How can Unwed mothers dispose of Their Babies in a Safe and Humane Way?(62)


Many Women who become Unwed Mothers due to rape or being deserted by the lovers, and some Married Women bearing girl babies are forced by the puritanical Indian Society to abandon their children because of social pressures. Some women, due to not getting timely recourse to abortion, or finding any proper place to leave their babies, leave them in desperation much against their heart and conscience, on the roadside in garbage bins, or in trains. Some even go to the extent of killing their infants and themselves by barbaric methods to escape social condemnation.

Some unmarried expectant mothers have to put their own life at risk by going to quacks or untrained Midwives for terminating their pregnancy, which accounts for a significant number of morbidly and mortality
among women conceiving out of wedlock.

This problem can be solved to some extent by employing Social Welfare workers in Maternity Hospitals and Clinics to guide and help women who cannot keep and care for their children to either guide them to Authorised Clinics or hospitals to undergo timely Induced Abortion, or if it is too late for that, to help them give them to hand over their children to legally recognised Adoption centres. That way, they can pass on their babies into safe and responsible hands, instead of leaving them to die a heart-wrenching death!


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