How can India Resolve The Kashmir Issue?(Part I)-                              (My Facebook post of 12th June 2015)


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(POINT OF CORRECTION and ADDITION):-                                                                                                                            Raja           Gulab Singh, the Maharajah of the State of JAMMU, KASHMIR and LADAKH,  and the forefather of the last Maharajah of J+K, Raja Hari Singh, was a Dogra,   Not a Sikh.  He had acquired the reins of the Princely State of JAMMU from the Sikh King Ranjit Singh,  the original ruler of Jammu in 1842 AD. It included the complete Poonch block, of which part has been included in the Azad Jammu Kashmir which is       a part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK) since October 1947.

Raja Gulab Singh subsequently conquered LADAKH – of which BALTISTAN (Now part of POK), was a part – that was  a small kingdom in Tibet.

KASHMIR , including the Indian Administered Kashmir Valley, and the Muzaffarabad Block of Azad Jammu Kashmir which is now controlled by Pakistan (comprising the Muzaffarabad District, Jhelum Valley district, and the Neelam Valley occupied by Pak tribals even before the 1947 invasion of Kashmir by them with the backing of the Pak Army),  was a separate Princely State under the Durrani Pashtuns, which was bestowed upon Raja Gulab Singh by the British Sovereignty in 1846 AD in exchange of money, of which the British were in need then.                     It was then home to Kashmiri Muslims (who were against the sale), as well as 5% Kashmiri Pandits. After the mass exodus of KPs from the Kashmir valley in January 1990 however, their number has fallen to 1.6/2% in the valley. As such, the KPs are entitled to at least the regions of religious and pilgrimage importance in the valley, viz. the area of the Amarnath Shrine and the routes leading to it in the Pahalgam tehsil of the Anantnag district as well as in Baltal and Sonamarg in the Ganderbal district, besides the Kheer Bhavani temple in Ganderbal district.

GILGIT was also a separate kingdom, which was handed over by the British to Raja Hari Singh, the Last Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir before the independence of J+K. It is Important  to NOTE that Gilgit, even before the Pakistani invasion of the Jammu and Kashmir State, was Not pleased to have been placed under the Maharajah of Jammu-Kashmir and was struggling  to regain its independence from the beginning from J-K, and later from Pakistan after the Pakistani Occupation of Gilgit and Baltistan alongwith part of Jammu and Kashmir).


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