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(7)Aarushi Talwar Sr.No.3) How Bequasur is Nupur?


Nupur Talwar, a Dentist residing in Noida, was sentenced to imprisonment, from May 1 to Sep.25 2012, and is in jail again since November 26, 2013, along with her Dentist husband Rajesh Talwar for the murder of their
14 year old daughter Arushi and their domestic servant,Hemraj alias
Yam Prasad Banjade,on 15/16.5. 2008 night,and for helping her husband Rajesh Talwar, in the destruction of evidence pertaining to the double murders. Both Nupur and Rajesh Talwar, of course, emphatically and persistently deny the charges against them,and so,the hearing of the case, with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as the Prosecution Vs
the Talwar couple, finally started since June 4,2012 ,four long years after
the holocaust.

The CBI was strongly against granting Nupur Talwar bail after her first Imprisonment as they believe that she is definitely an accomplice in the murders by way of helping her husband in elimination of evidence relating to the case and probably in actual murders too. However, the agency does not seem to have yet caught any solid or concrete, valid forensic proof, nor any eyewitness to testify against the dentist couple. Still, the CBI Special Court has sentenced Both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar to Life Imprisonment on the basis of circumstantial evidence alone since November 26, 2013.

I ) In the case of the other suspects,viz.(a) Rajesh Talwar and ,
(b) his brother, DrDineshTalwar, who took the lead on the first day for
trying to conceal evidence of rape, if it had occurred, and swapping Aarushi’s Vaginal swabs with another woman;
(c)Talwar’s Compounder Krishna, and ,
(d)Rajkumar, Domestic servant of the Durranis, Talwar’s Business Partners, at least, there is some,however scanty, evidence or ground, to suspect their involvement in the crime.
For example,
(a)RAJESH TALWAR is reported by Forensic Science experts to have had some spots of Aarushi’s blood on his clothes on16/5/08 morning, but Not of Hemraj; while no blood was observed on Nupur’s clothes; in fact, their staff denies seeing any blood on the clothes of either of the two.                        (Now, after the reopening of the case in January2011,the CBI claims that Nupur’s clothes too had small,microscopic specks of Aarushi’s blood on them, as a later finding, and so, I feel this ‘discovery’should be taken with a pinch of salt).
Besides, it is learnt that on the second day of the murder, when Hemraj’s body was discovered on the Talwars’ terrace, after which the Talwars rushed to Haridwar for immersion of Aarushi’s ashes, Rajesh phoned to their family lawyer, Pinaki Misra, Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court, to arrange for his anticipatory bail.(He did not ask for Nupur’s bail then.)
Moreover, the Noida Police, who seized the laptop of Rajesh, and Aarushi’s computer, on 19th May, 2008, found that an attempt had been made by someone to change the passwords of Aarushi and Rajesh Talwar, but Nupur’s password was not tampered with.

(c) Likewise,a pillow cover stained with Hemraj’s blood was said to have been found in the room of KRISHNA THADARAI, Rajesh’s Compounder.
(Now, however, the second team of CBI is reported to have dismissed the ‘pillow’ finding as a typographical error due to ‘mix-up’ of the labels, though if investigated properly, it would have been a sound proof of his having been at the Talwars’ house on the night of the event.)
No human blood was found on his khukri either, although it is said that Krishna had gone there to give a Khukri to Hemraj that night on the latter’s request, because Hemraj was very fearful during the last few days about his safety.

(d) The shirt of RAJKUMAR too was found to have blood stains on it after the incident,but the Durranis have explained it as possibly due to boils. Later, the CBI got it tested Forensically and declared it free of any incriminating bloodstains and DNA. Actually, what they said was that the blood on the shirt had got denatured ,because of which, no definite opinion could be given. They also lent him the benefit of doubt of having been in the Durranis’ house for their work till midnight on the night of the murder.
It is also reported by the CBI that both the mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj were hidden and broken by him, as per his own confession under Narco. Still, he too has been released as acquitted from jail because it has not been possible to confirm that he had gone to Talwar’s house on the fateful night, as it is suspected that the confessions of the servants were elicited from them by force and leading questions.
According to Rajkumar’s own voluntary statement to the police, Rajesh Talwar had called him and asked him to wash the blood soaked clothes in Aarushi’s bedroom on the day of the murders and to give water to all the people who had gathered at their house.

(These facts make one wonder whether the servants are being sheltered and tutored to give statements in their own Defense by some big personage/s, e.g. the Durranis, though they are actually supposed to be
the Talwars’ family friends.)

(a) However, even if the disputed point of presence of Aarushi’s blood on Rajesh’s clothes is set aside, RAJESH has made himself liable to suspicion in other ways too,
(A) first by filing a false FIR of murder and absconding, against the ‘missing’ servant Hemraj on 16/5/08 morning, on finding Aarushi dead in her room, without searching for him everywhere in his house, and terrace.
(B)Then he avoided giving the key of the lock on the terrace door to the police the same morning, even on their asking for it, as they say, almost ‘shooing’ them away from his house and asking them to go and search for Hemraj at the railway station before he could escape to Nepal,his homeland, instead of ‘wasting time’ searching in Rajesh’s house (apparently knowingly,
with the intention of disposing of Hemraj’s body after their departure.)
Thus he has tried to mislead the police and sidetrack the investigation,
which is an offence in itself. However, the presence of the media and public around his house during that whole day did not enable him to do so.
The Question is, if he had not killed Hemraj, why should he try to hide his body? Is it that he knew that Hemraj was killed and that his body was lying on the terrace on the first day itself, but was trying to shield somebody else?

[It is not understood though, why Rajesh did not go over to his Inlaws’ house, which was close by within walking distance,to get his car to dispose of Hemraj’s body in the darkness and quiet of 15/16.5.08 night itself, giving his inlaws some credible reason for taking the car at that time, and call his trusted Driver over to his house for help so that there would be no chance of the body (in case the murder had happened at his hands), being found later by anybody else.Perhaps, he was afraid of his inlaws becoming suspicious of him. Or may be, he really didn’t know that the servant’s body was lying there.]

(C) Again, when the door was opened the next day by the police,by breaking open the lock, Rajesh as well as his brother, Dinesh Talwar expressed inability to recognise their own dead domestic servant who was staying with Rajesh since eight months !
(D)Not only that,but as soon as a friend of Hemraj identified him,both the brothers left the place immediately and proceeded to Haridwar for immersion of Aarushi’s ashes.
(E) Moreover, an attempt seemed to have been made by someone to change the INTERNET passwords of Rajesh Talwar and Aarushi, but not of Nupur, around 19th May2008, i.e. before Rajesh’s arrest by the Noida police, for whatever reason. It is difficult to think of anyone else who would do it, while Rajesh was in the house, but himself.
(F) 23out of 28photographs taken by Aarushi on the CAMERA gifted to her on the night of the murder were also deleted,leaving only 5,including 4of Aarushi herself and one of her parents, showing the dress worn by them at the time the driver saw them last, at 9.50pm, and showing the time of taking the photographs as 10.10.
(G) The memory of Aarushi’s MOBILE was deleted.Both hers and Hemraj’s Mobile phones went missing almost immediately after their murder.
(H) Rajesh Talwar had also made a phone call from Haridwar, where the Talwar couple had gone on 17th May’08 (immediately after the opening of his terrace by the Noida Police) for immersion of Aarushi’s ashes, to their family lawyer,Pinaki Mishra,Sr.Advocate in Supreme Court, to arrange for his anticipatory bail, but not for Nupur!
(I)They have not handed over immediately to CBI, a golf club found on the loft of Aarushi’s room subsequently.
(J) He has also removed the outermost iron grill door of his flat, which was said to have been locked from outside by the killer,after the crime, while the investigation of the case was still on, saying that it had been installed unauthorizedly.
All this escapist and concealing behaviour gives the impression of a guilty conscience on the part of Rajesh Talwar.

(b) Dinesh too, has brought himself under the shadow of doubt by his
(A) Supposed efforts to influence and pressurize Dr. Dohare, the doctor doing Aarushi’s postmortem, through the retired DSP KKGautam, and Dr. Dogra of the Forensic Dept. of AIIMS,to avoid mention of rape or any sexual exposure in the report, and thus conceal an important piece of evidence,
if existent.
(B) He also brought DSP KKGAUTAM to Rajesh Talwar’s house on the second day of the murders to get Rajesh’s terrace door lock broken, as its key was untraceable, when Rajesh had gone to the cremation ground to get Aarushi’s ashes, whereupon the body of the servant cum cook HEMRAJ was discovered on the terrace in a decomposed state, whom both he, Dinesh and Rajesh Talwar, who was called there subsequently, feigned not to recognise!
Dinesh Talwar is also suspected to have manoeuvred the swapping of Aarushi’s vaginal swabs with another woman, by visiting the concerned departments of AIIMS and the Govt. hospital, soon after the murders.

In the case of Nupur Talwar, however,there is Not a Single palpable Proof
to pronounce her guilty with certainty, for either the murders or destruction
/concealment of evidence thereof. On going through all the facts of the case wherein she has been brought into the picture from the beginning of this matter, it is seen that the case against her rests almost fully on hollow suppositions and baseless surmises, such as, ‘She was at home that night, so she MUST be knowing all that happened in her house,’as also
‘she phoned so and so,named Dr. Ritcha Saksena, a Pathologist, therefore
it MUST be for the purpose of swapping of Aarushi’s vaginal samples;
or still, ‘NOBODY BUT SHE COULD have done this or that’, e.g. the cleaning of Aarushi’s private parts and changing her dress, etc.

The Main argument is that it is Not believable that Nupur can be absolutely ignorant of , or uninvolved in such a major and disastrous event like two murders, and subsequent destruction of evidence by way of cleaning Aarushi’s private parts and room, which occured in her house in just the neighbouring room, that is, almost under her nose – that too, of her only child, about whom she seems to have been very protective till now.
For she said she used to lock Aarushi in her bedroom every night before going to sleep, and was keeping the key of the door under her pillow, EXCEPT on that very night of 15th May 2008, when she forgot to lock the room and left the key on the door ‘by mistake ‘, when she went to Aarushi’s room at11.00/11.15pm on the fateful night to put on the router in that room, which, she said, was the last time she saw Aarushi alive.
But that does not prove that she deliberately left the key on the door that night for foul play. (It is pertinent to mention that One key of the door used to be with Aarushi , which she could use to come out, but nobody else could enter her room without the key if the door was locked, unless Aarushi or her parents opened it.)

Nupur admitted that ‘ lapse’ during an interview on television, and said that ‘she would never forgive herself for it’, but she talked about it so casually and apathetically, without appearing genuinely or at all remorseful, that it looked as though she might be speaking about a theft in the house of some inanimate object, or the loss of someone else’s child,and not of her only daughter! (No wonder that people raise the doubt about whether Aarushi was her own daughter or a step-/adopted child. It is however established by DNA tests that she was indeed the biological child of the couple, conceived by her after 8 years of marriage through ‘In Vitro Fertilisation'(IVF), and delivered by Herself on 24th May 1994, Not via any Surrogate Mother like
the children of Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan!)
It is possible though, that Nupur has lost all feeling and respect for Aarushi, if the girl really had unruly and promiscuous ways as some people think.

(II b) Only One point can be held Validly against Nupur- Concealing the Golf Stick suspected of having been used in the murders, that was missing during the police inspection carried out immediately after the double murder but which, she said, was found a year after the murders from the loft facing Aarushi’s room by herself and Ajay Chaddha, Rajesh’s cousin and childhood friend, while cleaning the loft. The golf stick was not given to the CBI immediately on finding it, but after a couple of months. This is the only one lapse and definite proof of her involvement in the concealment/destruction of evidence of the crime.
(II c) She Must have had a hand in removing the outermost iron grill door of the house,alongwith Rajesh Talwar too.

II d) The behaviour of Nupur Talwar on the day of the murder since that morning however strikes me as strange and inscrutable.
First, she went personally to Aarushi’s school that afternoon to bring her home, when the usual practice set for Aarushi’s safety till that day, was for her to go directly by the school bus to Nupur’s parents’ house, which was close to the Talwars’ place, after school, and stay there till 7.30pm, when Nupur would come and take her home. According to some reports, Nupur went to her parents’ house for some time before taking Aarushi home.
Secondly, After bringing Aarushi home, instead of staying with her and not leaving her alone at home, as she said Rajesh used to tell her since some days not to do, she went to work leaving her alone with the servant Hemraj for three hours.
Thirdly, that same night, she also left Aarushi’s bedroom door unlocked and left the key on it (when she had gone there at 11.15pm to put the router on for Rajesh, and seen Aarushi alive for the last time) unlike her usual habit
of locking the door and taking the key with her to keep under her bed.
All this looks as though she was ‘preparing ‘ the background for something. FOR WHAT? WHY?
(These are pertinent points as Aarushi was murdered the same night within an hour after Nupur saw her last, and Aarushi’s boyfriend Anmol Agarwal
spoke to her for the last time on the Talwars’ landline phone, at 11.30pm.)

That same night, on 15.5.2008, Nupur had switched off her own Mobile phone from 7.30pm, and kept it switched off till the early hours of18.5.2008, that is, till after the family returned from Haridwar after the immersion of Aarushi’s ashes, while Aarushi’s cellphone had become silent after her last talk on it with her boyfriend Anmol Agarwal at 9.10 pm, whereafter both hers and Hemraj’s cellphones went missing immediately after their murder! HOW?
(Nupur is said to have admitted during the Narcoanalysis and other tests conducted on her that She had hidden both the phones, but she didn’t mention the reason for that, or what she did with them/whom she handed them over to. On the same night at 10.00pm, on the other hand, she persuaded Rajesh to give Aarushi the camera they had ordered and received that day, to gift her on her Birthday falling on 24th May, right away.
Maybe that was to alleviate Aarushi’s resentment at her phone having been taken away from her.
She is also supposed to have told the investigators doing the tests that she knew that the golf stick was used for the murders and that the servants did not had have a hand in the murders. However, she did not reveal the name of the person/s who hit the two victims with that. MYSTERIOUS!)

III) WAS SOMEONE WAITING FOR AARUSHI’S DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED ON 15/5/08 NIGHT? According to some reports, Aarushi finished her dinner late, at 10.30 – 11pm that night, but hardly ate anything, I.e. Kabobs as per the statement of Rajesh Talwar under Narco (though Nupur told the Media that Aarushi had taken only tea that night). As to Hemraj, he had served dinner to all at 9. 30 p.m and then rolled out some rotis and served food for himself too in a plate at 10.30, but for some reason, he did not eat it
(as seen by the food lying uneaten in the plate till the next morning ) but apparently consumed some liquid (which was not confirmed to be liquor)
as per the postmortem report of his gastric contents, as though he was waiting for or expecting someone to come.

Krishna had said during interrogation that Hemraj had requested him on the previous night to get a ‘Khukri’ for him as he feared for his life, so it must be Krishna whom Hemraj was waiting for on 15th May ’08 night. Krishna too considered Hemraj as a confidante, and confided in him about his grievance against Rajesh Talwar as well as about his intention to get even with Rajesh, as said to have been overheard by Rajesh’s driver; but if that was so,
Why would Krishna murder Hemraj of all the people?

In any case, the whole scene looks smirky as if someone or the other staying close by could have been waiting since some time for the key to be left on the door or in the passage so that he could take immediate advantage of the ‘mistake’ and opportunity when it occurred.(Hemraj out of ‘interest’ in Aarushi, and / someone else among the servants who was perhaps a secret admirer of Aarushi, or Aarushi’s boyfriend, namely, Anmol Agarwal, or
the neighbour Puneesh Tandon.

(III b) It is obvious that the help of ‘another person’ must have been taken by Rajesh Talwar (that is, if he was the culprit) for the murders, which is quite plausible considering the way the murder scene and Aarushi’s body was carefully cleaned and ‘dressed up’ after the murder, before the police came, and other actions like taking and depositing the dirty mattress of Aarushi in the neighbour’s terrace through Umesh Sharma, His Driver, which Rajesh alone, or an unrelated person or criminal wouldn’t do, though Umesh Sharma told the CBI that they had done so with the knowledge and permission of the Noida Police and ‘a lady in the house’ (Nupur’s mother) after Aarushi’s body had been taken for cremation.

(III c) The charge of CBI Officer AGL Kaul, is that as soon as Rajesh finished his work with the internet at about 12.08p.m after midnight, he retired to his room to sleep, but on hearing some noise in Aarushi’s room, he succeeded in entering the room promptly, and caught Hemraj with Aarushi in an ‘objectionable position’ redhanded. Becoming overwhelmed with rage,
he made a murderous attack on Hemraj by hitting him on the back of his head twice with his golf stick in quick succession. As he dealt his second blow, HEMRAJ collapsed on the floor and Aarushi got hit on her forehead
by mistake. Rajesh did this without losing a moment after catching Hemraj on Aarushi’s bed, within the next half or one hour- before 1.00 a.m of 16/5/08, the estimated time of the murders- so quietly and carefully, that Nupur says she got No inkling of it. Nupur had gone to sleep at 11.00 p.m after putting on the Router in Aarushi’s room, and may not have locked the room from outside that night because Rajesh wanted to use the router in Aarushi’s room, as his own was giving some trouble. Rajesh, had just gone to sleep in the neighbouring room, after midnight, when he is said to have spoken to someone from U.S. But he denies having heard any sounds.

The CBI holds that Hemraj, staying in the Talwar flat’s servant room, might have seized the potentially dangerous opportunity to satisfy his supposed longstanding lust, and entered Aarushi’s room after Rajesh left it, which was detected by Rajesh as soon as Hemraj got into action(as suggested by the mention of Hemraj’s underwear lying by the side of his body ), upon which either Rajesh and/or some undeclared person, present around, possibly
Driver Umesh, seeing him stripped obviously with sexual intent, got angered and caught him in time , and struck him as well as perhaps Aarushi too, as she might have started crying and threatening to expose his assailant/s, thereby ending the chapter of Aarushi and Hemraj!

However, knowing that Hemraj was in great fear for his life during his last few days at Talwar’s place, as he had told Uma Thakur, a social worker, four days before his murder, it is not likely that in that state of mind, he would take such a big risk of approaching his master’s daughter at that time of night , with the parents being just in the next room. For, as his wife told
the investigating authorities,Hemraj was afraid for his life because, as per Hemraj’s telephonic talk with her 15 days before his murder, his master, Rajesh Talwar had warned him with the threat of killing him, for gossiping with outsiders and Aarushi , about the Talwars’private ‘family matters’! Besides, he had the opportunity of taking advantage of Aarushi during the daytime in her parents’ absence that very afternoon, when Nupur had gone to work ( naively?) leaving her to his care for three long hours, and run away after that, if he had wanted to do so ! Why would he be so foolish as to wait to do it at night, with Rajesh Talwar, his dreaded master around?

Hence the accomplice for his murder could well have been Umesh, Rajesh’s driver, who might have stayed on in the building housing the Talwar flat that night, so that the watchman may not have known about it. He might have been sitting on the terrace to catch and kill Hemraj at the opportune time. He might have been hiding there thereafter till morning upto the arrival of Bharati, their maidservant, (which may be the reason why Nupur did not take her in, or allow Bharti into the kitchen for washing the dishes that morning), and slipped out quietly after locking the terrace when Bharati went to inform the neighbour Puneesh Tandon and others about Aarushi’s murder!


Of course, it all looks very fishy and dubious, but where is the proof that Nupur played a part in these murders or in the later ‘dressing up’ of the scene and of the girl’s body? Have her fingerprints been found anywhere in Aarushi’s room or on any suspicious items picked up by the police from the site? Moreover, there is no complaint against her by anyone that she tried to bring pressure or influence on him/her to conceal or manipulate any evidence,as her husband and brother-in-law are reported to have done.(However, if their compounder Krishna is to be believed, he is supposed to have told the investigating authorities at the beginning of his interrogation, that Nupur Talwar told him to take the blame on himself, which may be one reason for his confession to the crime in the beginning, though he retracted his statement later).

The mere fact of her having been in the house when the murders took place,or her expression looking unnaturally controlled or unaffected, is no proof in itself of her knowledge and involvement in the crime. At least, I for one, am inclined to believe that she has not played any role in the actual double murder, and was possibly not present in Aarushi’s room at the time of her murder. About her involvement in the deletion of evidence of the crime, no comments!

(Likewise, though I am not so sure of Rajesh’s innocence in the matter of the murders, I can’t say with certainty that he may have murdered Aarushi after having incest with her,as some people have said, just because he was working in her room upto a late hour on the fateful night, because that is a very bad and defamatory thing, worse than murder,to think about in anyone’s case, and should not be contemplated and publicised without definite proof.

Also, just think,would Nupur have been able to remain as affectionate, sympathetic and supportive towards him as at present ,if she had learnt that he had murdered their only child just for a moment’s selfish gratification of his lust,instead of for family honour?)


Even if Nupur has done something grossly illegal,it is doubtful whether the CBI will ever be able to catch and ‘lock ‘it conclusively at this stage (unless Nupur lets her love for her erring husband become her weakness and plays her cards naively in his,more than her own support), thanks to the Noida Police,who first visited and examined the site perfunctorily, with free entry to all and sundry ,and left without cordoning off the place of the crime as per protocol,which enabled hasty clearing and botching up of the crime scene by the guilty and interested elements.(Her Trying to help Rajesh after Dec.2010, by forcing the CBI ,who were only blaming Rajesh for murder till then, to reopen the case, made her position more difficult.)

As regards cleaning and washing of the floor and walls of Aarushi’s room, Umesh Sharma, driver, as well as Vikas Sethi, their Clinic Manager, have admitted to having done it, but they and Nupur Talwar say that this was done only ‘with the permission and mercy of the Noida Police and a female constable’, and the knowledge of an old lady of the house ( Said to be Nupur’s mother) after Aarushi’s body was taken away for cremation. Rajesh and Nupur themselves were not in the house to get it done.


The Law of the country may not have intended to convict Nupur, but her cunning Brother-in-Law Dinesh Talwar may have done so, with the solid influence that he obviously has with the Noida police, judging by the transition from the initial theme of the case, viz.:

1)’Rajesh and/or his servant Krishna,killed Aarushi and Hemraj ,with the help of their friends’ and neighbour’s servants Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal, and Dinesh Talwar helped him in the concealment and deletion of evidence, while Nupur was non-suspect for the murder (and subsequently charged only for the destruction of evidence as an accomplice to Rajesh), as per the statement of the first investigating agency , on the basis of which Rajesh and the three servants were put in judicial custody,

to -(2)’Rajesh and Nupur Both committed the double murder’,as per the report of the next team of investigators, following which Nupur went ‘in’, as she was supposed to have been the only person in the house besides her husband on that fateful night, and it is not conceivable that Rajesh could have committed the murder singlehandedly. She had been in jail earlier for 5 months since 30/4/2012, because of non-sanction of bail,despite her plea that she should be treated on parity with Rajesh,the co-accused, who was granted bail within 50days of his first arrest on the grounds that no incriminating evidence against him could be elicited during his interrogation in jail.

In this reference, it is noteworthy that the CBI itself has expressed an opinion before, that the fingerprints collected from the whisky bottle in Talwar’s residence do not match those of the occupants of that house or any of the suspects, which points to the presence of a ‘fifth person’ in the house that night.

So far, in addition to Aarushi’s parents, Dr. Dinesh Talwar i.e.Rajesh’s brother, Krishna-Rajesh’s clinic compounder,and his other employees,viz. Vishnu Sharma, Talwar’s former domestic help; Jeevan Sharma-Hemraj’s son-in-law, Bharati and Kalpana Mandal, the Talwars’ domestic maids, as well as Rajkumar-Rajesh Talwar’s business partner Durranis’ servant, and Vijay Mandal – Rajesh’s neighbour’s servant, have been named and interrogated as suspects. But, Umesh Sharma, Talwar’s driver,and Vikas Sethi, their clinic Manager, have been let off with superficial questioning, though they too have taken part in the post-murder clearing of Aarushi’s room (and it is known that Umesh went to the Talwar’s house at 9.50pm that night to leave Rajesh Talwar home). The reasons for this leniency is not understood. Maybe they enjoy the protection of some ‘ Big Shot’, because they are the ‘Men Who Know Too Much’. It may be noted that no active efforts had been made to cancel Rajesh Talwar’s provisional bail after he was freed from jail, till Dec.2010, though there were more charges against him than against Nupur to begin with. Apparently,double standards of justice were being applied later for Nupur, Rajesh and Dinesh Talwar in this case till the last part of 2013, for inexplicable reasons.

This discriminative attitude could be the reason for the repeated changes in the investigating agencies, each of which came up with totally different theories and accused different persons for the murders- first, Rajesh Talwar alone,then the servants, and now, Nupur Talwar too.

(3)This state of affairs probably suits someone who is ‘influential’ as well as primarily interested in Dinesh Talwar more than in his brother’s family ,
and is therefore continuing to date, which is also why the last team
of investigators has come to stay and do its job completely,so that Rajesh and Nupur would ultimately become the scapegoats, while Dinesh Talwar and the servants will be spared totally!

It is still not known what the topic or content was, of the 197 phone calls made by Rajesh Talwar to a ‘fellow lady doctor'(whom some people have identified as Anita Durrani,) a few days before the murder of Hemraj and Aarushi,and 6 calls on the night of the murder,when he had not gone to his clinic while Nupur had,which perhaps indicates that there may have been
a plan between the two to consolidate their relationship by getting rid of the gossip- monger Hemraj, though not by murder!

Lately, a peculiar situation has come up with Nupur admitting a physical relationship withDr.Ajay Chaddha, Rajesh’s cousin and childhood friend, before the CBI Court.
The relevance of their relationship to the double murder case is not understood, except that the missing golf club which is supposed to have been used in the case, was found on the loft opposite Aarushi’s room, by the two together alone in the Talwars’ house, and they did not give it to the CBI
Immediately on finding it, so that it is suspected that they may have washed, cleaned and polished it, to remove blood and all evidence of it’s being used for the murders.The Talwars of course refute the charge.
It is not known whether the CBI raked up and probed the point to examine the possibility of whether the murders might have been committed by Ajay Chaddha and Nupur, (because of their relationship,which may have blossomed before the murders and was being thwarted by Aarushi and Hemraj),
rather than by Rajesh with Nupur.

Whatever it is,the whole scenario has started looking more and more foul and sinister as the case is progressing, and the motives of each character becoming increasingly murky, so it is becoming difficult to know who is working for or against whom.

So much so,that it is beginning to seem as if the present team of CBI Officials too are acting out of a spirit of vengeance to ‘zero in’ on theTalwars, esp. Nupur, for challenging all the investigating teams and getting them changed from time to time, as well as having their own closure report rejected by the CBI Court and asking the CBI case to reopen and resume the investigation for the ‘real culprits’.

That may explain why the CBI has suddenly, after the reopening of the case, accused Nupur also of involvement in the murders in addition to her participation in the destruction of evidence, and had put her in judicial custody for five long months last year, and now for Life alongwith Rajesh, while letting off all the servants,even Rajkumar,with a clean chit, in spite of their having thought him guilty at first, of the offence, however ‘peripheral’, of hiding , switching off and breaking the evidence of Aarushi’s mobile phone (taken by him or somebody else before her murder,because of which her last talk with Anmol at 11.00-30 p.m had to be done on landline),and then throwing it away, as well as supposedly being in the know of the whereabouts of Hemraj’s phone and the weapon of offence, the ‘khukri’, as he admitted under Narcoanalysis and the other tests done on him.

If the phone was taken by Rajkumar, it indicates that Nupur’s ring onto Hemraj’s phone on 16/5/08 early morning was received by Rajkumar from Durrani’s residence, where Anita Durrani may have seen it and bribed him with a good amount of money, and the assurance of supporting him in the double murder case,thus persuading him to wipe out whatever dangerous Memory in it and destroy the mobile phone to save her from trouble, in return.

This can be taken to mean that Rajkumar might have come secretly to the Talwars’ residence on 15/5/08 night with Krishna, unless Krishna or some other person who had been there, gave him the phones to keep them in his secret custody.The cellphone was later discarded somewhere closeby, where the lady named Kusum found it,and gave it to her brother in Bulandshahar, while Hemraj’s phone was said to have been probably passed on to someone in Punjab.

HOWEVER, lately, it has come to light through the Narco tests on the Talwars,that the Talwars themselves had hidden the two mobile sets of Aarushi and Hemraj, and probably disposed of them through Vikas Sethi, their clinic manager, whose father runs a shop of electronic goods,
Or their defense witness,Dr.RKSharma, whose father also runs a shop dealing in Mobile sets, through whom Rajesh used to get Aarushi’s
prepaid Mobile recharged off and on, and who admitted that
his father’s sister lived in Punjab.


For whatever reason though, the second, present team of CBI is not inclined to punish either Krishna Thadarai, Vijay Mandal or Rajkumar, the last one because of the Durranis’ backing, though he too may have some connection with the murder,and due to the recommendation ofNHRC.
CBI is also seen to be lenient with Dinesh Talwar,driver Umesh Sharma, clinic Manager Vikas Sethi,Ajay Chaddha,or even neighbour Puneesh Tandon, in front of whose door the trail of the bloody footsteps had been seen coming down from Talwars’ flat, in the Noida Police photographs; in short, all except Rajesh andNupur!

Therefore, the Ultimate Verdict of the CBI, in the CBI Trial Court on 25th Nov.2013 is that,
Rajesh Talwar is guilty of the murder of Hemraj and Aarushi, and Nupur is also framed
for helping him in it, under IPC Section 302, to be read with IPC Sec 34(crime with common intention) and have been sentenced to life imprisonment! In addition, Rajesh has also been convicted for lodging a False FIR against Hemraj of murdering Aarushi and absconding, on the day of the murder, thereby misleading the investigators of the double murder,under IPC Sec203. Moreover, both he and Nupur have been declared as the culprits for concealment and destruction of the evidence of the crime, under IPC Section 201(with Sec34),and sentenced to a further period of imprisonment for 5 years, which will be served concurrently with the life imprisonment sentence. I wish Nupur had safeguarded her own previous, less guilty position, and not been aggressively assertive on behalf of Rajesh, from the outset. She could have helped Rajesh more if she had not got jailed herself.
For in her anxiety to protect Rajesh and his prestige, and her keenness to get the ‘real killers’ nailed and punished, whoever they may be, she has opened a Pandora’s box of problems for herself and Rajesh, by demanding the rejection of the practically innocuous Closure Report dated 29 Dec. 2010 of the CBI and Reopening of their case by the CBI Court, but for which, they would be walking free today!

Hence,the message that the CBI seems to be wanting to give Rajesh and Nupur Talwar is as follows:-
“We know who the real culprit is, but don’t force us to go after him (or them), Or we’ll ‘finish’you instead!
So don’t act smart, but accept the Closure Report of the CBI as it is, and just concern yourself in protecting your own skin and of Rajesh’s!”

Is liye,
“Dushman hai tera yahaan jaanke,
Jara Milna Nazar pahchanke,
Kahin ‘Durr’ na ho ‘Quatil’,
Kahin Deep jale Kahin Dil”!

Finally, at this point of time, I wonder if a Legal Apology tendered by the Talwars to the CBI Special Court, High Court and the Supreme Court
through their advocates and also their Family Lawyer Pinaki Mishra,
Senior Advocate of Supreme Court, begging pardon for their asking for rejection of the CBI Closure Report of Dec.2010 as also for Reopening and Reinvestigation of their case, on one hand, as well as withdrawing their complaint against the Report, and agreeing to accept it as it was presented
to the CBI Court then, that is, mentioning the Talwars as possible culprits for their daughter’s and servant’s murder, but without proposing any penalty for them, due to lack of sufficient forensic evidence (in other words, trying to set the clock back to where it was upto 29 December 2010), would soften the attitude of the CBI and the Courts at this stage, towards their request to be released on Bail pending the completion of the High Court investigation, as they have pleaded for, since no proof of their guilt has been found yet.

Of course, they may not admit their guilt, but they can show that they
Understand that anyone would naturally have a doubt about their
Involvement in the crime, with the existing circumstantial evidence, and refrain henceforth from slamming the CBI for merely entertaining and expressing
their doubt without recommending punishment for them; that is, they will not fight by making that insinuation alone a Prestige issue! It is learnt that there is an approach of this type called Alford plea allowed by US. Courts to the Defense party for seeking bail. It is not known if it is tenable in India,but there is no harm in trying it.

It is highly doubtful though, that the Courts would become lenient towards them at this point in the case, by the above gesture, as much water has flown under the bridge since the initial Closure Report. The Allahabad
High Court has also denied them bail.

However, nothing might be lost by trying, hoping against hope for the success of such a step, for the fact is that much of all the Courts’ prejudice against them is on account of the seeming arrogance and aggressiveness of theTalwar couple, especially of Nupur Talwar, who has been the main person pulling the strings all the time !

But No ! The egoistic , headstrong Nupur will not bend till she breaks;
so it seems to be their lot to spend the rest of their life in Dasna ( Sadna) Jail!