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(36)Is The End Of The World Approaching as per Nostradamus’s and Others’ Prediction?


Long ago, over 500 years back(14/21 December 1503-2July1566AD), a French apothecary and reputed seer named Nostradamus had made predictions about all the events that were to take place in the ensuing centuries. Though the scholars of his times scoffed at and criticised his writings, presented in the form of rhymes and quatrains or verses covering several volumes. However, gradually, many of his predictions are believed to be coming true. Hence, more and more people are becoming less skeptical of his prophetical work, the compilation titled’Les Prophesies’, which was later published under the name of ‘Centuries ‘. He had predicted therein a progressive downhill slide in this world ‘s condition, which will ultimately lead to it’s tragic and sure end after many centuries!

The Ancient Mayans of America had also predicted the End of the World to arrive early,       as soon as 21.12.2012(coincidentally, on the 509th Birth Anniversary of Nostradamus! )               Thanks to the Divine Providence which ultimately overrules all prophesies, we are all still alive and kicking(one another)!

Nevertheless, as evidenced in recent years, the Beginning of The End has already started with recurrent attacks of Nature’s Fury, manifesting as repeated severe Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods and Tsunamis, compounding the Injury wreaked by the Terrorists all around The World, more so from the beginning of this 21st Century! On top of all this,                          Space Scientists from Russia and the United States of America are issuing warnings            from time to time in recent years about massive objects in space fast rushing towards        the Earth, which they are trying to divert in every way feasible to prevent large scale destruction and disaster on our planet!

Not that the Natural Disasters and Terrorism by Invaders of many countries did not exist in the past. They have been occurring from Time to Time, from Age to Age, taking a heavy toll of all living beings, but the frequency of such Devastations and their occurrence at very intervals, has definitely increased of late ! Glaciers of Snow on the Himalayas and other mountains of the world , as well as the steady melting of the Ice of the Arctic and Antarctic regions due to Global warming on one hand. and depletion of essential natural resources like water due to overpopulation and wastage on the other, all point to a bleak future for all life on this Earth!

It Is warned by Environmental Scientists that ‘The Ultimate End’ is still far away, but the countdown has undoubtedly started, as evidenced by natural ravages  like the recent earthquake in Nepal, giving the foreboding feeling    that ‘Kayamat’ or ‘Doom’s Day’, or the ‘End Of Kaliyug’ is just round the corner!

After all, How Much of Human Abuse and Excesses will Mother Earth with-stand, and How Long?


(35)Why Christmas should be celebrated as a Universal festival by people of all religions, like ‘Onam’ in Kerala, for Universal Integration.


“Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel ! Born is the King of Israel !”

The Israel – Palestine War which is a source of concern for the whole world
presently, because of the massive bloodshed there, brings to my mind this
Carol that is rehearsed and sung every Christmas, in all the Churches around the World!

(A) Though born and raised as a Hindu, my connection with Christianity is very old – in fact, ever since I can remember, as my parents were staying right from the time that my mother was expecting me, just opposite a Roman Catholic Church.Therefore, from the time I gained my senses, the month of Christmas brought joy and brightness in the atmosphere, as much as Diwali to me. For every night in the month of December, every year, in which month, incidentally, my birthday also falls, on the 22nd instant, I had the pleasure of going to sleep, hearing the sweet carols to the sound of the piano and the guitar, besides other musical instruments, right upto the Christmas Day, that is, the Day of Birth of Jesus Christ, viz. 25th December!

Came the time to admit me to school, and I was enrolled in the Convent school attached to the same church, which enabled me to attend all the entertainment programs and films organised by the church, and seeing the beautiful tableaux set up in the Church, of the Sheep shed with Mother Mary holding the Divine infant Jesus in her arms, and Father Joseph looking lovingly upon the two, as also the morning star shining over all of them.

After school graduation,I went forMBBS studies to Christian Medical College, Vellore, in Tamil Nadu. The College, called CMC in short, is an American Protestant Mission College and Hospital(CMCH) set up specially for the service of Indian Women, many of whom used to die in delivery for want of lady doctors, and their hesitation in calling or going to male doctors, due to their traditional background,by the reputed missionary Dr. Ida S. Scudder!

It was a residential college, with many of the College staff staying in
the campus. There, Christmas time was even more fun. All the students from the Hostels, regardless of religion, used to wake up before Dawn, and go from door to door of the Staff Quarters, with candles, and singing carols, waking everyone up. This was followed by a delicious feast of cake and other sweets for breakfast, and a sumptuous lunch thereafter.
In the evenings, we attended the College Chapel, and listened to sermons.

Thus, the Christian religion has come to acquire a place of importance for me, next to Hinduism.

After returning home from the College on finishing studies, and having
had to change my residence after marriage however, I began to miss
the Christmas celebrations that I had become ‘addicted to’ through
my student years.

(B) I therefore wondered if there was any way in which the people of all the religions can be persuaded to view X’ Mas as a festival that holds relevance to the followers of all the religions in India, and in other parts of the World, which can be celebrated by all WITHOUT having to change one’s faith.

An excellent example and precedent for this is, the Harvest festival ‘ONAM’
of Kerala, observed in Honour of the Puranic King Mahabali, in the period between August and September, that is, the Sanskrit month Bhadrapad, which is celebrated with equal enthusiasm and gaiety by all Malyalees irrespective of their faith, though it is originally a Hindu festival.

On the personal level, Some Muslims in Gujarat and Maharashtra also join the Ganesh Chaturthi festival,and even install the Ganpati idol at home, as in Salman Khan’s house! However this individual worship of deities of other faiths is limited to very few households.

The Rationale and Justification for making Christmas or Natale – नाताल, (meaning ‘Birth’), too, a Pan- religious festival for Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and Parsis, in the interest of UNIVERSAL INTEGRATION can be verified from the belowmentioned facts:-

(1) The Gospel according to St. Matthew: Chapter 2: of the Holy Bible:hen Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the King, behold, there came three wise men from the East to Jerusalem, saying,ere is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east,and are come to worship him.en they had met the King, ( who asked them to find and inform him about the whereabouts of the new born, as he wanted to worship him, though really, he wished to slay it), they departed; and Lo, the star which they saw in the East,went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.d when they were come into the house, they saw the young child’ Immanuel’, as Jesus was named at birth, with Mary, his other, and fell down and worshipped him: and they presented unto him gifts; gold,frank- incense,and myrrh.d being warned by God in a dream that they should not return to Herodwho wanted to kill the child Jesus), they departed into their own country another way.”is said that the three wise men were the priest kings of the Magi (said to be Sun Worshippers, versed in magic and knowledge of the stars), of whom one was from India, one from Persia (Iran), and the third one was from China. They were the priests of the Scythians, known as ‘Magi’, who were the ancestors of many Hindu Indian, Persian and Chinese castes.these men went all the way to Bethlehem to see and worship, and tofer gifts to the infant Jesus, that is good reason for all Indians, includingndus to celebrate Christmas, in the Honour of Christ ! That some Hindu texts mention that the date of birth, I.e. December 25 and life of Jesus bears remarkable similarity with that of ‘Mitra’,an aspect of the Sun-God, also worshipped as ‘Mithras’ by the ancient Romans/Persians, viz. the Magi, is another basis for Hindus and those Persians/Iranians who still follow the ‘Cult of Mithras’, to revere Him . In fact, that may be the reason why the three wise men of the Magi went for getting a glimpse of the child Jesus, whom they might have considered as an Incarnation of ‘Mithras’!

(2) The Jews and Muslims do not regard or worship Jesus Christ ase Son of God or their Saviour, as they believe that the real Messiah isill to come, but they do regard him as a prophet like Moses or ‘Musalman Paigambar’. If they can celebrate the birth of the other prophets, like The Feast of the Birth Anniversary of John the Baptist, by Jews alongwith Christians on June 24, which matches with the Summer Solistice, or of Mohammed Paigambar, then why not the Birth of ‘Isa Paigambar’, as Jesus is called by Islam, if only as a prophet?is heard that Muslims of Indonesia worship Sri Rama, but as ‘Ancestor worship’. Accordingly, every community can celebrate Christmas, in keeping with each one’s own view of Jesus.

Non-Christians need not celebrate days like ‘Easter’, which are specifically linked to the Christian belief of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but why not Christmas, His Birth Anniversary ?

(3) Another significant point is that the year of birth of Jesus Christ has been accepted universally as The Line of Division of TIME into the two broad divisions – of the period Before Christ(BC) and that After God (Christ), I.e.’Apres Dieu’ (AD).w, some scholars say that Jesus was born 4/6 years before the date reckoned so far, viz. 4/6 BC, but that hardly matters now.e birthdate of Jesus is also supposed to coincide with the Winter Solistice.

Hence, there is every reason to raise Christmas, hitherto the festivalChristians alone, to the level of an International, Inter-religious occasion of celebration, for Universal integration of Humanity in the Spirit of Christ! And if singing to the glory of Jesus as the King of Israel, or ‘King of Angels’ is not acceptable to all Non-Christians (though the present War-like conditions in the whole strip of Israel, Gaza,Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere in the Modern World, do make one wish He would make His ‘promised Second appearance’ soon), they can sing some other song, like the following Popular one :-

“Christmas Time is near, Christmas Time is near ;rry Christmas Everyone, Christmas Time is Here.ingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way;nta Claus is coming to Town, Smiling All The Way!” } (2 times)