(9)Does Our School Education System make students sufficiently self reliant? (Ref:My FB Timeline)


Ref. My article on the subject on my Facebook Timeline( fb.me/1yrnnwsti) andTwitter dated 10.2.2013.
The main idea is that School Education should be of a nature emphasizing the development of General Knowledge and personality to equip the school graduate to meet all the tasks and challenges of day to day life, than mugging of unnecessary details of the subjects of the curriculum, like the year of birth of Babar or Humayun etc. for example, which are neither going to be remembered, nor come into his/her use in later life !

The Aim therefore ought to be to turn out scholars who are more knowledgeable, disciplined, decent and competent than an Illiterate person, cherishing humanitarian values, and if possible, be able to impart the basic education to children and old men/women who have not had the opportunity to go to school. However, nowadays, the students who pass out of school are mostly bookworms, and don’t have Proficiency in any subject of the curriculum or technical skill, to show !

Dr. Usha Padiyar
Dt. 10. 2. 2013


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  1. I’ve been following your comments on the Aarushi case for quite sometime. I too have been following the same since day one. I would like to ask you a few questions in this regard, if you think this forum is an acceptable platform for you.

    • I would like to discuss this case with you as it has gripped my interest. I know there have been many such cases in the NCR recently,and as someone taunted me some time back, Aarushi is not the only victim in this world.However,I’ve developed special interest in following up this case because,in the other cases of this type,eg.the Jessica Lal or Ruchika Sharma case, the killer has been identified and the question is only about whether and when he will be punished adequately for his crime; but in the Aarushi case,the identity of the criminal itself has not been established, though there are some guesses,hence it has become a mystery!

      • I am sure you are aware of my views on the case, since you have often responded to me on TOI site. Over the years I have discussed this with many people. Everyone comes to the same conclusion, that the father is guilty of rape and murder. But when asked whether they read or comment on the TOI site, everyone says ‘no’. Reasons vary from ‘don’t have time’, to ‘why provoke criminals who aren’t even locked up’ , to ‘ it is too painful to think about’. In fact, most people say the last. How come you don’t feel this way? This is the first question. The second one is whether the criminals have contacted you in any way.
        By the way, you must have observed that the parents have spent lots of time, effort and money on public relations and image building. I get a feeling that they are taking care of some of the issues through law, and others through other means. For instance, there was one very strong criticism against them that they did not express any signs of grief. The Talwars keep saying, that they don’t have to go screaming and chest-beating in public view. That is true no doubt. But there are other indicators to a grief of this magnitude, which can hardly be suppressed. That too was completely missing in this case. But now they have produced a witness who says ‘there was grief after the event.’ If you see any of the t.v. interviews you will notice that the attitude of this couple was aggressively challenging. The body language screamed ‘Don’t care what you think; prove it; you can’t prove it.’ .
        Public relations is a double edged sword. Initially, there was some sympathy for their plight. But with more and more exposure, public sympathy has completely gone, and turned to sheer hatred. So now they want to throttle all views and discussions of the case!
        You talk about ‘mystery’. I find that there is no mystery. But still knowing something and being able to prove it in a court of law, are quite different. The cbi is still shying off the truth regarding the rape. Once that hypothesis is considered, it is evident that nothing so far has given any reason to doubt the hypothesis.
        You have written about how the couple are willing to stand up for each other. I would like to point out that lots of couples are very close. A lot of people also accept infidelity in their spouse. But in this case, it seems that there was simply no surprise about the revelations on Nupur’s affairs! This too would be explainable if you consider that they probably never had any physical expectations from each other, if the guy is constitutionally oriented towards children.

      • I have not been influenced by any party, but some arguments and pleas of theirs deserve consideration to get to the truth.One point is, why did the three servant suspects admit their guilt in the double murder case under Narco before the first team of CBI, if they had not gone to the Talwars’ house on the murder night, or committed the murders?
        I wish either CBI or some reader could find that clinching evidence, over and above circumstantial evidence quoted, on the basis of which the criminal could be identified beyond doubt, whoever it is.
        The clothes of the Talwars had Aarushi’s blood on them, but the Weapon of murder,the surgical knife, has not been found,and a golf club, said to have been found on the loft in Aarushi’s room by Nupur and Ajay Chaddha, a year later, was given to CBI by the Talwars,
        but cleaned and clear! It is not understood how, when, and through whose hands, the golf club, which was said to have been kept in Hemraj’s room by the driver, reached Aarushi’s room loft! That club was given a year after it was found, to the CBI. The Talwars say that the golf club found in her room was not of the same type as the ones in Hemraj’s room. Strange!
        About the washing of the pvt parts of Aarushi’s body, and dressing up of the Murder scene, the Talwars claim ignorance and innocence, and say that it was a later afterthought and addition by the doctor who did Aarushi’s postmortem, as it was not mentioned in the PM report, in which the remark in respect of her pvt parts was ‘ No Abnormality Detected'(NAD), but only a white discharge seen, (without sperms),because of which the vaginal swabs were taken
        (which were swapped)!
        By the way, it is not understood in what context Nupur Talwar had to reveal her affair with Dr.Ajay Chaddha to CBI Court. For, how that association is related to the double murder case is not clear.

      • There is one more doubt – Nupur may not be bothered about Rajesh’s infidelity or pedophilia, as she might have made her own
        Independent arrangements for sex,and having child; but in this case the victim was her own daughter, whom she had after 5years of marriage by special IVF technique.If the husband, who was incapable of giving her a child, had raped and killed the special and only child of hers, any other wife would become hysterical and furious at him, and leave him at once, but Nupur is steadfastly by Rajesh’s side and vouches for his innocence! This indicates that she
        either really believes Rajesh of being innocent, or she is one of those hard and practical women who see their benefit first. Aarushi is already gone, never mind due to whom, but leaving Rajesh may make her a lonely person, and a ‘black sheep’ in their ‘high society’,
        Hence the compromise and reconciliation to him, despite everything!

  2. You have been repeatedly expressing your surprise/ doubt as to whether a mother could allow a father to abuse a daughter. Today’s news brings to light a case of 5 daughters abused for 20 years with the mother’s consent. Does this mean something? The realms of possibility are infinite where deviant human behaviour is concerned.

    • I know. I saw that news item. In the report that I read, it was said that a father of 5 girls had been raping his elder ‘two’ daughters since20 years, with the mother’s knowledge, and ‘threatened’ to rape their younger sisters too, if they refused to allow him to have sex with them or told/complained to anyone about it. The fact came to light when the sisters reported the matter to the police on the man’s misbehaving with the 3 yr daughter of one of the sisters.
      As the mother knows about the abuse, it is assumed that it was with her consent, but she may have been intimidated into maintaining silence over the matter by threatening her too of abusing the younger 3 girls if she tried to stop him. Also, some women of the middle class Hindu society are so dependent for their living on their husbands that the prospect of living without anyone to support them financially, is unnerving to them.So she might have been a helpless witness to the abuse, for all we know, which emphasizes the need for women to be financially independent.
      In the case of Nupur, though,she is a Practising dentist and in no way dependent upon her husband economically for her subsistence, which is why the case is all the more disgusting. However, it has not been admitted or proved that Rajesh was abusing Aarushi,or that she was sexually involved with anyone, that is why he cannot be punished.
      Another thing you would notice, if you have a Twitter account, is that
      Whenever any point which is unfavorable to the Talwars comes out,
      (Eg the statement made by their 4th defense witness, Dr. RKSharma, ex-HOD, Forensic Sc., AIIMS, in CBI Court on 9th July, that a surgical scalpel- not of the ordinary type, but No.10, which is used by surgeons,including dental surgeons, for deep surgery of bones and joints,could have been used for slitting the throats, and that the head injuries could have been dealt by a hockey stick/rod instead of the Khukri, if not by the golf stick), an intense and almost feverish attempt has been made to divert public attention from that statement by tweeting&retweeting the earlier statements of the witness that the injuries were not caused by a golf club and scalpel, but by a Nepali Khukri, to all the Govt.&political authorities, Media and Women’s Rights groups they could think of! What does that suggest?

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