(57)SHOULD THE TALWARS HIRE A PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL DETECTIVE TO FIND AND PROVE IDENTITY OF ACTUAL KILLER TO CONVINCE THE HIGH COURT OF THEIR INNOCENCE ?However, it is strange that Rajesh and Nupur Talwar not only left Aarushi’s bedroom door open on the fatal night but they ALSO habitually kept THE DOOR BETWEEN THE SERVANT ROOM AND THEIR FLAT UNLOCKED FROM INSIDE.WHY DID THEY NOT LOCK IT FROM THE LIVING ROOM SIDE?BUT FOR THE LATTER DOOR ALSO BEING LEFT OPEN, NO OUTSIDER COULD HAVE COME IN. If that door was being kept unlocked from within at night to enable Hemraj to bring the milk and prepare tea and breakfast in the morning, it could have been kept locked from inside at night as the servant had his own toilet, and opened in the morning instead,       on Hemraj getting milk and ringing the bell.    All the same, one clue is that the footmarks of the murderer indicate that he must be a tall man with large feet, with shoe size 8 or 9, so they should have the shoe size noted of all the men around them,esp.of tall persons, taller than Rajesh Talwar amongst the people around them. DriverUmesh Sharma seems to be tall and Dr. Dinesh Talwar too is taller than Rajesh.


I think it is necessary, and it is HIGH TIME that the TALWARS TOOK the HELP OF a Reputed, PRIVATE, PROFESSIONAL DETECTIVE TO investigate the Aarushi- Hemraj Murder Case Independently of the Noida or UP Police,
and the Central Bureau of Investigation, TO FIND CLINCHING PROOF of
the identity OF the REAL KILLER, to place before the Allahabad High Court.

THAT seems to be THE ONLY WAY in which RAJESH AND NUPUR TALWAR CAN PROVE THEIR own INNOCENCE and GET EARLY BAIL at least, if not immediate Acquittal !

For it is obvious that the CBI and UP Police are bent on incarcerating the
Talwar Couple in Jail for Life !

The Talwar Family can surely get a good detective for salvaging the two,
if they look for one, as a lot of Public Sympathy is with them!


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    • I had not done any investigafions but
      only speculated on all possibilities based on CBI REPORTS. Since the Talwars have been jailed for Life wjthout forensic proof, which is wrong, I have suggested that the Talwars should hire a Private Detective.I have no petsonal grudge against them.

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