(58)Should Hindus in Government service of India be posted in their respective Native States, for example Kerala, to retain or restore the Hindu majority or significant minority in each state?(Sr. No. 63)


The Title of this article might appear ‘Highly Communal’to the Pseudosecular citizens of this country. However, in view of the fact that Hindus are losing their majority in some states of India, where they were in the majority before, as in Kerala, or pushed down from significant minority to an insignificant lot, as in Kashmir and the North Eastern States due either to,
(a) the influx or rise in the number of settlers of other communities in the state, with the native Hindus of the place leaving the state to migrate elsewhere as in Kerala, or
(b) conversion to other religions as to Christianity in the North East, and (c)their exodus from the fanatic Muslim dominated states as from Kashmir, Hindus are in danger of becoming outnumbered by other religious communities in one state after another in India, and falling out of power everywhere ultimately!

Hence, an active and serious effort has to be started right now to ensure the presence of either a majority or reasonably high numbers of Hindus in each state of Hindustan. Otherwise, the next thing that will happen is that all the states will be dominated by the people of other religions, including the Sikhs, and all the communities will demand the separation of their state from India, resulting in either the ‘slicing off’ or splitting of India that is, Hindustan, or its conversion into ‘Khichdustan’!

Therefore, Hindu employees in Private service or private entrepreuners need not, or should not be disturbed or forced to go back or migrate to
their native land, especially if they have already become used to living
in some other state or become domiciles of that state, as for example, Maharashtrians and others, like the Kannadigas who have been born and brought up in Baroda, which was earlier under the erstwhile Gaikwad State, and thereafter under the Bombay State upto it’s bifurcation in 1960 into Maharashtra and Gujarat.

New Hindu employees however, should be encouraged to stay in their native or domicile state by recruiting them in a branch of the Appointing Organisation or Bank of that state or region, in the interest of maintaining the optimum number of Hindus in every state of India! For example, Hindu natives of Kerala appointed in the State Bank of Travancore may be posted
as fresh recruits or even on promotion in Kerala, if not permanently in
Travancore itself!

Unfortunately, this will not be possible in the State of Jammu, Kashmir and
Ladakh, because of the block of the Article 370. Therefore, the Article 370
Should be lifted from at least the Jammu and Ladakh provinces (and perhaps a small part of the Southern Kashmir valley containing the Amarnath cave and some other prime pilgrimage sites, though it is difficult), whereby it can be possible to post some more Hindus there on Longterm
or Permanent basis there too !



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