(43)East or West ? Which is the Best ?


Neither the Traditional East nor the Progressive and Technologically Advanced West is Best by itself alone !
The Best place would be that in which Good Cultural Values like Modesty, as also Close Family and Social Relationships cherished by the Eastern world are not a Traditional Fetish, but go hand in hand with the Broad mentality and Personal Freedom of the Western World – Where young Lovers are not Murdered for marrying outside the Caste or Religion, in the name of Family Honour, and girls are not killed, abandoned, or deprived of the Basic Human Rights like Education, simply for being females, as in Rural India, and some other Eastern communities in the Middle East,
but Where, at the same time, there is a sense of moderation and discretion in behaviour, as well as serious bonding and commitment in personal relationships, especially in Sexual Relationships, among people, which is sadly vanishing in Western Societies, in the name of Individual Liberty!


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