Turning Biological Waste to Manure for Improving Agriculture the Natural and Easy Way.(74)


The natural and easiest way of turning Biological Waste into Manure for Agriculture is to encourage people, at least men and children to go to the fields for attending Calls of Nature in fields, wherever possible!

There was an outrage among Indians when Ajit Pawar of the National Congress Party in Maharashtra told the farmers to go and urinate in the fields, when there was shortage of water for the lands, and rightly so, as Pawar did mean to humiliate and suppress the famine stricken farmers who had approached him for help; but thinking of it, that is not such a      bad idea for irrigation of the fields if both humans and animals are encouraged to use the fields as their Toilets.

This should not be considered ridiculous or as regression to the old times when there were no toilets,(which have to be installed side by side for women, old and disabled persons of course), as it may seem, but as an environmental necessity and supplementary method for barren lands, in villages where there is a shortage of toilets and modern, sophisticated facilities and technology for disposal of waste, to convert Biological Waste into manure, and water for irrigation is scanty!


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