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The Bible and Hindu Theology with reference to Islam: Their mutual relevance and relation to History and Anthropology.



After the initial process of evolution, every community in this world has formulated its own religion, comprising the theology based on its own ideas about the nature of God, or gods in polytheistic religions, that existed among aborigines, as well as among the Greeks and Romans and in other civilised societies like Egypt and Sumer, in ancient times.

In the modern age, there are 7-8 prominent religions in the world,namely, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, next in order being Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism(which was founded by Guru Nanak to unify the warring Hindus and Muslims under one fold,but in effect, it has become a religion related more to Hinduism than Islam).There is also the PARSI religion founded in the latter part of 6thc.BC by the Persian Zarathushtra,also called Zoroaster, and dedicated to the worship of ‘Ahura Mazda’, said to be analogous to the worship of Fire  in early Vedic times, and which accords High Sanctity to Ormazd /Urmazd (Source of Light and Wisdom, and embodiment of Good), and Haoma(Soma=Moon and the Divine elixir obtained from it and used in Yagnyas’ that is, Sacrifice offered to the Sacred Fire), and a River in Afghanistan whom they revere.

Each religious community claims that the God worshipped by it is The True One, and the Bible of Jews and Christians, and the Quran of Muslims bids its followers not to bow before any ‘ other’ God, particularly the god/ s of the ‘Heathen’, that is, the unenlightened and uncivilised people who follow a Polytheistic religion, originally meaning the Romans and  Greeks.

It is not known Who exactly is referred to by the word ‘ Heathen’, and what
they think of Hinduism, which is the most ancient among the presently existing religions.
[The OlderEdn.of Oxford English Dictionary, contained a word ‘ Heathen Chinee’ for the Chinese,whereas the Brahmins and upper castes of India of Aryan origin, have been referred to as ‘Gentoos(Gentiles)’,in a letter written by an Italian traveller,Andre Corsali , who visited India in the 16th century and appreciated the sculpture of an ancient temple, destroyed by the Portuguese, in Goa.The term Gentiles also means people of Polytheistic faiths like the Heathen, but since the word ‘Gentiles’, resembling ‘Gentility’, which means Nobility,  has been used in this context,  it is supposed  that it has a higher connotation than the demeaning word ‘Heathen/Pagan’!]

So Probably, it is the ‘Ati Shudras’ or the lowest castes and aboriginal tribes of Hindu Society, with their continuing practice of superstitious worship of the Mother Goddess Kaali with blood chilling customs like Human Sacrifice to propitiate Her, (and among certain aboriginal forest tribal sects like the Aghoris,who are nude  ascetic Shaiva Sadhus worshipping Shiva as ‘Kaal- Bhairav’or ‘Rudra’,even cannibalism and Odious Sexual practices or Orgies such as Sex with Corpses as well as Black magic, still  being practised in the present times, whose customs and  habits do not relate to the mainstream of the Vedas, but to old and crude Vedic texts), who are regarded as the ‘Heathen’ of India. By the way, there is a Tantric Sect named the ‘Nath Panth’ who should not be mistaken with the Aghoris who are the ones  following the aforementioned horrific and obnoxious practices and rituals.             In fact, it’s most respected follower Gorakhnath is said to have removed the above quoted notorious rituals from the religious customs and rituals of the Nath Sampradaya or community.He is the one to publish the first text on Hatha Yoga(Physical Yogasanas).The Aghoris should be disowned and differentiated from the General stream of Hinduism for redeeming its image. For it is this sect which brings the maximum disrepute to Hinduism as a primitive and uncivilised Faith!

My AIM in writing this article is that in this world comprised of several religious groups , each one is harping on the differences between its beliefs and those of the others , about God and the Universe, and claiming its superiority over the faith of others, which is  dividing people among themselves and leading to ill feelings and War. It is therefore necessary to point out the similarities or the COMMON thread running through the different theologies to convince all that ultimately All Religions advocate worship of the same Omnipresent, Omnicient  and OMnipotent Supreme Spirit’ that is the Creator and Regulator of all the creative and degenerative and destructive processes in this World and Universe.The Jews call the Supreme Spirit ‘Jehovah’;the Christians also worship Jehova as the Father, alongwith His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost- The Trinity.                       The Islamists call Him ‘Allah’. Likewise,  as Pope Francis said recently, the Koran bears       a lot of similarity to the Bible, especially to the Old Testament, with the difference being ithe spelling and pronunciation of names, with ‘Y’ being used in the place of ‘J’, e.g. Yousef instead of Joseph, Yakoub for Jacob, etc. Also the Muslims and Jews regard Jesus Christ as a Prophet, ‘Isa Paigambar’ like Moses and Mohammed  Paigambar, but do not worship Him as the Messiah or Saviour, who they think is yet to come.                                             

The Theology of HINDUISM is a vast and complex subject, but to put it in a NUTSHELL, Hinduism also professes Worship of the Main ‘God’ who is A Supreme Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Formless and Genderless Spiritual and Creative Power,  I.e.’Nirguna or Unmanifest Metaphysical Brahman’ (said to have emerged from a Primordial Golden Egg ‘Hiranyagarbha’), yet capable of manifesting Metamorphically through an ethereal medium (of which Souls of the departed, I.e.ghosts, are also supposed to be composed) called ‘Ectoplasm or Ghost slime’/’Metaplasm’, as a’Trinity'(Saguna Brahma) with attributes and manifestations comprising the Three Principal components of : (1) Creator of the Universe(Brahma), manifesting through His Creation I.e.the Universe  (created with the help of his sculptors or instruments personified and known as the ‘Prajapatis’) including the Earth, the various beneficial aspects of Nature like Air, Fire and water sources, as well as the planets and other heavenly entities from the Realms of Light, Air and Terrestrial deities, personified as ‘The Gods /Devas’ and the various Aquatic forms and Animal species including Human life;  (2)Lord Vishnu, the Preserver and regulator with the Human Incarnations or Worldly manifestations of Vishnu, and (3)Mahesh, I.e. Shiva, the God of  Fertility and Destruction or Catabolism . Their FEMALE  associates or attributes are (1)Saraswati(knowledge), (2)Laxmi or Wealth,and (3)Shakti (Shiva’sPower) respectively.(Some authors state that Brahma originated from a lotus that sprouted out of  the navel of Vishnu, aka Hari or Narayana-Lord of the Primordial Waters. This is in keeping with the theory that all life originated from a primordial ooze that was     in existence many millions of years ago).The NEGATIVE, harmful and destructive aspects of Nature  have been named Antigods /Daityas), also called Asuras, Rakshasas and Danavas. [Significantly, the above names have been given to the negative aspects, after the ancient non-Aryan enemy tribes of the same names, I.e. the Asuras or Assyrians(related to Arabs) of the Upper Mesopotamian Valley and their allies, the Danavas or Titans(Giants) who were ancient mixed Greeks(Mixed Indo- Europeans /Aryans), and the Rakshasas (who were probably Mongoloid Austrics),by the Aryans and Scythians, as they were believed to be cruel and immoral. The Bible too has labelled the ancient land of Babylon in the Lower Mesopotamian Valley as’The Prostitute’!]  

Jains and Buddhists again have a slightly different idea of God than Hindus, that is,                  a Formless and Impersonal (Nirakar, Nirgun) Spirit, though they too believe in the Law of Karma and the Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth.

It is pertinent to clarify here that Hinduism is not the same as Hindutva. Hinduism deals with the Theology or Concept of the nature of God or the Supreme Power and Creation, while Hindutva relates to the Code of Conduct or Way of Life(Achaar Samhita) prescribed  for Hindu Society by the leaders of the Brahmanical and Orthodox Hindu Religion viz. Sanatani Hindu Dharma!

I also wish to clarify at the outset that I have not undertaken this EXERCISE to compare or judge and establish the superiority of any one religion over the others, but just TO THROW  LIGHT ON the POINTS AT WHICH the DIVERSE streams of FAITH MEET(instead of dividing),in the interest of promoting greater understanding and tolerance among the followers of the different religions. 

(One reader wrote me a critical comment about this article, that I have not elaborated on the Vedas, which are the holy  compilations of the invocations to the Gods and Rituals for  Yagnyas I.e. Offerings to the Sacrificial Fire, as well as the Ancient Hindu literature including the Upanishads, Brahmanas, Shrutis, Smritis and History of Hinduism. I think he has missed my point totally, that MY AIM is NOT to publish a complete THESIS ON HINDUISM, BUT TO BRING OUT the SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE THREE MAIN, and apparently DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS THEOLOGIES in this world, VIZ.HINDUISM, CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM, and    in brief, discuss the Egyptian, Sumerian and Chinese beliefs, as well as those of the  native Red Indians of pre-Columbian America, viz. the Mayas(supposed to be descendants of  Maya Danava who in turn was a descendent of the Danava King Mahabali), Incas(Nagas), Aztecs(Astek of Serpent race, said to be descendants of Rishi Asti), as also Toltecs, a race related to Aztecs,and according to some authors, to the people inhabiting the legendary island of Atlantis which is believed to have sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean ages ago. The above mentioned first three native peoples of pre-Columbian  America are supposed to have migrated to America by land route from India via the Bering Strait millennia ago, when the climate there was less harsh.

It is known that Aryans entered the Indus Valley in TWO streams – the FIRST, around 2000 BC, comprising Proto Nordic Indo-European Caucasian or Rigvedi Indo-Iranians/Aryans of the SOLAR lineage of the tribe of  Bharatas(Bactrians, Descendents of Meshech, Russia) and another tribe,Srinjayas,with their Magian or Scythian priests;while the SECOND, LUNAR race, the Yadavas(of Sri Krishna’s race)arrived around 1100-of faith 1000 BC. One can have an idea of the appearance of the First batch from the physical features of the Parsis as they also belonged to the first stream of Aryans from Persia and do not intermarry with other communities.The SECOND batch of Indo Iranians/Aryans  was of a different type,from Iran or Persia, in that they were descendants of the earlier Bactrians , but mixed  with the indigenous tribes superciliously called’Dasas/Dahae’ by the Aryans, probably Assuras or Assyrians, whose empire (1350-612 BC) extended from Mesopotamia almost upto the Aral Sea, east of the Caspian Sea.

On deeper study, it appears that there is similarity between some Biblical Tenets in both the Testaments, and the HINDU THEOLOGY of the early stream of Aryans, and of the sons of King Yayati, i.e. Yadu, Turvasu, Puru, Anu and Druhyu (called ‘mixed Aryans’,Lunar Race, as they intermingled with the Lunar- Worshipping Dravidas), who came to India from Persia in 1200-1100 B.C, settled in the Ganges- Yamuna Doab – and [(1) formulated the YAJURVEDA,laying down Vedic rituals,  the 
[ In addition to the earlier, less ritualistic RIGVEDA and SAMAVEDA, that were
brought by the earlier Nordic Aryans ( Solar Race),viz. Bharatas with their ruling tribe of Tritsus from Bactria ( Bakhtiriya), present Balkh, of whom Vishwamitra was one, and the Srinjayas (Sakas) I.e.their Magian( ?)priests, e.g.Vasishtha and Bharadwajas, of Scythia, present Turan, in 2000 B.C., who settled in the Northern Indus Valley.
The Rigveda consisted mostly of oral Reciting and Chanting of hymns in praise and invocation of- previously, Zeus i.e. Jupiter-Brihaspati, and Mother Earth, and later- the Pancha Mahabhootas or the five main basic elements of the Universe- Fire( Agni), Water( Rivers),Earth, Maruts of the Air,the Chief Sky God Varuna or Uranus,and Indra, the God of Thunder, Rain and War), and did Not practise Idol Worship;
(2) The later Aryans also conceived and propagated the present BRAHMANICAL RELIGION of worship of the Sun, Vishnu and Brahma, in which the older gods of the Indus Valley civilisation, viz.Mahesh that is Shiva, who was an Asura Moon-God as well as the King-cum-God of the Nagas as also the consort of the Mother Goddess, the Mother Goddess Herself, with   their sons Kartikeya and Ganesha, of the pantheon of the Dravidian gods, were also incorporated subsequently alongwith Idol worship. (By the way, the description of Kartikeya  bears some resemblance to Ahura Mazda, the  God of the Parsis).

Still later, after coming to India, a section of the Bharatas of the First group and Purus of the Second, with some smaller indigenous(?) tribes formed the KURU Dynasty, who settled in Northrn Punjab in North West India;
while an obscure Rigvedi tribe known as Krivi, the TURVASUS of the second stream of Aryans and Srinjayas of the First stream, became the PANCHALAS, who settled in Ganges- Yamuna Doab.It is these Aryans who formulated the Yajur Veda.
The YADUS occupied North East India of the ‘ Mlechhas’ and intermingled with them.

The beliefs of the early Aryans  bear remarkable SIMILARITY TO the ‘GENESIS’ part of the Old Testament of the Jews and Christians, as also to the last ‘ REVELATION ‘part of the New Testament followed by the Christians, as is being shown below.

There is also a reference to the Ancient Magian (Scythian) Priests of Persia, who were the Priests of the early Aryans and the worshippers of ‘Mithra/Mihr’, called ‘Mitra’  in the chapter on the Birth of Jesus Christ, as they came to Bethlehem, searching specially for the new born Infant Jesus in the early morning of His birth, whose birthdate December 25 and other particulars are supposed to be closely similar with those of their earlier Roman and Persian/Iranian Vedic God Mithra, an aspect of the Sun God. Who knows, they might be beholding Jesus as the incarnation of Mithra, which was why they came all the way from the East, following the Morning Star to see  and bestow costly gifts onto the Infant Jesus    in His Glory! The dates of historical records of Mithra and the New Testament of Christ are also the same- 80 AD. The tallying of several facts related to both entities is more than a coincidence. The Christians attribute this uncanny matching to copying of their papyrus texts by the composers of Mithraism, while the followers of Mithra claim the reverse.             Yet it should be remembered that Mithra is a Vedic God, and the compilation of the Vedas in text preceded the New Testament.

Actually, the original faith or the Rigvedi religion was more like the religion of the earlier Persians with its emphasis on the worship of Fire and Soma(called Haoma in Persian), but later the two religions went apart due to differences over several issues, like using fire for cremation and disposal of dead bodies by Hindus,which was done earlier by storing in urns, and probably on the issue of turning of the Hindus, from worship of the Solar deities, viz.Fire or Ahura Mazda, Surya ( Sun), Vishnu , to the Brahmanical Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh,by  mixing with the Dravidian deities, Mahesh,Devi Shakti, Ganesha (The Shiv Parivar),added later, to form the ‘ Panchayatan’, and Idol Worship.

It is necessary to mention here that all Hindus do not believe in idol worship, e.g. Members of Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Brahmo Samaj and the Prajapita Brahmakumaris.

The ATHARVA VEDA consisting of Rituals , mostly for Black Magic,and the worship of Rudra/ Atharvan, as Shiva was called then, was formulated and followed by the Sumerian ( Atharva)Vedic Fire- Priests, viz. Atharva,Bhrigu, Angirasa, who created the sacrificial’Fire’,and is the oldest Veda, since 3000 B.C. It came to be added to the Aryan Vedic Canon much later.

Brihaspati,son of Angirasa,was appointed the Chief Priest of the Devas or Gods, and so his sons Bhardwaj and Gautam remained with the Devas,while Shukracharya, son of Bhrigu, who became offended, decided to become the priest of the Asuras or Anti Gods, and thus became alienated from the Gods or Devas.

So really speaking, in the beginning,there were two faiths in the Indus Valley.
There was the RIGVEDIC faith, involving more of chanting of ‘Rik’s or devotional and invocative hymns, of the Aryans in the Upper Indus Valley, since 2000 B.C., and,
There was the earlier ATHARVA VEDIC ritualistic religion of the Dravidians in the Lower Indus Valley, since 3000 B.C.

Hinduism, the religion of the Indus Valley, from which it got its name,and as it stands today, is the amalgamated form of The Rigvedic, Yajurvedic ( since about1100 B.C.), Samavedic,and the Atharvavedic Theologies, and is termed the ‘CHATURVEDI Theology’.

With this mixing,the Mesopotamian Marut god Rudra of the Dravidas came to be recognised as its prototype’ Shiva’,(divine male generative power),which was first represented by a black ‘Linga’,or phallus shaped stone set in the ‘Yoni’, meaning Source or Womb or Vulva, representing Shakti, Divine female generative power [later supplemented by the camphor coloured Aryanised prototype of the unaccompanied but bisexual, ‘Ardhanarishwar Maha Deva’idol with the Mongolo- Dravidian features, of the SinoTibetan Tantriks. It is not wrongly said that ‘ Man created ( his idea of ) God in his own image’].

That is why we read of Asuras,Danavas and Rakshasas doing obeisance to Shiva, but continuing to be hostile to Vishnu, who, they feel, has cheated them of the’Amrut'( Ambrose/ Nectar) churned out of the Celestial Sea with the joint efforts of both Devas( Gods) and Asuras (Anti Gods/ Demons).

On the other hand, there are Shaiva or Smartha Aryans besides VAISHNAVAS.
Each Sect has its own school of belief.

The SHAIVAs, whose foremost religious leader was the Nampoothiri
Adi Shankaracharya of Kaladi, Kerala, believe in his ‘ADVAITA’ (Undualistic) Philosophy which holds that the Eternal, Supreme Spirit, that is, Parmeshwar, and the Individual spirit are essentially one, seemingly separate because of the Clouding of the consciousness by ‘Maya’ or Illusion of Worldly Glamour, and one has to rise above that Illusion and fixation to the mortal world by shedding the attachment to the glitter of Maya, and RENUNCIATION of worldly pleasures to arrive at and realise the Truth of the basic oneness of one’s soul with the Supreme Spirit.

The VAISHNAVAS, on the other hand, expound the ‘DVAITA’ or Dualistic Theory proposed by the Vaishnava Saint Madhavacharya, of Karnataka,
that the Individual spirit, though a creation of the Supreme Spirit, is separate from it, and requires one to ascend the Path (Marg) of DEVOTION (Bhakti),
or Learning (Gnyana) or Service (Seva), to achieve oneness with the
Supreme spirit.

Subsequent to the formulation of the Dravida- amalgamated, and more personalised form of Hinduism by the later Aryans, following their mixing with the Dravidians, the notorious Dravida custom of ‘Human Sacrifice’was abandoned and replaced by Symbolic Sacrifice, like offering of broken coconuts or gourds in place of human or animal sacrifice, particularly after the advent of the ‘Ahimsa'( Non- Violence ) principle of Buddhism and Jainism.

(Yet, in some temples of Shakti or Kamakhya, the Mother Goddess of Assam, the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal,etc., the custom of animal sacrifice still persists among the worshippers of the Devi, called Shaktas, but not all Hindus, esp.Upper caste Hindus,such as the Saraswats of Bengal, subscribe to it).

In the Christian religion too, which promises salvation to its believers if they repented for their sins with a true heart, and asked for forgiveness of The Lord for the same, alongwith Implicit DEVOTION and SERVICE to, and acceptance on themselves of the ‘Sin’ for the ‘Blood of Christ, His Son’, who had Sacrificed His Life by submitting himself to Crucification to atone for the sins of Mankind, the Motive was to persuade people, viz. the Jews to give up their cruel practice of self-mortification or flogging for atonement of sins, and human sacrifice, and adopting the path of ‘Genuine REPENTANCE’ instead, for salvation!


It is relevant to clarify here that there aren’t 33 crores of Gods in the Hindu pantheon as many people think, but only 33( Thirty- three)! The idea of 33 crores of gods is due to misinterpretation of the word ‘ Koti’ in Sanskrit, which has two meanings- ‘ Crore’, or ‘Class’, that is, standard or qualit(e.g. ‘Uchcha Koti).This means that there are 33 deities of different classes, viz:
12 ADITYAS , sons of Rishi Kashyap and Aditi ( living between the Caspian Sea and the Adriatic Sea?) , the Solar Deities, viz. gods of the Realm of Light including the Sun in its various aspects, e.g.Surya, Mitra(Mithras to Persians), Varuna (which was regarded first as Uranus, the God of the Skies/Heavens, and was the earliest chief god of Rigvedi Aryans after Zeus, equated by most authors with Jupiter of the Romans), before it lost its place of importance to Indra and came to be equated with Neptune, The Lord of the Waters);
Vishnu Urukrama, The Wide – Striding Sun; Savithru; Pushan; Aryaman; Dhatr (Creator); Sakra; Ansh/ Anshuman ( part of Universe); Bhaga ; Vivaswan. Some authors count the goddess Ushas (Dawn) too as a Solar deity of the Realm of Light! 

11 MARUTS: sons of Kashyap and  Diti (gods of the Realm of Air,including INDRA(called SHAKRA in Northeast India), the god of thunder and rain, also called the God of War and Commander in chief of the gods; Parjanya, god of Torrential Rain; Rudra; Vayu ( Wind); Vata; Prachetas, etc.Indra is supposed to be an ‘all male’ God without any feminine element in him like breasts , unlike common men who are physically, genetically, constitutionally bisexual, as seen from the fact that they have breasts though undeveloped. His name is similar to Andre and Andrew, which mean ‘Male’ or ‘Masculine’!

8 VASUS ( Terrestrial Deities , like and including AGNI – Fire (who became the main god of the Rigvedi Aryans, before he too was superseded by the Brahmanical Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. However, he remained the principal deity of the Zoroastrians). The other Vasus are the Rivers, or Dhara; (ESP.Saraswati); Anila; Soma; Ahas; Dhruva; Pratyusha; Prabhaas.

2(Two ASHWINI KUMARS : the sons of the Sun and Ashwini (The name of
the Sun’s consort Saundnya – संज्ञा, when she assumed the form of a mare,
as she could not bear the intensity of the Sun’s energy),
Viz. the gods Nasatya and Dasra.They too belong to the Realm of Light, and are the Physicians of the gods.
The other consort of the Sun is ‘Chhaaya’ (Shadow), mother of Yama, Shani (Saturn, theSatan, according to. Western theology) and Yamuna(gods of the Realm of Darkness).

The ‘Amrit kumbha’ or the Pot of Nectar was brought up after the’ Samudra Manthan’, i.e. Churning of the Milk Ocean ( in the Arctic region),by Dhanvantari, an Avatar of Vishnu, as he rose from the Milk Ocean. He was the Physician of the gods, and the Teacher of Sushruta, the great Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Some authors also include the goddesses, Aditi, Mother of the Solar gods, and Ushas, the Goddess of Dawn, as two more deities belonging to the Realm of Light.

The Hindus call these divine entities ‘gods’,the Christians call them Angels, and Muslims call them ‘ Farishte.’ (Actually, the Bible too, has used the word ‘gods’ for the holy spirits in his congregation, in Psalm 82 of the
Old Testament, as judged from the first para, “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods”, and para 6:
” I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.
Para 7: But Ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.”
This last Para suggests that the gods referred to here are analogous to
the ‘incarnations’ or ‘Sons of God, as they are born to the daughters of men.

As anyone can see, all these entities are simply various aspects of Nature and Planets, that is, all aspects of the Universe, personified. These are worshipped by Hindus for their importance in human existence.

The Christians worship only Jehova/Yahveh, the ‘FATHER’ God in Heaven, Jesus Christ, ‘SON of God (analogous to Mithras/Mitra of early Persians and Hindus), and the HOLY GHOST viz. Jesus Christ after Crucification and Resurrection. The Catholics, in addition, also worship MARY, the Mother of Christ, and revere their Religious Head, the Pope as the representative of God, as well as practice Idol Worship, which the Protestants do not.

Islam allows for worship of only Allah, the God in Heaven, but not the Prophets or Farishte. The Islamists or Mohammedans do regard Jesus Christ as a prophet, and call him ‘Isa Paigambar’, but they do not consider or worship him as the Son of God, and do not keep any idol or picture of him. Worship of Allah again, is permissible only in spirit – not in any form, like Idol or Photo Image of Him. The sole picture or image permitted to be kept is that of the ‘Kaaba’, the Holy Black Stone at Mecca, on which the Martyr Ishmael had laid down his life.


(1) Indra, the god of War and the Commander-in-chief of the gods,
is equivalent to the Archangel Michael( Mika-il to Islam), who battled with and drove the Satan (who too was an Archangel of God for Enlightenment, Lucifer) out from God’s kingdom for rebelling against Him, and slandering His name.
(2)The counterpart of Lucifer(the Angel of Light and Enlightenment before he was banished from Heaven), in Hindu Mythology is the sage Shukracharya (Shukra = Venus, related to No. 6) , who rebelled against
the gods, and became the chief priest of the Danavas/Demons. It is noteworthy in this context that Shukracharya was also known as ‘Ushanas’ meaning ‘One who Enlightens’ ! See the resemblance of meaning !

I do not know the Biblical attributes or functions of all the angels mentioned in the Bible, or I could have tried to relate each one with any of the authentically recognized 33 Hindu ‘gods’. (Actually, the number of angels are ‘innumerable’, as per the Book of Hebrews, of New Testament,Chap.12.22, at least as many as a million, as proved by the fact mentioned in the Book of Daniel of the Old Testament, Chapter 7, para 10, wherein it is written that ” thousand thousands ministered unto Him”,as well as in Psalms, OT, 68.17.
Hence , it is time that the Christians stopped scoffing at the Hindu faith)!
(3)The Archangel Gabriel, meaning ‘Strong man of God’ (Jibra- il, meaning ‘Holy Spirit’ to Islam), is the Messenger of God is the angel who is accredited with having conferred revelation of the Divine Spirit to prophet Mohammed.
Budh, that is Mercury, the planet and Hindu deity ruling the mind and speech, bestowing intellect and wisdom, and believed to be the son of the Moon (Chandra) in Hindu mythology, may be taken as his equivalent.
(4) Uriel (meaning Fire/Flame, or Light of God), the angel appointed to guard the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword, after the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden, may be seen as equivalent to Agni, the god of Fire.
Actually, there are three classes of Fire, viz. (1) Aahav Agni, (आहव/होम अग्नि)I.e. Sacrificial Fire, presided over by Vishnu;(2) Garhapatya Agni (गार्हपत्य अग्नि) viz. Domestic Fire, probably presided over by Brahma, and (3) Dakshin Agni (दक्षिण अग्नि), I.e.the Infernal Fire, of which the presiding deity is Shiva.
(The Islamic Angel Malik is probably the guardian of the Infernal Fire, or Fire of Hell or ‘Jahannum’)!
(5) Raphael is the angel who Heals, corresponding to Dhanvantari, also Physician of the gods.
(6)Azrael/ Izra–il, the Archangel of Death, in the Bible and Qu’ran, better known as ‘Maut ka Farishta’ to Islam, corresponds to Lord Yama of Hinduism, and is a less important angel), while Zadkiel(Righteousness or Justice of God) is the angel of benevolence and mercy, like the God Shiva!
(7)The angel Raguel(also called Suryan), The ‘ friend of God’is probably the same as Aryaman(अर्यमन), the overseer of all beings and of human behaviour as also of the ‘ Milky Way’.He is called ‘Angra Mainyu’ (destructive spirit) by Zoroastrians (as against ‘Spenta Mainyu’ the benevolent and wise spirit under Ahura Mazda’).
(8)Then there is ‘Sariel’/ Saraqael/Surya is the Angel of ‘Presence ofGod)!

Satanael is the real Satan, that is Saturn or Shani, the astrological ruler of India (the dark son of the Sun-God and his second dark consort Chhaaya, I.e. Shadow, according to Hindu mythology), might be a Scytho-Dravidian (and is in turn aligned with –
Samael is equated in Jewish mythology to the Biblical Serpent, the Devil, that is ‘Mars’= मंगल पापग्रह/Malefic planet, also named as Seraphim or Maadim. (Mars is the planet or forceful and adventurous spirit
(Celtic ruler ‘over’ England, but working ‘towards’ Mongolians).

The Satan, that is Saturn, is Not the same as Lucifer, who is Venus or Shukra, and was an Angel to begin with. Yet, Lucifer is often confused with the real Satan, and ‘called so’ by some communities (like Muslims and the Chinese, who venerate him), following his banishment from Heaven, due to his link with the number 666, with which Saturn is also connected as per the Black Holy Book of the Bible . Lucifer was probably a Sumerian (mixed Mongolian and Scythian traits-TurkoTartar).

The Dragon (Rahu-Ketu, viz. Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail, I.e. The ‘shadow planets’ of Shani and Mangal respectively, which were initially one entity) was probably a (Celto- ?)Mongoloid tribal.

In Hindu mythology, there are no single entities like the Satan or Devil, but only the main GOD Devadhidev Vishnu and the subordinate gods (Devas, I.e. Scythians, the priest-kings of ancient Persia, the sons of Rishi Kashyap and his first and main wife, Aditi, first of the 13 daughters of Daksh Prajapati- son of Brahma- wedded to Rishi Kashyap) on one side, AND,
the Demons or ANTIGODS, comprising the DAITYAS, the sons of Kashyap and second wife Diti I.e. Asuras (Assyrians); DANAVAS, sons oF Kashyap and Danu, identified with the River Danube stretching across Europe (Early Greeks, also called ‘People of the Aegean Sea- the Titans, whom many authors do Not regard as Demons, but Hamite- I.e. descendants of Heth- mixed, non-Vedic ARYANS, or Indo-European language-speaking Hittites, allied with the Antigods),
and the RAKSHASAS, or Ogres, who also settled in North Africa, in the regions of Sumali(which was the name of Ravana’s mother’s father)
and Mali(Sumali’s brother), as also Libya, in the region then known as Barbary, or the Land of Berbers, who were Pirates with a Black flag -‘Timirdhwaj’ (Proto-Australoids or Austrics with some Scythian, Negrito,
and Mongoloid mixture, mythologically being the sons of the Rishi Kashyap and another one of his wives, named Khasa- from the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya(?) and born of the same parents as the Yakshas), on the other.

The Rakshasas have been shown in a Map by S.R.Rao, eminent Archeologist, as occupying the region in the lower Indus Valley near the point of drainage of the River Indus into the Arabian Sea, named as ‘Barbaricum’ in the ancient Map of India, printed in the book ‘Advanced History of India’
by R.C.Mazumdar, H.C.Roychoudhary and KKDutta, that is near the present Karachi, which gives reason to believe that at least a section of the Rakshasas might have belonged Anthropologically to the clan of Berbers. It is interesting to note here that the son of Ghatotkacha, viz. the son of the Pandava Bheem by the Rakshas-Kanya Hidimba, was named Barbarik (बर्बरिक)!

It is significant that astrologically too, Saturn, Mars, and their respective shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, are considered to be ‘Malefic planets’,
But not Venus, that is, Shukra, Nor the Sun, who is called a ‘क्रूर'(Cruel/ Harsh)
Planet, but not a Malefic planet. However, Saturn is exalted in Libra, the Zodiac sign of Venus, while the Sun, enemy of Saturn, is debilitated in that sign, so Venus is more favourable to Saturn, and the two planets are related that way.

BEGINNING with the first CHAPTER of the BIBLE on the GENESIS I.e. Creation Part of the BIBLE:-

In the beginning, when the Universe was created, only the heavens existed, and the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean( Nara) that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness, and the power of God ( Narayana) was moving over the ocean. From the lotus shaped navel or ‘Nabhi Kamal ‘of Narayana (Vishnu), sprang Brahma, the Creator, as per Hindu theology.

( The Power of Fertility and Destruction,of the Supreme Power, is Shiva, represented by a phallus or Linga, who has a female counterpart, Shakti, shown as the Yoni, or female sex organ, to help him manifest his power, whom the Dravidians and The Anti Gods also regard as their God).

Then the Creator God commanded, ” Let there be Light!”And There Was Light . God called it the ‘Day’. (Here, it is necessary to clarify that The Day of Brahma, the Creator, is not just of  24 hours as decided by human beings, but4.32 billion human years. That should resolve the doubt of sceptics about how the whole creation was completed in Seven days.By the way,  the four faces of Brahma represent the Omniscience and Omnipresence of the Creator according to the Hindu Mythology).

 There is also a question of how light was created on the first day when the Sun and Moon were created on the third day, and What may have been the Source of the Original light as per religion, if not as per science. There is reason to believe that the supposed Source of the Earliest Light was the Spiritual planet Uranus(‘Ouranos’),the ‘Lord of the Sky’          (Father Dyaus) who was also the earliest god of the Rigvedi Aryans who called Him’Varun’, the name having come to mean ‘Neptune’, God of the Waters.

In the same way, He created the  Earth. And the Water He had divided and brought together at one place, He named ‘ Sea’. And the expanse above the Sea and the Earth,       He  named the ‘Sky’.

Thereafter, He made the Earth produce the Plants of all kinds- those that bear grain,and those that bear fruit. That was the Second day. 

On the Third day, He created the Lights – the Sun, Moon and the Stars, to separate light from darkness.(Here  we  come across another dispute – whether the Earth is flat or spherical. Scientists claim that the Earth is a sphere, whereas the Christian clergy believes it to be a flat disc.The Earth is a sphere all right, but scientists have now discovered that the Solar System from which all other planets including Earth sprang Is Indeed Flat. 


On the Fourth day, God made the water be filled with many living beings including the great sea- monsters and let the air be filled with birds.
On the Fifth day, God made the earth produce all kinds of animal life- domestic and wild; large and small .
Then God created Human beings from the soil and breathed life giving breath into the nostrils,to be like Himself, and rule over all the other animals.(They were probably Negro and Homoerectus.)He made them male and female, whom He named Adam and ‘Eve’ (‘Mother’) and blessed them to have many children, so that their descendants would live all over the earth,and bring it under their control.
Evening passed and morning came- that was the Sixth day.
And so the whole universe was completed. 

By the Seventh day, God finished what he had been doing and stopped working. He blessed the seventh day and set it apart as a special day for prayer .

Then The Lord planted a garden in Eden, in the East, ( to the south- east of modern Turkey or Anatolia(now called Antalya) and there he put the man he had formed. He made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit.In the middle of the garden stood the Tree that gives Life ( Sanjeevani) and the tree that gives Knowledge of what is good and bad.

A stream flowed in Eden and watered the garden , which is divided into four rivers beyond Eden, the Pishon, the Gihon which flows round the country of Cush(of Mesopotamia ,or Sudan of Africa), the Tigris,east of Assyria, and the Euphrates.

Then God placed the man in theGarden of Eden to cultivate it, and guard it.

This Eden still exists at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates, by the name of ‘Adana’      in the modern map.It sounds like ‘Adivana(आदि वन)’in Sanskrit,meaning ‘Primeval Forest’. (Likewise, Aditi, the Mother of Adityas,viz. the Solar gods, is the Sanskrit name for ‘Boundless’). Correspondingly, as per Hindu texts, the Land of Paradise or Plenty, as it is also called, is the region that was known as Chorasmii-Khorazm or Khorasan to Muslims- to the East, instead of the West, of the Caspian Sea,and North East of Iran, and named the Land of Yima,or the rectangular ‘Land of Vars(Varsha)/ Varena(Varun)’.                                    At that time, Yima that is Yama, also called Jamshid or Jamshed (a  Persian name probably derived from Sanskrit ‘Yamashreshtha’, meaning ‘Supreme Controlling/Steadying  Force) was not regarded just as  the God of Death, but of Peace and satisfaction. Astrologically, Yama is now represented by the Planet Pluto, Lord of the Infernal  Regions, just as Uranus or Herschel stands for Varuna, which was originally the God of the Sky, but is now equated with Neptune, the God of the Waters. Likewise, Mars or Mangal, also called Bhaum(Son of the Earth) is  the representative  of Indra; Jupiter or Brihaspati is Guru or  Chief  Priest of the gods, while  Venus or Shukracharya is  the Priest of the Antigods or Daityas. The Sun, Moon, Mercury or Budh the God of the Mental processes,and Saturn represent gods of the same name viz.Surya/Ravi, Chandra,Budh and Shanidev, the God of Retributive Justice.  [It is said that the  Demon Mahishasura, after being slain by Goddesss  Durga,  became Mahish, the  Buffalo Vehicle of Yama. This  mythological belief, to me, merely indicates the possession and close association of the early Aryans with cattle, who were used for various  purposes including transport.] In short, the areas on both sides of the Caspian Sea were lands of plenty in ancient times.

Then God said to the man, ” You may eat the fruit of any tree in the Garden except the Tree which gives Knowledge of what is Good and Also of All That Is Bad. If you do, you will die!”

( Now, I cannot understand why God should want mankind, his best creation,to be totally ignorant of what is Good or Bad,and thus be only a little above animals mentally. But, it should be remembered that the word ‘KNOWLEDGE’ is also taken to mean not only Information but also Sex, and particularly The ‘EGO’ or ‘I’, the inherent seed of Man’s Original Sin and his being ALIENATED FROM his ties with GOD- that is, self- consciousness, worldly wisdom and knowledge of bad things besides good ones, and pride,which is the major cause of selfcentredness, covetousness /lust, and war. That is what the serpent aroused in Adam and Eve, by telling Eve that she and her husband would become like God by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.                                                                                                                                                                      So, the FORBIDDEN FRUIT’is actually ‘ EGOISM’ in my opinion, by eating which, Adam     and Eve committed the ‘ORIGINAL SIN’ of DISOBEDIENCE and aspiring to be equal to God, and therefore became prone to the CURSE of DEATH on account of the ‘ Original Sin’ of The Ego- centric vice of Disobedience or Defiance of God’s Words by the first man and woman, which passed on to all their descendants for eternity.)

However, the woman fell into trap of the most cunning animal of God’s creation,the ancient Reptilian Serpent Alien (or Sea Monster ‘Leviathan’,or ‘Bilzebub’/ Baalzebub,the Lord of the Flies or Philistines, (believed by some to be  CAIN,    Or a descendent of Cain) who told her that it was false that she would die by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree,as warned by God,but that she and her husband would become enlightened,
“and Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” ( Genesis Chapter 3),
which was why God had forbidden them to eat that fruit. Thereupon,
Eve also led her husband to eat of the fruit, whereby they both became aware of what is good and bad (also in respect of Sex), and lost their innocence, thus becoming also aware of their nakedness, following which they were driven out by God from the Garden of Eden to toil for their bread and butter, in dry and barren land with useless weeds and plants.

It is interesting to know that the SUMERIANS, who were the Priest- Kings of the Babylonians, also believed in a similar story long ago (3000 BC),before the formulation of the Garden of Eden story- of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian King of Erech(Uruk) of Babylon, in the Lower Mesopotamian valley, who, according to some authors, was none other but Nimrod, son of Cush, who was upset by the idea of the finality of death, following the death of his friend and fellow warrior Engidu, and goes on a search for eternal life. He receives a plant that could give him such life,but he is careless and it is devoured by a snake (elements of the Garden of Eden story of two thousand years later). He hears the story of the Flood ( anticipating Noah) and sees the shade of Engidu. But eternal life        he does not achieve!
So, the basis of the above,prevailing religious belief has been laid down by the ancient Sumerians (who are supposed to have been Cushites, of the clan of Nimrod or Gilgamesh, associated with the descendents of Cain – I.e. of                    Tubal Cain, Mongol, as Cain had married a Mongol/Chinese girl, viz. of                 a Hittite/Siniite race, who became mongoloid by being adapted to the Freezing cold of the Altai Mts – as also related to the other Turkish races or Turanians like the Scythians and Huns), than by Aryans, the later Hindus, Jews or the Christians/Muslims. 

The Sumerians came down to the Western coast of India from the Persian Gulf in 2200 BC at the end of their empire in Babylonia, alongwith the Brown race of the region, and together formed the major Dravidian population of South India, especially of Tamilnad.

The Adam- Eve story of the Garden of Eden, in the Old Testament, is there in the Quran too(but Muslims do not believe in the theory of the’Original Sin.’)

(B) This story is not there in HINDU TEXTS, but the Hindus believe that the
‘ LAW of KARMA’ viz. Retribution for good and bad actions,which is responsible for good and bad Fate, is operative in human beings.

The Hindus, as well as Buddhists and Jains, also believe in the THEORY OF The ‘Cycle of REBIRTH or Reincarnation’, according to which the Lot or Account of Punishment or Atonement,for the bad acts or tendencies which are not shed, or , sins not atoned for in one birth, is carried over to the next birth. Even strong desires that are not fulfilled or given up in one life, or excessive attachment to anyone or any worldly thing,invites Rebirth for the fulfilment of the same in the life after. Hence the Path to Liberation from the Cycle of Rebirth or ‘ Moksha’,is attained by bearing the suffering in the present life with equanimity; sacrifice , love and kindness towards fellow creatures and human beings; and detachment towards the illusory carnal and material pleasures of the world, or ‘ Maya’.

The Jews and Muslims do not believe in Rebirth for reaping the fruit of one’s sins or good deeds in the previous birth, but they do believe in atonement of sins by self- punishment and sacrifice.

The Christians believe that God sent his son Jesus to the earth, who sacrificed his own blood on The Cross for the liberation of mankind from the curse of the ‘ Original Sin,’ so that all Human Beings can get Salvation from Sins by accepting that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, and devotion to him as their Lord, instead of making ‘human sacrifice’ for appeasing God.

However, it is learnt that in the recent years, some Christian Paranormal scientists in US, like Raymond Moody, have developed interest in doing research on the subject of Life after
Life, and Rebirth, as they have come across some cases which have aroused their curiosity in that phenomenon.

Another belief, is that The Lord Vishnu visits this earth from time to time (” Sambhava mi Yuge Yuge”), in various animal and human forms or INCARNATIONS i.e.’AVATARAS’, which are 24, but 10, esp. of Rama, Krishna, and Gautam Buddha, are the major ones,including the last,imminent, and fierce one, named Kalki, to destroy sinners and evil doers who trouble innocent and God- fearing people, and restore peace, justice and righteousness in this world.

My personal belief is that, rather than descending to the earth time and again, in the form of so many Incarnations, God motivates, directs and empowers some chosen creatures or persons
to come to the rescue of mankind; but, it is customary in many Indian languages to refer to
a person who is exceptionally illustrious, powerful and also altruistic, as a GOD Man or
‘Dev Manush’, or a creature which is helpful to human beings as ‘Bhagwan ka swaroop’,
or a Form of God.I think it is from such words and phrases that the concept of Divine Incarnation has originated.

However, if one accepts the theory of ‘ Incarnations’ or ‘Avataras’ of God, for the improvement of the world, I for one, would like to regard Jesus Christ also as an Incarnation or Personification of God, on par with Gautam Buddha,being the Son of God ( Son of ‘Jehova’,who is supposed to be a personification of Zeus or Jupiter, God of ‘The Sky/ Heavens, and who was also the earliest Principal Deity of the early Vedic Aryans, to whom they turned for mercy and blessing). Jesus has also been compared to Apollo, Helios or Sol, and the Persian Mithras, different names of the Sun God, the God of Light. I like him more than the hotheaded Parshuram, who is said have to have made the earth bereft of Kshtriyas (नि:क्षत्र)21 times, just to avenge the damage done of ransacking his Ashram and lifting of their holy cow by the 4sons of the King Kartaveerya in his absence, despite the protests by his old father, Rishi Jamdagni, whom they also manhandled! He also beheaded his  innocent mother RENUKA, at the behest of his father, who had doubts  about her fidelity, just to prove that he was an obedient son of his father, in violation of the dictum, ‘Matru Devo Bhava’ that precedes ‘Pitru Devo Bhava’. That he made his father revive her again comes thereafter, after the insult and injustice to his mother was already done by him!

It is relevant to note that the Romans used to mock at the Jewish belief and worship of ‘ A Sky God’! That shows that there IS similarity between the Persian,Hindu and Jewish texts.

Moses, the Prophet of the Jews ( 1500 BC ), had declared that their God, Yahweh, was a Solar deity like Vishnu, instead of a Lunar deity, so probably, the Jews who became the followers of Jesus Christ, that is, Christians subsequently, conferred upon him the attributes of Mithra, the God of Light !

(On the other hand, the Muslims, who retained the idea of God of the Pre- Moses Abrahamites,as ‘Noor’ viz. Light, who was the Creator of the Moon, stars andSun ), formed their image of Allah in accordance with the beliefs of the Edomites, a branch  of Abrahamites, who did not accept the changed line of thinking of Moses).

Astrologically, some authors equate Jesus Christ to the Sun at its Winter Solistix , while John the Baptist is said to correspond to the Sun at the Summer Solistix.

By the way, it would be interesting to know the ORIGIN OF the word ‘ SIN’, and whether it has any relevance to the Moon God ‘ Sin’ of the Arabic religion in Mesopotamia, who was a male God, with Shams( Sun) as his female consort( and Athar or Venus being their son), in contrast to other religions like the Greek ,who consider him as a male god, with The Moon being a goddess.

As said above,the Hebrew god ‘Yahweh’ was first worshipped as a Moon God,like the Dravidians, but Moses proclaimed Him to be a Solar deity, like the Aryans, possibly through the influence of the Egyptian Pharaohs, who worshipped Horus,or Sun.

The Moon is supposed to be responsible for romantic and erotic imagination and impulses, so the present, general meaning of ‘Sin’
as ‘sexual lapse ‘ may be related to the Arabic name of the Moon God, though the name is said to have been derived from the Sumerian word ‘ Suen’.

It is intriguing to note that the Chinese use the word for themselves, when referring to themselves in combination with other nations, as for example, Sino- Tibetan, Sino- Indian etc. May be the ancient Chinese had a reverence for the Moon God, ‘ Sin ‘.In fact the Native name of China, ‘Chin,’ could very well be a derivative of ‘Sin ‘, or according to some authors, country of the Sinites, descendents of Canaan, the Hamite. ( This theory is not universally accepted however, as some Chinese claim to be descendents of Elam and Japheth instead). The name ‘Mao’ also means Moon.

Further, the words, ” You’ll become like God (or the gods)” in the ‘ Good News Bible- Today’s English Version’,that were spoken by the Serpent to Eve, suggests that at one time, the Jews too believed in more than one God. Only, they called the other gods ‘Angels’.

(C) Thinking in ANTHROPOLOGICAL terms, it seems that God and the gods were a tribe of Indo- Europeans inhabiting the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, known as Scythians. It is not clear if these Scythians were a branch of the Celts of Europe,the Descendents of the Biblical Gomer, or the later ‘ self- titled’ Magian Scythians. However, an interesting fact is that the Celtic language formerly spoken in the Isle of Man, still used for some ceremonial purposes,is known as ‘Manx’ ( Origin from Old Norse, from Old Irish Manu ‘ Isle of ‘Man’+ skr).
The Scythians were known as ‘ Devas’ in Hindu mythology and racially also, meaning the same as Gods , and their chief, Vishnu or Narayan, was titled ‘ Devadhideva’i.e. ‘God of the gods’.
The first man and woman,viz. Adam, meaning the First Man, and Eve, the First Mother, who inhabited the Garden of Eden, and were cast out for disobeying God, must have been the primitive aborigines of the Negro tribe.
The Snake, is said to be Mars, the Devil, or rather, the representative of the Satan in disguise, and must be a Mongoloid Naga tribal, tempting Eve (also called Avva, meaning mother),to go against the command of God, under the direction of the Satan or Saturn, also known as ‘Bilzebub’viz. Lord of the Flies'(God of the Phillistines) or ‘Iblis’.
He was Not the same as ‘Lucifer, or’Ushanas,the Light giver’_ another name of Shukracharya (represented by the planet Venus, which represents the ‘ Ego’, and No. 6, which stands for Sex), who was the preceptor of the ASURAS/  DAITYAS and their allies , Viz. DANAVAS ( Danaos or Danuna, who were also known as Titans, Giants,Hittites, viz.Hamitic Greeks or ‘Mixed Aryans / Indo-Europeans’) who were mixed Non Vedic Aryans,
as well as the RAKSHASAS or Ogres(Mongoloid Pre Dravidians, and Anti Gods). 

Lucifer(Venus) was against Vishnu, Brihaspati, and the Devas (but is supposed to have been one of, or related to, the gods, having been one of God’s angels or a Demi- God before his rebellion with, and banishment from the Kingdom of God). Saturn is said to be a friend and associate of Venus.

Considering that the Chinese claim to be descendants of a Caucasian race, or according to some authors, of a cognate Mongolian race, it would not be wrong to consider (a)LUCIFER and (b)the ancient Serpent(different but allied entities), to be related to (a)the CHINESE(Sinite) race OR  perhaps to the Tocharian speaking Yue Chi, or Hunnish race, And (b)some MongoloDravidian tribe like the Nagas (with whom the original Chinese, who are said by some to have mixed),respectively. Or, Lucifer may have been a Sumerian(Bradycephalic Turko-Tartar by race) of Sumer or Shinar. For,the Number 666, and also the Red Dragon, which are considered evil and unauspicious elsewhere in the world, are Good and Auspicious to the Chinese and many Mongoloid tribes.

(The cover of the book ‘ The Satan never sleeps’ by Pearl Buck, who has written many novels based on the life style and conditions in some of the Oriental countries, particularly China and Japan, shows the Satan as a Dragon with a Chinese face, which makes it clear what idea the people in the Western countries have about the Satan and his disciples – the Beasts, and the image they have of the Satan is, Chinese, I.e. Mongoloid.
The Chinese, on the other hand, venerate the Dragon as the ‘ Reptilian Alien’, and believe themselves and all Asians- though it is not understood why they claim that ancestry only for Asians and not the whole Mankind-
to be its descendants; they may be right, as it is known that when the Dinosaurs became extinct because of a natural disaster, all the land animals perished and only the aquatic creatures like the fish, reptiles, crocodile and turtle survived. It must be from these that the land mammals like Apes and Humans evolved, whereby, it is not only the Ape- like ancestor, but the Crocodile or Dragon-like ancestor who was the Earliest ancestor of the land mammals, including the Apes, who is accordingly a later ancestor of Man!

However, I’ve just come across an article which says that the number 666 is also venerable for Muslims, and that the number stands for the Book Quran, The Message of God or Allah. All Muslims don’t subscribe to this belief, equating the number with the Quran, but they do consider the number as divine, and representing Their Prophet Mohammed. Some European scholars place the year of the death of Prophet Mohammed as 666 AD, tallying with the number of the First Beast, instead of the actual year of his death, 632. It needs to be mentioned here though, that some authors hold the number of the Beast to be ‘616’ instead of 666. This number comes close to 613, the year when Mohammed is said to have received the divine revelation from angel Gabriel.

In medieval history, The Moghul invaders of India and elsewhere, were Muslims, so the Satan may also be a Mongolian.
The White Huns, Ephthalites of Central Asia, who invaded India in 5th c.AD
Before them, viz. Toraman and his son, Mihirgul, were not Muslims. From the name Mihirgul(Mihir-‘kul’ in Sanskrit), they seem to have been Sun-worshippers,unlike the Muslims, who are

(D) GOD’S PUNISHMENT TO ADAM and EVE:- Coming back to the Biblical story, The Lord God then said to the Snake, on learning of his having tricked Eve into eating the Forbidden fruit,
” You will be punished for this; you alone of all the animals,must bear this curse; from now on you will crawl on your belly and eat dust as long as you live. I will make your offspring and those of the woman hate each other and become enemies. Her offspring will crush your head, and you will bite their heel.” To the man he said ,” From now on, you will have to toil for your living by cultivating barren ground, till you return to the soil from which you were formed. From Dust thou hast come, and unto Dust shalt thou( that is your body) return.”( For the Soul is Immortal).

(Now some people scoff at this story and ask whether the SNAKE ever HAD FEET to walk on,but it will come as a surprise to many that there has been a scientific report published some years back, and also recently by the University of Edinburgh, U.K., that the snake indeed evolved from a crocodile or lizard like ancestor with feet, but that the legs and feet gradually DISAPPEARED IN the course of EVOLUTION through a process of  DISUSE ATROPHY due to its having had to crawl on its belly to be able to live in narrow Burroughs, which it inhabited. It was mentioned in an article of a Scientific Journal, aired by the National Geographic Channel, that when the Dinosaurs, who inhabited the Earth, millions of years ago, became extinct due to some natural catastrophe, the crocodiles, turtles and kindred aquatic creatures, managed to survive by virtue of their ability to live under water. It is from these amphibian creatures that reptiles like snakes are supposed to have evolved by and by, with modifications according to their environment.)

(E) And The Lord God made clothes out of animal skins for Adam and his wife and clothed them.
Then God said,” Now the man has become like one of us and has knowledge of what is good and bad. He must not be allowed to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and live for ever.” So God sent him out of the Garden of Eden and made him cultivate the soil from which he had been formed.

(Now, here again a question arises about whether Man was immortal till then? Well, he may not be immortal Literally, but it is a known fact that some people of primitive societies lived much longer than the average life span of the modern man,even upto 150 years or more).

Then Adam and Eve had a son whom they named Cain, as he was born with the Lord’s help. Later, Eve gave birth to another son whom they named Abel. Abel became a shepherd, while Cain was a farmer. After some time, Cain brought some of his harvest and offered it to God but Abel Brought the first lamb of his sheep and offered the best parts of it to God, who was pleased with his offering. But God was not pleased with the offering of Cain, as it was not the Best of his product, and rejected his offering with rebuke , for doing an evil,selfish act, and told him to overcome his sinful.However, Cain was angry, and killed His brother Abel after taking him out to the fields.
When The Lord God came to know about this fratricide, he placed Cain under a curse, that he could no longer farm the soil,and be a homeless wanderer on the Earth, as his ground had become soaked with his brother’s blood.          And Cain went away from the Lord’s presence, and lived in a land known as Nod(Wandering/Trembling), which is to the East of Eden and River Tigris, that is, the Eastern border of the Mesopotamian valley,viz.of modern Iraq, and      the Western border of Iran, and set up a city there, which he named ‘Enoch’ for his son of the same name, where generations later, the Sumerians(said to have links with the Scythians and Huns of Hungarian origin, especially with the latter, judging from their Turko-Mongoloid features and profile) set up the Persian city of Susa or Shushan as the capital of their Kingdom of Sumer’ ,     from where they ruled the Babylonians, and later, the Medes of Persia too ruled (the Babylonians).              

Cain and his wife had children, and their children in turn multiplied to give birth to those who produced livestock and live in tents , and to musicians who play the harp and the flute.One of his descendants was known as Tubal Cain, who made all kinds of tools out of Bronze and Iron, I.e. one of the Bronze Age, with his descendants coming down right upto the Iron Age.

According to some authors, Cain and his descendents were the progenitors of the Mongolian or Mongoloid race (possibly a Negroid cum Hamite/Hittite people who evolved into the Neolithic Mongoloid race, and settled in the Mongolian steppes, and further in the Tibeto-Burman region).

Then Adam and Eve had another son , whom they named Seth, who was                         the forefather of NOAH. Noah had three sons- Shem, Japheth and Ham.

The descendants of these spread all over the world, and with that, wickedness of human beings. This made God regret his creation of man, and decided to destroy everything except Noah, who lived as the only good person of his times with his three sons. Thus, to Noah he told to build huge ARK, which was large enough to carry one pair of all living beings,and food for all of them.

Then came the heavy FLOOD which destroyed all except NOAH and his sons, and all the living beings they had carried with them. The ARK found a support on Mount Ararat , and stayed there till the end of the flood.

A simile to this story is there in HINDU mythology too, as the BOAT OF MANU with the difference that there were Seven Sages in the ark, and the boat was saved by a big Fish, the Matsyavatar of Vishnu, who took their boat upto, and helped them to land on the Himalayas.

( F) DESCENDENTS OF NOAH (Neolithic Man):
Thereafter, Ham ( Syam?), Shem ( Semi), and Japheth( Jupiter) also multiplied to form –
(1) the Black HAMITE (Afro- Asiatic) race of Africa and West Asia, and allied subraces, viz. Mizraim(Egypt viz.Misra Desh), Phut ( Libya viz. Berber Desh),
Cush ( Sudan, Ethiopia, and an area of Mesopotamia), and Canaan( Eastern Mediterranean coast, with Palestine of Phillistines). They were Not Negroes, but PROTO-/AUSTRALOID or Austric, Neolithic people, who are also regarded as a ‘dark’ but CAUCASIAN tribe. This is indicated by the fact that The name of the mother of Ravana of Ceylon was ‘ Kaikasi’, derived from Kaikas,I.e.CaucasusMountains! The aborigines of India and Australia were probably Cushites/Kushites called Autochthonous/Proto-Australoids, and an allied primitive hunting tribe in the forests of Ceylon or Sri Lanka, named Veddas or Veddoids, while the American Indians are supposed to be the descendents of Canaan.
(The NEGROES were a Non-Hamitic Black race, confused with Hamites due to their dark complexion, but were a more primitive pre-Noah,i.e.Pre-Neolithic, or Paleolithic race, descended from Set/h, the third son of Adam and Eve, whom the Africans worship as their main deity, said to be comparable with the Hindu god Rudra or ‘Wind god’, and who was the enemy of Horus, the deity of the Sun-worshipping Pharaohs of Egypt).

(2) the Brown, S(h)EMITIC , Mediterranean, Arabic (Dravidian) race, which initially inhabited the region from the foot of the Caucasus Mountains throughout the Arabian subcontinent, upto Egypt, to which Jesus Christ belonged, comprise the Syrians(the people of Syria, referred to as ‘Suryaya’ by the Syro-Malbar Church of Trichur, Kerala ), Assyrians(‘Asshur’ of the Bible, which also means the ‘Sun’ in the religious terminology of the Sumerians who were the priests of the Assyrians), Arabs (who worshipped ‘Sin’,               the Moon God), Elamites, descendents of Lud, and the Israelites, who were a branch of Syrians. Some anthropologists like S.V.KETKAR, consider the Mediterranean race ALSO to be a branch of the  CAUCASIAN race (probably derived from a Mediterranean variety of the Proto-Nordic stock). That means that Noah was a representative of the Neolithic, viz. Austric or Proto-Australoid Caucasian race, as all his descendants belong to one or the other branch of Caucasians or Caucasoid people.

(3) The White (and Yellow?) JAPHETH-ite CAUCASIAN races, including the Descendents of GOMER, I.e. Celts and their priests, the Druids( of Eastern and Western Europe and Ireland with part of Northern Scotland and Wales);
MESHECH( Mushki – Moscow, Western Russia);
MAGOG and Gog (of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Northern Russia, i.e.,Siberia – ancestors of the ancient Sumerians, and the Magi (supposed to be Magicians and Sorcerers, who also had knowledge about the stars and soothsaying) – comprising the Sarmatians of Russia; Huns of Hungary; Scythians,Parthians, Persians, and the Americas to the Far East, where they reached through Bering Strait;
MADAI – Ancient early Persians;
and TUBAL( of Anatolia i.e.Turkey and Central Asia-Ural Altaic region of Russia, of the Hunnish tribes), 

Who are the ancestors of-

[ (A)(1)the Bradycephalic or Broad Headed CELTS (The Barbarians of the BIble),i.e. Cimmerians including the ‘Ashkenazi’ of Poland and South Germany; the Gaels-including the Iberians of France, Spain, Portugal,Ireland and Scotland,the Galatians of Turkey ;
Riphath: Black Sea and Italy; Togarmah: Phrygians of Armenia and Turks of Cappadocia i.e. Anatolia/Turkey; and, the Tocharians, and,
(2)the SCYTHIANS or ‘Skuthians ‘as the name is pronounced in Greek, known to historians as Sakas or Shakas (which is the corrupted form of ‘CHAKRAVARTY’, I.e. ‘Ruling all over the Earth’ or ‘ Sarvabhauma’ Kings or Emperors of yore), also mentioned in the original Hebrew Bible,and are supposed to be the Ashkenaz, (but referred to as ‘the Savages’ in the New English version of the Bible, as initially, they were ruthless plunderers), who migrated from Eastern Europe, through Eurasia, and the Russian(meaning Open Land) Steppes, upto China and Japan, judging from the island named Sakhalin near Japan. There is a belief that though a purely Caucasoid tribe originally, some of them intermingled with the regional indigenous people, thus becoming’ Mlechhas’ (that is, a Non- Aryan,’ outsider’ race for the Hindu Society),judging from the fact that a Japanese Princess who had come some years back to India, claimed descent from the Ikshvaku dynasty of Sri Rama !                            The clan to which Gautam Buddha, born at Kapilavastu, belonged was a Mongoloid clan known as the ‘Shakyas ‘of Nepal, who claimed to be cognates of the  Shakas or Scythians, but they are supposed to be  a  branch of the Naga tribes, like the Lichhavis, another tribe to which Trishala, mother of the last Jain Tirthankara Mahavir Swami belonged.By the way, the Buddha and Mahavira were almost contemporaries, but Mahavira was born at Vaishali of Bihar.

(Actually, it is thought that the real or ORIGINAL Scythians were NOT                                                   a Mongoloid race ( SVKetkar, Author of ‘History of Caste in India’), but they are supposed to be a purely Caucasian tribe of Eurasia, their initial habitat corresponding to the present Ukraine, Hungary and around,who were genealogically said to be typically European in look, like the Alpine Celts/ Kelts, with a Broad head, Very Fair skin, Blond/Flaxen hair,Blue eyes,straight nose, and tall, stocky build.                                                                              However,there was another group in Central Asia, of the Mongolian Steppes, viz. the Kushans, I.e. a Tocharian -‘speaking ‘ tribe, different from the original Tocharians, and their followers, the Yue- Chi of Chinese Turkestan, the descendents of Magog and Gog, who also called themselves SAKAS or Scythians,though they did not belong to that original tribe- which is probably a descendent of GOMER -and claimed to be their cognates, by virtue of being one of the kindred tribes covered under that designation in India, as stated by Prof.RCMajumdar, former Vice Chancellor of Dacca University,Prof.HCRayChaudhary, and Prof.KaliKinkarDatta, Professors of History in Calcutta Univ. and Patna Univ. respectively(in their book ‘Advanced History of India.’) Some authors think though, that the above tribes, and those called Indo-Scythians did have some Mongoloid admixture.

Obviously, that is the group The Japanese Majesty is referring to, for the original Scythians, as already mentioned above, have been described by historians as being tall, very fair, broad headed, blond- haired with blue eyes, which is a typical European description, as mentioned above, whereas the description of Rama in the epic ‘ Ramayana’, is totally different, in that he has been called ‘ Saanvla Ram’, i.e. dusky complexioned Ram. Also, the pictures of him, drawn from the imagination of his devotees, show him to have slightly oblique, Mongolian type eyes, as in Indonesia.

The Turkish tribes,viz.Huns and the Ephthalites,known as ‘ White Huns’,also come under the White, Bradycephalic Caucasian race.

(B)The other group is of the Dolichocephalic or Long Headed Greeks and Italians,NordicTeutons and Anglo- Saxons, i.e. Northern GERMANS and Scandinavians, (‘THE ORIGINAL ARYANS’, GERMANS or GENTILES, meaning ‘ Nobles’), Indians and Iranians, who were knights or warriors in armour
( Bakhtariya/ Bactrians) on horseback. 
They are the Descendents of Javan ( Greeks of early Greece , Spain, Rhodes,and Cyprus),
and Tiras( Italians- Originally of Thrace,I.e. Etruscans or Tyrrhenians ), and Meshech
( Mushki/Muscovites of Russia).
During the Medo Persian Empire, the later dolicocephalic Achaemenian Persians are said to have intermarried with the Medes, so that their descendents became cousins of the Medes. They were the Descendents of Meshech.

Both the types of the white Caucasian races were initially, worshippers of the Sun( Mithras)
and the Fire God( Agni) ].

The Caucasoid tribes, as mentioned above, include the WHITE(Japhethite), BROWN(Semite/Mediterranean and the DARK Negrito- mixed Austric or Proto -Australoids of Palestine;the Aborigines of India, viz. the Autochthonous Australoid and Veddoid tribes ( Pre- Dravidians of India and Ceylon) of the forests of India(e.g. Vanaras ), Sri Lanka,and Australia, and American Indians;  in short, all except the BLACK NEGRO races of Africa, Andaman-Nicobar, and America,  as also the YELLOW, MONGOLIAN and MONGOLOID  races.
(It is not definite how exactly the Proto-Australoids relate to the Bible, but since they have prominent eye- brow ridges, Dolichocephalic heads, and have            a Negrito strain, it is thought that they may be related to the black Hamitic,            I.e. dark Caucasian races.)

The Bible does not make specific mention of the Black, I.e. Negro and Negroid races, or of the Yellow Mongoloid races, including the Chinese and Japanese, but apparently considers (1)the PRE- Noah people, viz. Adam-Eve, and their sons, Cain, Abel, and Seth as NEGROS and Negritos;and the YELLOW MONGOLIAN and Mongoloid  tribes/races of Central Asia, North East and South East Asia, (the Lands of the Dragon, e.g. China), as well as Far East and North-East India respectively, as branches of the Canaanite race of Hamites, viz. the Hittites as the  ancestors of the Mongols, and the Sinites viz. Descendents of Sin(Proto-Australoids),I.e. those who had migrated to China several thousands of years ago, judging from the fact that there are only the above three races- Ham, Shem and Japheth- mentioned in the Genesis chapter of the Old Testament. Thinking of it, the Mongols, Chinese and Japanese are much LIKE Hamites with their low flat noses, except for their broad head, typical yellow complexion, straight hair,and certain distinctly Mongoloid facial features,i.e. the thick inner epicanthic fold which gives the eyes the narrow, slanting look, and high cheeks that are the result of Genetic mutation, come about as an environmental adaptation to the extreme and harsh cold of their region- the Mongolian mountains, and the freezing cold and sand of the Siberian desert, as also the glare of sunlight over the snow, by way of a natural pad of highly set bone and fat over the cheek region and fat over the eyes for their protection from damage due to sunglare , sandstorms and blizzards.      (In other regions, the growing height of the nose bridge retracts the epicanthal fold, as it is probably not required there.)

(The banished nomad, cursed farmer Cain of the earliest Pre-Noah period,      and his descendents must have been the immediate ancestors of Negroes, while some descendents of his brother ‘Seth’,the ancestor of the predecessors of Noah, must have been distant ancestors of the Neanderthals of Paleolithic Age, and it is known that some Negroes of the early Paleolithic period and Neanderthals had migrated even upto China and presumably upto Japan therefrom. 

There is an aboriginal tribe of white caucasoid(Hamitic) people known as ‘Ainu’ in the Northern island of Japan, termed as ‘White Savages’! It is now believed that the Japanese are a mixture of the Ainus and the later comers mostly from Korea via Siberia, and some from China.  However, there are some authors who think that the Mongols are the descendents of Tubal-Cain,and that the Turks like Huns are the descendents of Tubal, the son of Japheth.)

The Sons of HAM or Hamites (viz.Mizraim-present Egypt; Phut- Libya ;Cush- of Sudan and Ethiopia, as well as Mesopotamia; and Canaan- the land of Philistines, later called Palestine, as mentioned above became the slaves of the other two races because of their crudeness and lack of good manners, namely,the sin or irreverence of Ham, the youngest brother, towards their father Noah, when the father was sleeping, as per the Bible). They were BLACK but NOT Negroes; rather, they were Neolithic, Caucasoid pastoral settlers who had come from the Middle East, or some place in Asia Minor, and settled in the Northern and North Eastern parts of Africa, the Horn of Sinai and the land of Canaan.(The Negroes, e.g. the Pygmies and Bushmen, inhabited the Congo basin and Sub Saharan part of Africa and South Africa.)They worshipped ‘Set’, their Proto-Mediterranean ancestor, as their God, who is equated by some to the Wind God ‘Rudra’, said to be a prototype of the later,Lunar Aryan deity Shiva.

Canaan was the father of Heth, the ancestors of the Hittites(who were basically Hamites, but later became Mongoloid by adaptation to the freezing Arctic cold of the Altai Mt. region, and came to be mixed with Indo Europeans in Anatolia) socalled ‘mixed Aryans’ and Danavas (?)-early Greeks; Cush had a son,Nimrod, who was a mighty hunter. His kingdom included Babel, Erech and Accad in the land of Shinar,viz. Lower Mesopotamian valley.

From thence went up Asshur ( the Assyrian) to Upper Mesopotamia, and built Nineveh, the great city of Calah, and the land in between. From there,the Assyrians developed trade relations with the Hittites of Anatolia, as Turkey was called earlier,and with the Mitanni or Minni, also known as Hurrians or Urarites,living in the area west of the Caspian Sea in North- Western Iran,’ Urartu,’ who are supposed to have been a Proto- Indo European tribe.

The SEM- ites were also known in India as the Dravidas, and occupied the entire Arabic region to the south of the Caucasus, upto Egypt. They were divided into two main groups-
the Arabic people,who comprised the Arabs, Assyrians,Elamites(and according to some sources, the Phoenicians); theArabs worshipped the Moon God, Sin, who is supposed to be a male, along with his consort Shams,the Sun Goddess, and Athar (. Venus), their son.
And, the other group of Syrians, as well as the Israelites, viz. the Abrahamites, who migrated from the city of Ur in Chaldea ( part of Babylon), to the Land of Canaan, thereafter called Hebron( land of the Hebrews) or Israel, and became the Jews,that is, the people of Yahveh or Yahuwah , also called Jehovah by some. There is a corresponding name, Yahwei, in Hindu mythology too, meaning ‘Never Resting’.

The Jews remained in the land of Canaan for some time, but following a big famine there,went to Egypt around 2100B.c., where they became and remained as the captives of the Pharaohs some time later, till 1500 B.C., when Moses, who was brought up by the Queen of Egypt (belonging to a native Egyptian race, supposed to be a mixture of Ethiopians- black Africans-and primitive Indians-Dravidians and Veddas), rescued them from captivity during the eg rule of the eighteenth dynasty, and led them back to the land of Canaan.
(Later, at the time of the 22nd/23rd dynasty, Aryans from the Mediterranean coastal area, became the Pharaohs,so that it is apparent that the Pharaohs were not a homogenous race, and that both black people, Viz.Nubians, Ethiopeans, i.e. Black Caucasoid Africans (Cushites) and primitive Indians, viz. pre-Dravidians and Veddas; as well as ‘mixed’white people- Aryans and Shemites- ruled over Egypt during different dynasties).

It was on their way back, on Mount Sinai, that Moses received the ‘Ten Commandments’ for his people, from The Lord God, and passed the same on to them to follow religiously .

( G) The next relevance of the Bible to India is seen from the event at the time of the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST, of the line of David, when three Wise Men of the East, of the Magian Astrologer Priest- Kingly caste of the ancient Persians of the East, came to Bethlehem to see and greet, and bless the Holy Infant Christ,
[viz.King Gondophernes / Gasper/ Casper, the Parthian i.e. IndoEuropean from INDIA,whose court St. Thomas,disciple of Christ is said to have visited; Melichior,a scholar from PERSIA,and Balthassar or Balthazar,an Arabian ( Ethiopean or Assyrian ?) scholar from Saba/Chaldea, Arabia.
(Some authorities claim that there was a Chinese among them, possibly instead of the Arabian scholar, considering that there is one reference to the origin of the Magi being Shin, Land where silk comes from,that was CHINA in Far East)].

They learnt of the birth of the holy infant Christ, and came to Bethlehem by following the Star Sirius, to greet the divine infant, who, they also predicted, would be a great leader of mankind, but whom the wicked King Herod was trying to kill, as he feared that the baby would become the future King of Israel.

(The Star Sirius or Dogg Star is said to be Sarma, the Canine Goddess among the Hindu gods,sent as the messenger of Shakra or Indra ,the God of Thunder, Rain and War, and the Commander in Chief of the Gods or Devas, ( equivalent to Michael, who, with his angels, drove the Devil out of God’s kingdom?), to the Panis ( Phoenicians), of Punt(now Djibouti in North East Africa/ western coast of India ),a farmer-trader caste of the Asuras or Anti Gods, to ask them to give back their cows,which they had stolen from the Gods,on refusal of which,Indra wreaked his wrath on them by burning down their houses,and made them run away.

There is one more interesting point about the Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary and the Birth of Jesus Christ, viz. His VIRGIN BIRTH from Mother Mary,without a biological father to sire him, which some people view with skepticism, and consider as being scientifically impossible.
However, in view of the month of December being marked by the Catholic Church as the Month of the The Immaculate Conception,and December 8 – the day of the Feast of Immaculate Conception, since it was on December 8,1854 that the Catholic Church declared The Immaculate Conception as a Dogma for devout Christians to accept and believe in, it is pertinent to elaborate on the subject herewith. It is not certain whether Protestant Christians also believe in the theory of Immaculate conception of Mary,as they do not worship Mother Mary.
A group of them thinks that Mary was not free of the Original Sin, but that she was redeemed by the prediction that she was going to give birth to the Divine Child Jesus, who was predicted to become a great leader of mankind.

It is better to leave this point about the immaculate conception of Mary, and Virgin Birth of Jesus to people’s own faith and decision.

In the Hindu scriptures too, however,it is mentioned that the earliest Rishis or sages, called
Param Rishis,were born, and reproduced without the help of sexual relations, simply by the force of their Spiritual Power, by a method known as Parthenogenesis.

This phenomenon of Parthenogenesis or ‘Virgin Birth’ IS a big mystery, incredible to many people, who are unwilling to believe anything that is not endorsed by scientific evidence. Therefore, about 15 years back, some American Scientists from US had even claimed to have discovered through some scrolls found during their Archeological excavations in Israel, that Jesus Christ was, in fact, a lady saint by the name of Jessica, living close by the birthplace and place of habitat of Christ in Israel,around the same time as the lifetime of Christ, whose life events were significantly similar to Jesus Christ ! There are also some authors who have stated that Jesus had female breasts, because of which he wore a girdle round his chest, instead of his loins as men of those times did.

To hard core ‘intellectuals’ like these, it will come as a surprise that a report has been published by the News website, BBC Nature, on 12th September 2012, that some scientific research workers in US, one among them being Prof. Warren Booth, of the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, US,have observed virgin births in some wild, vertebrate animal species like snakes, e.g.the North American Copperhead and Cottonmouth pit Vipers , lizard species including the endangered Komodo Dragon, sharks and birds, in 2.5 to 5 % of cases. The population thus generated is mostly female, and clones, but a viable male offspring has also been reported in one case. The Whiptail lizards are even reported to have lesbian tendencies. Till now, this phenomenon was known to occur occasionally in captive species. The reason for Virgin Birth is not known, as it is seen even in individuals with normal sexuality – whether it is because of the individual species’ or animal’s active selection of asexual reproduction,or due to stimulation by a virus or bacterial infection.

Among placental mammals and marsupials,this phenomenon is generally unlikely to manifest, because these mammals need a process known as ‘genomic imprinting’ to reproduce, where a set of genes from one parent dominates over the other. The interaction between the two sets of parental genes is required for the embryo to develop normally ; but then, an unlikely event like Virgin Birth in the case of a human being is always rare and usually unexpected , which is why it is called a Miracle ! A similar instance in Hindu Mythology is that of Lord Ganesha or Ganpati, whom Mother Parvati produced from her body without union with Lord Shiva. This may be the reason why in South India, Ganapati is believed to be unmarried, while his brotherMurugan has two wives).
So the real son conceived of both Shiva and Parvati – ‘Kumar Sambhava’ – was Karthikeya,aka Kumar, Murugan, Subramanian, Skandan, Velayudhan etc.)

Some time back, it was mentioned in a documentary feature on a TV News channel, in relation to the subject of sex transformation in human beings – that is, a person born as a woman,changing into a man and vice versa, as happens in a few instances – that, contrary to the statements made in almost all religious texts, that the Man is the first creation of Nature, and that the Woman is an offshoot from his rib, like Eve from Adam,or navel, from Vishnu, it is Now scientifically established that it is Not the Male,but the Female genotype which is the basic one, and can manifest itself as a male phenotype (‘manifest sex’) under certain circumstances, as the Y chromosome is a genetic mutant of the X chromosome. So, where a person who is born as an apparent male, turns into a female, the person is actually a female genotype who is born as a male phenotype for some reason,like hormonal influence, but reverts to its true phenotype as a female, when the influences are corrected; but it is also possible that such a man may live his whole life with an apparent male identity, in which case,his actual genotype may never become known to anybody.
This is what is likely to have happened in the case of Jesus Christ.

Actually, the earliest divine source from which all creation has sprung, is said to be a mass of creative energy or spirit, which can mould itself into any form at will, which has been named
‘ Hiranyagarbha’ or ‘ Brahmanda’ i.e.Golden World Egg,inHindu Texts, and ‘Ectoplasm’ by Occult Scientists.


As virgin births are generally female for the obvious reason that an XX pairing of sex chromosomes can only produce a female offspring, it is possible that Jesus Christ, who was supposed to be aVirgin Birth from Mother Mary,as said above,had a FEMALE GENOTYPE Basic gender constitution, but manifested himself as a MALE PHENOTYPE ( Manifest Sex), and retained his masculine identity throughout his life. That is why he was able to achieve Divine Mercy and Hope for Redemption for the whole of Mankind, that a Macho Man wouldn’t have ! It is already mentioned that Jesus had female- like breasts. ( It is also worthy of note that the description of the ‘ Holy Ghost’ Jesus in the Chapter on Revelation to John in the New Testament mentions Christ as having ” hair white as wool, or as snow”, which is a feature of the Northern Teutonic, Gentile races of Europe, rather than of the Semitic Israelites !)

(H) Coming back to the Bible, and the Chapter on REVELATION:-
We again find a relevance and SIMILARITY OF The EVIL CHARACTERS mentioned in the chapter of ‘Revelation’ of the BIBLE, namely,
(1) Satan, or Saturn, who is aligned with the Red Dragon, Mars, I.e the Biblical Serpent or Devil.( However, some authors refer to the Fallen Angel Lucifer or Venus as the Satan). The Satan will give his powers to –
(2) the future Third Anti – Christ gathering the non believing nations against Israel, for a war against Israel, viz. the First Beast, whom some authors regard as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican, and,
(3) the Second Beast or False Prophet – the Roman Catholic Church,
The NOTORIOUS Figures of HINDU Mythology,viz.
(1) Shukra,i.e.Ushanas alias Shukracharya, probably the ‘Sukroi Ochai’ of Chinese mythology, or the Biblical Lucifer, whom some people regard as the Satan; however, it is not certain that Lucifer was a Chinese.
(2) Ushanas’s son Tvastra Prajapati(The Lord of Beasts), like Shiva, and,
(3) the son of Tvastra- viz. Tvaashtra, a three headed lunar deity with two horns, that were perhaps a part of the headdress ( ‘Introduction to Indian History’-D.D. Kosambi), who was the Brahmin or Fire-Priest and a Teacher of the Upanishads of the Rigvedic Aryans, who can be equated with the Second Beast and False Prophet. He is said to have been subsequently decapitated by Indra, because of which Rishi Shukracharya is said to have been offended.

There is one group of believers, who prophesies that the Third Anti Christ or First Beast will probably be a Roman and the Head of a Federation of Non- Believing Nations ( from the lands of Gog and Magog viz.Central Asia and Russia), with his seat at Rome, in union with the False Vatican Church(?) of Rome, to whom he will give his powers.These will be accompanied by the Second Beast,the False Prophet, who will probably be a Jew, because only a local person like a Jew, can misguide the People of Israel !

However,as per the Revelation Chapter of the New Testament of the Bible itself, the three evil entities mentioned above are expected to come from the Far East, and to have ‘Frog like’ countenances (Crocodile like according to some writers), which suggests their origin from a country in the Far South East of Asia,where the natives have puffy upper eyelids, epicanthic folds like frogs, than from an Occidental region; whereas the Romans and the original Jews are not from the Far East. Further, these entities are said to be sorcerers, as they refer to the Magian priests, who were astrologers and were supposed to be knowing witchcraft.

Some people interpret the Bible to say that the AC / Satan/ Devil / Beast, is a Black man from the land of Cush or Ethiopia in Africa, and that the Black races or Negroes are the children of the Satan, as they are not as civilised as the White races.

The Black races resent this, and proclaim the Satan to be a White man, probably of Rome,
( The Pope of the Vatican Church, or the European Union ), as they feel that it is the White races which have waged more wars, and done more harm to humanity than the Blacks or Coloured races.In fact, in the New Testament, Rome is also referred to as ‘Babylon’, for during the Roman Empire, it was not possible to allude to Rome,when talking critically about it.

However,on the basis of the foregoing points,it seems more likely that the Third AntiChrist will be neither Black( Hamite), nor White ( Gentiles),nor Brown ( Israelite Jews), but of the third, Yellow skinned race ( Gog and Magog ), i.e. a Chinese or someone of Mongolian origin, as per the Biblical prophecy, and as the famous French prophesier Nostradamus has predicted about 400 years ago; and this Anti Christ with his Second Beast will be from the Oriental Land Of The Dragon, viz. China or Tibet, which is under China.

The Second Beast could also be from Nepal, where there are many Maoists these days, or from the Muslim Mongolia (where also, the number 666 must be a revered one),like the historical Moghul invader Genghiz Khan.

The two- horned Ba’al, the God of the Babylonians, was a serpent deity. It is not known if he can be equated to the Maha Sarp Rahu- Ketu, who seems to be equivalent to the Dragon, the representative and the power wielder authorised by the (Chinese) Satan, as stated in the chapter
‘ The Book of Revelation’ of the Bible.

According to the Bible,these evil figures will raise their heads once more before ‘THE DAY OF REVELATION’, that is reminiscent of the ‘End Of The Kali Yug’ or ‘Day of Quayamat,’when,
the Non-believers of Yahweh and Anti Gods –

Viz.[China, and its Dragon,being the Anti Christ ;
Her Maoists, the First Beast, from Tibet ;
And the Second Beast being
the ( a) present descendants of the Dravidian races, previously known as Asuras or Daityas, the sons of Rishi Kashyap and wifeDiti ( inhabitants of the region between Caspian Sea and River Tigris/ Hiddekel?),now known as Arabs);
(b) Rakshasas or Ogres/ cannibals,also sons of Kashyap and Khasa, of North east India, and some parts of Africa ,viz Somalia (from Sumali, Ravana’s maternal grandfather) and Mali, besides Yakshas or Goblins of Far East India (Mongolo- Dravidians),
and ( c ) the Danavas,the sons of Rishi Kashyap and his wife Danu (I.e. those living between theCaspian Sea and River Danube), known as theTitans or Giants ( Originally Hamite- ‘mixed Aryans’ or Black Greeks who became American Indians like Mayans?)], will attack-

the Believers and Children of God , viz.the Israelite and SyrianJews, Christians and all the Believer Greek/ Nordic German tribes, (and Good Muslims and Hindus) will gather in the Battle of Armageddon (in Israel).

( By the way, though the names in the Bible and Quran sound similar, the Allah of Muslims is not the same as Yahweh.He is a Lunar deity,identified as the Moon God worshipped from the time of the Pre – Islamic Arabs and Dravidians, akin to Babylonian Baal,
while Yahweh is recognised as a Solar Deity akin to the Aryan Sky God Varuna, since the time of Moses.)

This war will be followed by the arrival of the Final and Furious Incarnation or manifestation of Jesus Christ, (and, or Narayan Vishnu as His Kalki Avtaar),and the12 th Imam,Mahdi,to bring the wicked and violent elements of the World to book, and under His control again, to restore peace and goodness here once again !

It is deserving of note here that the description of Kalki is strikingly similar to that of the last and fierce manifestation of God in the Bible and Quran viz. An illustrious personage with flaming eyes, mounted on a ‘swift white horse’,named Deva Dutta ,in Hindu Texts, and with a drawn blazing sword in his hand.
In the Bible, the sword is in the mouth of the rider on the white horse.
In the present age, the ‘swift white horse( steed )’ may indicate a helicopter or plane, and in place of the sword, there may be some other weapon, like a rifle or gun.

Moreover, interestingly,the Quran describes the Evil Being, Masih- ad- Dajjal, as having ‘one good eye and one blind eye,’which incidentally, is a feature of the Preceptor of the Demons, Shukracharya or Ushanas also.

In the Hindu Texts Kalki Purana and Bhagwat Purana, it is mentioned that KALKI is expected to be born of an unmarried mother, named Sumati, in the house of a Brahmin ( significantly) named ‘Vishnu’ Sharma, in the town known as ‘Sambhal/ Shambhala’ in Moradabad District ( which was ruled long ago by one King Maitreya ), on the banks of the Ganges,at the foot of the Himalayas, near Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, India. However, there is a dispute over the probable Place of birth, some people claiming that the place of birth will be Sambhalpur in Orissa, and some others saying Shambhal is somewhere else -Tibet or even Mecca ( ‘Mother of all settlements’).
Time alone will reveal where it will be.

The day ( Tithi ) of his birth is, according to some foretellers,predicted to be the sixth waxing ( Shukla i.e. white ) phase of the Moon in the Lunar month of Shravana of the Hindu Calender,corresponding roughly to the month of August,and is named ‘ Kalki Jayanti’, but there are some others who say that the day will be the twelveth day,Dwadashi, of the Shukla part of the month of Vaishakha ( May) of the Hindu Lunar Calender.

Kalki means foul or ‘Filth’, but he is also called the ‘ Nishkalank’ ( Unblemished ) Avatar, as He is coming to do away with the filth or blemish surrounding him, while retaining his own purity,and make all around untarnished again in status and spirit, like a Lotus in the midst of mud In a Pond.

It is also said that this KALKI will bring along with him an ideal religious leader DEVAPI,
and an ideal king or ruler named MARU, who are living at present in meditation in a place called ‘Klaap’ in the Himalayas, whom he will establish and empower to rule the world after he accomplishes the purpose of his coming , i.e. destroying the evil elements and restoring peace, righteousness and justice to all,on Earth, before he returns to his heavenly abode.

Perhaps it will be Mahdi who will accompany KALKI [probably a Scytho- Dravida-(Mongolo – Pre Dravidian),the Reincarnation of Vishnu ] ,by the name of ‘MARU'(Illustrious Warrior), who’ll be of an Aryo- Dravidian (Arab) MUSLIM (?) clan of Rajasthan, presumably as an Avatar of Shiva.

And, JESUS CHRIST WILL COME BACK again As The Son, and ‘Word of God’,
in the form of the religious leader DEVAPI ( ‘Friend of The Lord’ and as incarnation of Mithra/s, Ancient Persian and Roman God of Light ), of the Kuru [Aryo- Dravidian] Clan
(of King Shantanu of Mahabharata, who had a brother also named Devapi),
either as a CHRISTIAN ( i.e. neither Hindu nor Muslim),
OR a SIKH ( a follower of the teachings of Guru Nanak, who preached Brotherhood and Unity between the above two religious communities), or the future Dalai Lama of Dharmasthala or Tibet, who may liberate Tibetans.
He will be probably from the State of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh,the most disturbed State of India, presently.

In this context, considering the fact that this Incarnation is going to be ‘ Kalki’, and at the same time, ‘ Nishkalank’ Avatar, and is likely to arrive in the month of Shravan,on the sixth day of the waxing phase of the Moon, according to some authorities, that is, around August, I feel like quoting a Press news I had read in August 1998, in the Gujarati Daily newspaper ‘ Sandesh’, published from Ahmedabad, about a newborn infant discarded as illegitimate( Kalankit ) by its parents,in a well in front of the Govardhan (Krishna)Temple, in the Rakhial area of Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India, but which was rescued miraculously, and got redeemed as legitimate,that is,’ Nishkalank/ Nakalanka’,in the course of the police and legal procedure of finding its parents, and restoring the child officially to them.

I know this sounds like utter superstition, but the case is so extraordinary that it deserves mention in this reference. As it is, there is ambiguity about the place where Kalki is/ was supposed to be born, and in which State Sambhal really is. It is not known what the meaning of the name
‘Sambhal ‘is, but it appears to be like the word ‘Sambhalna’ or. ‘ Dekh Bhal’, meaning ‘looking after’ or ‘protection’, for the place is referred to as Kalki ‘ Rakshit’ Sambhal in the Kalki Purana.
The name of the quoted place of birth of the baby mentioned above is ‘ Rakhial’, which also denotes the same meaning.

Still, it is too early to derive any conclusion from the case. All the same, I have quoted it for curiosity’s sake.

Coming back to the case under discussion, it was reported in the news that one full term pregnant woman and a man, from a residential area near the said Temple at Rakhial, came to the temple for the woman’ s delivery,in the middle of the night around the month of August 1998, when the case came to light. They came there because the local nursing homes refused to admit the woman, as they sensed something illegal. The woman delivered the infant with the help of her companion at about 4.00 a.m in the early morning.
Thereafter, being afraid of social condemnation, they threw the newborn baby boy in an old, unused, dried up well in front of the temple in its compound with a heavy heart before people started coming there, and left. Shortly afterwards, people going that way for their morning walk, heard the cries of the newborn child and came towards the well. Seeing that there was an abandoned baby inside, they called the local police, and drew their notice to the infant with request to bring it out.
On going down the well, they found to their surprise that the usually dry well had a patch of fresh grass at its bottom because of recent rains, and that the child was unhurt on account of its landing on that patch of grass. Not only that, but there were two big cobras hovering around the baby, so that it had to be taken out with the utmost caution. However, the infant showed no signs of being bitten by them.

The baby was so lovely that some of the people on the spot even offered to take it home. However,in keeping with the rules, the police told them that they would have to leave it with a Govt. Child care centre and search for its parents first. They traced the mother of the child and her companion and took the case to the local court. Gratifyingly, contrary to the general impersonal and formal attitude of most legal personnel, the magistrate of that court took pity on the parents and gave orders and permission for them to get married then and there, and handed over the child to its own biological parents after first legitimising their union and their son whom they had thrown in the dried solitary well to die a tragic, unreported death, to bring up as their legitimate child.

So the matter ended on an ” All is well that ends well” , ” And they all lived happily ever after” note, like the story of a commercial film !

The boy must be 18 years old now, as the above case had been published in mid 1998 in the Gujarati dailynews paper.  I would have liked to find out if he has shown any special qualities, different from ordinary children by now, in keeping with the unusual events at the time of his birth,viz. the illegitimate,deserted baby surviving miraculously to get redeemed itself, and to redeem it’s irresponsible, disloyal parents also, but it’s not possible for the reason that newspapers do not impart private information about anyone.Anyway, If the boy does have a divine spark in him, he will come out to show it in the next couple of years.Otherwise, he may be just an exceptionally lucky boy!


We can only hope that the D- Day prophesied by Nostradamus is not too close or just round the corner.
It was predicted by the Mayan Calender to come on 21-12-2012,
and by Nasa Scientists on 22nd Dec.2012, due to a solar Blackhole, but thanks to Nature or Providence, Humankind has got one more chance to shed its selfishness and wickedness, violence and bloodshed,and improve for the Good of all. Let us make the best use of it.

The numerous natural disasters, like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, and Forest fires, besides sprouting of deadly diseases like AIDS and Ebola virus fever, since the last decade of the 20th century wreaked a lot of damage; and as if Nature’s wrath is not enough, man-caused accidents and atrocities like rape, and bomb blasts, as also the bitter fights between nations, like the current fight between Israel and Palestine over Gaza, and the unrest in Iraq, Syria, as well as in Egypt and Libya, evoke anxiety too, not only because of the massive genocide of innocent people in all these countries, but also because of the gradual involvement of other nations in the World, in these battles between neighbouring countries,that may lead to the much dreaded Third World War, which everyone wishes to avoid.

This is reminiscent of the BIBLICAL warning of the Last World War in Israel, which is to be followed by the Day of Reckoning, and return of GOD, Jehova, or Yahweh, according to the Old Testament of the JEWS (Chap.of Ezekiel, 38:18) or Jesus CHRIST as per the Chapter of Revelation of the New Testament of the CHRISTIAN Religion, this time in His furious form, when God or Christ will restore peace by striking down all the wicked people, that is, the nonbelievers!
(Ezekiel: 38.18-22, Today’s English version) :-
The Sovereign Lord says,” On the day when Gog (a large region in Asia, viz. Georgia, near the Black Sea, the seat of Scythians) invades Israel, I will be furious. I declare in the heat of My anger that on that day, there will be a severe earthquake in the land of Israel. Every living being on the face of this earth will tremble for fear of me.Mountains will fall, cliffs will crumble, and every wall will collapse.
I will terrify Gog with all sorts of calamities. His men will turn their swords against one another. I will punish him with disease and bloodshed. Torrents of rain and hail together with fire and sulphur will pour down on him and his army and on the many nations that are on his side”.
(Ezekiel39:1-6) “Mortal man, denounce Gog, the chief ruler of the nations of Meshech ( Russian Steppes viz. North West Asia, around Moscow), and Tubal (West Asia- region of Tobolsk of Russia). I will turn him in a new direction and lead him out of the far north until he comes to the mountains of Israel.
Then, I shall knock his bow and arrows out of his hands. Gog, his army and his allies will fall dead in the open field on the mountains of Israel. I will start a fire in the land of Magog and along all the coasts where their people live.
Now, I will be merciful to the people of Israel, and make them safe and prosperous again!”

ISLAM also speaks of an imminent ‘Day of Kayamat’, and their ideas are somewhat like the Jews, with the difference that their Messiah would be of the name ‘Imam Mahdi’, and come to save as also to uplift Muslims.

The HINDU religion, as already said above, predicts the ‘ Coming of KALKI’,
the Tenth and Last Avatar or Incarnation of Vishnu, at the end of this
‘Age of Wickedness ‘,viz. ‘Kali Yug’, who will also arrive in order to destroy evil-doers and save the virtuous for the revival of ‘Satya Yug’, viz.’Age of Truth and Righteousness’.

I, for one, however wish that all the three Messiahs would come together, not to destroy the people of all religions other than their own, and save only Their believers, BUT to reveal to the people of all the religions the Real Truth – that All of them are basically            One Supreme Spirit, God or Divine Trinity, that is, the Saviour of Good and Righteous people of all the religions (who are working for the Welfare of all Humanity as their main Dharma or Religion), as also The Destroyer of all the Wicked elements on this earth,
and Unite All Humanity in One Bond – of Mutual Goodwill, Harmony andPeace !

Tathastu ! Amen ! Ameen !