(36)Is The End Of The World Approaching as per Nostradamus’s and Others’ Prediction?


Long ago, over 500 years back(14/21 December 1503-2July1566AD), a French apothecary and reputed seer named Nostradamus had made predictions about all the events that were to take place in the ensuing centuries. Though the scholars of his times scoffed at and criticised his writings, presented in the form of rhymes and quatrains or verses covering several volumes. However, gradually, many of his predictions are believed to be coming true. Hence, more and more people are becoming less skeptical of his prophetical work, the compilation titled’Les Prophesies’, which was later published under the name of ‘Centuries ‘. He had predicted therein a progressive downhill slide in this world ‘s condition, which will ultimately lead to it’s tragic and sure end after many centuries!

The Ancient Mayans of America had also predicted the End of the World to arrive early,       as soon as 21.12.2012(coincidentally, on the 509th Birth Anniversary of Nostradamus! )               Thanks to the Divine Providence which ultimately overrules all prophesies, we are all still alive and kicking(one another)!

Nevertheless, as evidenced in recent years, the Beginning of The End has already started with recurrent attacks of Nature’s Fury, manifesting as repeated severe Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods and Tsunamis, compounding the Injury wreaked by the Terrorists all around The World, more so from the beginning of this 21st Century! On top of all this,                          Space Scientists from Russia and the United States of America are issuing warnings            from time to time in recent years about massive objects in space fast rushing towards        the Earth, which they are trying to divert in every way feasible to prevent large scale destruction and disaster on our planet!

Not that the Natural Disasters and Terrorism by Invaders of many countries did not exist in the past. They have been occurring from Time to Time, from Age to Age, taking a heavy toll of all living beings, but the frequency of such Devastations and their occurrence at very intervals, has definitely increased of late ! Glaciers of Snow on the Himalayas and other mountains of the world , as well as the steady melting of the Ice of the Arctic and Antarctic regions due to Global warming on one hand. and depletion of essential natural resources like water due to overpopulation and wastage on the other, all point to a bleak future for all life on this Earth!

It Is warned by Environmental Scientists that ‘The Ultimate End’ is still far away, but the countdown has undoubtedly started, as evidenced by natural ravages  like the recent earthquake in Nepal, giving the foreboding feeling    that ‘Kayamat’ or ‘Doom’s Day’, or the ‘End Of Kaliyug’ is just round the corner!

After all, How Much of Human Abuse and Excesses will Mother Earth with-stand, and How Long?


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