How can the general impression of the Muslim community as a fanatic and intolerant clan, inclined towards violence and terrorism against other religious groups and other sections of Islamic Society be Redeemed?


It is a very tragic fact that because of the terrorist activities of some groups of Muslims in various parts of the world, as since last several years in the Indian Administered Kashmir valley and Jammu, like ISIS, ISI, LeT and similar others, who are misguided by their wrong ideas about Jihad, the entire Muslim community has become ‘Black Sheep’ as killers and Misanthropes in the eyes of the World. As a result, the Muslim refugees from Syria of the Islamic State are being denied refuge by many nations!

Yet, everyone knows that there are and have been many noble and philanthropic persons born or brought up in that community too, like our former President , Dr. APJ Kalam, Asma Jahangir (the famous Social activist and human rights lawyer who founded the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan, who passed away recently), Shirdi Saibaba, Malala Yousofzai, as also the kind Pakistani man who looked after and safeguarded the little girl Geeta,who was separated from her parents and lost during a visit to Pakistan, till she was returned to India recently after nearly 15 years. Likewise, many Hindus and Christians have had good friends among Muslims all along, who are not at all in keeping with the alarming image that many non-Muslims have about the standard Muslims as aggressive and frightful Religious Fanatics who are ready to attack and even kill anybody who utters a word against their beliefs, but are quite amiable and good natured like anybody else. Just recently, a number of Kashmiri Muslims in the Valley, rushed to the help of the Pandits at the risk of their own safety during the last year’s severe unrest in the Valley.

In fact, many of the benevolent Muslims themselves also do not approve of the Fundamentalist Muslims’ practice of bloody Jihad, but they are overruled by the latter and are helpless to control them. As a result, they too have to face the anti-Muslim bias generated against the latter, due to the prejudicial view that ‘One bad fruit spoils the whole basket!’,and that ‘All Muslims are Not Terrorists, but All Terrorists are Muslims’! (By the way, the last statement should rather be modified to ‘Most of the Terrorists are Muslims’, for in using the superlative ‘All’, we are unwittingly discounting the other terrorist groups like the Maoist Naxalites who attack Chhattisgarh regularly, and some similar White and Black ones in the US and UK, who attack non-native immigrants, like the White American(nonMuslim) man Adam Purintan who shot at the young Indian immigrant Engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla of Hyderabad and his colleague recently, shouting,”Get out from My Country!”Srinivas who was a brilliant scholar of great promise succumbed to the onslaught, while his companion was also seriously hurt!

The solution to this problem, which lies in effective curbing of the activities of the terrorist Jihadi groups, and reducing the effect of their hostile preaching and hold on the general Muslim population is by no means easy. However, the fact that all Muslims are not terrorists (propagated vide the popular dialogue of Shahrukh Khan, “My name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist” in his film ‘My Name Is Khan’) indicates that the good ones among them have got a more Balanced and Correct understanding of the Quran and the teaching of Mohammed Paigambar, the founder of Islam, who proclaimed it as a Religion of Love and Peace!

Therefore , THE REMEDY, though difficult, lies in other religious groups of ALL NATIONS giving firm BACKING to, and STRENGTHENING the moderate, RIGHT THINKING and ENLIGHTENED persons and religious leaders of Islam, TO START a COUNTER CAMPAIGN for preaching and spreading the understanding of the positive tenets and teachings of Islam among the common people (who are generally influenced and led by the dominating groups of their fold), while gently and tactfully making them aware of the need to modify their rules and regulations for conduct, in keeping with the changed times! It is hoped that some of these enlightened Muslims will be able to take up the challenge of instilling more progressive thinking among their Religious fellow men, and dispel negative, outdated beliefs, in the interest of Redeeming the Face of Islam before the World, and for restoring Peace for all Mankind including themselves!

Perhaps the easiest people to start with may be those sects supposed to be less fanatic and intolerant like the Sufis, Ahmediyas, and converts from the other religions than the more fundamentalistic and fanatic Arab and Afghan Pathans!

This should not be viewed as an interpersonal battle between the Modern and Orthodox sections of the Islamic Society for the former to gain power over the latter merely for the sake of power or for supremacy over some fundamentalistic individuals, but rather as an ideological effort to bring up the thinking of the retrogressive sections of the society on par with the developed nations, to raise the standard of living and mentality of the entire Muslim Biradari or brotherhood. For there must be some innately good but misdirected or forcibly inducted illiterate persons among them, who should be won over with mercy and wisdom as those who ‘know not what they do’ and hence should not be victimised simply for belonging to the fanatic and terrorist groups! Ultimately, The Main Motto of the Campaign should be to enable ‘Good and Humane Ideology to Triumph over the Selfish and Evil’! It should be “There may be no such thing as ‘Good Terrorism and Bad Terrorism’ but There ARE ‘Many Good and Philanthropic Muslims vs Some Evil and Misanthropic Muslims’!”

Sadly, the terrorist activities and the declaration of actions which are considered criminal and perverse by civilised society in general, like Jihad and sexual relations between close relatives, as well as Wife beating ,Triple Talaq and Halal, as permissible by some fanatic Islamic groups has aroused so much prejudice and animosity against Muslims in general, that some people and nations talk of elimination of the whole Muslim community, which is very alarming, and puts all Mohammedans on their defense against the rest of Mankind. The fundamen-talists should be made to understand that in the initial periods of many communities, when their population was scarce, and they were in danger of extinction due to natural causes or conquest and elimination by other clans, allowance had to be made for some offensive practices for the sake of propagation and safeguarding of the race. However, now that there is sufficient population and growth in their formidability, it is in their interest to shed those practices including Polygamy and uncontrolled reproduction for coming out of poverty and for the welfare of their women and children. TO CONCLUDE, THE NEED OF THE MODERN WORLD IS NOT TO ABOLISH ISLAM ALTOGETHER AS A RELIGION WHICH ADVOCATES AND SANCTIONS VIOLENCE TOWARDS AND MURDER OF NONBELIEVERS OR INFIDELS, AND ATROCITIES ON WOMEN FOR THEIR SUBJUGATION TO MEN, BUT TO UPDATE IT BY THOUGHTFULLY ELIMINATING THE EVIL AND OUTDATED RULES/PRACTICES, ALONGWITH ADOPTING IMPROVED TENETS, FORMAL EDUCATION AND WAYS OF LIVING TO BRING ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY ON PAR WITH THE DEVELOPED WORLD.

I PRAY therefore that A NEW WISE and UNIVERSALLY INFLUENTIAL SPIRITUAL LEADER SHOULD ARRIVE soon in this disturbed world, be it the Messiah Imam Mahdi prophesied by Islam, Jehova of the Jews, Jesus Christ of Christians, or Kalki Avtaar of Hindus, but Not to save any One community, and destroy all the rest of mankind – whether non Muslims, non Christians, non Jews or non-Hindus, but TO DESTROY the HOSTILITY and ENMITY that has arisen BETWEEN the different RELIGIOUS GROUPS and RACES out of mutual distrust, AND SET RIGHT the INTERHUMAN RELATIONS , promoting concern for others only as fellow humans, first and foremost ( than on the basis of one another’s religion or race as Arabic or non-Arabic, Semitic or non-Semitic, Black, Brown, White, or Yelłow), that is witnessed at the time of major natural calamities, as during the recent floods in Chennai, before that in Kashmir, and during the massive earthquake and Sunami in Southeast Asia. IN BRIEF, to Restore the bonds of Love, and Break the fetters of Hatred between the different religious and ethnic groups!

Preferably , the anticipated Messiah of all the religions should make a joint appearance to enlighten all the religious groups that all the gods are essentially One God, and it is our narrow outlook that makes us see the Supreme Spirit as different Entities!


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  1. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Opera.

    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with
    internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.

  2. Madam,
    Before starting my view, I want to convey that I love Muslims, as they are created in the image of God. First of all, to understand Islam, we have to read Quran, Hadith( traditions of Muhammad) and tafsirs( biographies of prophet Muhammed). For an instance I want to give two verses from Quran.
    Surah 2:256 says that” there shall be no compulsion in religion.The right course has become clear from the wrong”. The second verse is Surah 9;29, which says “fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the last day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and his messenger made unlawful and who do not consider the religion of truth( Islam) from those who were given the scripture- fight until they give the jizyah( tax for non- believers) willingly while they are humbled”. These two verses are from same book. First verse say that there is no compulsion in religion and the second verse say that fight until the religion becomes Allah’s. Now the question comes, which one to believe. The persons who follow the first verse are called good muslims and the person who follow the second verse is called bad Muslim. Now tell me, where is the problem? Whether it is with the people or with the text.? Secondly, there is a big difference between the Islamic terrorist groups and other others. Other groups work against government alone ( irrespective of religions)but Islamic terrorist group work against government that are non Islamica and between different sects( Sunni and Shias),

  3. I support your idea of enlightening the society with the help of imams and scholars. Take an example, if an agreement is made between two parties both parties should remain faithful to each other,right?. There is a concept called Taqqiya is islam, which is nothing but a sugar coated lying in islam for the sake of spreading Islam. In a Muslim minority nations, they will protest against terrorists and their preachings are different. But in Muslim majority nations, they support and fund terrorists and their preachings are violent. Thus they select one of the two faces of islam depending on the situations. We, the tolerant and ignorant group don’t know the two faces of Islam and we are being deceived. There are proofs even in Hadith where prophet Muhammed declared jihad against non believers.
    You have proposed an idea to end the outdated, barbaric practices by giving improved education. Do you know even in many cultured and civilized societies, many are becoming victim to this violent way of life and end up in giving their lives in, What can be done?
    Everything ties up with Quran and life of Muhammed. I have seen an interview where a minor girl who was less than ten years was forced to marry an old age adult. The girls father was asked why he did this to his daughter? The answer was mind blowing. He said ,” I did,what my prophet did some thousand four hundred years ago. I am simply following my prophet.” I don’t know really how to change this condition because it all ties with their religious belief. Islam is not only a religion but also a militarized government ruling theology.
    What as a democratic nation , India can do , not in educating them but not losing the identity of being a democratic nation. Islam is the fastest growing religion because of the birth rate of Islamic families.
    I love muslims as my own brothers and sisters, but if their ideology threatens the free will of my family and my generations and my country, I would certainly make sure that they don’t dominate the free nation of India in politics and in population. It can look like hate speech, but there is no solution as of now for this. I respect APJ sir and his contribution to our nation. But this doesn’t cover the bloody hands of Islamic ideology. If my writings had hurt anyone, I am sorry but please do search on the topic.
    If All the Hindus wanted to covert the minorities in the shadow of sword to Hinduism unless they pay some special tax,will the minorities accept that? This is the situation in Muslim dominated nations. There is not a single church in Saudi Arabia , no religious freedom. If Islam is a religion of peace why such situation, Even many temples were eradicated during the Mughal rule in India. They have done many good things but why this face of violence. It is not because of people’s characters but by what they read.
    Triple talaq, wife beating was preached by prophet and he even nudged Aisha, his youngest wife which caused her pain. Nothing to say… i

  4. As a person , who believe in Christ Jesus, I believe that by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims, they can be converted from this ideology? Again this is not religious conversion but the conversion in heart.But that is not easy one, sharing gospel is difficult to muslims because their Quran teaches that Jesus is not God and he was not crucified and resurrected. They believe that God will not come in flesh as he doesn’t require to come. The exact opposite of what I believe. So, it’s in the hands and will off God almighty in changing their hearts and we have to Pray for them as Hindus and christians.

  5. Madam,
    You wish for a savior to unite the world for peace and for the love of fellow neighbors looks good. But you have to understand the eschatological views of each and every religions. For ex: I believe that whenever adharma rises, Lord Vishnu has promised to come to earth to establish dharma. Kalki avatar is one such type. Actually muslims are awaiting for two persons, one imam Mahdi and the other Muslim Isa( Jesus). Do you know what they will do.? Imam Mahdi will take control of world not for peace but to enforce sharia law all over the world. Muslim Jesus will come to put an end to crosses and swines.Does this sound ecumenical to you?. There are evidences for this in Hadith.
    Regarding Jesus Christ, christians believe that at the end of church age,there will be seven years of tribulation and then after that Lord Jesus Christ will land on mount olives in Israel to destroy the antichrist and his armies and to free the believers and Israel from the clutches of antichrist. Even in one of ur posts you have mentioned Israel Palestine war. Yes, that is going to be the main theme in these last days. Jerusalem is going to be the center piece of conflict in these days.There are lot more things. But before that tribulation, a world leader will rise and will start subjugating people and declaring himself to be God.He is the antichrist.Now the world is getting ready to welcome the antichrist. Lots of chaos , power vacuum in most of political areas in the world. Lord Jesus proclaimed his kingdom is not of this world. I will share lot of eschatological things if you want to learn more.

    • Oh. That means, even if Imam Mahdi and the Muslim version of Jesus come down to the Earth, they may not improve the state of the World and the relations between Islamists and the other religious groups, if the tenets of the religion themselves are faulty, so that educating them about their true religion will not do any good. In that case, the only remedy is only to overhaul the entire concept of the religion and their god to a universally benevolent one, or induce as many of the religion as possible to quit it for their own, and others’ betterment!
      (I had read that the entity that they worship as god is actually ‘The Satan’ or ‘Devil’ of the Christian religion)!

      • Yes, Islam is a religion of peace, when all are subjugated under one law, Allah’s law (I.e) sharia law. I have talked with a Muslim man who was born HIndu and then converted to Christianity and then to Islam. I asked him about the Surah 9:29 , which tells to fight until the religion becomes of Allah’s and asked for his answer. He said that is the law of God, we have to accept it. If you do search on Islamic caliphate, you can find that the regions once in caliphate are now ,either independent or democratic . Now they aim to rebuild the caliphate with imam Mahdi being the ruler of the caliphate. That is the main reason for Israel Palestine conflict. Jerusalem and regions of Israel was once under Islamic caliphate and was lost to infidels.Now they want to recapture it. Jews was driven out of their homeland around 70 A.D. And was regathered as a nation in 1948. Thus a lland problem between them is the main problem and all nations will be dragged into it.

      • I cannot say sure that they worship Satan. But even prophet Mohammed might have been deceived by Satan to believe in these kind of preachings. That’s what I have said in my first post that Hinduism and christianity has many ( most) similar teachings and principles. But this one is exactly opposite. If what bible says is true then the words of Quran are false. If Quran is true , then bible is false. It is up to the reader to search thoroughly and decide.I got a dilemma of finding the true one, then I started examining the fruits of Islam and fruits of Christianity, fruits of Lord Jesus christ in Bible and spiritual fruits of prophet Muhammed in Quran and hadith. I came to a conclusion that a good tree will give good fruits and decided to follow Jesus.
        But I will really appreciate Muslims. I know a man from my region accepted Islam and left his son and grandson and started staying in a home meant for Muslim men. They believe that on judgement day Allah will forgive all sins, except committing the sin of shirk, Shirk meAns keeping something in the place of Allah. They have good reverence for that judgement day. The main thing I do is to pray for them and to share the good news of Jesus. Christ.

      • What do you mean by this,”to overhaul the entire concept of religion and their God to a universally benevolent one or induce as many of the religion as possible to quit for their own and others betterment”?I cannot understand it clearly.can u explain further?

      • What I meant is that ‘if’, as many people feel, the Basis of the Mohammedan religion or Islam itself is cultivation of Love&harmony Only between those who have embraced and practice the teachings of Prophet Mohd.,to the exclusion of the rest of humanity, as well as Jihad or War against non- believers, which alienates the community as a whole(leaving aside individuals like India’s former President, Dr.Abdul Kalam)from other religious groups, some efforts should be made by learned, enlightened and philanthropic persons of the Muslim as well as of other religions to bring about a broadening of goodwill of Muslims as God’s Will towards all humanity BEYOND their own ‘Biradari’, and ‘quit bloodshed’ of other persons only because of their being nonbelievers,for reducing​ mutual hostility and tension. Of course, other communities should also reciprocate similarly.

  6. That’s what I say it is difficult. If a good muslims raise,and want to do a revolution in promoting peace and love for unbelievers he will be called a kafir and fatwa will be given against him. A fatwa is a death sentence. As we are in democratic country, we are not seeing much of the honor killings. If a muslims leaves Islam he will killed, a woman brings dishonor to the family she will be killed. We can hear a lot of news in Middle East. And Muslim dominated nations. That’s why I consider India as a safe haven against Islamic terrorrism.Even now U.K. Is turning into a Eurabia and they are planning to change USA into a Muslim nation through immigration. So only trump decided to stop immigrants from few Muslim nations.
    For ex have you heard Salman Rushdie? He was The one Who said that prophet muhammed Got revelation from Satan and wrote a book about it. Instantly, fatwa was raised against him among the Islamic nations and he is hiding himself without revealing is whereabouts and he cannot travel to any of the Muslim countries. Thus even if people try speak against Islam, they are stopped and are crushed. Even normal good muslims are deceived by Imams in perverting and hiding the truth.

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