Does the Patriarchal Family System need to be supplemented by the Matrilineal Family option for reduction of Gender related Crimes and Inequalities in Indian Society and better Population Control?(40) (Ref: My Article ‘Is the Patriarchal Family System a Hindrance to Family Planning and Population Control?’ On Google+)


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    • I did not understand what point you wish to make. As to the dress, there is nothing indecent about jeans, but some girls/ women wear a short top to expose their midriff and navel,and that too, adorned with trinkets, which makes the dress look provocative. Otherwise, with a decently draping top or shirt, the jeans/pants are more suited than sarees for some professions where the limbs have to be raised on occasions, e.g. For Gym instructors, Engineers, Physiotherapists teaching their patients to exercise.

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