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The Aarushi-Hemraj Murder(Part-4):                                   An intriguing aspect in the investigation of the Aarushi-Hemraj murder is that the Name of Anmol Agarwal (Aarushi’s last boyfriend- who made 688 phone calls to her in the last 45 days, last one being at 11.30pm on 15.5.2008, whom Aarushi was about to ditch),and his Statement against Rajesh Talwar to Noida Police on 22.5.2008,(faced with which,Rajesh is said to have confessed before the police about his affair with his business partner Anita Durrani, which his daughter Aarushi disliked, and his attack on Hemraj for spreading the gossip,hurting Aarushi also accidentally, that led to his arrest on       2 3 May2008)-has been t otally shelved by the CBI officer Arun Kumar(as if he had come in place of the UP Police as Rajesh Talwar’s Saviour),within two days of his taking over the case from UP Police on 29May2008 (on pretext of Anmol being a Minor, though he was just 2 months short of 18 years), dismissing his statement as unreliable, and Not mentioned at all in CBI Court’s Final Judgement report, although there was enough reason to make him one of the Prime Witnesses of the case, as he      is no longer a minor since 2012 when the hearings on the case started, and especially as Sanky Arora, Aarushi’s     Ex-boyfriend and his call records have been mentioned    in the text of the Final Judgement.                                                                                                          It is not clear however ‘what’ exactly Rajesh confessed, but supposedly it was of having threatened their live-in servant Hemraj of murder for spreading gossip about his affair with a business partner, AND of hitting Aarushi accidentally, for having come in his way while hitting Hemraj (or according to some sources, hitting her for quarrelling and threatening him to tell her grandparents about his affair with his business partner, Dr.Anita Durrani.The First theory about Aarushi’s murder being accidental in the process of hitting Hemraj seems more likely).It is significant that Rajesh Talwar was released      on bail soon thereafter without narco testing,while the servants Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal were subjected to Narcoanalysis and arrested in his place!          It is also intriguing that Rajesh has not uttered a word against Anmol even after being arrested  on the basis of that boy’s statement against him to the  Police, as though he was afraid of the boy’s revelations to the Police. Instead, he and his brother Dinesh managed to get the name of Anmol and his statements totally expunged  from the records placed before CBI Court,with help of CBI,and from the Text of the Final Judgement of the Court.        Smart! “Tu Bhi Chup, Main/Hum Bhi Chup” type of defense against the ‘Man Who Knew Too Much”, namely, the Friend in whom Aarushi confided The Most’,and who perhaps was the one who sent Aarushi the message onOrkut on the eve of the murder that “The next day will be Vital for You”,perhaps because he knew there was something amiss happening,or soon going to happen, in Talwar house,that would be vital to Aarushi in some way, even though it might not be through a direct injury to her, but to Hemraj,who was said to be close to her and according to his wife,like a father figure to her. It may be that Aarushi too had an inkling about her father’s plan to terminate her intimate friendship with Anmol as also to eliminate Hemraj the Witness in some way, and opposed it, due to which she was not sent to her grandparents’ place that afternoon and coaxed to keep quiet by giving her birthday gift,the new camera’to her that night in advance,and on her still not listening, she got beaten and her Mobile was taken away from her.                                                                                               The QUESTION is, WHOM were Arun Kumar and First CBI Team seeking to protect by shelving name,long phone call records and the Statement of 22.5.2008 of Anmol Agarwal containing allegations against Rajesh Talwar to the Noida Police altogether? (a)RAJESH Talwar, to guard the secrecy of the delicate matters related to Rajesh and Aarushi’s personal life and their mutual relations,as also his intimate frienship with his business partner Anita Durrani, or his opposition to Aarushi’s intimate relations with Anmol himself and with the servant Hemraj, in case there was an embarassing secret in that family, like the possibility of suspicion of Aarushi’s Conception through whomsoever, which would be more defamatory for the Talwars if it becomes public,  than being in jail, for jail at least can be rationalised as injustice done by the investigators and the judicial  system. It is said in one report that Nupur had been phoning a lady doctor several times during the week preceding the murders, which raises questions as to the reason.(b)Or was it for ANMOL , said to be son of a big Govt officer? Fishy – the Total absence of the name of Anmol Agarwal who figured so prominently in Aarushi’s life till her last hour, from the CBI Spl Court Judgement Report!That however, does not mean  that Anmol must be the murderer, but indicates that he might be knowing who the murderer is. To me, the deletion of his name seems to be more for RajeshTalwar’s sake.[For all we know, Anmol may be the Direct Eyewitness of  the Crime and the criminal by virtue of happening to have reached Talwars’ flat by way of their terrace which was supposed to be remaining open till the night of the murders and accessible through the neighboring terraces of the building, at about 11.30pm at midnight on failing to contact Aarushi on her cellphone,and may have caught or perhaps even clicked an MMS/Video of some crucial and verifiable evidence, Over and Above the circumstantial proof of Rajesh’s involvement in or presence at the site of the murders, especially of Hemraj on the terrace, and thereafter of Aarushi too, who according to some views, was also murdered on the terrace and then brought down and laid on her bed in her room after cleaning and dressing up her bed and her body.]So it is quite likely that pressure might have been brought by the (proTalwar)First Team of CBI on Anmol to give another statement to them on  31st May’08 in place of the one given by him to the Noida Police on 22nd May’08(on the basis of which Rajesh Talwar was arrested by UP Police on 23rd May’08) within 2 days of their taking over the investigation of the case from UP Police on 29thMay’08,which was followed by Rajesh’s release on bail!                                                                                                      The CLUE to the mystery of the murders is probably contained in (1) that statement of Anmol dated 22.5.2008,containing mention with perhaps the truth of many skeletons in Talwars’ cupboard, shelved by the first proTalwar team of CBI, as also in (2)the inner and outer DOORS of HEMRAJ’s ROOM, of the Talwar flat, which were not bolted on murder morning, considering that one of the Talwars could probably come out through them(of which the outer door lay between the middle wire mesh gate and the main outer grill gate) and open the outer gate, though the middle gate was bolted from outside,as told by the maid Bharti to the investigators. For the same outer grill gate that could not be opened by Bharti when she came to the house first, because of which she had to ring the doorbell repeatedly, and had to go down for getting the keys from Nupur to come in, could be opened when she came back by just pushing it, which suggests that someone unlatched it from within, in the meanwhile.                                                                               Hence, the OUTER grill gate was also bolted from within and opened by the Talwars before Bharti returned so that it could be opened by just pushing it when she came back after going down to collect the keys of the middle gate.The same was removed by the Talwars a year after the murders during investigation presumably to without the prior permission of the investigators, for which they gave the reason that it had been fitted by them without the Colony’s permission, and that it was not a part of the colony’s original design for the flat.However,as the Outer Door of Hemraj’s room lay between the Outer and Middle gates till the night of the murders, the reason given by them for its removal during the investigation is not convincing. For the Talwars had claimed to the investigators at a later stage that the Outer door of Hemraj’s room opened directly to the outside, so that anyone could enter their flat through that door even if the main Middle gate and internal Wooden door were locked from within, which was not so on the murder night, as the Outermost gate of the flat was very much there then, so that the outer door of Hemraj’s room also was within the outermost gate, that is, within the precincts of Talwars’ flat, at the time of the murders. Hence there IS reason to suspect that the gate was removed to match their statement of Hemraj’s Outer door opening directly to the outside!This amounts to a clear deletion of an important evidence, admitted by the Talwars themselves!                                                                                                 Also, how would an outsider lock the middle gate from outside but close the Outermost gate from inside while going out of the flat? That means that one of the Talwar couple or Aarushi, or Hemraj must have let the assailant in, but the couple might have bolted or locked the outer grill gate from inside and bolted the middle door from outside after he left, to create the illusion of the Talwars having been locked from outside!                                                                   The MIDDLE grill gate too was not locked from outside but only latched from outside, and  could be opened without key by simply unlatching it by maid Bharati when she came up again to the Talwar’s flat after getting the keys of the gate thrown down by Nupur.                                                            An outsider would also have bolted the outer door of Hemraj’s room from outside just as he did with the middle gate of Talwar flat while leaving. He could not have closed it from within, which means that it was all the insiders’ (Talwars’) work!  MOTIVE – ‘Honour Killing’ of Hemraj for saving the honour of Aarushi and Rajesh Talwar from his gossiping with the help of their Driver Umesh Sharma who was apparently the last visitor to their house that night.                                                                                                      If it had been Hemraj’s friend/s, they would have entered and left through his room doors at that late hour of  11.45pm-12.00am or so, and bolted those doors too from outside while going, if they wanted to lock the Talwars inside totally, but they did not do so.Therefore, it would only be a friend of Aarushi or of the Talwar couple or a trusted employee of Talwars who would be able to use the main middle gate and the inner wooden door for coming and/or going,with at least one of the inmates’ knowledge and permission, at late night,and conveniently bolt only the middle gate from outside but not Hemraj’s room doors, or the Outer grill gate to enable theTalwars to come out whenever they wanted! The Fridge,TV and other junk said to have been placed in front of Hemraj’s outer door, thus blocking it, might have been kept there on 16th May 2008 morning, after opening the inner latch of the Outer gate, and then latching the outer door of Hemraj’s room, while Bharti had gone down to collect the keys, to show that the door was blocked from the previous night.            The Layout of Talwar’s house, and Hemraj’s room, as illustrated in the Wikipedia, also shows the outer door of Hemraj’s room as bolted from inside, the middle wire mesh gate latched from outside but not locked,and the outer grill gate as not latched/ locked from outside but possible to open by pushing from outside.                                                                                                                   The Talwars might have bolted the outer grill gate from inside themselves after his exit.Or, for all we know, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar might have gone out from the midnight of 15th May 2008 to 2.30/3.30am on 16.5.2008 for some reason, perhaps to meet their friend Dr.RKSharma, with  Aarushi’s Mobile Phone,in connection with the entries in it, including the mysterious and scary message received by Aarushi on that last evening,         “The next day will be vital for You!”(which indicates that the messenger must be an educated person linked in some way with the double murder, or at least having some important information bearing upon it.) Dr.Sharma’s father was running a shop for sale, recharging and repair of electronic gadgets, and for finding out who was pursuing and threatening Aarushi, leaving her to the trusted care of the servant Hemraj, just as Nupur had left Aarushi to him earlier the same afternoon, when she went to her clinic.The Talwars deny it, perhaps on Dr. Sharma’s request not to reveal that they had gone to see him, but if that could be proved,many things could be explained,  including Rajesh and Nupur’s noninvolvement in their daughter’s murder! (On the other hand, Rajkumar, Durrani’s servant,is said to have confessed under Narco to have stolen and sold Aarushi’s cellphone after killing her).                                                           Another(3)CLUE lies in the large size of the bloody Footprints reportedly found on the floor of Aarushi’s room, equaling the shoe size of 8 or 9, which indicates that the wearer must be a Tall man, taller than Rajesh Talwar who is  said to have a smaller shoe size than that, I.e.6.Therefore, considering that the murderer is supposed to be someone close to the Talwars, the suspicion should be on the tall men in the Talwars’ close vicinity and circle,(e.g. as obvious from the Police photographs, his Driver Umesh Sharma who visited them that night at 9.50pm to hand over the car keys to Hemraj). He may be the person who went to meet Vijay Mandal at 10.00/10.15pm. He also could be the one to call Hemraj at 10.30pm when Hemraj was about to start having his dinner, and the fifth person to be present in the flat that night. Rajesh Talwar was also said to have gone out somewhere from his house, between 10.30-11.15pm, perhaps to the terrace. It is possible therefore that Hemraj might have been murdered by Umesh Sharma on the terrace by hitting on his head with a golf stick in the presence of his master, and slit his throat with surgical gloves, using Hemraj’s own Khukri to silence him, during that period between 10.30-11.30pm, that is, before the murder of Aarushi, who is said to have been murdered between 12.00-1.00 am by whomsoever (probably by Umesh Sharma, in keeping with the observation that both murders were committed in a similar way, and hence presumably by  the same person, also on the terrace), for whatever reason. Rajesh probably did not participate personally in Hemraj’s murder, hence Hemraj’s blood was not found on his dress. Aarushi may have slipped to the terrace after 00.00am (when Rajesh left her room and went to his room after finishing his work at her desk computer) by opening her bedroom door with her own key, to meet Anmol who had phoned her at 11.30pm(and probably called her to meet him there)to show him her new camera, but became an inadvertent witness of the gory scene of the murder of Hemraj, on which she felt horrified and threatened Sharma who was covering the body of Hemraj with the cooler lid, to inform the police, and also began to take photographs of the scene, whereby she got killed in the act by being hit by Sharma(alone). Soon AFTER, Rajesh too came to the terrace to see if Sharma had finished the job of hiding the body of Hemraj, which is when Anmol may have seen him from the neighbour’s terrace where he was hiding and come to know of his involvement in the crime.After the murder of Aarushi, sometime after 12.00am, Umesh and Rajesh might have gone down the stairs from the terrace to the Talwars’ flat where Umesh kept Aarushi in her room and the golf stick in the loft facing Aarushi’s room.Who knows,Rajesh and Umesh may not have woken up Nupur, so that she may really not have heard or sensed anything amiss,since both the murders were done on the terrace, not in Aarushi’s room, and come to know about Aarushi’s murder only in the morning after the maid Bharti’s arrival.One indication of her not having been present on the terrace that night when the murders were committed there,is that on 17th May’08 morning, after the door of their terrace was opened by the  Retd.Dy.Suptd of Police,KKGautam and UP Police leading to the discovery of the body of Hemraj on the terrace, against whom Rajesh had filed an FIR on the previous day,he phoned his family lawyer immediately on reaching Hardwar for immersion of Aarushi’s ashes, to file an application for his anticipatory bail(but not for Nupur), as though he knew that he alone was answerable for the finding of the body of Hemraj on the terrace,as well as Aarushi’s bedsheet on the grill between Talwar’s terrace and neighbor Tandon’s,which may be the bedsheet spread over an underlying bedsheet covering the mattress, that was supposed to have been changed after the murder.The same bedsheet might have been removed to bring Aarushi down from the terrace to her room and then spread over the grill between Talwars’ and their neighbor’s terrace so as to block the view of Talwar’s terrace from the other side.The same piece of evidence is said to be missing after the opening of Talwar’s terrace on  17 th May’08 somehow. The likelihood of both the murders having been committed on the terrace(that is,    not in Aarushi’s bedroom as speculated by CBI) is proved by the observation that the bed of Hemraj, who was left to lie on the terrace was absolutely clean in the morning, while that of Aarushi was bloodstained, yet undisturbed    in spite of the violence of the assault.The cleaning of Aarushi’s body and bed, and perhaps the slitting of her neck too might have been done in Aarushi’s bedroom by driver Umesh only, according to Rajesh’s directions, because of which no blood was seen on the dress of the Talwar couple . (Her private parts however,might have been cleaned and checked for any signs of sex or pregnancy by Rajesh at about 3.00am- when rigor mortis was about to set in, to avoid spilling of her blood on his clothes, knowing that her body would go for postmortem, being an unnatural and premature death).Both the men might have taken whisky with gloves on subsequently,and left the bottle on the dining table, or Rajesh himself might have kept it out on getting up in the morning and then shouted out to Nupur about it. Otherwise, how is it that Nupur who got up first on hearing the doorbell did not see it?) Thereafter, Umesh bolted the middle gate of the flat, locked the terrace door,and went to the Talwars’ garage on ground floor where Vijay Mandal was sleeping, to keep the weapon, viz. the Khukri and gloves used for the murders by taking Mandal into confidence, and went away secretively to Mayur Vihar with the Talwars’ terrace keys and mobile phones of both victims, throwing away the gloves on the way. (Or he might have gone to Krishna’s/Rajkumar’s place to give him the mobiles and perhaps the murder weapon,viz. Hemraj’s Khukri, as also to keep his bloodstained pillowcase, which may explain how it got into Krishna’s room,and then went home, thereby being late to go for duty to Talwar’s house the next day,on the murder morning when he should have been among the earliest ones to arrive.However, Krishna’s family would have told that to the Police and CBI when they came to arrest him, so it is not likely.)       One basis for thinking of Sharma as a suspect is that he had overheard  Krishna confiding in Hemraj a couple of days before that he was aggrieved by Rajesh Talwar having scolded and demeaned him before his patients for some mistake in his work, and threatening to sack him from service, and that he wanted to avenge himself against Talwar for the same. So he might have instigated Talwar and offered to kill Hemraj for his gossipmongering against the latter, with certainty of being able to frame Krishna ultimately for it.  He might have helped himself to Talwar’s Whisky after washing his hands in the overhead tank and again after bringing Aarushi down, in her room,which could be why the fingerprints on the bottle may be blotchy and unidentifiable.The photos taken by Aarushi on her camera must have been deleted by the Talwars (because as the investing authorities who claim to have retrieved the deleted photos said, the photos revealed the persons and dress worn by them that night)and they also did the cleaning of Aarushi’s body and private parts,and dressing up of the bed and murder scene.             [The advocates and medical defense witnesses of the Talwars deny the observation of the Doctor who did Aarushi’s postmortem in relation to her private parts as subsequently concocted, on instigation and coercion by the Second Team of CBI. However, it is unlikely that the detailed and specific professional type of observations made, (viz(a)the vaginal orifice so wide open as to enable view of the cervix, which can happen if someone introduces a vaginal dilator into the vaginal opening for examination of the vaginal canal after death at the stage when rigor mortis or stiffening is setting in;(b) an old tear and fimbriation of her hymen- indicating earlier sexual relationship- but(c)no sign of forcible sex),could be only  a figment of the doctor’s fantasy, and thus they must have been made by him at the time of the PM but unreported by him due to pressure from some higher authority on the request of some influential person.]                                                                                    Sharma told the Noida Police that Rajesh Talwar  had not gone to his clinic that day and had taken leave.However,  it was found by the police that he was away from home from 8.45am to 9.30pm on 15.5.08 along with his driver.   It is not known where he had gone all the time and for what.He is said to have made 16 phone calls to Anita Durrani upto 8.30pm that day. As per some reports,     Nupur too returned home at 9.30pm alongwith them,    not at 7.30pm,but this is not supported by all reports.     (OR as per the report of one website ‘You Bihar’, run by    one Akshay Anand who claims to know Shreya,d/o Dinesh Talwar,DINESH is also said to have visited Rajesh’s house that night with wife Vandana, and all the 4 adults murdered Hemraj, and Arushi got hurt accidentally. Last but not the least, Ajay CHADDHA ,Rajesh’s cousin and family friend, who helped Nupur to find the Golf stick from the loft facing Aarushi’s bedroom, cannot be discounted, as also Talwar’s neighbor,i.e.VijayMandal’s employer either.) Hemraj was averagely buit and a victim, not the criminal, I think. For does a man purposely wear slippers for having sex or committing murder as the UP Police and the second team of CBI say? The hand of Dinesh Talwar and Chaddha in the murders is less likely though, for the Colony’s Night watchman said that ‘No one entered or left the building that night’ after Driver UmeshSharma. However, the Security Guard also said that he could not vouch on it, as the Guards are mobile in the night, and no note is made at the gate of any entry or exit. So it is possible that Rajesh or Nupur let Chaddha into the house that night, for whatever purpose,which is how she is said to have confessed under the brain printing test that she knew that a golf stick was used for hitting Hemraj, and Aarushi for being the witness-though Nupur did not reveal the name of the person wielding the blows).                                              Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal(who is almost surely the same man as Shambhu, judging from Krishna and Rajkumar referring to him by that name under Narco, though he himself denies it)do not appear to be tall and educated from the police records. They might have come and sat that night in Hemraj’s room and helped themselves to liquor and Nepali songs on the TV, in the absence and anticipation of Hemraj,who they thought might have gone out nearby for a while.The servants may or may not have committed the murders,considering that the DNA of none of the three servant suspects nor of Hemraj matched with any of the samples taken from Aarushi’s room, nor with the bloody prints on the Whisky bottle on the dining table of Talwars’ house.                       Also, Krishna is said to have told the investigators that he had called on the CBI Office Telephone on May 14,2008 at about 12.43pm.The CBI denies having received any such call, but the number mentioned by Krishna is said to be correct; though the reason for his claimed phone call to CBI is not known, why would he phone them if he had murder of someone in mind? Instead it could have been     to intimate them beforehand about the impending possibility of a murderous attack on Hemraj(who had told his wife and Krishna about his fear of it a couple of days before his murder)on his behalf. Hemraj had also told them that Rajesh had threatened to kill him for gossiping about his relationship with Mrs.Anita Durrani,because of which he had gone to meet the local Social Worker Uma Thakur, and had asked Krishna to bring him a Khukri, which Krishna did the same night, i.e. on May 14th,2008.                                                                                    However, there is a small doubt that the culprit could have been Anmol Agarwal instead of the servants, with whom too Aarushi was in the process of breaking off, and who was trying till midnight to contact Aarushi by phone, so that Aarushi herself might have taken him  in after her parents went to sleep, on his coming to her door and pleading to be let in.He also is tall, lanky and well built, educated, and was 17,nearly 18 years old at the time of the crime.He too had a motive for the murders in that Aarushi was withdrawing from their friendship.Besides, it was mentioned in a report that Hemraj was blackmailing Aarushi over her friendship with Anmol, including his visiting her at her home in her parents’ absence in the afternoons(and perhaps about her sexual relations with him if any, which might have resulted in conception), about which both Anmol and Talwar may have come to know and got angry with him. It is said that Anmol’s visits were the reason why the parents had started locking Aarushi in her room at night, as they feared that she may do something ‘stupid’! Therefore it is not out of place to consider the possibility that she may indeed have done something ‘stupid’ and evoked her father’s wrath.              So also Sankalp Arora, Aarushi’s ex-boyfriend, whom she had left for Anmol is one more probability(though I don’t really suspect either of them in this case)!                                        By the way, it seems that neither the UP Police nor the CBI have taken and matched the fingerprints or DNA of Anmol or Driver Umesh with the bloody blots on the Whisky bottle on the dining table in Talwar’s living room, the reason for which is not understood. The Talwars say that Umesh is a loyal driver, and the CBI have let Anmol go for being a minor, but that is no justification for exemption to  them from the CBI procedure.Even now,while the case is in Allahabad High Court, both of them, particularly                                                                    Umesh Sharma can and should be subjected to a thorough investigation including Finger prints, DNA matching, Narcoanalysis, Brain mapping and a gruelling ,                            ‘Third degree method’of interrogation on remand, regarding all the places to which he had gone with Rajesh Talwar as his driver,as well as the purpose for which they had gone, in order to extract information about all the events of the day. (It is unclear what relevance the last Orkut message to Aarushi had,to the double murder and what it meant). It is also a mystery what Rajesh Talwar meant by his outburst at the time of his first arrest by the UP Police on 23rd May’08,”Dinesh Verma framed me”!                                                (Or was it ‘Dinesh,Sharma’, in case Umesh Sharma had perpetrated the murders under the order and direction of Rajesh? For he seems to be tall, or at least taller than Rajesh.)TO CONCLUDE,THE FACTS POINT TO TALWAR’S DRIVER UMESH SHARMA BEING THE MAIN AGENT IN THE AARUSHI-HEMRAJ MURDER DRAMA, IN THE PRESENCE AND CONFIDENCE OF RAJESH TALWAR, THOUGH PROBABLY RAJESH DID NOT COMMIT THE MURDERS HIMSELF, and was not present or involved       at all in the murder of Aarushi. THE REASON-               SOME PROBLEM ARISING FROM THE AARUSHI-ANMOL FRIENDSHIP, than from Aarushi-Hemraj, or even the Rajesh Talwar-Anita Durrani relationship, which have been deliberately  hyped by Krishna and Anmol respectively, and accordingly by UP Police to mask the real malady, i.e. some serious complication of the Aarushi-Anmol relationship.THE REST OF THE PERSONS DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE KILLING – NEITHER THE SERVANTS, NOR NUPUR/DINESH TALWAR/ AJAY CHADDHA, NOR AARUSHI ‘s BOYFRIENDS AND PROBABLY NOT TALWARS’ NEIGHBOR TANDON! The CBI too had not charged Nupur initially,but only Rajesh Talwar,for the murders upto the Closure Report of December 2010, and included Nupur in the final Charge Sheet out of vengeance,only AFTER and Because Nupur challenged their Closure Report!                                                                                                 OF THE TWO MURDERS, HEMRAJ’s MURDER WAS A PREPLANNED AND COLDBLOODED MURDER, AS HEMRAJ FEARED, since Rajesh had threatened to kill him for his habit of gossiping about Talwars with outsiders. BUT THE KILLING OF AARUSHI WAS AN UNPLANNED ACT, TRIGGERED BY ‘ON THE SPOT’ IMPULSE, OUT OF FEAR          OF EXPOSURE BY AARUSHI.                                                 NUPUR AND DINESH TALWAR MIGHT HAVE HELPED THE TWO MEN,ONLY IN HIDING AND DELETION OF EVIDENCE, AND ANMOL AGARWAL MAY HAVE BECOME AN INADVERTENT UNSEEN EYEWITNESS ON THE SPOT.                                                                                                  I saw the film ‘Talvar’ made by Vishal Bhardwaj and Meghna on this case,and found it a good, steadily moving and well directed film,except that it is to ‘pro Talvar’. First, it makes no mention of Aarushi’s, i.e.of Shruti in the film, boyfriends who were constantly trying to contact her till her last day on earth. Even on being asked by the police whether she was friendly with any boy, the parents only said with a look of shock and indignation on their faces,as if the police had asked them an indecent question  .NutanTandon(NupurTalwar)retorted”Boyfriend? But our daughter was just  about to turn 14!”Ramesh Tandon (representing Rajesh)added,”There were 4 people in the house, viz. we two, our girl and the killer Khempal(filmi name for Hemraj)who has absconded. Go and find him before he flees from this place instead of asking’Faltu’ questions!”(Actually, this answer was given with reference to the Police asking for the key of the lock on Talwar’s closed terrace door).Come on, can the 14 year old girl,viz.Aarushi, on whom the picture is based, under the name of ‘Shruti’,who was  using an Orkut account that is normally permitted to persons over 18 years, be too small to have a boy friend,that too, in a metropolitan city like Delhi? Their expression was as though their daughter was just a prepubescent 10 year kid. Typical ‘hush hush’ middle class Indian hypocrisy, originating from the prudish medieval idea that it is immoral for an Indian girl to have a boyfriend,as it is assumed that such an intimate relationship is always sexual, which is not necessarily so.What is important is not that a girl should not have a boyfriend,but that she should not get involved sexually or in any other dangerous ways like Internet chatting with unscrupulous characters and get into deep trouble.This requires proper supervision and guidance on the part of parents and guardians, especially in respect of minor girls and for that matter,     of juvenile boys too, not suppression!(As a side question, how did the minor, 13 year old Aarushi’Baby’manage to get the Orkut account on which she had started getting ominous messages lately,and who helped her to get it but her doting parents? And after getting it for her, should they not have supervised whom she was befriending and communicating with and the sort of messages she was getting? If they had,they could/should have made Aarushi close down her Orkut account as well as taken her Mobile phone for some time, and complained to the police about it at that time itself, though it is not clear what relation the morbid Messages about murder cases on different Internet sites that some mysterious sender was posting to her on her Orkut since last 5 months, as well as the Sender himself, had to her murder).                                                                              When any Western country criticises our narrow concept of morality, and sexual repression in Khap Panchayats,    we are quick to put forth in protest the existence of the sculptures at Khajuraho of the Magadhan era, to claim that India has always ‘celebrated’ sex,but the present attitude is quite different!                                                           So what is the reality in this case? The reality is that Aarushi’s own maternal aunt, Shree Paradkar, residing in Canada has stated in her article ‘The Inside Story of the most controversial murder case’ that Aarushi had a boyfriend of one and half months standing with whom she was  in the process of breaking up. How can they deny it now? SECONDLY, I also felt that the showing of the chief CDI officer AshwinKumar, representing Arun Kumar of the first CBI team, who was removed from the investigation before he could charge-sheet the servants, having a disturbed marital life on the brink of divorce in his personal life in the film, was not at all necessary, whatever may be the producer’s motive for bringing that point in, as it is not mentioned in any website reports related to the actual case. He is also shown in the film as becoming indignant when the second CDI team proposes subjecting  the ‘Tandon’couple to the Narco test, like the servants had been by his first team, for reasons best known to him.                                                                      Moreover, the casting of actors was so-so, except for      Irfan Khan. I would have preferred Gajendra Chauhan and Sakshi Tanwar for the roles representing Rajesh -Nupur Talwar,as they resemble the real life characters more in looks and personality.                                                                                     All said and done, it was definitely wrong of the CBI Court to sentence Talwars to life term jail without adequate forensic or clinching proof!