(28)Crimes Against Women in India and Their Prevalence According To State, Class, Caste and Religion( Ref. My Note dt. 31.12.2012)



A survey needs to be carried out on Crimes Against Women, with emphasis
On their State wise, Classwise, Castewise prevalence, and their incidence in various religious groups.

Though Crimes Against Women are reported from all corners of
India, the incidence in the Northern States is more than in the South.

The women of all religions become victims of crimes, but particularly Muslim women,due to medieval rules of their religion and society.

The scourge of Female Foeticide and Infanticide is more in the Upper Castes of India, more so among the people of Middle Economic Class, where girls are regarded as an economic burden, and a social liability,due to the proneness of girls to rape.

Among the Poor people of Lower castes,on the other hand,girls are not killed simply on account of their gender, as they are seen as means of income by Child Labour, and Immoral Traffic, but get killed as a result of financial and sexual exploitation, by their irresponsible, selfish and alcoholic male relatives, and for charges of infidelity.


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  1. Hello Usha ji,


    About my dream ( nightmare)  i posted in your blog, you can delete it.

    But i cannot say why, something was pushing me to share this with you.

    you know, i coincidentally happen to follow this case as i was watching a video in  utube about

    the murder of Jiah khan and somebody posted a comment like this: Wait, this case of jiah khan will

    end up like Aarushi's murder case, Honor killing with a link of Aarushi's murder case.


    Then i searched in google about Aarushi/murder case, and was schocked…

    This was the beginning.


    Anyway, i have a strong feeling that my dream have to do something with Aarushi/Hemraj's murder case.


    Kind Regards




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