(20) What Actually Happened To Aarushi’s and Hemraj’s Phones?(Chronology of Events-Murder Night(My FB Timeline:5.8.12)


The gist of this article on the Facebook, is that there is reason to believe that the mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj, their live-in domestic help, were not stolen, but Rajesh Talwar himself managed for the disposal of both the phones, which points to the murders, ESP of Hemraj,
having been done through a hired killer or a trusted employee like their driver Umesh Sharma,
for gossiping about the family’s private matters, and suspicion about his undue intimacy
with Aarushi.

Aarushi’s phone had fallen ‘silent’ long before her murder, after 9.10pm, which suggests that her cellphone might have been taken away by her parents before her murder for some reason, and kept in their custody; so the same could not have fallen in the hands of an outside killer, unless her parents themselves gave the same to him /them.

It is now come out in the CBI Court judgement of 26.11.2013 that Rajesh had given the phones to Dr.RK Sharma, Former HoD of Forensic Sciences, AIIMS, and Talwars’ Defense Witness No 4(probably through Talwars’ driver Umesh Sharma.)
He is running his clinic at, and is possibly a resident of Mayur Vihar, East Delhi;Aarushi’s phone was supposed to have been traced there first, on the night of murder, at 12.35am, I.e. Immediately after murder between 12-12.30am committed presumably for some reason, by RajeshTalwar and Umesh(Or Puneesh Tandon and Vijay Mandal, before it’s disappearance after a fortnight, and emergence in September 2009, with SIM Card and phone memory lost, and in the possession of one Ram Bhula, brother of Kusum, a maidservant of Talwars’ locality, who had worked at the Talwars house before.)
She said she found it in a local park, but did not know to whom it belonged).

This suggests that the person with the Unidentified cellphone number, who was a part of the telephonic loop circulating to and fro between him, Retd.DSP KKGautam, Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Dinesh Talwar, on 16.5.08 AN, and 17.5.08 morning, was probably Dr.RKSharma, who was guiding them secretly about what to do.

It is not known if he had any got idea then, I.e on the day of the murder, about the whereabouts of Hemraj, who was not known to be dead at the time and reported to be ‘missing’ after murdering Aarushi.
Hemraj’s phone has still not been found, but is said to have been sent to Punjab, where the paternal aunt of Dr. RKSharma is staying.

What for, all this manipulation with the Mobiles and other things, except to hide important evidence ? Because Aarushi was the daughter of a ‘big’ family, whose izzat and her boyfriend’s Izzat was precious, and had to be saved at all costs, even at the cost of the life and izzat of Hemraj, and the other servants, and Aarushi’s own life!

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  1. Ma’am could you please help my dear friend Dr. Vandana Talwar, She is the wife of Dr. Dinesh Talwar. She has been crusading for justice for the last four years. She has a facebook page GIVE Aarushi Talwar Justice. She is appealing for help, TheTalwars have been framed on the basis of circumstantial evidence. This is the worst of the kind and a blot on the sanctity of justice. Please, with your intelligence and genius which is so apparent, find a way out of the dark hole for them. I can’t bear to see my darling loving friend Vandana go through such turmoil and anguish.

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