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(42)Needed : A Balanced and Humane Ego Ideal for Men !


‘ An Ideal Man is not a Macho Man, but One who is Gentle And Kind, Beneath his Tough and Firm Exterior! ‘. To call a Macho Man Superior to A Gentleman is like preferring Tarzan to Tagore’ ; just as ,

‘An Ideal Woman is One who is not a Weak Doormat, but One who is
Firm and Strong underneath her Outer Gentleness’, and to prefer the former over the latter type of Woman is like preferring a Slavish and Robotic Rag Doll over a Living, Vibrant Human Being with a Mind of Her Own ! (Smt. Sushma Swaraj, BJP MP and Defense Minister in the Modi Cabinet of the Government of India, fits the description perfectly among the Indian Women).

Likewise, My Utmost Respect goes to the Ex-President of India, Dr. APJ KALAM, among the present Indian Icons, as the Most Complete and Ideal Man in India!