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Contradictory and Wandering ‘(Tehel)ling’ statements of Tehelka…


The Tehelka Magazine, the main supporter of the Talwars, has said in their article, ‘The House We Blew Down’, of Feb 2011, that Nupur Talwar had gone to put on the Router for Rajesh, in Aarushi’s room, at 11.00pm on murder night, when she saw her alive fo the last time, and went to sleep,and Rajesh said that he had locked the door of Aarushi’s door from Outside at 11.30/.35pm, when he went to sleep, but the key got stolen from his room, as he forgot to lock his own bedroom from Inside !

In an earlier article published by the Magazine, ‘Two Funerals and a Hundred blunders’, of June 2008, the same Tehelka has said that Nupur was sitting in Aarushi’s room till midnight, chatting with her,while Rajesh surfed the Internet and sent some emails from Aarushi’s computer.At midnight, Rajesh went to sleep, and Nupur went a few minutes later,forgetting to take out the key from the door lock,and take it to her room!

Which statement is the true one then ?

Whatever it may be, but it proves one thing – that either Rajesh alone,
or both Rajesh and Nupur, WERE awake and in Aarushi’s room Till Midnight, when Anmol Agarwal phoned on the Talwars’ Landline (which used to be in their bedroom) the second time too, and that Rajesh had NOT locked
and left her room as early as 11.30pm, as he told the Noida Police on
the first day of the murder !

There is one more point on which the statements of Rajesh and Nupur differ – Rajesh saying that Aarushi ate Kababs on that fateful night, and Nupur saying she had no dinner but only tea. However, the presence of semidigested food in Aarushi’s stomach at postmortem refutes Nupur’s claim that Aarushi had only tea. How could there be so much difference between the two versions of the couple who were together at the dining table with Aarushi at 9.50pm, when their driver saw Hemraj serving them.
Aarushi was more fond of fast food than home- cooked food so she used to bring something as supplement to dinner from outside every day, as Hemraj told Nupur that afternoon after lunch. So if Nupur said that Aarushi had not had her dinner that night, it may have meant the food cooked by Hemraj at home,but she might have eaten the kebabs brought from outside a little before or later, at 11.00pm.
It should investigated therefore, who might brought her the kebabs and when, or whether she had brought them herself.


It follows therefore, that according to the requirement of Section 106,
Viz. ‘Burden of Proving Fact especially within knowledge,’
of Indian Evidence Act,1872, as per the interpretation and illustrative example given by Amba Salelkar, Sr. Journalist, and Former Practising Criminal Lawyer,” Did the murder happen inside a car? If the accused
was proved to be in that car, he is supposed to explain – nay prove –
how the person died, if not by his hand”. Especially If the murder is committed in secrecy, inside the privacy of the house, the burden of leading the nature and amount of evidence of the crime is lesser and lighter upon the prosecution, and more upon the inmates of the house, than in other cases of circumstantial evidence.
In the Aarushi – Hemraj Murder Case too,
– Aarushi was murdered inside her bedroom, estimatedly between Midnight and 1.00am – Nupur and/or Rajesh Talwar were indisputably awake, and present in their house, and in Aarushi’s room at least upto 00.08 am, I.e. Immediately before the estimated period of the murder of Aarushi, and also of Hemraj, who was staying in their house;
-Therefore,Both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar stand to PROVE HOW THE TWO members of their house DIED, if not by their hands, INSIDE THEIR HOUSE,
on the SAME night, and around the SAME time, and in the SAME manner,
as it is too much of a COINCIDENCE, whatever may be the precipitating cause.
For no outsider could have come into the house, and killed the two inmates, particularly Aarushi, when her parents were in her room, till 00.08am, or a little beyond, I.e. 00.30 am!

It was suspected on the first day of the murder that Hemraj, the servant and the third adult inmate of the house, might have killed Aarushi, but the report of absence of his fingerprints or DNA in Aarushi’s room,
(which the Talwars also agree with) belies the Noida Police theory that Hemraj was caught having sex with Aarushi in her bed by Rajesh Talwar, which provoked Talwar to kill him, and Aarushi alongwith, by accident.
In the same way, no evidence of Hemraj’s Nepali friends, Krishna and Rajkumar, or Vijay Mandal, neighbour Tandon’s servant, having entered Aarushi’room and killed her, was elicited from the samples.

What intrigues me Is the report that Rajesh Talwar is said to have broken down and confessed to the crime, on being confronted with the information which Aarushi’s boyfriend Anmol Agarwal gave to the Noida Police during his interrogation on 22nd May 2008, and was arrested immediately thereafter on 23 rd May 2008. It is not known what exactly Anmol told the Police about Rajesh, but it is not understood why Rajesh had to confess to the crime If he was truly innocent, and why he is not saying a word against Anmol in spite of the damaging statement given by Anmol against him to the Police !

The Talwars are obsessed with and sticking to their claim of
Krishna and Rajkumar having come to meet Hemraj late that night,
and being the perpetrators of the double murder, in the course of a fight between them and Hemraj over some personal issue,and Aarushi having been killed because of having somehow become a witness of Hemraj’s murder.

Alternatively, some of their protagonists of the Talwars think that the real target was Rajesh Talwar, and the motive for Aarushi’s murder was revenge against Rajesh by killing his only child, because Rajesh had scolded Krishna and threatened to sack him from service for some mistake in his work in the Talwars’ clinic, in the presence of his patients. Hemraj was killed for intervening to save Aarushi from Krishna and Rajkumar(Durranis’ servant and Krishna’s friend.)

The Talwars are insisting on more detailed and serious investigation into
the involvement of these servants in the murders. At the same time,they insist that the servants made a nonsexual attack on their daughter, and that none of the servants,including Hemraj, assaulted Aarushi sexually, nor had a consensual sexual liaison with her.

So, they want the murderer to be charged only for murder, even if there is an indication that he might have abused Aarushi sexually, and to ascribe some other nonsexual motive to the murders; but they don’t understand that Justice cannot be delivered in dissociated compartments, I.e. Punishing a Rapist-cum- murderer only for murder, and keeping silent over his crime of rape, just because the girl is no longer alive, for it requires establishment of a motive for the crime, and in Aarushi’s case, the observations are of such a nature that a sexually related motive cannot be ruled out.

Therefore,the possibility of one of Aarushi’s boyfriends being the killer, ESP. Sankalp Arora, her ex- and ditched boyfriend, should not be neglected, as he was a suspect in the similar and mysterious Shobhit murder case, which was also related to a love triangle, and was phoning her repeatedly from his father’s cellphone since the last two days. He might have entered Talwar house at 00.30am or so, and done the kills (though the subsequent washing and cleaning of Aarushi’s body and bed, and deletion of photos from the new camera, which did not go missing, was probably done by the Talwars, while the disposal of the Mobiles of both victims and deletion of the entries in the phone memory along with removal of the SIM Card, as well as despatch of Hemraj’s phone to Punjab, was presumably done through their family friend Dr.RKSharma, of Mayur Vihar, as suspected by the CBI, as they did not want any proof of possible sexual activity to be exposed to the Police or Media!)

Aarushi’s Mobile at least could not have been taken by any outside killer including her boyfriends, as it fell silent after her last talk to Anmol from 9.10-9.30pm on the murder night, that is, 3/4 hours before her murder, indicating that Rajesh, on his return home at 9.30pm, must have taken it and Hemraj’s phone too (which was purchased in Rajesh’s name and given to Hemraj for use), after the last call Hemraj got at 10pm, and kept them in his or Nupur’s custody till the end. How could the killer get them, at about the time of the murders which took place around 00.00/00.30h, between 00.00-1am(unless the parents themselves gave them)?

It was reported that a mysterious scrapper was visiting Aarushi on her Orkut page since some time, giving her information about murder victims on Internet sites, It could be a sadistic prank of Sankalp aka Sanky, whom she had jilted for Anmol Agarwal, to disturb her mentally. So his role should be properly investigated, not cursorily, as has been done by the UP Police and CBI !

It is strange that the Talwars are not naming any of Aarushi’s boyfriends-
Sankalp Arora or Anmol Agarwal- as their suspects, though they were contacting her by phone till the last day of her life, and Anmol till the last minute. It may be either because they do not want the sexual angle to come into the picture of her murder case, which they insist, has no such background, or because they are afraid of them, being big people’s sons.