(25)Why I Like To Be An Indian Citizen


(Ref: My note dated 12thFeb.2013 on my FaceBook Timeline).

(Contd): Why I Like To Be An Indian Citizen

I must say, that notwithstanding the rather excessively traditional outlook of most Indians, and drawbacks like discrimination against women on that account in Indian Society, as also superstition, the major part of Indians are very simple, warm and affectionate, outgoing people, who are not too formal like the people in Western countries.

Therefore, I have seen that most old people who have lived in India for the major part of their life, prefer to return to India to spend the remaining part of their life here, after visiting the western countries on the persuasion of their children, rather than staying there to settle down permanently in the Ultramodern West!

For in the West, despite all its grandeur and modern facilities, they miss the charm of the simple and unassuming, heart-warming Bonhomie of the people in India, with whom they feel more At Home,Sweet Home !


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