Is Ahura Mazda, the God of Parsis, a version of the Hindu God Kartikeya?(My Facebook post of 22.7.2016)(86)


An author, Ajit Vadakayil, has written that Shukracharya, the priest of the Asuras (who is equated to Lucifer, the Banished Angel of Light from God’s kingdom), is Ahura Mazda, but he was not the God but only the priest of the Asuras. Also, he is depicted as a man blind in one eye, and having a horse as his vehicle, which is far different from the image of Ahura Mazda, which shows him as a man with only his upper body and shoulders visible, while the lower part has wings and    a plume like tail. This description of Ahura Mazda is more like Kartikeya atop his Peacock. 

There is a legend that Lord Murugan came down to South India with the Kadamba rulers led by Mayur- sharman, a Shaiva Brahmin king  (who later became a Jain and was known thereafter as Mayur’varman’, as the suffix ‘Sharma/n’  means ‘Brahmin’). Hence the name of Lord’Murugan’ may also have been derived from the word ‘Mayurgan’, that is, belonging to the ‘Gan (or Clan) of Mayur’- sharman, and as their ‘Gan Devta’, represented them with a stalk of the Kadamba tree in His hand.  They were native rulers of Karnataka  and claim to be linked with the Nanda dynasty of Magadh.(The claim of the clan of descent from Nandas is disputed, but their connection with Magadh does have truth, as the grandson of Mayursharma,Kakustha- varma(5th c. AD) is said to have entered into marital relations with the Imperial Gupta Dynasty of Magadh.

It was a later branch of the Kadambas  that ruled Goa. However on being defeated by the later rulers of the region, they migrated to and settled in Tamil Nadu, where their initial deity Murugan, who was   a great scholar besides being a formidable warrior, became immensely popular, in fact, as much as His brother Ganpati is in the North,  or rather in West India, namely, in Gujarat and Maharashtra, and perhaps, in Madhya Pradesh too, where there are many Gujaratis     and Maharashtrians!


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  1. I don’t know much about Azhur Meda, but I have studied an article which linked azhur to ashur the capital of Assyria, who started to develop as a world super power during 1500 B.C, when the vedas were written. I believe that the stories from Middle East shaped our culture and scripture as people from Israel,Persia scattered and got settled in ancient India.

  2. Regarding Karthikeya, I got a personal revelation from God and when I started applying that theory every puzzle pieces stuck together in unison.
    It all started when I started watching a movie called kandhan karunai in Tamil. It starts with the birth of Murugan and his mission to kill surapadhman and to redeem the Devas from Asuras.i have seen many of them say that devas as the good angels of God and Asuras as bad angels of God, If so when did the bad angels captured the good angels of God. None of the mythology depicts a scenario like that.
    I started watching the movie and I saw the killing of surapadhman.lord Murugan ,in strategy of capturing Asuras, first sent veerabhagu as a mediator for peace.In the courtship of surapadhman, Veerabhagu will ask the demon king to release the Devas. Veerabahu will ask for a chair and he will be denied.Veerabahu will do a miracle of making a big throne appear before surapadhman. Even seeing the miracle, The demon king will not accept peace and will accept war. As war started, lord Murugan and his armies fight and defeat many asuras, who were the kith and kin of last his first born baanugopan ( first born of surapadhman)will also be killed. Then surapadhman will start attacking his opponent and he will defeated. Suddenly, Surapadhman ,being the son of Maya, turns into a tree in the middle of a sea. lord Murugan sends his spear, by departing the sea into two, the spear splits the tree into two one becoming the flag and rooster.
    Suddenly, my mind had a thought of Lord departing the Red Sea into two, when Isralites were fleeing the armies of Pharoah. I started connecting the puzzle pieces. I believe devas are none other than Isralites who were held slaves by pharaoh and he is the Asura surapadhman. Veerabahu is none other than Moses who was sent by God as mediator to talk peace with pharaoh. Moses did many miracles in the court of pharaoh but still the heart of pharaoh hardened. Then Lord God sends 10 difficulties on the kingdom of Egypt and the last one is the killing of first born of Egyptians, similar to the killing of Baanugopan. After that the Isralites are ordered to evacuate Egypt. On their way to promised land, near Red Sea pharaoh armies are following to kill the. At that time, God is departing Red Sea and saving Isralites by killing pharaoh armies. Thus egypt cease to be a world power. I was praying to confirm it and god gave me a verse in my heart,John 10: 35 which says in tamil ” those who got the word of God are called as devas(gods)”. Isralites are the one who got the word of God straight from God. Asuras are the one who opressed them. There are lot more similarities …

  3. After this, the Isralites are provided food and water and then they move to mount.Sinai. Here is the covenant formation between God and Israel. A covenant is seen as a marriage and thus God is marrying Israel, this is a spiritual marriage according to Galatians 4:24.Thus they both should remain faithful and loving.At mount Sinai only, Isralites are seeing God directly and getting the commandments through Moses. This is similar to the marriage of Murugan and Devasena where Moses acts as mediator. This is marriage is an arranged marriage. Isralites are chosen because of faith of Abraham , issac and Jacob. Thus the forefathers faith made Israel a covenant wife of God.
    Israel is called as devasenai ( hosts of God ) in the Bible. Thus the wedding of Isralites to God marks the Old Testament or covenant.
    Now let’s see about the romance of Murugan with valli. Valli was low caste girl and by admiring her murugan took the avatar of man and disguise as hunter. Valli was loving lord Murugan and wanted to wed him, she didn’t know that it was the same lord who has come in the form of hunter. He teased and played some games with Valli. Valli was afraid and shouted for help. Her father and brother came suddenly and so lord Murugan turned into a vengai tree. By seeing a novel tree, they were afraid and Valli father Nambi asked his son to cut it,while cutting it, blood oozes out of it. They were surprised and they are leaving the place.Then lord Murugan is asking the help of his elder brother Ganesha and Ganesh disguises as elephant and made Valli accept the love of hunter. When Valli proposes, lord reveals himself and they express love with each other. At this time, Valli was out of her house . She was in a wide area where millets were dried and she was taking care of that,so that. No birds would eat it. Everyday, lord Murugan and Valli spent time together in love. One of Valli s friend found a change in Vallis behavior and she found the truth. After the harvest is over, Valli was asked to return to home and now Valli and Murugan are seperated. They cannot bear the separation and Lord Murugan and Valli elope together from Vallis father house. The truth was found by Nambi and he ordered his army to fight Murugan without knowing his true identity. In the end, all of Nambi and his armies are killed and as per Vallis request, Murugan resurrected Vallis father and brothers and marriage is held between Valli and Murugan before everyone. After the marriage, both lord Murugan and valli go to Skanda Giri along with Devasena.

  4. Valli represents the mankind.
    God comes in the form of human and the world didn’t know him( John 1:10), as Valli didn’t recognize his God Murugan.God proposes his love and does many miracles. Nambi’s father and brothers are none other than the high priests of israel who cut lord and blood comes out of him. Thus for the love of mankind, God in the human form sheds his blood. Now Valli accepts lordS love,
    which shows the acceptance of faith in Christ by believers. Thus after accepting, there will surely be change in the behavior of the believers.Now Valli and Murugan is separated, which depicts the death of Christ. Eloping of Valli and Murugan refers to the secret coming of Jesus Christ and the secret take away of the church. The war between Murugan and nambi’s family is the Armageddon war. The people are resurrected for white throne judgement and then the marriage between Jesus Christ and the New Testament church happens. Skandagiri is New Jerusalem where the Old Testament saints and the Testament believers live with the Lord. Valli is called nambi’s father. Nambi is a tamil word means, faith. Thus the through faith , the New Testament believers are married to Lord Jesus Christ. Even in thiruppavai and thiruvempaavai , God is depicted as the bridegroom for the believers. God is the spiritual husband of the church and congregation.He provides all our needs and we should be faithful to him without doing any spiritual adultery.

  5. I may be right or wrong,but the same theory works out well even in avatars of Lord Vishnu.Now we can tell a reason why lord Murugan had two wives. Then why lord Krishna had 16008 wives. Do you knOw?. Krishna comes from from chrsta which means Christ, this is the saying of mr. prabupadha, founder of Krishna consciousness. Why 16008, this shows the different nations, languages, kindreds, castes, different varieties of people being the believers and worshippers of Christ. Even in the story of Krishna the same pattern follows. Krishna,s main two wives are Bama and Rukmani.Rukmani was referred as a revering and full of Bhakti and was found to be obedient. But
    Sathyabama was in full of love with Krishna. There happens a incident in which sathyabama decides to make Krishna only for her. By the advice of Naradha,she decides to give her husband to Naradha. After that sathyabama should give gold equal to the weight of Krishna so that Krishna can belong only to her.In this process, Krishna is made to sit in the scales and gold was offered by sathyabama but the both sides of scales didn’t become equal. All the valuables are over and sathybama didn’t know what to do, Rukmani came and kept tulsi leaf with reverence and Bhakti and scales become equal in both sides. Thus Rukmani is Old Testament , Israel and for new testament church lord is sitting in scales, which represents judgement. Both Rukmani and sathyabama joint effort shows the unity between Old Testament Israel and New Testament church, in the eyes of lord,

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