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(45) Is The Proclivity To Rape An Inherent Subconcious Tendency in Every Male ?


RAPE – A blood chilling, sordid word. An assault on the most sensitive and sacred part of a woman’s body, her sexual identity and Honour.Yet several men violate it with impunity, as though the woman’s prestige is of no value, and it is their birthright as males to force themselves onto every woman they chance upon? But why does Society allow them to get away with such cruel and hideous crimes? That is because of the General Belief that the Urge for aggresive overpowering of women is an innate, conscious or subconscious tendency of men, due to the Macho Male trait inherent in every Man, and his biological and physical potency to do it.

But is the URGE to RAPE  a natural drive in males, IMPOSSIBLE to control under certain circumstances, or Not necessarily so? NO ! Not At All! For Not All Men Go Out To Rape. Why? Are Gentlemanly and Decent Men Less Manly or Virile than Rapists and Ruffians ?

To know the answer, we have to DEVIATE FROM the oft-beaten path of conducting SURVEYS in COUNTRIES with the HIGHEST incidence of RAPE and interviewing only Rapists to understand the minds of men who outrage women’s Modesty and the attitudes of their Societies which make them think that they are justified in committing the atrocities.

INSTEAD, similar SURVEYS need to be conducted in COUNTRIES supposed to have the LOWEST number of cases of SEXUAL ASSAULT such as Georgia, Armenia and Greece, and study the Social milieu, Status of women and the General Attitudes towards women of those societies as well as of their men, to understand WHY most MEN in THOSE SOCIETIES or countries DON’T RAPE !

I personally believe that it is the Environment, not only social but also Ecological, that shapes the mindset of Men, as it is known that though Men are more aggressive In general as compared to women, because of the male hormone Testosterone, men of different communities vary in pugnaciousness, men belonging to countries or regions having a harsh climate or natural environment being more aggressive and Inclined to grab the food, water and other resources, and the women of the conquered people.The proneness of their region to invasions from outside is also a contributory factor.