JAMMU and  KASHMIR STATE? (And with separate Chief Ministers, as in the different Union Territories under the Indian Union)                   It is well known that Kashmir and Jammu were differentPrincely states existing as separate colonies under the British Sovereignty before Kashmir was sold by the British in 1846 AD to Raja Gulab Singh, the Dogra Maharajah of Jammu, (who had already conquered the whole of Ladakh, a Tibetan Kingdom, including Baltistan, which has been occupied by Pakistan as a part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, and Shaksgam Valley with Aksai Chin,given by Pakistan to China in 1963).Kashmir was not an integral part of Jammu and Ladakh, from the begining. Neither were Jammu and Ladakh   an original part of Kashmir, as they were ethnically different states. Therefore, the Kashmiris cannot claim for right over Jammu and Ladakh besides Kashmir as part of their demand for ‘Independent  Kashmir’! (However, the Kashmiri  Muslims should remember that the Kashmiri Pandits were also natives of the Kashmir valley, in fact from earlier times than themselves, and some of the Muslims, viz. the Shaikhs are descendents of, and converts from the Kashmiri Hindus,so it is wrong of them to drive them out from their homeland from time to time since their arrival in Kashmir in 1339, then in 1947 and from 1990 till today, and deny them their share of the land, simply because they are not Muslims or unwilling to convert to Islam! )                       The British are said to have sold Kashmir and later Gilgit to the Jammu Maharajah because the Brits were in need of money, after which they were merged with Jammu to form the combined State of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, including Gilgit- Baltistan despite the protest by the people of Kashmir and Gilgit which is now a part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)to the sale and merger of their lands with Jammu, and their demand for being allowed to retain their ‘Independent Kashmir’ and’Azadi fromJammu’ which was not heeded (which themselves were wrong deals committed by the British in my opinion, and are at the root of the present unrest in POK and Kashmir. For What Moral Right did a Foreign Sovereignty have to ‘Sell’ a Princely State under its rule to another unrelated state like a ‘Slave Nation’?) As a Result  of this merger instead of keeping and ruling the two bestowed kingdoms as separate from the main State of Jammu, Pakistan took away the Poonch block of Jammu along with part of Kashmir, and the Kashmiri Muslims now demand restoration of not only the Kashmir Valley but the whole Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh State to them as Their ‘Independent Kashmir’ and’Azadi from India’!   If the British needed money so badly, they should have given only that part of Kashmir, of 900 sq.km, which has now been marked out by KPs as the area of Hindu religious interest for their ‘Panun Kashmir’, alongwith the area of the Sharda temple close to the Indo-POK border, that is totally about 4% of the 22065 sq.km area of the Original Kashmir State [which included6117sq.km of Muzaffarabad Block of the present’Azad Jammu Kashmir’ comprising the Muzaffarabad district, JhelumValley (last part), and Neelam Valley district (now under Pakistani Occupation), besides the IndianAdministered Kashmir Valley ,as Kashmir was before it was linked with Jammu (of which Poonch and Mirpur blocks of AJK too were a part till 22 October 1947),and with Ladakh+ Gilgit/Baltistan to form the combined State of Jammu and Kashmir] . GENUINE JUSTIFICATION FOR INDIAN and J-K GOVT. To GRANT900 sq.km. Land for PANUN KASHMIR:- The Area of around 900 sq.km, that is about 4% of the original undivided Kashmir valley area, sought by KPs forPanun Kashmir (including 125.22sq.km of Pahalgam tehsil and188.83sq.km of Anantnag tehsil of Anantnag district;Awantipora-116.92sq.km;Baramulla tehsil of 122.36sqkm and Sopore 64.65sq.km , Pattan tehsil of 181.34 sq.km,Ganderbal tehsil of 85.96 sq.km containing Tulmulla village of Kheer Bhavani temple fame,plus Baltal, a small Valley near Sonamarg of 9.5 sqkm area,etc) is equivalent to the over 4% population of KPs, and 6% of the total non-Muslims including the other Hindus viz. Dogras and Sikhs, that were there in Kashmir before 22nd Oct. 1947,when it was given to the Maharajah of Jammu. Hence their demand is fully justified. The British could have collected the remaining amount from the other 560+ princely state under them by way of Tax!   However, The POINT is, if Kashmir and Jammu could exist as separate colonies under the  British Sovereignty uptil 1846 AD when Kashmir was sold by the British(only due to monetary constraints, and not because of   any pre-existing proprietory right of Jammu on it), they can also be held by India as different Units under it while keeping both provinces subject to the Article 370 but with separate Chief Ministers, and neither the people of Kashmir nor ofJammu, nor the leaders of the local political parties should have objection to it.                                         Partial removal of the Article from Jammu alone may not be possible, for it is learned that the IndianConstitution does not provide for partial abolition of the Article in the state, so that either it has to be abolished in the Whole J-K state or None of the provinces selectively.                                   HENCE, now too,in view of the constant clashes and bloodshed between  the Indian Defense Forces,viz. the Army/ CRPF Jawans, and the Separatists accompanied by Pakistani terrorists, that has disturbed the atmosphere and jeopardised the security of the other citizens and sections of the Jammu-Kashmir State, it needs Serious Consideration, WHETHER PROVIN- CIAL DIVISION OF JAMMU/KASHMIR State –                   into(1)The HINDU majority JAMMU province. (And, the Tulmulla, Baltal and Sonamarg tehsils of Ganderbal district housing the Kheer Bhavani Temple and Manasbal Lake, as also from Pahalgam tehsil, the site of the Holy Amarnath Shrine, upto Anantnag tehsil of the Anantnag district with Mattan,the place of the Martand Sun Temple, and Awantipora of the Kashmir Valley, and the Baramulla, Sopore and Pattan tehsils of the Baramulla district as the right or share of the Kashmiri Pandits as one Unit,as a separate sub – province, or joined with Jammu,instead of with the rest of the Kashmir valley due to theHindu – Muslim tensions therein). (2)The remaining (Muslim Dominated) Kashmir Valley with Srinagar capital and the Poonch+Rajouri, Muslim majority districts of Jammu, that border Kashmir; and (3) Kargil-Leh Ladakh, as separate province or jointly with Jammu, and the sequestered part of the Kashmir valley for peace,      WITH- or if that is not feasible – WITHOUT ABOLITION OF ARTICLES 370 and 35-A in any of the Three provinces (BUT, with an independent Hindu Chief Minister with independent charge for at least combined Jammu+Panun Kashmir and Ladakh Province, e.g. Vikramaditya Singh, s/o Dr. Karan Singh, former Yuvraj-Regent of the Princely State of J+K) – as it is likely to enable easier and effective Law and Order Control in the Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh!  This will divide the state into roughly two equal parts between the present Chief Ministers of Kashmir and the Hindu/could be Buddhist Chief Minister of the part under GOI . This should have been done by Raja Gulab Singh on getting the possession of Kashmir , in1846 AD.                         NOT removing Art.370 and Art. 35A may be GOOD in a way, as IT CANNOT BE SAID whether the removal of the Article will lead to influx of MORE MUSLIMS like the Afghani Sunni Pathans /Talibans who crept into the Kashmir valley since 1986 and started separatism and terrorism by instiga- ting the local Muslims, or the Rohingya/ Bangladeshi Muslims from outside India, whom we have not been able to evict till to Day , as also from within India, OR MORE HINDUS from other states to keep the demographic balance! For then, there cannot be a discrimination policy, that only Dogras and Kashmiri Pandits or only Hindus can come and settle in the J+K state, and that Muslims, Christians, Sikhs – that is, Indians of other religions, or ethnically different communities- are forbidden!         However, if the Article has to be retained, some way should be found to resettle the Rohingya+ Bangladeshi Muslim refugees, who are not the natives of Jammu, elsewhere in India,e.g, in the Northeastern states where the population is ethnically closer to the Rohingyas       (many of whom are Mongoloid) and where the Art.370 does not exist), and which too  is populated by Mongoloid people, and would be the easiest place to shift them to, if it is not possible to drive them out from India, (nor let  them stay in Kashmir Valley, or anywhere else in India); Or in the Andaman- Nicobar Islands that are under India, if the Indian Government has much sympathy for them.     Coming back to J,K and Ladakh,the LEH and KARGIL districts of Ladakh which anyway is ethnically and religionwise different and separate from Jammu, and an annexed territory, may remain separate with the GOI with which it is connected and-Ladakh may also be made a separate province underArt 370.       The bi-/trifurcation will also facilitate the local Hindus and Buddhists of Jammu+ Ladakh respectively to exercise their regional majority rights, and to vote a Hindu or Buddhist Chief Minister to power in Jammu and Ladakh!                                                                                             PROBLEM is,”WHO Will Bell The Muftis and Abdullahs to make them acquiesce to this type of Amendment for Bifurcation of J+K for Administrative Convenience, and HOW, even if there may not be any Constitutional Contra- indication to it?       This Objective can’t be achieved by imposition of the President’s Rule, for the President is more likely to support the Central Govt., and as a corollary, the J + K Govt. (It is not known if some staunch and powerful officer is there now who can be appointed as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir). Therefore, the People of Jammu will have to adopt some other strategy. This can perhaps be induced by making it understood to ‘Whomever It May Concern’ that ignoring or taking unduly for granted the allegience of people of Jammu, Kashmiri Pandits and the people of Ladakh, will cost Central Govt the votes of the People of Jammu and Ladakh besides the Kashmiri Pandits who have been appealing for ‘Panun Kashmir’ since three decades, in the future! If utterly necessary, the support of the entire lobby of the Hindu allies of BJP viz. RSS Chief , Shiv Sena and VHP, may have to be roped in to bring pressure on the  concerned leaders in the Central Govt., and on the local Muslim Political Party leaders, for agreeing in the parliament to separate Jammu from Kashmir soon to protect the culture of the Dogras, as they were the Original Rulers of Jammu-Kashmir till independ- ence from the British and dissolution of the PrincelyState,on which Kashmir was bestowed by the British, Not vice versa. So the Hindu  Dogras should not be allowed to be reduced to a minority and crushed by the Muslim Chief Ministers of the state- Mufti/ Abdullah, and if such a situation has come to happen due to the linking of J+K as one state, which leads to the whole state becoming Muslim majority state,  with the consequence of only the Muslims succeeding in being elected as the Chief Ministers, (and the Muslim separatists of the Kashmir valley forming the JK -Liberation Front thinking that the Whole State of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh belongs to them),it is a sinister development and is a strong ground for early dissociation of the Hindu majority Jammu province from the Kashmir Valley, before its majority status is wiped out by infiltration of outsiders like the Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims, with the connivance of J+K Chief Ministers! After all, Jammu was the original kingdom of  the Dogras, while Kashmir was a land ‘sold’ to the Maharajah of Jammu by British, not the other way round. So now if the Buyer state Jammu wishes to free itself from diminution by the residents of the ‘Purchased land’, and become a separate province, independent of the Kashmir Valley,though remaining under Article 370, has it No legal or moral right to do so? It is like the fable of the ‘Arab and the Camel’ where the Camel drives the Arab out of his tent! Point forThought! For if Indian Government does not take early steps to bring about reconciliation between the clashing groups of people living in the Indian Administered Kashmir to restore peace in Jammu and Kashmir, neighbouring nations like Pakistan and China will take advantage of our internal disputes to instigate the Separatists to launch a civil war ,for their selfish ends, for which only the Indian Government will be responsible for not resolving the conflict between its own citizens in time.


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