Who are the True ‘Matrudeva’ and ‘Pitrudeva’ for a child? Those who give birth and bring the child into the world, i.e.the Biological Parents,or the Adoptive/Foster parents, or the unrelated Women and Men,e.g.Teachers(Guru) or Caretakers who bestow more sincere Maternal or Paternal Love and care onto a child?(78)


Who were the real parents of Lord Krishna? Devki and Vasudev or Yashoda and Nanda ?               In Krishna’s case, it is difficult to say because His biological parents were truly helpless, and yet His Father Vasudev waded through the flooded Yamuna to leave the Infant into the safe hands of Yashoda and Nanda of Gokul, to save Him from his cruel maternal uncle, King Kaunsa.

However, what about those parents who throw their child into Garbage bins or jungles      for being born as Girls, and also boys born as Defective children; Or kill girls before or immediately after birth; Or else, rape/sell girls for Immoral Traffic, and boys for making Beggars/Gangsters out of them? Some parents kill their Son’s Wife for not bringing               a fat dowry, or for not getting a son!


Hence I believe in Not Just ‘Matru Devo Bhava’ and ‘Pitru Devo Bhava’, but ,                              ‘Su-Matru Devo Bhava’ and ‘Su-Pitru Devo Bhava’. That is, a Mother and Father are          ‘God figures’ for their child or children, only if they are Loving and Dutiful towards them, Not merely by virtue of being their Biological Parents!

Some boys and girls go to great extents to find out their lost or separated biological parents either out of self pity or curiosity; but this search often leads to utter disappointment, or worse, to a further harsh blow to their already undermined and precarious self esteem, if they are rejected by their socalled ‘real parents’.

Alternatively, their success in tracing their biological parent, especially the mother, can create grave problems in the latter’s life,as for instance, in the case of an innocent unwed mother, who has been persuaded to give her child for adoption. This aspect has been aptly brought out in the film ‘Kabhie Kabhie’ starring Amitabh Bachchan, Waheeda Rehman and Nitu Singh, alongwith Simi Garewal and Parikshit Sahni as the Adoptive parents of the adopted girl played by Nitu Singh, besides Raakhi, Shashi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor.

The adopted child’s obsession with reaching out to its biological parents can be heart-wrenching for her /his Adoptive parents too, who may feel that they have failed as parents in instilling love in their adopted child’s mind.

any man or woman, related or unrelated, who adopts or fosters and raises         a child with genuine and deep Love and Care, is also, and should be venerated as also, worshipped as his or her ‘Real God’!


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