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Turning Biological Waste to Manure for Improving Agriculture the Natural and Easy Way.(74)


The natural and easiest way of turning Biological Waste into Manure for Agriculture is to encourage people, at least men and children to go to     the fields for attending the Calls of Nature in fields, wherever possible!

There was an outrage among Indians when Ajit Pawar of the National Congress Party in Maharashtra told the farmers to go and urinate in the fields, when there was shortage of water for the lands, and rightly so, as Pawar did mean to humiliate and dispense the famine stricken farmers who had approach him for help; but thinking of it, that is not such a      bad idea for irrigation of the fields if both humans and animals are encouraged to use the fields as their Toilets.

This should not be considered ridiculous or as regression to the old times when there were no toilets,(which have to be installed side by side for women, old and disabled persons of course), as it may seem, but as an environmental necessity and supplementary method for barren lands, in villages where there is a shortage of toilets and modern, sophisticated facilities and technology for disposal of waste, to convert Biological Waste into manure,and water for irrigation is scanty!


How can the general impression of the Muslim community as a fanatic and intolerant clan, inclined towards violence and terrorism against other religious groups and other sections of Islamic Society be Redeemed?


It is a very tragic fact that because of the terrorist activities of some groups of Muslims in various parts of the world, as since last several years in the Indian Administered Kashmir valley and Jammu,    like ISIS, ISI, LeT and similar others, who are misguided by their wrong ideas about Jihad, the entire Muslim community has become ‘Black Sheep’ as killers and Misanthropes in the eyes of the World.  As a result, the Muslim refugees from Syria of the Islamic State are being denied refuge by many nations!

Yet, everyone knows that there are and have been many noble and philanthropic persons born or brought up in that community too, like Shrdi Sai Baba, and till the recent past,     our former President ,Dr. APJ Kalam, Malala Yousofzai,  as also the kind Pakistani man who looked after and safeguarded the little girl Geeta,who was separated from her parents and lost during a visit to Pakistan, till she was returned to India recently after nearly 15 years. Likewise, many Hindus and Christians have had good friends among Muslims all along, who are not at all in keeping with the alarming image that many non-Muslims have about the standard Muslims as aggressive and frightful Religious Fanatics who are ready to attack and even kill anybody who utters a word against their beliefs, but are quite amiable and good natured like anybody else. Just recently, a number of Kashmiri Muslims in the Valley, rushed to the help of the Pandits at the risk of their own safety during the last year’s severe unrest in the Valley.

In fact, many of the benevolent Muslims themselves also do not approve of the Fundamentalist Muslims’ practice of bloody Jihad, but they are overruled by the latter and are helpless to control them. As a result, they too have to face the anti-Muslim bias generated against the latter, due to the prejudicial view that ‘One bad fruit spoils the whole basket!’,and that ‘All Muslims are Not Terrorists, but All Terrorists are Muslims’! (By the way, the last statement should rather be modified to ‘Most of the Terrorists are Muslims’, for in using the superlative ‘All’, we are unwittingly discounting the other terrorist groups like the Maoist Naxalites who attack Chhattisgarh regularly, and some similar White and Black ones in the US and UK, who attack non-native immigrants, like the White American(nonMuslim) man Adam Purintan who shot at the young Indian immigrant Engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla of Hyderabad and his colleague recently, shouting,”Get out from My Country!”Srinivas who was a brilliant scholar of great promise succumbed to the onslaught, while his companion was also seriously hurt!

The solution to this problem, which lies in effective curbing of the activities of the terrorist Jihadi groups, and reducing the effect of their hostile preaching and hold on the general Muslim population  is by no means easy. However, the fact that all Muslims are not terrorists (propagated vide the popular dialogue of Shahrukh Khan,  “My name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist” in his film ‘My Name Is Khan’) indicates that the good ones among them have got a more Balanced and Correct understanding of the Quran and the teaching of Mohammed Paigambar, the founder of Islam, who proclaimed it as a Religion of Love and Peace!

Therefore , THE REMEDY, though difficult, lies in other religious groups of     ALL NATIONS giving firm BACKING to, and STRENGTHENING the moderate, RIGHT THINKING and ENLIGHTENED persons and religious leaders of Islam, TO START a COUNTER CAMPAIGN for preaching and spreading the understanding of the positive tenets and teachings of Islam among the common people (who are generally influenced and led by the dominating groups of their fold), while gently and tactfully making them aware of the need to modify their rules and regulations for conduct, in keeping with the changed times! It is hoped that some of these enlightened Muslims will be able to take up the challenge of instilling more progressive thinking among their Religious fellow men, and dispel negative, outdated beliefs, in the interest of  Redeeming  the Face of Islam before the World, and for restoring Peace for all Mankind including themselves!

Perhaps the easiest people to start with may be those sects supposed to be less fanatic and intolerant like the Sufis, Ahmediyas, and converts from the other religions than the more fundamentalistic and fanatic Arab and Afghan Pathans!

This should not be viewed as an interpersonal battle between the Modern and Orthodox sections of the Islamic Society for the former to gain power over the latter merely for the sake of power or for supremacy over some fundamentalistic individuals, but rather as an ideological effort to bring up the thinking of the retrogressive sections of the society on par with the developed nations, to raise the standard of living and mentality of the entire Muslim Biradari or brotherhood. For there must be some innately good but misdirected or forcibly inducted illiterate persons among them, who should be won over with mercy and wisdom as those who ‘know not what they do’ and hence should not be victimised simply for belonging to the fanatic and terrorist groups! Ultimately, The Main Motto of the Campaign should be to enable ‘Good and Humane Ideology to Triumph over the Selfish      and Evil’! It should be “There may be no such thing as ‘Good Terrorism and Bad Terrorism’ but There ARE ‘Many Good and Philanthropic Muslims vs Some Evil and Misanthropic Muslims’!”

Sadly, the terrorist activities and the declaration of actions which are considered criminal and perverse by civilised society in general, like Jihad and sexual relations between close relatives, as well as Wife beating ,Triple Talaq and Halal, as permissible by some fanatic Islamic  groups has aroused so much prejudice and animosity against Muslims in general, that some people and nations talk of elimination of the whole Muslim community, which is very alarming, and puts all Mohammedans on their defense against the rest of Mankind. The fundamen-talists should be made to understand that in the initial periods of many communities, when their population was scarce, and they were in danger of extinction due to natural causes or conquest and elimination by other clans, allowance had to be made for some offensive practices for the sake of propagation and safeguarding of the race. However,     now that there is sufficient population and growth in their formidability, it is in their interest to shed those practices including Polygamy and uncontrolled reproduction for coming out of poverty and for the welfare of their women and children.                                         TO CONCLUDE, THE NEED OF THE MODERN WORLD IS NOT TO ABOLISH ISLAM ALTOGETHER AS A RELIGION WHICH ADVOCATES AND SANCTIONS VIOLENCE TOWARDS AND MURDER OF NONBELIEVERS OR INFIDELS, AND ATROCITIES ON WOMEN FOR THEIR SUBJUGATION TO MEN, BUT TO UPDATE IT BY THOUGHTFULLY ELIMINATING THE EVIL AND OUTDATED RULES/PRACTICES, ALONGWITH ADOPTING IMPROVED TENETS, FORMAL EDUCATION AND WAYS OF LIVING TO BRING ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY ON PAR WITH THE DEVELOPED WORLD.

I PRAY therefore that A NEW WISE and UNIVERSALLY INFLUENTIAL  SPIRITUAL  LEADER SHOULD ARRIVE soon in this disturbed world, be it the Messiah Imam Mahdi prophesied by Islam, Jehova of the Jews, Jesus Christ of Christians, or Kalki Avtaar of Hindus, but Not to save any One community, and destroy all the rest of mankind – whether non Muslims, non Christians, non Jews or non-Hindus, but TO DESTROY the HOSTILITY and ENMITY that has arisen BETWEEN the different RELIGIOUS GROUPS and RACES out of mutual distrust, AND SET RIGHT the INTERHUMAN RELATIONS , promoting  concern for others only as fellow humans, first and foremost ( than on the basis of one another’s religion or race as Arabic or non-Arabic, Semitic or non-Semitic,  Black, Brown, White, or Yelłow),     that is witnessed at the time of major natural calamities, as during the recent floods in Chennai, before that in Kashmir, and during the massive earthquake and Sunami in Southeast Asia. IN BRIEF, to Restore the bonds of Love, and Break the fetters of Hatred between the different religious and ethnic groups!

Preferably , the anticipated Messiah of all the religions should make a joint appearance to enlighten all the religious groups that all the gods are essentially One God, and it is our narrow outlook that makes us see the Supreme Spirit as different Entities!

Should the Death Penalty be imposed on Habitual Perpetrators of Cold Blooded Preplanned Murders Not Only By Hanging But By The Same Method By Which The Murderer Killed His Victim?(72)


Opponents of the Death Penalty make the misplaced plea for sparing even habitual and cold blooded murderers of it in the name of Humanity,which they do not deserve. Actually, Death by Hanging is too little and lenient a punishment for such unscrupulous and brutal criminals, who often torture their victims before killing them.

Logically, habitual and brutal criminals should be sentenced to death in the same way in which they have killed their victim. For example, if someone kills his or her victim by burning, he or she should be sentenced to death by burning at the stake. Or if he or she murders someone by poisoning, the criminal should also be put to death by administering the same poison to him or her. So Nirbhaya’s rapist killers should have sticks tearing into their entrails until they become moribund but not killed directly; instead, leaving them to die on their own without help as they did with Nirbhaya just for their  perverse idea of enjoyment. Many protagonists of Humanity would oppose this idea on the grounds that it is like taking ‘An Eye for an Eye’,that is, ‘Legal Revenge’, but it is not so. The purpose of this suggestion is to make criminal minded people realise and feel for themselves how the victim may have felt like while dying the brutal death, that is, drive in the principle of       ‘Do as you would be done by’!

The present form of justice in India, especially in relation to Juvenile criminals, is so lenient, to the point of being Perverse’ that leave alone ‘Taking the Criminal’s Eye               in return For his Victim’s Eye’, our Courts are so over solicitous towards the Nirbhaya Gangrape Criminal that they have set him free with trivial punishment and a new identity ‘to protect him’, though at this time of his release, he is much above the JuvenileAge limit of 18 years, so setting him free with virtually no punishment for his heinous crime is like giving him the opportunity to ‘Take the Other Eye of His Victim In Addition To The First Eye’! (That is, ‘Make a Christ of His Victim’and the Lawyer who fought the victim’s case!) Hence the Judges and Legal Personnel of This Misogynist Society, pampering rapist and murderous males, are like           the pro-Kaurava Elders in Dhritarashtra’s Court(Durbar) who ‘watched and condoned’ the Stripping of Draupadi before the full Court by Dusshasana,at the behest of Duryodhana, shamelessly!

Perhaps, if criminals were brought to understand that if caught and convicted for such gruesome murders, they too would have to die the same way, it might happen that those persons who commit murders not in the heat of passion or on momentary impulse, but in cold blood after preplanning, may plan to kill their victims in a less brutal or torturesome way, by making Killing or elimination of an unwanted or troublesome person Their Aim, Rather than Torturing him or her before dying –  e.g. by Barbiturate poisoning, viz. putting the victim to a sound, permanent sleep, without subjecting the person to suffering by bodily pain and mental agony of the dreadful knowledge of the death that is going to descend upon him/her – which would be more humane than butchering or burning the victim!

I know this idea will never materialise, but it’s just a passing satirical ‘Food for Thought’! The Real Point is that the legal punishment for Preplanned murders committed in cold blood and after inflicting extreme torture to the victim/s should be severe enough to make criminals and terrorists regret their act and have a deterrent effect on others, and              I doubt that Death by Hanging or Life imprisonment, even rigorous, has that effect on habitual, hardened rapist-murderers and terrorists, for whom only the ‘Tit for Tat’ type of death penalty- intended not only to punish the habitual criminal or terrorist, but also to remove the menace from society and intimidating other like minded persons,is the proper penalty. For such persons are very clever at manoeuvring to get out of jail, either by escape by digging secret underground tunnels below their cell floors, or by blackmail by inducing abduction of some important person or his relatives to demand his release through his terrorist organisation!