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Were Rajesh and Nupur Talwar really at home  on 15/16 May 2008 night, between 12.08am     (I.e.till the Internet of their desk computer in Aarushi’s bedroom is said to have showed activity) and 3.45am (when the router,which was put on by Nupur at 11.15 pm for Rajesh         was found to have been put off),that is, on      the night when the murder of Aarushi and their domestic servant Hemraj Badjate took place? What is the Proof? If the Colony watchman said that he cannot vouch that nobody had entered their building that night, as the night watchmen have to be mobile, then he also cannot be knowing with certainty that Nobody – including the Talwars – left the building to go out after midnight and returned in the early hours of 16 May’08 !                                                                       This is an important point, because if only it could be proved that the couple HAD REALLY gone out for whatever reason, after midnight upto 3.30am on that night of May 2008, leaving Aarushi to the care of Hemraj(just as Nupur had done on the previous afternoon when she went to her clinic), though they deny it, and the investigators also are said to have verified it, many things would become clear by themselves, including the noninvolvement of the Talwars in the double murder! It might have been proved that the Talwars had not gone that night to the hotel where 12 rooms were said to have been booked in their name  as one rumour had spread during the first few days after the murder, but which was disproved by the investigating authorities. However, the possibility remains that they might have gone somewhere else, if not to that hotel; perhaps to Mayur Vihar to meet Dr.RKSharma, Forensic expert and one of the witnesses in their defense in the CBI Court, who was running his private clinic in Mayur Vihar (and whose father was running a shop in electronic gadgets including Mobile phones, and to whom Rajesh had often given Aarushi’s mobile phone for prepaid charging), in relation to the information stored in Aarushi’s cellphone, regarding the calls made by her, and to her by her friends or whomsoever, considering that her cellphone, that had fallen silent since 9.10pm on 15th May 2008 night, and is said to have been in Nupur ‘s custody, was found to have become active at 12.35am the same night, at some place in Mayur Vihar, Delhi, which is just 5 minutes distance by car from Noida. They might have gone to meet Dr.Sharma in the context of the Mysterious and Scary Message received by Aarushi the previous evening, viz.”The Next Day Will Be Vital For You”! (This may be the reason why Aarushi who was otherwise a petted child treated by her parents as a princess,was beaten that night as told by Nupur’s brother to the UP Police,and her cellphone taken in their custody, as she was found to be communicating with persons of shady and dangerous character).Dr. Sharma      had also been alleged by  CBI to have helped actively in    the disposal of Aarushi’s mobile locally (and probably that of Hemraj too, through his father’s sister who is in Punjab).Aarushi’s cellphone was later traced to have been found in a nearby park by a maid servant Kusum working in that area,(who had worked earlier at the Talwars’ place too) with its SIM/Memory Card and entries removed, and was retrieved a year after the murders, from the woman’s brother living in Bulandshahar, by First team of CBI.           It may be that Dr. Sharma may have taken a promise from the Talwars not to reveal to the Police or the CBI that they had gone to meet him in connection with Aarushi’s  Mobile phone, which is why they are denying having gone out that night! (On the other hand, Rajkumar,servant of the Durranis viz. Talwars’ business partners, is said to have confessed under Narco of having taken Aarushi’s mobile phone after killing her and sold it to someone thereafter.)                                                                                       As to Hemraj’s phone though,it is more likely that it may have been stolen by one of his friends, i.e. either Krishna or Vijay Mandal, staying in the same Apartment building,  from the terrace where his body was lying, after his murder(and then sold to someone in Punjab),  rather than the Talwars having given it to Dr.RKSharma along with Aarushi’s phone.For it was said to have responded for a second to Nupur’s phone call on his number at 6.01am on the morning of the murder, from some place in the vicinity of Jalvayu Vihar and then cut off abruptly, though Hemraj was supposedly dead and lying on the Talwars’ terrace at that time as discovered by UP Police next day.                                                                          Thus, the four or five persons said to have been present in the house at that time on the night of the murders, might as well have been Aarushi, Hemraj, his friend Krishna Thadarai (who lived at the opposite corner of the same building in which Talwars’ flat is located), and Vijay Mandal,living in Talwars’neighbourhood, as also Rajkumar perhaps (Or Vijay Mandal’s employer), rather than Rajesh and Nupur Talwar with Aarushi – Hemraj!Still, the Ultimate question remains,viz. who is the tall man with shoe size of 8/9 who is supposed to have been in Aarushi’s room at the time of her murder?None of the three servant suspects and friends of Hemraj, mentioned above seem to be tall, going by the police photographs published after the murders at the time of their arrest, or at least not taller than Rajesh Talwar whose shoe size is6. Hemraj was said to be average built.It is not known how tall was Tandon, Talwars’ neighbor.Aarushi’s boyfriend Anmol Agarwal, who was a year senior to her in school, too seems to be tall with a lanky, strong build and long limbs as seen from his Facebook Profile photo on a beach. His birthdate is given as July 28, 1990, so he was not so young as 14-15 years old as the Noida Police said but just 2 months short of 18 years on 15/16 May, 2008, that is, at the time of the murder  of Aarushi and Hemraj,and so quite capable physically of a crime, whether or not he did it. Aarushi’s previous boyfriend and classmate Sankalp Arora aka Sanky was even older(19)and alleged to have been involved in the similar Shobhit Murder case of May 2011, though it was declared later by the police that a local goon was arrested in relation to that crime. Both had a motive for the murder, for Sanky had already been ditched by Aarushi for Anmol, but was trying to resume their friendship, while Anmol’s relationship with her had also become shaky, as she was planning to break-up with him too! The Colony Watchmen may not have noticed them either!                                                        All said and done, the puzzling question remains, what exact confession Rajesh Talwar is said to have made to the UP police that led to his arrest on 23May 2008 on being confronted by the Police with the facts stated by Anmol Agarwal to them during their 10-hour long interrogation of the latter on 22May2008, and why Anmol Agarwal’s name or the long record of cellphone calls with Aarushi are totally missing from the text of the Final Judgement of the CBI Special Court, especially when they have not hesitated to include the name and cellphone call record of her ex-boyfriend Sankalp Arora in the Judgement Text.                  I mean,Why the Special exemption to Anmol Agarwal, the last outsider to have contacted her repeatedly till the last hour of her life? “Tu Bhi Chup, Main/Hum Bhi Chup” politics of defense against the’Man Who Knew Too Much’                                       ,namely,the Friend In Whom Aarushi confided the Most?Notwithstanding these doubts about the other persons linked with Aarushi, it is still a dubious point why the Talwars should remove the important Outer grill gate         of their flat before the process of investigation was over!