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Should the “Children’s Day” introduced by Pandit Jawarlal Nehru for the Children of India be scrapped?


(Please also refer to My Note on the subject on my Facebook Timeline, dated 5th July 2016).

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of Independent India, had started the practice of celebrating One Day in a year In TheName ‘Of The Children, For The Children , and for enjoyment By The Children’ Of India. He gave it the name,’Children’s Day’ and chose the date of his birth, 14th November, for its annual celebration. He also used to take active part in it, and mingled with the kids whole-heartedly as their ‘Nehru Chacha’!

This Day has been celebrated obligatorily without lapse through the years after its institution, and children used to look forward to this Day – until mid 2014. Thereafter, the Goverment changed and with it the policies and practices of the previous government. Some of the practices and celebrations followed by the previous governments were given up as superfluous, and the ‘Children’s Day was one of them to face the cut.

But why? Children should not be deprived of the occasions created for their enjoyment due to partisan politics.

Therefore, in order that the ENJOYMENT of India’s Children may continue uninterrupted as before, the Children’s Day’ should be restored with a public holiday, with various types of funfare, fancy dress , sports, quiz and elocution competitions with prize distribution to the winners, with sweets to all, FOR OUR CHILDREN’S SAKE !

If the new goverment wishes, it can ‘Modify’ the date of the ‘Children’s Day’ to tally with the International Children’s Day, that is November 20 for most nations, instead of November 14, BUT, CONTINUE IT SHOULD, for the Happiness of the Future Citizens of India!