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Does the Patriarchal Family System need to be supplemented by the Matrilineal Family option for reduction of Gender related Crimes and Inequalities in Indian Society and better Population Control?(40) (Ref: My Article ‘Is the Patriarchal Family System a Hindrance to Family Planning and Population Control?’ On Google+)


(38) No clue Yet to Aarushi-Hemraj’s killers! Who Could it be- Aarushi’s Parents, Friends of Aarushi or of Talwars, Servants, or Neighbour?


It is over six years since Aarushi, the only daughter of Drs. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, a dentist couple of Noida, was found clubbed fatally on her head and butchered to death by a side to side cut across her neck, in her own bedroom, at the hands of some unknown assailant/s on the morning of 16.5.2008.
The family’s 45year old live-in servant, Hemraj Banjade was missing, so the immediate conclusion was that he had killed Aarushi and absconded, and aan FIR was filed against him; but he too was found murdered in the same manner, on the Talwars’ terrace the next day.

Many investigating teams came, starting with the Noida Police, followed by two successive teams of Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI), and tried to nail the murderer by conducting inquiry and several tests on all the suspects, mainly the Talwars and the servants associated with them, but no headway has been made in identifying the killers. Finally, the second team, submitted a Closure Report to the CBI Special Court at Ghaziabad, on
29th Dec.2010, giving a clean chit to all the other suspects, for lack of proof, and mentioned the parents, the Talwar couple, as the possible murderers
of their daughter, and of Hemraj, on the basis of the circumstantial evidence of the parents apparently being the only persons in the house besides the victims when the murders took place, and there was no proof or witness of any outsider entering their house that night.(However, tbey had not recommended any penalty for the Talwars either for want of clinching forensic proof or eye witness against them.)

Moreover, Rajesh Talwar was known to be awake and working at the computer in Aarushi’s room that night upto 12.08am (verified by the fact that he had done surfing and sent some emails from the computer, at 11.37.54pm and 11.57 pm, and her Internet was active uptil 12.08am),
so he must have left her room at about 12.10am, or at 12.00am at the earliest, just before the period during which her murder must have occurred, which is estimated as being from midnight – 00.00hours (I.e. after Rajesh’s last email of 11.57pm, and his talk with someone from US on his landline, around the same time, as also Anmol’s second unreceived call on their Landline at midnight), to some time before 12.30am, as Aarushi’s mobile phone, which was found to be missing around the time of her murder, was traced at Mayur Vihar at 12.35am, by showing activity there!
The transfer of her cellphone and Hemraj’s to Mayur Vihar, might have been done through the TALWARS’ DRIVER Umesh Sharma, who too might have played a part in the ghastly murder.

HOWEVER , it is difficult to believe that Hemraj, who was so afraid of Rajesh
murdering him, would dare to enter Aarushi’s room within minutes of Rajesh going out of there, to have sex with her. If he wanted to have sex with Aarushi, he could have done it the same afternoon, when she was
left all alone with him by Nupur for a good three hours! That poor man has been victimized both ways, by actual assassination followed by chjaracter assasination, probably to make a scapegoat of him, in place of someone close and influential, whose prestige is sought to be protected, or not impossibly, Rajesh himself, who may have been involved in a clandestine relationship with his business partner with Nupur’s knowledge, as some people say, (and perhaps Anmol Agarwal too suspected and told the police, because of which Rajesh does not dare take his name as the culprit, and instead got his statement of 22nd May08 to the police shelved through the First CBI team, and request by his brother, Dinesh for their Family Honour, and dropped out of the Final text of the Judgement of the CBI Court in the case). It might be also be possible that Anmol might be responsible for Aarushi’s conception due to his intimacy with her, and in case it had happened, killed her for saving his own reputation and his father’s, and then withdrew from her case.

For that matter, even Krishna, Rajkumar or Sankalp Arora too can’t be said to be the criminals with certainty, BUT IT COULD BE Vijay Mandal,THE Servant of the NEIGHBOUR Tandon, UPTO WHOSE DOOR THE TRAIL OF BLOODY FOOTSTEPS WAS FOUND TO HAVE STRETCHED FROM THE TALWAR’s FLAT, or his master with the help of his servant Vijay Mandal(who had said under Interrogation that Hemraj was killed by his Nepali friends Krishna Thadarai and Rajkumar, BUT could have possibly been involved in the murder himself, as he lived in the same building as the TALWARS, and he too had visited Hemraj on the fatal night). Or, it could be AARUSHI’s latest BOYFRIEND ANMOL who was trying till the last moment to contact , so she herself might have admitted him into her house naively after Rajesh went to sleep,escaping the notice of the colony watchman, upon which he raped and killed her for beginning to withdraw from their friendship, and then Hemraj on the terrace for intervening to stop him. In that case, his claim of having sent an SMS to her at 12.30am which was not received may be false.

Anmol had told the Police that his second call on Talwar’s landline around midnight was not received. So It should be investigated whether Anyone of the Talwar couple had gone to Mayur Vihar shortly after midnight and before 12.30am that night, and if so, the time of return !

What is intriguing is that Anmol Agarwal had told the Police that his SMS sent to Aarushi at 12.30am on the murder night was not received by her Mobile phone. However, it is mentioned in some reports on the other hand, that her phone, which had fallen silent since 9.10pm that night (due to Nupur Talwar having hidden it, as she confessed under the Narco and Brain Printing tests) and gone missing immediately after Aarushi’s murder,was found to have become active near Mayur Vihar at 12.35am that same night. This happens to be just 5 minutes after Anmol’s said SMS of 12.30am to her Mobile phone).How come?
If Aarushi’s phone had become active so soon after that unreceived SMS of Anmol, his message should have been delivered to her phone immediately after the same resumed activity, unless he, the sender, had cancelled his SMS message, before it became active. OR he may have been lying about having sent it, for some reason.

According to the text of the final judgement of the CBI Court, the CBI suspects that Rajesh Talwar himself passed on the Mobile phones of both Aarushi and Hemraj to Dr. R.K.Sharma, Forensic Scientist, and the Talwars’ Defense Witness No.4, who is having his clinic at Mayur Vihar, for deletion of entries and disposal. The question is – through whom did Rajesh despatch the phones to Dr.Sharma (or whomever)? That indicates the involvement of an accomplice in the murders, besides the Talwars – it is still not known who.

Perhaps, it may be Nupur, who was also involved in the matter, in view of her unusual actions earlier that day, like –
(1) Phoning a lady doctor 21 times earlier on the day of the murder, and supposedly 250 times in the preceding week, following and probably in response to which Dr. Vandana Talwar, w/o Dr. Dinesh Talwar, and Consulting Anaesthetist at the Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, had come to Rajesh’s house that afternoon at lunch time. Vandana is also said to have come again to his house the same evening at 7.30pm, around the same time as Nupur, as per a report of The Indian Express and CBI, and remained till Rajesh’s return at 9.30pm, which suggests that some serious problem had occurred already in relation to Aarushi, like conception, that was to be discussed between them, and disposed off medically or surgically, at the earliest. How they solved or complicated it, is best known to them.
And somebody internal or close to the family had probably come to know about the plans of the elders of the family, and tried to alert Aarushi. vide the message,” The next day will be vital to you!”
It is not known why Nupur switched off her Mobile as soon as she returned home at 7.30 PM, as she seized Aarushi’s Mobile only after 9.10pm.
(Rajesh Talwar is also said to have made 16 calls to his business partner
Dr. Anita Durrani till 8.30pm on that day, and 197 calls in the previous week.
His driver said Rajesh had not gone to work that day,but an India TV Video has shown him going to his Orthodontic and Implantology centre
at Hauz Khas!
Another unusual happening was that his dentist friend Dr. Rohit Kochar, with whom Rajesh had made a habit of meeting every Thursday evening at Rajesh’s place for dinner and drinks, and who was supposed to be coming on the day of the eve of the murder also, cancelled his visit due on that day, or was perhaps told to cancel).

(2) Nupur bringing Aarushi home instead of letting her go to her grandparents’ house from school as usual, and then leaving her alone in the house with Hemraj, their servant, in the afternoon for 3 hours; what was the idea, BUT to trap him in the charge of sexual exploitation, in place of someone related or some influential person known to them, who had done or was doing something to Aarushi, and had landed her in trouble.
(3)(a) Switching off her own mobile phone for the first time in two months, continuously from 7.30pm on 15.5.08, viz. the evening before the murder, uptil 1.01am on 18.5.08, that is, after the whole event starting from
Aarushi’s Murder, her Post Mortem, and cremation, and the immersion of
her ashes was over. It is not understood why she needed to switch off
her Mobile so much before the murder, from 7.30pm on 15.5.08, which suggests that the murder, at least of one victim, might have been a preplanned, cold blooded murder,especially of Hemraj. Of Aarushi too, perhaps !
(b)She also confessed to hiding Aarushi’s Mobile from 9.10pm the same night (under Narco and other tests), which went missing mysteriously immediately after Aarushi’s murder, and found later on a dirty track by a maidservant, from whose brother, it was retrieved by the CBI after over a year, but with its memory and Sim Card lost.
(4)persuading Rajesh to give Aarushi her Birthday gift, the camera, that night, I.e. 9 days in advance of her Birthday first, and then, beating her for some reason (perhaps to make her give up intimacy with Hemraj or may be for some other reason)as Nupur’s brother told the police; 18 out of the 23 photos taken by Aarushi on the camera that night were found deleted after her murder.
(5)Further, leaving the key of Aarushi’s bedroom door, on the door, ‘by mistake’!
(6) An attempt to change the passwords of Aarushi and Rajesh,but not of Nupur, was observed by the UP Police three days after the murder on 19.5.08.
(7) Rajesh Talwar filed an FIR against their domestic servant Hemraj on finding him missing on the morning of the discovery of the murder of Aarushi, but the next day, on finding Hemraj also murdered on his own terrace after the UP Police opened the terrace by breaking its door lock, whom he first denied recognizing, Rajesh proceeded immediately to Hardwar for the immersion of the ashes of Aarushi, and phoned his family lawyer, Pinaki Misra, to arrange for immediate Anticipatory Bail- for himself (not for Nupur)!
(8) He had given the time of Aarushi’s death as 6.00am to the Noida Police on 16.5.08 morning. However, in the register of the priest at Hardwar, where they had gone for her ash immersion, on 17.5.08, he wrote the time of her death as 2.00am, though on one hand, he was claiming to have been fast asleep throughout that night and did not know what was happening in the next room! This is also taken as a circumstantial evidence against him.

The fact of many of these events happening on the same day, culminating in the murder of two of the four inmates of the house on the same night, and the continuing of dubious actions, by the Talwars, seemingly as an effort to
‘cover up’ after the murders seems to be more than a coincidence!

It is wondered whether any outsider or close relative had smelt something foul in all these manipulative activities of Mme Nupur Talwar, and to some extent of Rajesh Talwar, on that day, considering that Aarushi had got a strange message on her Orkut account, viz.” The next day will be vital for you”!

It is not implied that Nupur was the murderer of Aarushi. I suspect that she was intending something like MTP, as the course of events looks as though Aarushi had conceived by somebody close to her, may be Anmol or less likely, Hemraj; but it seems obvious that she had definitely assisted and set the stage as accomplice for whatever action Rajesh or whoever took, that led to Aarushi’s death or murder, and the murder of Hemraj, as well as helped to conceal and delete the evidence of the murders.
So it is possible that it was She who might have gone to Mayur Vihar
and handed over the phones to Dr. Sharma,or whomever, personally
and secretly, immediately after the murders.

After all, the Police and CBI reports say that there was no entry or exit of any ‘Outsider’ from the Talwars’ building on the night of the murder. It is not said that no insider or occupant of the building went out and came back
that night !( It is not clear however, why Hemraj did not have his meal that night even after serving it for himself at 10.30pm, and whether that is any indication of the time of his murder).

No penalty was recommendeded however, for Rajesh or Nupur Talwar,
in that Closure report, as there was no concrete forensic evidence found against them, and no weapon/s used for the murder were recovered from them. Only a doubt was expressed that circumstantial evidence suggested that the parents of Aarushi were the possible culprits for the murder of Aarushi and the servant Hemraj, for ‘Family Honour’ – Rajesh for the murders, and Nupur for helping to cover up by concealing and destroying the evidence.

Still, the Talwars protested that the mention of their names as suspects in the Closure Report was unjust to them, and to their daughter. They also demanded that the case be reopened and the real culprits, who they think are their servant Krishna, Rajkumar, the servant of their business partners and their neighbour Tandon’s servant, Vijay Mandal, should be convicted, and they themselves should be given the clean chit as the earlier team of CBI had given to Rajesh Talwar.

Unfortunately, their demand met with a biased and backfire response by the CBI Court, so that in the Final Judgement delivered on 26.11.2013, both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were pronounced as the only persons guilty of the double murder, as well as for concealing and destroying the proof of the crime! Thus they were sentenced to Life Imprisonment, with fine of Rs 15000/ each, plus a fine of an additional Rs.2000/- to Rajesh Talwar, for delaying the process of investigation and misguiding the investigators by filing a false FIR on the first day of the murder against their also murdered servant, Hemraj, and urging the police ‘not to waste time’ at his place but go out in search of him, when they asked for the keys to open the terrace, where the body of Hemraj was found, sure enough, the next day!

Now, the Talwars have appealed to the Allahabad High Court for reconsideration of their case and acquittance, with bail in the interim period.
The AHC has refused to grant them bail in view of the seriousness of the charges, but has ordered expeditious processing of the case.
The decision of AHC is awaited.

Sadly, the circumstantial evidence as mentioned above, is such as to point to the Talwars themselves as the culprits, and they are not able to give any good proof of their innocence, so that they have to face imprisonment!

ONE MORE POSSIBILITY of a breakthrough in the riddle has come up with the final decision to serve the Death sentence to Surinder Koli of the Nithari area as the culprit on 4.9.2014. Before he is hanged, it may be investigated whether he was involved in the Aarushi Hemraj Murder case as well, as Nithari is not very far from Noida. Who knows? He may prove to be guilty in this case too, as in the murder of Rima Haldar, also aged 14 yrs like Aarushi!