Could the Steady Universal Increase in Aggressiveness and Violence by Men Be Due to A Gradual Genetic change in the            Y-chromosome     on account of harsh EcologicalConditionesp. in people from Desert areas, as for example in the Asuras of the Vedic age,as also Muslims from the Middle East, and Mongolian desert,and from freezing Arctic areas?


Open the Morning Newspaper, Put On the TV or Transistor, and I can bet that the First News you would get for Breakfast before you get your daily Bread and Butter, would be of ‘Rape and/or Murder’, in UP/NCR of India
and elsewhere, like the gruesome Nirbhaya Gangrape case in Delhi
on 16/12/2012, and recently of the two cousin sisters in Badaun, who were raped and hung from a tree for everyone to see, as well as some more in Muzaffarnagar, UP ! Cases of incest, due to declining respect for close blood ties have also become a regular event. The limit of shamelessness and bestiality came to light a few days back with the report of a 25- year old man from Pala, Kerala, arrested for raping his Mother!
Years ago, as a Medical student, I had read about a similar case of a 35-year old Sri Lankan Man who raped his 55 year old mother, in ‘Modi’s Textbook of Medicolegal Jurisprudence and Toxicology’, and was shocked beyond words! This is one more sordid case of that sort!

Of course, India or Sri Lanka are not the only countries to be ridden with the scourge of Rape, but a Worldwide problem, though that is no solace for the girls/women abused in this or any other country.

It’s as though the men involved in such debaucherous crimes have been born with nothing but their ‘organ’ to show for the fact that they are men!
Rape is therefore the ‘Lingo of the Lingam’ to establish the superiority and thereby, the Birthright of Power of Males over the Female sex !

As a matter of interest, some authors say that the word ‘Male’is related to the word ‘Men’ meaning ‘to think’, cognate with ‘Mind’, which makes men superior to animals, but does the behaviour of the present generation of men reflect thoughtfulness at all? Many seem to have degraded from Male to ‘Mal’, meaning bad or ill!

It is not as if this growing ‘cult of violence’ is limited to India alone, or only to the crime of Rape. Instead, rape is in many cases, a specific type of violence perpetrated by men with a generally violent mindset, on women because they are soft targets on account of their sexually violable body and dependent position in the family.
In India, the attacks of Maoist Naxalites on our Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) Jawans In Chhattisgarh and similar attacks by militant and terrorist groups elsewhere, are also a regular menace.
Lately, it was the abduction of 270 girls in Nigeria by a terrorist fundamentalist gang, as hostages (for release of their members
who have been imprisoned by the Nigerian Government),who are still waiting to be rescued. It is learnt that some of the girls have been subjected to atrocities like child marriages, and immoral traffic.
Before that, the world had been stunned by the blood-chilling blow-up of the twin World Trade Centre towers in Washington, US, on 9/11/2001(September 11,2001) through a plane attack by the Terrorist Group Taliban, the same one who did not hesitate to shoot even the 15-year old Malala Yousafzai of the Swat valley of Pakistan,for daring to go to school for education, and now, have owned responsibility for the attack on the Karachi Airport !
The memory of the horrible incident of the Ruthless Shoot-Out in the
Taj Mahal and Oberoi- Sheraton Hotels in Mumbai on 26/11/2008 by the other Terrorist Organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT), which took a toll of many innocent lives, including some of the Dedicated Officers of our Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) like Hemant Karkare, it’s Maharashtra Chief, still haunts the minds of Indians, particularly those living in Mumbai!
The large number of abductions, and massacre of people, taking place currently in Iraq and Syria is also frightening and arouses anxiety about
the rising incidence of violence in the world!

On the other hand, nowadays, we are hearing of cases of females, even of some wild animals, like the recently reported example of a tigress who was acting as a foster mother to a deserted young deer, instead of making
a meal of it, and was driving other animals away from the little deer, until one day, when she happened to go a little away from it, some other wild animal came and devoured it! Likewise, there was a photograph some time back, of a cat suckling a newborn deserted puppy alongwith her own kittens, in contrast to the proverbial saying of cats and dogs being eternal enemies of each other, accounting for the comparison of people quarreling constantly to ‘fighting like cats and dogs’! (The credit for this fostering instinct may be given to the double X-sex chromosome in females).

The saddest part of these atrocities is that neither the perpetrators of the crimes nor the concerned Govt. or other authorities are at all repentant about the toll of lives they have taken or destroyed.
Some persons say that Violence in one form or another, and Terrorism, have always existed everywhere from the beginning of mankind, but that the Media is hyping and highlighting the current incidents more than ever before, and selectively, which leads to the impression of increase in crime rate in the present period.Yet, most people agree that there IS a definite rise in aggression and deliberate cruelty, as well as callousness towards other persons, especially women, in the World, from the last several years,
more visible from the beginning of the 21st century.

One author has written that the rise in the tendency towards violence in the last century is seen from the fact that in the earlier centuries, when one country or community sought to conquer another country, or acquire power over another community, as between the landlords and the serfs, the aim of warring and fighting, was usually to capture the wealth or property of the others, and make the vanquished or subdued people their slaves to serve them,but usually,the invaders did not kill the defeated people unnecessarily, once the war or fight was over.Now, however, the mentality of aggressors has become more vicious in that they want to kill and ‘exterminate’ whoever comes in the way of their ruthless quest and greed for power and possession.
In cases of rape too now, whether a woman submits to, or resists the rapists’ attempt to violate her chastity and sanctity, she is killed mercilessly and in gruesome ways!

There are many circumstantial and psychological reasons for this marked deterioration in the mentality of people, like broken homes and faulty family atmosphere or surrounding social atmosphere and wrong company, tough competition, frustration, revenge, drug addiction, hormonal imbalance, mental instability, Religious Intolerance, and not least, the influence of the Media like Porn films or feature films packed with scenes glorifying violence of all types on women and also on weaker rival men, which enforce the image of theMacho or powerful man as a violent person. However, there can perhaps also be a gradual Genetic Change in the constitution or quality of even the single Y -chromosome itself, of men (linked with the qualities of drive and Assertiveness in men) over the ages, which may partly account for this rising ‘male-fic’ tendency!

It is known that men staying in regions where ENVIRONMENTAL conditions are HARSH, and nature is not very bountiful in her resources, like the Extremely Cold Arctic region and Siberia; Northern Mongolia which also has very cold, long, harsh winters and hot summer (due to which probably, it is one of the sparsely populated countries), and the Arid, Hot, Sandy Desert of Arabia as also the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and China, are more pushy, adventurous, enterprising, and inventive, having better tools and weapons (for ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’), as well as more aggressive. So in the past, they were the first ones to move out as nomads from their original habitat to invade, conquer, enslave and plunder the naturally endowed countries in the Tropics and Mediterranean regions, where the abundant natural riches literally ‘falling into their lap’ had made the people become used to a cushy life, and therefore, gentle, complacent and peace- loving, as well as less competitive and aggressive in their dealings with others, because of which they succumbed without much resistance to the invaders.

[It is said that among the Aboriginal Forest Tribals of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, who have a unique system of living in a communal habitat called ‘Ghotul’, there were practically no case of rape committed by the tribal men themselves on their womenfolk, but later, people from cities started coming there, and began raping their women!
In Contrast, the men of Northern India, which has always been the seat
of invasions and is more commercialized than the Southern states,
are generally more aggressive than South Indians and have a lower threshold for violence].

Wreaking Violence on the defeated menfolk and ravishing the womenfolk of the conquered nations and subdued people was, according to the invaders, a part of the plunder, and their right, as a way of establishing their supremacy over the vanquished people. This is how Might became Right, and a physically or in any way Mighty man came to be regarded as a Winner and therefore superior than docile men and women, who are seen as losers, to be pitied or bullied.The unfair use of power over, and victimization as also wanton, merciless exploitation of weaker individuals by the strong, became a pardonable offense. In course of time, the Rulers, Bullies or Macho Men became an ego ideal for the men of the conquered races to identify with.

The double standards and Codes of conduct set by various religions -for the rulers and the ruled, for men and women, as well as for the Upper Classes and castes, and the Landlords/Industrialists, vice Lower classes and castes and the labourers- too, are very much influenced by this Power hierarchy!

The difference in the adventurousness and aggressiveness between the conquerors and their slaves is definitely related to the contrasting qualities acquired by their respective genes in the process of environmental adaptation. The higher and excessive aggressiveness of the men of certain communities over others seen in the present age too, may be accordingly linked to some change in their genes in response to the subtle, but sure
and continuing deterioration over the centuries, of the environment,
eg.Global Warming, due to the Modern Men’s violating and destroying nature, like cutting trees and forests, as also closing ponds and lakes to make place for skyscraper buildings everywhere in their place,
‘Rape of Mother Nature’, which backlashes at them in all her Fury, through Natural Disasters like devastating floods,earthquakes,Tsunamis and Jungle fires, as well as by degrading their morale, raising their pugnaciousness and tendency towards violence, compounded by other factors like their social conditioning.
Truly, it has become a Vicious cycle- this fierce Fight for Power and Survival between the modern unscrupulous Humankind and the Furiously ‘Heated’ Mother Nature, in place of the mutually nurturing and supportive, ‘Synbiotic’ , Live and Let Live relationship that existed between Nature and our early ancestors!

The Menace of the Cult of Violence as a means of establishing power over others, appears to have become resistant to the Traditional Legal ways
of control,like Life imprisonment, and Religious Taboo on Violence and Immorality, so it has become a great source of worry for people who desire Peace, and calls for serious steps to curb it, like enforcing the existing laws strictly and unfailingly, tightening censorship over titillative Media,
like Blue/Porn films as well as feature films glorifying sexual offenses and violence and demeaning women, as also over provocative ads using scantily dressed models for sale of their products like dresses, cars etc., besides tightening the Family Planning campaign, as depletion and damage of the environment and it’s resources is to a great extent due to shortage of space created by overpopulation.

Nevertheless, destruction of the Environment has to be stopped, and corrective measures, viz. planting of trees, have to be taken on urgent basis,
Alongwith improvement of irrigation and water resources.

Side by side, Research is also needed to be done into other biological, especially Genetic factors that may be accountable in addition for
Habitual Violence.

It is known that men with an extra Y-chromosome, I.e. Men with XYY Chromosomal pattern, are more aggressive than others.
It is felt that to find out whether there is a change or mutation in
the genetic constitution or quality of the DNA of the Y-sex chromosome of Habitually Violent men, or those with Personality Disorders with a tendency to ‘act out’ their emotions through aggressiveness, who may not have an extra Y-chromosome, a Genetic study can be conducted on Convicts jailed for Habitual criminality and violence,viz. Habitual rapists or murderers, against a Control group of men who are of normal assertiveness or forcefulness, which can give us an insight into the possible Genetic basis
for the aberrant behaviour of some men.

In SUMMARY, The rising aggressiveness and violence of men on women and the weaker sections of society in the recent ages- rape, murder and torture-is a cause of growing concern to Humanity, in India and all over the world.
This may be largely due to the sociological and psychological stress of
the fast life of modern man in the present age of urbanization and industrialization, in contrast to the calm life of earlier agricultural rural societies, as also growing competition due to POPULATION EXPLOSION,
as well as the tendency to look down upon women as chattel.

However, there is a possibility of a gradual deleterious genetic change having occurred in the Y-chromosome and others, as a biological response to the GLOBAL WARMING and resultant HARSH ENVIRONMENTal conditions due to excessive commercialisation impinging on the environment, causing excess secretion of the male sex hormone, Testosterone, which adds to their aggressiveness cannot be ruled out, and may be detected through Genetic Research. In fact, a latest survey carried out by research workers of the University of California and the Cornell University(USA), have reported having found the emergence of new and rare genes among Humans, due to Genetic Mutations in Overpopulated communities and countries, some of which may be responsible for the birth of a significant number of children with inherited and congenital defects and disorders, while some children may exhibit new, hitherto unknown and rare faculties and abilities, termed by the research scientists as ‘X- Men’. I don’t know why the children are called ‘X- Men’ instead of ‘X-Kids’. It is not specified in the Article that most
of such children are Males . If so, they should be labelled as ‘Y- Men’ (but not necessarily ‘Supermen’ )!

(Till then, perhaps treating convicts with habitual violence, with injections of calculated doses of some medicine which can reduce the effect of Testosterone on its target organs, and possibly its production, besides standard psychotherapeutic methods, may help to reduce their aggressiveness, and throw light on possible modes of treating such cases).

If a breakthrough occurs in the Genetic research on this problem, It may also subsequently pave a way to control the excessive aggressiveness and tendency of some males to act out their impulses like anger or sexual desire through violence, with the aid of the Science of Genetic engineering!

Till then we can only wonder, ” Y, Oh Why ?” !


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  1. The idea of Mutation of Y chromosome is interesting. Only fear is that if proven, it will be an excuse for these vultures. Besides, the defense attorneys will use it liberally like the insanity is used. So these theories are better kept unproven. Besides, what can be done if it is proven? Can you change the genetic make up of these people? Can you implant extra X chromosome to counter Y chromosome?

      • However,doctors perhaps can experiment combating aggressiveness in males by injecting a slow-release depot of
        the female sex hormone, Oestrogen, or some medicinal substance which can control and reduce the effectiveness and to some extent the production of Testosterone in the body of such males, AFTER ascertaining that there is no organic illness or some genuine grievance or mental illness causing it, and see the results.

  2. Multiple factors could decide &/or promote development of aggressiveness in human beings.Though genetic tendency is an important factor, broken family, drug addiction and hormonal imbalance may also play an important role.Mentally unstable culprits, diagnosed to be dangerous to society, serve life imprisonment in isolation, as in the case of Raman Raghavan of Mumbai, the famous serial killer of the sixties.

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