Ever since the BJP leader Narendra Modiji has become the Prime Minister of India, the pompous and envious Congress party members like Mani Shankar Aiyar and others like him have resorted to the petty tactics of jeering at him as a ‘Chaiwala’, that is, Tea Vendor. This shows that they and our country people in general, need to be taught a thing or two about the value of
the Dignity of Labour.

Without giving any more examples like Modiji, other than the former President (late) Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam who also rose to becoming the President of India, from being just a poor Daily Newspaper Delivery boy, it is enough if the supercilious Congressmen get the message on this Independence Day, that That humble ‘Chaiwala’, whom they have been taunting as such since the time of his candidature for PM in the last Elections, has risen to become the Prime Minister of India Today!

Swami Vivekanand, who is the Spiritual Guru of Modiji, has made mention
in his writings about a young school boy whom he met in America, who was working as a Daily Newspaper Delivery Boy, to earn for his education.
He was very impressed by the boy and wished that the youth of our country would also be as self reliant as that boy.

On the other hand, the Congress Yuvraj, their ‘Prime and Exclusive’ present Candidate for the Prime Minister’s post, who was the son, grandson and
Greatgrandson of Three earlier Prime Ministers of India, and ‘Born With
A Silver Spoon in his Mouth’, still needs ‘Spoon Feeding’ in Political Wisdom from Mamma!

The Problem with our people is that they are so fascinated by the British
Colonial ‘Sahibs’ that they have made getting ‘Cushy, White Collar Jobs’
their Ideal and Main Ambition in Life. Thus it has become our National Mentality to snub and scoff at people who reach up the Ladder of Success by Manual or less Sophisticated Type of Labour, like those working in Hotels
or Barbers’ saloons (who are ridiculed as ‘Hotelwala/Waiter’ or ‘Hajaam’), in Farms as farmers, or on Battle Fields, even if it is necessary for their own Livelihood and for Society and the Country, because of which those who have come up that way feel ashamed to disclose it, though they are not doing anything wrong. Ultimately, however, the latter themselves have to learn to be less sensitive and more toughminded and self- assured to ignore and discard this unwarranted Feeling of Inferiority that those better placed than them try to put in them.

The old film ‘Ramnagari ‘ starring Amol Palekar, about a Barber’s emotional struggle to come to terms with his traditional occupation of ‘Hajaam’, aptly emphasises the need to have respect for one’s Profession, however humble.
For, it takes all sorts of people to make a World.

This Snobbish ‘Gora Saab’ Mentality instilled in our people by the British Empire in India, followed by the ‘Nehru-Gandhi Empire’, has lasted right from the time of Independence from the British until Last year, except for the period from 1998 to 2004, when Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji (1998-2004) was
India’s Prime Minister, and for a very brief gap earlier during 1977-80,
under the PM ship of Morarji Desai of the Janata Party.

Therefore , If India has to solve the problem of Unemployment and Scarcity
of openings for Self Enterprise, and make its countrymen more self reliant, Indians will have to shed its highbrow attitude towards simple, unostentatious types of work, and learn to value and accord dignity to
All forms of ‘Honest Labour’!

‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan’! JAI HIND !



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