(49)How can the Imbalance of Power Between The Genders Be Bridged?


Much of the problem of inequality between Men and Women and atrocities on females is due to the  Difference in Physical Strength and Aggressive tendency between them.Some of the imbalance can be corrected by right upbringing,   that is, by education, instilling self confidence as well as self esteem in Women, and training girls in Martial Arts; and boys’ pugnaciousness can be toned down by teaching boys to respect women. Still, due to the basic biological disparity of physical strength between the sexes, and the sexual vulnerability of women, not all women can cope with the power of men, at least physically. Hence, it is easier and more necessary to curb Male Aggressiveness than to make Women strong enough to defend themselves against rough and ruthless men.

In my opinion, Women are Born violable because of their lesser muscular strength and the Open and Admissive or Receptive structure of their private organs. Of course, they can, and many do, become fairly strong and formidable as they grow up, some women growing to become stronger than some men, with the right training, but that takes time. Till then, the fact remains that Women, or at least, young girls need Protection!

Men on the other hand, are Born sexually Inviolable. Hence it is logical that Their aggressiveness should be controlled and properly directed, so as not to be allowed to grow beyond acceptable limits, from their childhood, so that they do not become delinquent and criminals, and a menace to common and especially the weaker sections of society like young girls and children, rather than trying to make Girls forceful enough to cope with violently inclined men, by hormonal administration and heavy exercise to bring them on par with men physically, for it is difficult to change the bodily structure, muscular and hormonal make-up of women to match that of the naturally Testosterone–influenced males. (Even if it is possible in the case of some girls/ladies, it is not desirable as it may have the harmful effect of complicating the female constitution and reproductive capacity).

Thus, Humanity’s hope lies in the fact that No man is born a criminal, and Every male is innocent as a child, but Becomes antisocial because of the influence of negative but corrigible environmental factors like –                                                                                                          (1) Bad company ;                                                                                                             (2) increasing exposure of youngsters to unhealthy presentation of Sex through Uncensored Media, like Blue Films and Pornographic Literature and pictures;                                                                                                                          (3)lack of supervision or control, and improper Upbringing of boys/men, as well as the disparaging attitude towards females, by Parents,Police, Law and Govt.; and,                                                                                                                               (4)lack of privacy between the elders and youngsters among the poor people, such as Slumdwellers.                                                                                                         (5) Competition and stress of the present times.

Therefore, what is needed is Timely correction and proper upbringing by parents or guardians and teachers, right from the childhood and the formative years of males, Over and above strict Laws, to curb Juvenile Delinquency and growth of Criminal tendencies in Men by instilling sensitivity towards, and respect for women and their rights as equally worthy human beings, to reduce their pugnaciousness and tendency to commit Crimes against Women, as also in General!


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