(2) Aarushi Talwar Sr.No.1) Who killed Aarushi Talwar? – Noida Police and CBI Theories (Part-I)


Aarushi Talwar,the 14 year-old daughter of the Dentist couple, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar of NOIDA,and Hemraj aka Yam Prasad Banjade, their Nepali full time domestic servant, were murdered mysteriously within the Talwar house on the intervening night of 15/16 May, 2008, i.e. over five years back. On the first day, i.e.16th May 2008, only Aarushi was found murdered in her Bed at 6.00am in the morning. As Hemraj was found missing, her parents and the Noida Police assumed that he had killed Aarushi and run away, perhaps for being caught thieving and threatened to be exposed by her.

However, on opening their terrace the next morning,the body of Hemraj was also found with injuries similar to those found on Aarushi’s body(viz.with head injury and neck slit),and in a decomposed state, which indicated that both the murders had been committed around the same time and by the same person.

The case was investigated for the first few days by the Noida Police, and then by two successive teams of the CBI, but it is still not found out with certainty by the CBI(Central Bureau Of Investigation), ‘ Who killed Aarushi Talwar’ and ‘What actually happened to Aarushi Talwar’ that night.

There are two sets of theories formulated by the two teams of CBI that were appointed to investigate the case, that are diametrically opposite to each other. Yet, no clinching evidence has been found about the identity of the murderer/s.

The TALWARS themselves say (now that it has come out in the open, that Hemraj too has been murdered, around the same time,and in the same way as Aarushi), that they believe this to be the outcome of a fight between Hemraj and his Nepali friends – viz. Krishna Thadarai, their compounder, Rajkumar, the domestic servant of their Business partners, Dentists Praful and Anita Durrani, and Vijay Mandal,, domestic servant and driver of their neighbour, Puneesh Tandon – i.e. the servant suspects who had visited him on the murder night, over some personal issue, which resulted in the murder of Hemraj, while Aarushi, might have got killed for having come out of her room at that time on hearing the commotion, and so having inadvertently become a witness of Hemraj’s murder!
Perhaps she might have photographed the three friends of Hemraj engaged in a deadly scuffle with him, in order to capture them red-handed, for showing to the police, which would explain the deletion of as many as 18 out of the 23 photographs taken by her on it, as well as provide the motive for her murder.

The. Talwar couple deny the possibility of Aarushi having been sexually involved with, or assaulted by either Hemraj or Rajkumar or anyone else, before her murder.
(The theory of ‘objectionable physical intimacy’ or sexual interaction between her and Hemraj- according to the Noida Police and the second team of CBI, or rape by Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal, as per the first team of CBI, is the brain-wave of the CBI only, sparked off by the statement of Krishna Thadarai to them, out of revenge towards Rajesh Talwar, who had threatened to sack him a few days back).
The First team of CBI too believe, like the Talwars, that the murders were committed by the friends of Hemraj, but they also believe that Aarushi was abused along with the fatal assault on her by Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal, before she was murdered by them and Krishna.

(A) On the other hand, The THEORY of the NOIDA (UP) POLICE, said to have been formed on the basis of the information given by the friend of Aarushi, Anmol Agarwal, is that the murders were motivated by the anger of Rajesh Talwar, due to the opposition of Aarushi, on the instigation ofHemraj,
to his friendship(or affair) with his business partner Anita Durrani, AND Aarushi’s excessive intimacy with Hemraj.
As they claimed,the sequence of events must have been as follows:-
(1) Dr. Rajesh Talwar returned home between 9.30 -9.45 pm on the night of 15th May 2008 after his day’s work.
(2) His driver also accompanied him with his bag to the house.
(3)Finding the main door of their flat closed, Dr. Talwar opened the door with a duplicate key.
(4) On opening the door, Dr. Talwar was confused to notice that the flat seemed strangely empty and forebodingly silent,with no sign of Aarushi or Hemraj around. Nupur was supposed to have come home at 7.30pm, but she was probably sleeping in her room.(Another report said that Nupur too, came home with Rajesh at 9.30pm.)
(5) Worried greatly, Dr. Talwar went over to Aarushi’s bedroom to check whether she was in and alright.However,he got the shock of his life when he saw that Aarushi was in there alright, but, in an ‘OBJECTIONABLE, but NOT COMPROMISING POSITION’ (whatever that means) with their domestic servant,Hemraj ! May be she was just huddling close to him.

[IGP(Meerut Range),Gurdarshan Singh exaggerated the statement of the earlier Police Officer to Rajesh catching the two in a ‘compromising’ situation between the two,which enraged Rajesh Talwar to the point of killing them both. Singh was removed promptly from the case by the UP CM Mayawati on the complaint of the Talwars for making this and other additional blasphemous statements like ‘the father killed his daughter for sexual misbehaviour though he himself was as characterless as his daughter’, but still,he has probably instigated CBI Officer AGL Kaul to uphold the same theory, who in turn added the name of Nupur too, as the accomplice for the murder, after she and Rajesh Talwar protested against the CBI’s Closure Report of December 2010, so that remains the view of CBI till now.This theory is based on the facts that,
(a)the girl was known to be emotionally attached to the servant;
(b) that there were apparently only the four people in the house that night; for though the three servant suspects are said to have confessed to being present in Talwar house on murder night, no evidence was elicited of their presence in the house, or of their having committed the murder.
(c)Aarushi’s body looking as though washed and cleaned,and the crime scene being ‘dressed up’;
(d)Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Aarushi’s uncle’s requesting Dr. Dohre who did her postmortem, in the Govt. Hospital, to hide the rape angle in his report, which suggests that rape had taken place ; Dinesh however denies having contacted Dr. Dohre;
(e)the swapping of Aarushi’s vaginal swabs with another woman,in the Govt.Hospital, presumably manoevred to conceal the evidence of rape, in connivance with the hospital doctors,as the Talwars were all doctors;
(f) many of the hospital records related to her postmortem have supposedly gone missing thereafter;
(g)The location of the head injuries of Hemraj and Aarushi,viz. Hemraj’s on the back side of the head, and Aarushi’s on the forehead, as can happen when two people sitting apposed to each other, are hit on their heads
at the same time.
Aarushi was also telling Hemraj about her plan of showing the family photographs to Anmol Agarwal, her boy friend, on meeting him that night,thereby being about to ‘wash her family’s dirty linen in public.’
(6)Already angry with Hemraj, who had struck at least emotional, if not sexual,intimacy with Aarushi, and was instigating her against Rajesh, besides gossiping about and blackmailing Rajesh about his friendship with Anita Durrani with outsiders, this sight made Rajesh lose control over his temper,and he went ahead to stop the two.
(7)On failing to restrain them, Rajesh brought a hammer and struck Hemraj hard.He had not intended to kill Aarushi, but Hemraj on being hit, ducked his head down, whereby both collapsed immediately – Aarushi on her bed, and Hemraj on the floor.
(8)Then,on getting panicky at what he had done, he felt he had to finish the two with certainty, lest they recovered and complained about him to the police. So he slit Aarushi’s throat with a surgical knife that he carried in his pocket, to ensure her death; then he dragged Hemraj to the terrace,slit his throat too, covered the body with the cooler cover, and the dividing iron grill between
his terrace and the neighbour’s with a double bedsheet, locked the terrace door, intending
to dispose of his body later,and came down.

This theory is Neither convincing nor correct, as –
(1) according to the Talwars’ driver’s statement, Aarushi and Nupur were at the dining table when he went to their house at 9.50pm to hand over the car keys and Rajesh’s bag; Hemraj was also there then, serving food to the Talwars.
(2)Moreover,the photographs taken immediately by Aarushi on the new camera gifted to her that night by her parents as birthday present, show the time of taking the snaps as 10.10.
(3)The clothes worn by the couple in the photos were the same as seen and described by their driver,as worn by them on murder night at 9.50pm,when he went to their house to hand over Rajesh’s bag and car keys,and also the next morning, as said by their maid Bharti.
(4) Also, as Aarushi’s friend Anmol told the Noida Police, he had spoken to her on Talwars’ landline phone at11.30pm that night as Aarushi’s Mobile phone had become silent since his last chat with her on her cellphone that night upto 9.10pm.
(5)Moreover, most of the reports say that Nupur Talwar had returned home beforeRajesh that evening,at 7.30pm,and was at home till Rajesh’s return at 9.30pm. So there was no Question of Rajesh finding the house empty on returning home that night; or on finding Aarushi and Hemraj together in a compromising/objectionable position and killing them then and there, BEFORE the estimated time of murder (I.e between 11.45/ 12(Midnight) – 12.45/1am that night, determined by Dr. Dohre, the doctor who did Aarushi’s postmortem,on the basis of presence of partially digested food in Aarushi’s stomach- as Aarushi had dined after, not before,9.30pm. that night and had eaten Kababs, or taken tea, thereafter, So that theory does not appear to be correct.)

The FIRST Team of CBI who replaced the Noida Police w.e.f June1,2008, operated on a different view, that there was probably, a fifth Unidentified person in the house that night who might have committed the murders as evidenced from unidentifiable fingerprints found on the Whisky bottle of the Talwars,as well as Unidentified bloody footprints in Aarushi’s room, and on the Talwars’ terrace, which did not match the footwear of any of the inmates of the house(Nor of the servants of the Talwars and of their business partners and neighbour, viz. Krishna Thadarai, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal).
But the Second Team of CBI is not taking note of that fact, because of IGP Gurdarshan Singh’s brainwashing (presumably out of vengeance because the Talwars got him and SSP A.Satish Ganesh removed from the case.

(B) The SECOND and current team of CBI also believe that Rajesh did catch the two red handed that night; however,not at 9.30/.45pm but between 12-1am in the night, after the family had dinner and Nupur and Rajesh went to sleep, from which he woke up on hearing a noise in Aarushi’s room,
And found Hemraj engaged in, or about to be engaged in sex with Aarushi, which enraged him to the point of striking him mortally with a Golf stick, hitting Aarushi also by mistake. Thereafter he slit their necks with at surgical scalpel.

After the Talwars finished their dinner, Hemraj had also served himself his dinner at 10.30pm,
but it was found untouched the next morning, which showed that he had not eaten it for unknown reason.

So the First team of CBI assumes that someone called him as he was about to start eating, and took him to the terrace, confronted him over some issue, perhaps about Aarushi, and then, on Hemraj’s not giving them satisfactory response, the killer and his accomplice, suspected to be Krishna and Rajkumar, killed him by hitting him on the back of his head with a golf stick, slitting his neck with a knife thereafter. Aarushi was also killed around the same time in the same way, by hitting her on the head, accidentally or because she threatened to expose the killer, following which he slit her neck too with the knife.

Now, according to the Senior Journallist Nalini Singh, the incident did take place, but not at 9.30pm or immediately after Hemraj’s serving himself dinner at 10.30pm, and it is not definite that it was at Rajesh’s hands. It seems to have occurred later, within 12-1am on the murder night and at someone else’s hands – either the servants who were in the house that night or an unknown outsider whom they might have brought with them. It is stated in one report that Hemraj had not eaten or slept that night, but his bed showed depressions as though three people had sat on it, and there were three or four liquor bottles and four glasses, of which two were half full and two were empty,which indicates that he had visitors that night, because of which he postponed his dinner,and got murdered before getting the chance to eat it.

After dinner that night, Nupur had gone to sleep after putting on the router in Aarushi’s room
at 11.00/11.15pm, while Rajesh was working from that time on the computer in Aarushi’s room, which he said he was using that night, as his own laptop was not working well. He is said to have been working on the Internet till 12.08 hours,after midnight.After12.08, he went to sleep, but that night he probably forgot to lock the door of Aarushi’s room, as he and Nupur usually did every night, according to Nupur’s statement to the Police.That same night, Aarushi was murdered in her bed.

Rajesh however, told the Noida Police on the morning of the murder,that he had ‘finished his work at the Internet at 11.30pm, and went to his room to sleep ‘after locking the door of Aarushi’s bedroom’, and ‘took the key along with him to his room’, but someone ‘stole it from the side of their bed, as he forgot to lock his own bedroom door from inside that night! The reason for suspecting that it was stolen was that he saw the key at a place different from usual,viz. on top of a wall painting in the morning! However, the police have reported that the key was found on the floor of the lobby of Talwar’s flat, in front of the door of Hemraj’s room! This statement is in utter contrast to the testimony of Nupur Talwar that the key was left on Aarushi’s room door that night by mistake, for which, she said she wouldn’t ever forgive herself ! This discrepancy between the individual statements of the couple is not understood.

Between the two, Nupur’s statement seems more genuine, as Rajesh’s claim that he left Aarushi’s room and went to sleep at 11.30pm(that is to say, well ahead of midnight, namely,the period during which Aarushi is said to have been killed) is proved wrong by the fact that he sent some emails from Aarushi’s computer in her room at 11.37.54 and 11.57pm, I.e. nearly 12.00pm. So there is reason to believe the CBI’s record that he was at the internet in her room till 12.08pm. Also, which servant would dare to enter his bedroom while he was inside, and steal Aarushi’s room door key from there?

It was about midnight, around the beginning of the period during which Aarushi’s murder is supposed to have occurred, when Aarushi’s friend Anmol Agarwal phoned on the Talwars’ landline, which is in their bedroom,but no one responded, and the phone kept ringing, while at 11.30 pm, that night, i.e. just half an hour before, Anmol had called Aarushi on the Talwars’ landline phone (as her mobile phone had stopped responding and seemed switched off after their talk at around 9.10 p.m), to call her to a restaurant to discuss plans for her forthcoming Birthday on 24th instant, which is the reason Anmol is said to have given to the Police for the call. The call was received by Aarushi, and lasted 34 seconds.

This suggests that her mobile phone might have been probably taken away from her by Rajesh Talwar and Nupur, after her last talk with Anmol at 9.10 p.m itself,may be, to prevent her from talking to him incessantly, and perhaps for finding out what she had stored in it, Or, to stop her from sending MMS of the family to Anmol through it. It is not known what reason Aarushi gave Anmol for it during her last talk to him on the Landline phone at 11.30pm.It should have been elicited from him.

However,it is not understood how and why her phone went missing from that day and time, that too alongwith Hemraj’s ( for Hemraj lived in the Talwars’ house, so there should be no need for the two to communicate with each other by phone). The phone was found much later with one
Ram Bhula of Bulandshahar,brother of one maid servant working in that area, named Kusum- With the memory in the Mobile phone deleted-
which Kusum said she found in a park in Noida, and gave to her brother.

It gives scope for the doubt that Rajesh found some offensive and ‘dangerous’ information on Aarushi’s Cellphone, on account of which he decided to execute the murder of Hemraj, killing Aarushi too accidentally, which took place between12.00 -1.00 a.m.that night, but it has not been proved conclusively.

His going over to Aarushi’s room after 11.15p.m, when Nupur went to sleep,to work on Aarushi’s computer,on the pretext that his own laptop was giving trouble, may be part of his plan to first get all information about Aarushi’s communications with Anmol and other friends from her Internet, then confront Aarushi and Hemraj with the facts and beat them into submission if they didn’t come around to promise to refrain from gossip and instigating Aarushi, thereafter. That beating proved fatal, whether he had meant to kill them or not.

That is how Hemraj may have got killed, rather than because of Rajesh having killed them both on finding them in a compromising position on Aarushi’s bed,as the Second Team of CBI thinks; But that does not explain why the Talwars found it necessary to clean Aarushi’s private parts after her death,as has been alleged.

The reason for not sacking him earlier instead of killing him maybe the fear that he may leak out the family’s secrets before everyone.

Rajesh sent a couple of emails at 11.37.54pm(Ref: Toronto star) and at 11.57pm, as reported by NDTV ( ‘Who Is Nupur Talwar?’) which is evidence that he was working at the Internet in Aarushi’s room, upto 12.08pm, as reported by CBI, and left the room thereafter at 12.10/12.15(past midnight) or perhaps still later, leaving the room open with the key on the door of Aarushi’s room, which gives the impression of the possibility of some outsider having come and killed Aarushi.

What is puzzling is that the heads of both the victims showed the same kind of injury,and the throats of both the victims had been slit in the same way; also the Whisky bottle bore the blood stains of both victims, which indicates that both murders have been committed by the same person ,but the dress of Rajesh bears the stains of only Aarushi’s blood, not of Hemraj. May be he slit the throat of Hemraj when he was already dead, due to which there was no spurting of blood, whereas Aarushi’s throat must have been slit while there was still some life left in her. So both the murders may be ‘one man- show’after all, of which Hemraj’s murder was a well planned, cold blooded murder, and Aarushi’s murder might have been an act of impulse, due to a sudden fit of anger. Or else,he may have called and taken the help of some assistant in his clinic, familiar with operative techniques for ‘the operation’.

Aarushi’s vaginal orifice was dilated, as the doctor who did her Post Mortem told the CBI Court, and it was Dr.Dohre”s opinion that it is a sign of someone having tried to open the vaginal canal after death, at a time when Rigor Mortis was setting in, which generally sets in after 3-4 hours
of death,that means between 3-4 am(3.43am?) in Aarushi’s Body.There was also evidence of some white fluid being introduced into the vaginal canal, probably at the same time as the dilatation.

It must have been done before the maid servant came to their house the next morning. Who might have done it? The criminal, if an outsider,would not have waited till the middle of night to do that(unless the master and mistress of the house had gone out). So, to all appearances, it could be the work of Mr and Mrs. Talwar before people gathered, who, the maid servant Bharati said, seemed to have woken up earlier than usual that day,[or, of Rajesh Talwar alone(?) considering that Nupur looked normal till Bharati entered the flat, and behaved as though she had entered Aarushi’s room shortly before Bharati, and just come to know of the murder].

The cleaning of Aarushi’s private parts suggests that she might have been lured (or suspected of having been lured) into sex on/before the day of murder, by whomsoever, but may not have been ‘raped’ by anyone on murder night, as there were no signs of force or violence on her private parts, but only wounds on her head and neck, similar to the ones on Hemraj. However, the old tear on her hymen, reported by the PostMortem doctor suggests that Aarushi might have been habituated to sex from before. Who could be having sex with her? Boyfriend Anmol, or Hemraj? But at least on the day of murder, Rajesh was in her room exclusively, almost throughout the supposed time of murder, that is, from 11.15 – at least 12.15(past midnight)! So if Aarushi was exposed to sex just before her murder, and the washing and cleaning of her private parts was done to eliminate the evidence of it, the possibility of Rajesh being the offender cannot be ruled out entirely,however unpleasant it may be to think of !

The key of the door to Aarushi’s room was found in the lobby,outside the door of Hemraj’s room, which is also suspected to be the doing of the killer, to create the impression that Aarushi was murdered by the servant. Killing and shifting, or taking/dragging Hemraj to the terrace first,then killing him there,and locking him onto the terrace after murdering Aarushi, and not giving the key of the terrace door lock to the police on the morning of the murder to the police, but pressing them to search outside the house for Hemraj,all could be part of that plan, viz. to blame the poor servant for the murder of Aarushi. And, sad to say, the Noida police too fell into the trap,
or perhaps, knowingly co- operated with Rajesh Talwar, and went out to look for Hemraj elsewhere, and even announced an award of Rs. 20000/- for tracking him, on 16.5.08 !

It should therefore be elicited from Anmol what reason Aarushi gave him for her Mobile phone
not responding to his calls after 9.10 p.m, during their last talk on her landline phone at 11.30pm. Anmol had rung up again on their landline at 12.00 hours(midnight), but this time,no one lifted that phone either. So he sent an SMS to her cellphone at 12.30 hours, but that too was not received, for whatever reason. Thereafter, the next thing he came to know, was the shocking news of her murder, which had probably occurred around the same time when he had been trying to contact her the previous night.May be there was a relation between that last communication between Aarushi and Anmol, (rather than with Hemraj)and her death. The large number,of 688 phone calls exchanged between them in the last 45 days also speaks of their intimacy.

It is lately known from Aarushi’s mother and aunt that Aarushi, had just broken up
her friendship with a boyfriend named Sankalp aka Sanky (Arora) and removed him from her Orkut friends’ list, and was in the process of breaking up with another boyfriend of over a month’s standing, presumably Anmol Agarwal, with whom there was exchange of 688 cellphone calls within 45 days,as also several SMS too. It was said that their friendship was not limited to the school only,and the two used to meet outside too for movies and lunch. Still, something was missing, and so she had begun to distance herself with him too.

It is gathered from the Orkut chats between Aarushi and her friends that the boy she had ‘ditched’ earlier, but who was still in contact with her, viz. Sanky aka Sankalp, resident of Mayur Vihar,east Delhi, (where Aarushi’s mobile was last traced on the first day after the murder at 12.35, AN),
was her classmate in Class IX (though he was much older than her-18yrs, going on to be19), and a subsequent drop out of Delhi Public school, Noida. He had spoken to Aarushi on her last day, at about 4.45pm, after Aarushi’s mother had left for work on the day of murder, and Aarushi too had phoned to him at about 5.00pm, and sent an SMS to him later that day.

It seems that one person with an unknown and incompletely known number (9810509…) had phoned and sent SMS to Aarushi a couple of times on 13thMay’08 night, I.e two days before the murder,but Aarushi had not responded to him at all that day. Still, that person had phoned 9 times, and sent 9 SMS to her again between 2.30-5pm on the afternoon of 15th May08. This time Arushi had replied, but it is not known what the conversation was, but it was Sanky who had phoned. She replied to him on 15th May, by phoning him 4times, and by 2 SMS.

It is also learnt that a mysterious person used to send Aarushi information over the Internet about murder victims, reported on Internet sites since some time; but it is not known if it was Sanky doing it, but it is possible that it could be he doing it out of spite, as she had offended him by jilting him for Anmol Agarwal,and removed him from her Orkut friends’ page!

It was suspected that this boy Sanky was involved in the equally mysterious Shobhit murder case of May 2011( mentioned under fictitious name Sahil ). A knife was used as weapon in that case also, and Shobhit’s Mobile call records were also deleted as in Aarushi’s case. That boy’s murder is also supposed to have resulted out of jealousy in a Love Triangle! It was learnt that this boy was a resident of Patparganj, east Delhi. Sahil’s father is working with a Security Firm, so it would be possible for his son to lay his hand on some weapon without his father’s knowledge. The boy was supposed to be studying Law in Amity Univ. In 2011.

(I gathered from Aarushi’s Orkut page that there was one more schoolmate and friend of hers, Abhinav, whom she had phoned often in the last one year, but who, as one girl wrote on her Orkut page, had not professed any special feelings for her or proposed to her, for fear of ridicule by the others in case she rebuffed him). However, that boy’s name has not figured anywhere else in relation to Aarushi, and so he seems to have had no relationship to her murder!

I would have counted Sankalp or Anmol, the rivals for the friendship of Aarushi – ESP.Sanky,
the jilted lover – as two more suspects for her murder (who might have entered the house after 12.30/.45 that night, AFTER both the Talwars went to sleep, and AFTER the servants also left), in view of the Unidentified finger prints on the Whisky bottle and on the walls of Aarushi’s room, and Unidentified footprints on the floor of her room and on the terrace, BUT for the Colony Watchman’s statement that nobody had come to, or gone out of the Talwars’ flat that night! Even then, I am not 100% sure that Sanky has not committed the murder with the help of an accomplice,
(Perhaps some criminal) for he had easy access to weapons, by virtue of his father’s job, and was older than Aarushi.

All the same, the concealing and deletion/destruction of evidence related to suspected sexual interaction,like concealing the body of Hemraj on the terrace and cleaning Aarushi’s body, was almost certainly done by the Talwars for saving their Family Honour along with that of Aarushi.

(It is now said however, that a youth picked up from Kusumpur Pahadi, New Delhi, named Deepak Mallick, who was being scanned by the Delhi Police for a suspected criminal record, has confessed to the murder of Shobhit Modi, but the police was trying to get stronger evidence before convicting him, so Sahil alias Sanky may not have had anything to do with Aarushi’s murder either. However, it is not impossible that Sanky might have bribed Deepak to take the blame for the murder on himself, as many spoilt boys of rich and influential families (‘Bigde Khandaani Nabeere’)
Do !


It is said that Rajesh told Nupur to put on the router in Aarushi’s room at around 11.00- 11.15 p.m, and the last emails that he sent out from the computer that night were at 11.57p.m,a little before midnight,as Nupur Talwar told NDTV in an interview published under the title,
‘Who Is Nupur Talwar?’ i.e.just about the time when Anmol had phoned for the last time in vain on Talwars landline. So, as the CBI claims, Rajesh was at the Internet upto 12.08 hours, and hence must have been awake at the time of Anmol’s phone call. Aarushi too, should have been awake then,according to her usual habit of making and receiving phone calls till 1.00am at night, (provided she was alive at that time), but she too did not lift the phone this time, (nor Hemraj or Nupur).What was happening at that time,or had already happened? Perhaps,it may just be that
Rajesh Talwar may have prevented Aarushi from lifting the phone because he did not approve of the boy phoning her at such late hours. He also suspected her of telling him that she could not respond to him on the cellphone after 9.10pm as her phone had been seized from her, and also telling him very private things about their family, some of which the boy is said to have told the police after Aarushi’s murder,and which Rajesh is said to have confessed to Noida Police initially as true, on being confronted with them by the police, but not to the Court.

What is more intriguing is the finding that the INTERNET ACTIVITY was going on and off throughout that night, especially from 2.04- 3.43 am. The Talwars mentioned the death of Aarushi as having occured at 2.30 a.m on 16.5.08 to the priest at Hardwar, where they had gone on May17,2008 morning for immersion of Aarushi’s ashes, as the four member team of police sent with them to Hardwar reported, though they had given the time as 6.00 a.m to the Noida Police station the previous day. Incidentally,this time tallies with the time of activity shown on the computer during that night. Of course, the Talwars deny their working at the Internet at that time and attribute the activity to automatic starting and stopping of the Internet,because of some problem with the machine.

The question that baffles the police therefore is- how was Rajesh Talwar able to know (beforehand) and state to the priest at Hardwar, where the Talwars had gone for immersion of the ashes,that Aarushi died at 2.00/2.30 a.m,i.e.before the actual time became official and known to the Police-
3/4 days after her death through the Post Mortem report. (It is however possible that he might have guessed it, being a doctor.)

It is unconvincing, therefore, that they were so fast asleep on the murder night as to be totally oblivious to whatever transpired in their house that night.(The time of death mentioned in the FIR lodged at the local Sector-20 police station on May 16,2008 though,was 6.00/6.30 a.m,at which time the Talwar family discovered the body, which again is intriguing.)The time of 2-2.30am given to the priest at Hardwar, means that the Talwar ‘couple’,or at least Rajesh,was awake or had woken up before that,at about 2.04-2.30 a.m,at the time when they say the murder took place,
in which case, no outsider could have come and committed the crime or tampered with Aarushi’s body at that time,without the Talwars’,or at least Rajesh’s knowledge.

It is not understood though, what they/ he was doing at the computer between 2.04-3.43 a.m.,
that is, after the death of Aarushi, that night- probably looking up the Internet for what correspondence Aarushi was doing,and with whom,ESP whether any entry was about or against him, and trying to delete the same(as well as the entries in the mobile phones of Aarushi, Hemraj, and in Aarushi’s camera) before the police investigation, as also to change his password and that of Aarushi, as observed by the Noida police officer, Jagjit Singh Mullick, who had seized and checked the computer of Aarushi and the laptop of Rajesh, on 19.5.2008. The same Police Officer was reported killed mysteriously and coincidentally by a truck on the day Nupur Talwar was released on bail from Dasna Jail, on 25th Sep.2012, while the case was still in process (though he was transferred elsewhere by then).

The police caught Rajesh phoning his lawyer relative, Pinaki Misra of Supreme Court, from Hardwar to apply for hisAnticipatory Bail (not for Nupur)which indicated to them his ‘guilty conscience’ and revealed that ‘he was aware of his default’, on the basis of which they arrested him, a senior Noida Police officer said. Talwar also denied ‘basic facts’ about attending calls on his phone on the night of May 15, which were recorded by the service provider, that further strengthened the case against him.

As regards Hemraj’s cell phone, which Rajesh Talwar had given him, it is said that some man (Rajesh?) spoke on it to the milkman, who had phoned to Rajesh Talwar’s house on the night of the murder, to ask why no one had come that day to fetch milk, and replied that milk was not required that day. So, it appears that both the phones were with Rajesh Talwar only till 16.5.08, and Nupur’s call from their landline phone in their bedroom to Hemraj on that morning at 6.01 a.m was, in all likelihood, received by Rajesh Talwar only, from another room of that house !

In fact, since that phone has not been found yet, and as (there is an unverified report of it being suspected of having gone somewhere in Punjab,but) its last activity has been traced to Nithari, which is part of Noida,the phone may be still with Rajesh, in whose name it was purchased and given to Hemraj for use, or with a close relative or friend of his,or may have been destroyed by him! (However, Krishna too, lives in a rented room in the vicinity, as also Rajkumar, domestic servant of the Durranis, Talwars’ business partners, and Vijay Mandal, servant of the neighbour of the Talwars viz.Puneesh Rai Tandon).

Now,it has come to light that the aunt( father’s sister) of the Defense Witness No.4, Dr.R.K ,Sharma, lives in Punjab. It is also admitted by Dr. Sharma that his father runs a Mobile Set shop, and as Aarushi’s cellphone was pre-paid, he used to get it recharged from there on Rajesh Talwar’s request. The CBI therefore thinks that the phones of the victims might have been given to him by Rajesh for, or after deleting the entries in both of them,whereafter R.K.Sharma sent the phone of Hemraj to Punjab,and discarded the phone of Aarushi in a local park, where the maid servant Kusum found it.

It is strange that Talwar’s neighbour Puneesh Rai Tandon allowed the bloodstained mattress and bed sheet of Aarushi (who,he knew,had been murdered),to be dragged to,and dumped in his own terrace, even before the legal investigation had started. Did he have a hand in the murders?Perhaps, he was the FIFTH PERSON(?) who had entered Talwar’s house on the murder night. Otherwise, he should have had the doubt that Rajesh Talwar or whoever was the killer,was trying to trap him in the murder case by keeping the bloody items on his terrace instead of Talwars’ own, when he could have easily thrown Aarushi’s bedding across the intervening wall.However,there is no proof to suspect his hand in the murder. In fact, it was he who phoned and informed the Security Guard of the colony about Aarushi’s murder,and asked him to send a word to the Noida Police to come over soon to the residence of the Talwars, who had not informed the police till Tandon went to their house after learning about the murder through the maid Bharati, and learnt that that they had not yet phoned to the police because ‘their landline phone was out of order’!

But the Noida Police and Some journalists are said to have sensed ‘some unusual smell’ in the garage of the Talwars in the L- Block, where Vijay Mandal, his servant, was sleeping on the night of 15.5.08.

Perhaps,Rajesh’s (or the murderer’s) earlier plan may have been to throw Hemraj’s body over to Tandon’s terrace on 15th night itself,and blame him or his servant for the murder next morning, but somehow, he could not do so that time itself, may be because his guilty conscience made him fear someone would come and catch him ‘red- handed’ literally ! And then, Puneesh Tandon called the Colony Security Guard to inform him about Aarushi’s murder and to instruct him to call the Police promptly at 6.15 a,m itself,next morning, before Rajesh or whoever, could try anymore tricks to implicate others in the crime.

(Another report is that Aarushi was killed first, and then Hemraj. The reason for that view was that the finger and palm prints found in the room of Aarushi were clean and not blood smeared, while the ones on the terrace wall and terrace door had blood on them, suggesting that the hands of the killer were already having blood on them when he murdered Hemraj.However, if the killer of the two was an insider,probably Rajesh Talwar,as suspected, it must be taken into consideration that being a Resident of that house, he might have gone to Aarushi’s room before the murder and so, left his finger prints on some surfaces before, and not necessarily,at the time of the killing.)

One report had mentioned that these finger and palm prints revealed male DNA. If finger and palm prints with male DNA were found in Aarushi’s room, and particularly on the terrace wall and door with blood on them, why could the CBI not identify the killer from that much? It is not known if these prints been matched with the handprints of the servants, and confirmed to be not tallying with any of them?

Earlier,I was thinking that the CBI were not making serious effort to identify the murderer from the handprints,for the sake of protecting Rajesh Talwar, but now, he is charged with the murders and yet they say they don’t have conclusive forensic proof either against him or Nupur, which means that the abovementioned prints are Not those of Rajesh Talwar, otherwise there is
‘no love lost’ between the second team of CBI and the parents of Aarushi, so if Rajesh ‘s DNA had been found in the bloody prints on the terrace wall or door, the CBI would have ‘closed in’ on him immediately. They are definitely not of Hemraj, and if they are not of any of the other servant suspects, if the CBI’s forensic experts are to be believed, then whose can they be?

Whose fingerprints the abovementioned may be is not known, but it is possible that the fingerprints or DNA of Rajesh or Nupur ( or Dinesh?)Talwar may have been in the room before, but have been washed off by their staff on the first day itself.

By the time Rajesh(according to the CBI) was supposed to have finished the two victims, Nupur too is said to have arrived on the spot and seen as well as learnt everything. At first, she was distraught but then she thought- her daughter had already been lost; what was life worth if she lost her husband as well? That may be why she lent her cooperation in the ‘cover up’ and deletion of the evidence.

As for the FLAT being locked from OUTSIDE, it may have been done by Umesh Sharma, Talwar’s driver, or whoever was his assistant in the murders, on his master’s direction, to lend credence to their tale of an ‘outsider’s hand’ in the murders.

The three or four glasses laid out on the table were probably for the adults in the house, viz.Rajesh Talwar, Nupur Talwar, and perhaps Hemraj, or any of the servants, who might have come to meet Hemraj and left before his murder. The ‘fifth person’ who left his ‘unidentifiable’ finger prints on the Whisky bottle, may have been UMESH. (Or perhaps the fingerprints were of Hemraj. For, they do not belong to any of the three servant suspects, Krishna, RajKumar, or Vijay Mandal.)

Yet,the driver doesn’t seem to have come under suspicion, as the theory propagated is that the murders took place after midnight, i.e. long after Sharma’s coming to Talwar’s residence at 9.50pm, which is why the colony’s Security Guard also hasn’t thought of naming him as an outside visitor.It should be noted for how long he was there and when he left that house.

About the call of Anmol, Aarushi’s friend,on the Landline at12.00pm not having been attended by her, raises the suspicion that for all we know,the ghastly murders might be being committed right then, at midnight. It is possible but not proved that Umesh had a hand in it.

In any case, it is felt that significant headway can still be made by questioning Talwar’s Driver Umesh Sharma, who doesn’t seem to have been interrogated sufficiently or seriously till now, as for whatever reason, he has escaped the gruelling tests that the other employees of the Talwars and of their friends and neighbours,namely,Krishna,Rajkumar, and Vijay Mandal,have been subjected to. Maybe he is being shielded by some influential person/s in the vicinity,whom Umesh may be serving in his free hours.

The entire particulars of the movements of Rajesh Talwar’s car from the evening of 15/5/2008 till the day on which Aarushi’s mobile (mobile indeed) phone was found and the possible whereabouts of Hemraj’s mobile were traced,i.e the whole diary of the car’s trips with noting of all the places where the car had been taken during that period ,and for whom,should be procured from Umesh Sharma and the Talwar couple for getting an idea of the driver’s activities during those crucial days for full unravelling of this baffling and challenging case.

In addition, I still think that though Krishna has not been proved to have any hand in the murder, he does appear to have been involved in it somehow.Otherwise, why would he confess initially before the first team of CBI, under Narco, of having witnessed the murder of Aarushi and Hemraj being committed by Rajkumar?

Thinking of the Talwar’s terrace, on which Hemraj’s body was found on the second day of the murder, it is learnt that all the terraces in the Apartment are interconnected, so there was no reason for the Noida Police to go back empty handed on the day of the murder, just because they were not given the key to the particular terrace of the Talwars. They could have climbed over the dividing wall from Tandon’s side to reach Talwars’ terrace. The employees of the Talwars and the servant of the neighbour Tandon had said that they could not see across because a bedsheet was draped over the dividing iron grill. Incidentally, this double bedsheet might have been the one in which Hemraj was wrapped and dragged to the terrace. Strangely, even this bedsheet,which was seen at the time the terrace was opened on 17.5.08, has been reported as ‘not available’ later bu the CBI! It is not known who took it.

The reason for locking the terrace was given as painting was going on around their flat,and the painter’s workers were using the water from their water tank,so Hemraj had locked it and kept the keys with him. The Talwars said they did not know where he had kept the keys.

Next day, when Hemraj’s body was found on the terrace after Retd. DSP KKGautam got the door opened, the Noida Police must have realised that Rajesh Talwar had made fools of them by driving them away to look for Hemraj elsewhere, even offering the Police Rs. 25000/- to go to Hemraj’s native place and home in Nepal, and making them declare an award of Rs. 20000/- to anyone who could find and report about his whereabouts, but it was too late! Both the Police Officers
Dattaram Nauneria and Mahesh Misra were transferred the same day for careless investigation . That may be the reason for their suspecting his bonafides, and giving statements against him now.


It was observed that elimination had been done of 23 of the28 photos(18 out of 23 as per some other reports) taken by Aarushi from her CAMERA.That, plus the deletion of entries in Aarushi’s MOBILE phone, and the attempt to change the INTERNET passwords of Rajesh Talwar and Aarushi, but not of Nupur, who had gone to sleep earlier, at around 11.15 p.m on the fatal night, may be the work of only an insider( Rajesh?) who might be at a threat from the information stored in the mobile phone, Internet and the camera. Nupur is said to have explained the deletion of photographs taken on the camera as Aarushi’s own doing, that is,she herself may have deleted the photographs that she did not like.

The possibility of Rajesh Talwar being the killer is in view of the fact that Aarushi was alive till her mother came to her room at about 11.15p.m, but Rajesh went in thereafter and was in the room till 12.08, after midnight,at the Internet. He must have left the room a few minutes later after putting off the Internet, (though not the Router thereof), say at 12.10- 12.15 hours). Aarushi was never seen alive by any outsider, or by Nupur after she left the room at 11.15 p.m that night. The time of her death, as per the Post Mortem report, is given as between 12.00(midnight)and 1.00 a.m of 16.5.2008. During that period,11.30pm to 12.08-10 (MN), onlyRajesh was in the room with her!

The really pertinent questions therefore, now arise -Was Aarushi alive at the time when Rajesh left her room after that midnight? Can he prove it, in view of the fact that while she had spoken to Anmol from the landline at 11.30p.m after her mobile stopped functioning, she did not attend to his call at 12.00 midnight, which she would have stepped out to receive, if she had been alive,as no one else was lifting the phone. Aarushi did not receive and acknowledge his SMS of 12.30pm at night either.It is likely though, that Rajesh may not have lifted the phone at midnight, and may not have allowed Aarushi to attend to it because he did not approve of Anmol trying to contact her at such a late hour, due to which, he also did not allow her to use her Mobile Phone till Anmol’s SMS of 12.30 that night.. The Talwars say Aarushi herself may not have wanted to attend to the phone at midnight or to the SMS at12.30, which is not convincing.

(According to some sources, Rajesh, was just making a show of having had heavy drinks and sleeping tablets that night, but may have induced Nupur to get drunk heavily or drugged her, so that it is possible she really did not hear the landline phone at midnight,after going to sleep at 11.15 p.m. Hence, Rajesh Talwar was the only one awake at that time. Even if he did take drinks and sleeping pills after leaving Aarushi’s room after 12.08 hrs, i.e about 12.10/12.15 at night,
he couldn’t have fallen ‘dead asleep’ till the next half hour or so, as drinks/pills are not like Cyanide which makes one drop down on the spot)!

Rajesh claims that the murders were committed by Rajkumar, whom Nupur also suspects of having been after Aarushi, under the instigation and help of Krishna and Vijay Mandal(aka Shambhu?), but the fingerprints or DNA of the servants have not been detected in his house following the murder. Rajesh was the last person to be up and around Aarushi’s room that night, so it should not have been too difficult for him to get alerted if any outsider had got into his daughter’s room with malicious intent.
If he did not kill Aarushi, HE only might have called and let in someone secretly, whom he had hidden in his garage or on his terrace (Umesh )from beforehand that day,(as a plan to finish off Hemraj for giving Aarushi information about Rajesh’s private life, as he might have verified after eliciting the information in Aarushi’s mobile phone),so that society’s watchmen wouldn’t know, and he may have left the key on the door that night for the killer to gain easy access to Aarushi’s room.


The Second Team of CBI said that Rajkumar was at his own, I.e Durranis’place till 12.30 that night,after which, it was unfeasible for him to come to Talwars’ house, which is 20 minutes away,and do the double murder within10-15 minutes, by 1.00 a.m I.e the estimated time of the murders.(The Durranis however say that the CBI have misinterpreted their statement. They claim that Rajkumar was free from his work since before midnight, and could leave the house then, as his room was near his bathroom, which opened outside.)

Krishna’s landlord vouched for His tenant’s being alone and sleeping in his room that night, and woke up only when the police came for him on the morning of the murder.

That leaves Vijay Mandal, Tandon’s servant, who was sleeping in the Garage of the building that night, but he too has been acquitted as innocent, as no evidence has been found against him,
and there is no apparent motive for him to commit the murders.

NUPUR TALWAR has already committed before the Inquiry officers that she saw Aarushi alive for the last time at 11.00-15 p.m., when she went to her room to put on the Router of the computer for Rajesh. There is no mention of her returning to that room, at least till Rajesh finished working at the computer and retired to his bedroom to sleep, or soon thereafter. Therefore, there is no prima facie reason to suspect her of participation in the murder itself.(Someone has reported that Nupur was also present when Aarushi’s neck was slit, but it is not clarified who has seen her watching her daughter’s murder, so it looks like a piece of idle and vicious gossip, either among the servants or the police).

However, it is possible that Nupur took part in destroying the evidence that was likely to be construed as proof of Aarushi having been engaged in consensual or forced sex at the time of her murder, by cleaning the body and bed of Aarushi, and getting her vaginal swabs exchanged with another woman through her friend Dr.Richa, Pathologist at the Govt. Hospital, and wife of Dr. Naresh Raj, who did Hemraj’s postmortem, to protect Aarushi’s and their family’s Honour from being soiled by the Police and Media,after her death!

Hence, the final impression remains that it may be RAJESH Talwar who killed Aarushi, even though by mistake or accidentally,and had Hemraj killed at short interval before or after her, on the night of 15/16 May 2008!

Whether he or anybody had sex with Aarushi before her murder, is however not certain on account of the washing and cleaning of her private parts before the arrival of the police.

LATEST UPDATE (12.8.2013):

The Talwars had arranged to bring in a London based DNA Expert to give his opinion on DNA reports of Aarushi and Hemraj in the CBI Special Court on Aug.16,2013, with a view to prove the reports and opinion of Indian Forensic experts erroneous.
However, the CBI may be able to press their view on the basis of the following related facts given by their own associates to the CBI,viz:
1. Nupur had gone to work at4.00pm,and returned home from work at 7.30pm, while Rajesh Talwar came home at 9.30pm on 15.5.08, after which, Hemraj, their cook and servant served dinner to the Talwars at 9.30pm, as told by their driver to the police, and affirmed by the article of Nupur’s cousin Shree Paradkar;(another report however says that both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar returned home together that day, at 9.30pm.) Aarushi, according to her friend Fiza Jha’s mother, was with them that evening for some time. However, Aarushi did not go to her grandparents’ house that afternoon, as she usually did, for some reason. An old boyfriend, Sankalp aka Sanky had phoned to her that afternoon at 4.45pm. It is not known whether he was the owner of the Mob.Ph. No. 9810509…!
2.Umesh Sharma, their driver, who came to Talwars’ house soon after,to give the car keys and Rajesh’s office bag, also stated that when he went there at 9.50 pm,he saw Hemraj had served dinner to the family,and that Aarushi was already at the dining table with Nupur. That was the last time he saw the two alive.
3. The dinner was a light vegetarian meal comprising rice, lentils(dal), Okra( Bhindi) vegetable
and rotis.
4. According to scientific observation, the ingested food is digested and starts leaving the stomach
by 3 hrs of the ‘start’of an average meal,and 4-5/6 hrs of a heavy meal containing meat.
5. As the meal that the Talwars and Aarushi had that night was a simple vegetarian meal, 50% of it it would have ‘neared digestion and evacuation from the stomach’ within 3 hrs,i.e.by 12.30/12.45(Night), considering the time of serving the meal, i.e. 9.30/9.45pm.
6.The stomach contents of Aarushi revealed semidigested food, so it can be estimated that
her murder may have been committed anytime before 1.00am,between 11.30pm and 12.45,
after midnight. ( It is reported that Rajesh spoke about Aarushi having eaten Kababs between 10.30-11pm that night, but Nupur said she had only tea.) Still, about 1.00am being the Time of her death is the correct surmise.
7. Aarushi had said to have spoken to her boyfriend Anmol Agarwal on the Talwars’ landline, at 11.30pm for 34seconds, as per Anmol’s statement to the Noida police. So she must have been murdered only after 11.30pm, in her room,which was splattered with blood everywhere.
8.Throughout the period from 11.30pm-12.08 at least, or maybe longer, Rajesh Talwar was
in her room, in the name of using her computer.
Nupur had gone to sleep in their bedroom after Aarushi took her parents’ photographs on her newly gifted camera at 10.10pm, and again after putting on the router of Aarushi’s computer in her room for Rajesh at 11.15pm.
Actually, the landline phone on which Anmol phoned was said to be in the Talwars’ bedroom, so if Anmol’s call had come after Nupur went to sleep, she would have woken up. So Nupur must have come to Aarushi’s room at 11.15pm to switch on the router, and left it at 11.30pm, when Anmol called on their landline, after giving the cordless receiver of that phone to Aarushi, after which Rajesh Talwar came there at 11.30pm to work at Aarushi’s computer.
Besides this,it is learnt that Rajesh had made 197 calls to Anita Durrani in the previous week,and 6 calls on 15th May’08 night! It is also stated in some reports that Nupur too had made many calls to some lady doctor in the preceding week, and 21 calls on the day of the murder. (It is not known if the lady doctor was her sister-in-law Vandana,who had visited NUPUR ON 15.5.08, or Dr. Urmil Sharma,Obstetrician-Gynaecologist of Indraprastha Apollo Hosp., New Delhi,known to Dr.Dinesh Talwar, before she appeared as the Talwars’ witness in the CBI Court.) It is not clear whether this has any bearing on the beating that Aarushi had got on the murder night, or on the double murder itself,otherwise the suspicion arises whether Aarushi had conceived through her boyfriend Anmol Agarwal, and was beaten for telling him the fact over the landline phone at 11.30pm, and may be for refusing Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP), which led to her accidental death, while Hemraj was killed for knowing ‘the dirty secret’of the family. For it is doubtful that Aarushi was being sexually exploited by poor Hemraj,
Anmol wouldn’t have told such a thing to the Police(except perhaps to save himself), so as ShreeParadkar, Aarushi’s aunt said in a video, it was Krishna Thadarai spread that rumour out of spite towards Rajesh Talwar, and gave that idea to the Noida Police!
9.The blood and DNA of Aarushi was found on the clothes of Rajesh after the murder, and a little on the clothes of Nupur too, who might have come to Aarushi’s room after the murder(though the stains on Nupur’s clothes had not been mentioned either by Talwars’ staff,Police or CBI,
before the CBI ‘s closing report of Dec.2010.)
10. It is felt that the murder,at least of Aarushi, could not have occurred before 12.00 midnight because seeing the sequence of events, viz:(1)11.15pm:Nupur put on the router in Aarushi’s room for Rajesh.(2)11.30pm:Anmol, Aarushi’s boyfriend, rang and spoke to her on the landline phone;
(3)11.37.54pm: Rajesh sent an email from Aarushi’s computer;(4)11.45pm: Rajesh is said to have got a call from Dubai about a party;(5) 11.57pm:Rajesh sent another email to US, and got a phone call from there. So he seems to have been busy at the computer till nearly 12 o Clock that night.
(6)At 11.45pm, the friends of Hemraj were supposed to have gathered in Hemraj’s room, and were hearing Nepali songs. One song which they remembered afterwards under Narcoanalysis was played between11.45-11.55pm. After that too, Rajesh was in Aarushi’s room uptil 12.08 past midnight, so they could not have entered the room till then.

The CBI Officer Anuj Arya of the first team had asked Nalini Singh,Sr. Journalist,who ran the Nepali Channel on which songs were played on the murder night,to give him a list of the songs that were played on that channel that night from11.45pm for 1/2 hour, I.e upto 12.15,and upto 1 hour,I.e.12.45, which was the estimated time of the murders.

All these facts point only towards one person, RAJESH TALWAR, AND NOT HEMRAJ OR RAJKUMAR, as the likely murderer of Aarushi at least, and probably involved in the killing of Hemraj too ( with the help of an ‘unidentified’ accomplice,called by him) if the murder was deemed to have occurred between 11.30pm and 12.15/12.30(00.30) am.
The murders give the impression of being committed by the same person in view of the similar nature of their injuries,and bloodstains of both Aarushi and Hemraj on his Ballantine Scotch Whisky bottle on their dining table.The absence of Rajesh’s fingerprints on it, maybe because of the use of gloves.
The bloody footprints on the floor of Aarushi’s room and the terrace not matching the footwear of either Rajesh or Nupur could be because of Rajesh deliberately wearing footwear of a different size than his own purposely to mislead the investigators.
Partial male DNA was said to have been found on a pillow in Aarushi’s room which is said to match with Hemraj’s DNA,but it was clarified later that it was not from Aarushi’room.
The footprints of a different size on the terrace on the other hand, however, could be of anyone,
as many people walked over the terrace without any check on the day it was opened.
The fact of the Whisky bottle being left on the table for the investigators to see it, cannot be taken as proof of Rajesh’s innocence.The Unidentified fingerprints may have been of someone who touched the bottle in the morning inadvertently.

As for the MOTIVE of the murder of Aarushi, it appears to be related to her intimacy and sharing all family secrets with Hemraj and Anmol too,judging from the sudden restriction placed on her frequent chats with him on her cellphone, by making her keep her mobile switched off from9.10 pm that night, and Aarushi herself becoming totally ‘silent’ since the time of the phone call of Anmol at11.30pm on the Landline in the Talwars’bedroom.

(Hemraj was killed for gossiping about the family,as he had feared.)

As regards Aarushi’s murder, there is one more possibility,that Aarushi, who had taken photographs on her new CAMERA, of herself, her parents, and some more, including may be of herself with Hemraj, wanted to show the photographs to Anmol that night itself.

Just as Nupur was leaving Aarushi’s room, Anmol rang her on the Landline at 11.30pm. Anmol told Aarushi that he wanted to take her out to a restaurant to discuss her Birthday plans.
As he was her close confidant, she was probably promising him that she would come to meet him with her new camera, when her father came to her room,beat her for talking to Anmol even after her Mobile phone was taken away, and took away the landline phone receiver as also the camera he had just gifted to her;
(it is reported by Nupur’s brother to the investigators that Aarushi was beaten that night, but he doesn’t seem to have revealed the reason for it to them.)
Rajesh then saw what she had photographed on her camera, and started deleting the private photographs that she had taken on It. At that, Aarushi began to cry and threaten him that she would tell everyone, Including mother Nupur and grandparents, about his ‘secrets’, or whatever she had phootographed, which was the ‘last straw’, leading him to strike her hard,which proved fatal.

That explains why 23 of the 28’photographs Aarushi is said to have taken on her new camera, were deleted, and only 5 snaps of herself and her parents were spared. Otherwise, Aarushi had just got the camera at 10.10pm, and had hardly any time or occasion to photograph anything important or troublesome on it before her death within the next 2/3 hrs., that too at a late hour at night,
except the family photographs,or possibly, the criminal attack on Hemraj in her own house,
which she might have witnessed inadvertently, when he was being dragged up to their terrace by the killer/s. That could be the ‘DIRTY SECRET’ of her father(/both parents), or the servants,
by threatening to expose which, Aarushi invited her murder at the hands of her father or whoever.

On June 30,2008, ‘ The Statesman’ reported on 17.5.2008 that the PHOTOS DELETED FROM AARUSHI’S DIGITAL CAMERA HAVE BEEN RECOVERED THAT CONTAIN INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE AND THE CLOTHES THAT WERE USED’, that would be used to consolidate other proofs.The CBI has been however withholding the information about the exact nature of they images and the crucial details for confidential reasons. That information probably holds the answer to why the CBI insists on holding the Talwars resposible for the murders.

The final judgement gives some conclusions derived from comparing the photographs taken by Aarushi on her camera, with some exhibits taken by the photographer of the Noida Police, an important observation being that (1) the bed sheet on Aarushi’s bed in her camera’s photos is different from the one seen in the Police Photographer’s exhibits and shows creases, while the changed and faded bedsheet in the Police exhibits does not show any creases. Besides this is the fact that (2) there is a small and additional pillow of the set of the changed bedsheet on the bed in the exhibits,which was not there in Aarushi’s camera photographs.
(3) In Aaarushi’s photos, her School bag was not on her bed, while it was there in the exhibits and that too,without any blood stains on it!
(4) A toy which was near Aarushi’s head in her camera photo, was near her leg in the exhibits.This last point is not of much significance according to me, as Aarushi herself might have changed the place of the toy, and left it there when she retired to sleep.

The weapon with which the necks of the victims were slit, that is, the SURGICAL KNIFE or Nepali KHUKRI has still not been traced, which, the CBI were given to understand by Krishna during Narcoanalysis, may have been flushed down the toilet.

In CONCLUSION, HEMRAJ may have been KILLED, as he feared and told his wife, for GOSSIPING about the private matters of his master and his family with outsiders, and according to some reports, for BLACKMAILING him about his affair with his business partner Anita Durrani.

AARUSHI however,was KILLED (in my opinion), NOT FOR being CAUGHT in a ‘compromising position’ WITH HEMRAJ (though she might have been indulging in sex with her boyfriend sometimes perhaps, as a doubt about her virginity does arise due to some suggestive remarks in her postmortem report, and her Orkut website; for her boyfriend, Anmol, is said to have been visiting her house in her parents absence, and she used to confide about all matters in him.)
Nor was it for OPPOSING her FATHER’S clandestine AFFAIR with Mrs.Durrani, but for carrying photographs dangerous for her parents in some way,and insisting on showing the same to her boyfriend and confidant Anmol,who, she did not understand, was an outsider for her parents,
all said and done!

About the possibility of the servants having murdered Aarushi and Hemraj, it could only have happened between 12.30-1am, prompted by Krishna’s desire to take revenge on Rajesh Talwar,and Rajkumar’s lust for Aarushi, coupled with jealousy towards Hemraj as well as the fear of being exposed by him. Vijay Mandal appears to have been only an accomplice to the other two.

(Even though there is no evidence like fingerprints or blood of any of the servants to prove their guilt, there seems to be a possibility of the servants, especially Krishna, who is said to have come to Talwars’ house on the murder night, to have seen Hemraj being murdered by whomever,on Talwars’terrace, if not in Aarushi’s room, by hiding behind the dividing wall,on the neighbour’s side, as also perhaps, Aarushi’s murder and murderer,by coming down from the roof/terrace via a pipe to the balcony outside Aarushi’s room, and seen the whole event as a first hand eye witness, without being involved in it or being seen by the Talwars, then escaped by the same route! Who knows, it may be either Krishna or Rajkumar who might have seen and told CBI Officer Kaul,on condition of anonymity,everything , which is why they are so convinced about Rajesh Talwar’s guilt, and sparing the servants.
Perhaps. Under Narco, Krishna may have named Rajesh as the killer, but The Scientist conducting the test may have confused him by asking him a leading question,viz.”Who, Rajkumar Sharma?”, as the servant’s surname is also Sharma.That is what the second team of CBI believes to have happened,and may be that is a fact !


Coming back to HEMRAJ, a report of the Website Merinews,dated June 11,2008, states that
there were a few cheeky commentators who made suggestions about their having Videos of Aarushi, but that “these people came from ‘ Opposite ends of the World that were far removed from Noida, Uttarakhand and Kathmandu,Nepal)’. How probable is it that they could possibly own videos on a girl they had never met? Our readers are responsible and intelligent people.They will shoot down any fraudulent claims on videos!” This is not very convincing, for the family was having many Nepali servants, viz. Vishnu Thapa, their first ex to have happened domestic servant,Krishna Thadarai-Talwars’ clinic compounder, Hemraj Banjade, their next domestic servant,and his son-in-law Jeevan, who in turn, had Nepali friends and visitors like Rajkumar, Durranis’ domestic servant, and they themselves visited their home town in Nepal from time to time ! (WHETHER the Nepali SERVANTS of the Talwars WERE actually engaged IN SUCH ACTIVITY is NOT KNOWN, but it was not improbable at all, if they were so inclined.) Also, to say that Kathmandu, Nepal, and Uttarakhand are at ‘Opposite ends of the World’ from Noida is a gross exaggeration and pure naivete !

So it cannot be ruled out that Hemraj may have been making MMS and videos of Aarushi, perhaps, in company of Anmol, her boyfriend as well, in view of a statement in a report that Hemraj used to blackmail Aarushi about her meetings with Anmol,who is said by a person knowing the family to have been coming to her house in her parents’ absence ( and who knows, with himself also,using manipulative techniques with the help of Computer Manipulated Photography),and of Rajesh Talwar withAnita Durrani, and running a racket of selling and circulating the MMS and Videos among his friends, including Maoists in Nepal and Uk, as also using them to blackmail both Aarushi and Rajesh Talwar, which led to his murder and that of poor Aarushi as witness,possibly through a Contract killer. The fact that he was under the watch of the Delhi Police for his said telephonic contact with Maoists in Nepal indicates that despite his simple sand benevolent look, Hemraj may actually have been a notorious character engaged in nefarious activities,I.e a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s clothing’!
(It has come out that a day after the murders, Rajesh Talwar had received a phone call from a man who later turned out to be a UP criminal,who was also under the radar of the Delhi cops,who were scanning his Mobile phone records. It is not known what he said to Rajesh, and whether the man or his call had anything to do with the murders, for the day after the murder was the day on which the hidden body of Hemraj was found out by opening the terrace. It is not known if the man phoned to ask for Rajesh’s explanation about Hemraj’s murder, and to threaten him for having killed Hemraj, or if the man was himself a hired killer brought by Krishna and Rajkumar to kill
Aarushi, and the one who left the ‘unidentified’ fingerprints on the Whisky bottle. Some reports have said that a ‘mysterious’ man named Shambhu had come to the house that night with the other two servants, but some others say that this Shambhu is Vijay Mandal, the neighbour’s servant, whose unofficial name is also Shambhu!
The CBI deny the receipt of the call by Rajesh, when really speaking, they should have investigated this, as the search could have yielded information about a nexus between Maoists in Nepal and UP criminals, with which Hemraj might have been somehow connected)!

Still, my impression is that Hemraj does not seem to be the one who had sex with Aarushi on the murder night, or murdered her himself, for there was no time or scope for it that night after 7.30pm. Also his body was found with footwear on.
Nupur had returned home from work at 7.30pm, and is said to have been there all along till Rajesh Talwar came home at 9.30.Then the Talwars had dinner from 9.30-10pm. After dinner,the parents had gone to Aarushi’s room to give her the new camera,and posed for some photographs.
At 10.30,Hemraj served dinner for himself, but did not eat, or was not able to eat it for some reason.
At 11/11.15pm, Nupur went to Aarushi’s room,where she saw Aarushi on her bed, reading a novel.
At 11.30, Anmol spoke to Aarushi, and then Rajesh sat down to work at the computer in her room from 11.30-12.08.
Aarushi was killed between 12.00 and 1.00am, as estimated on the basis of semi digested food in her stomach; and somewhere around that time, Hemraj too was killed. No one would have dared to enter Aarushi’s room soon after Talwar left her room,at least not within next 15-20 mins.
Where was the time or chance for sex ?Therefore, being caught in a compromising or objectionable position,viz. SEX WITH AARUSHI in her room ON MURDER NIGHT DOES NOT SEEM TO HAVE BEEN the REASON FOR THE MURDER of those two! Moreover, the body of Hemraj is said to have been found with his footwear on one foot,which is hardly something that one would expect to find on the body of a person caught at the start or in the midst of sexual activity!
Also, he died without starting to eat the meal that he had served for himself at 10.30pm, which leads some people to think that he might have died BEFORE the estimated time of 12-1am.

So making and selling MMS and Videos of Aarushi(and perhaps of Rajesh Talwar with Anita Durrani too) in Nepal, could be the reason for Hemraj’s murder, and for Mobile phones of both Aarushi and Hemraj going missing together almost immediately after their murder(though Aarushi’s phone had fallen silent that night from an unusually early hour, 9.10pm,which suggests that her parents may have taken it away from her at that time, to restrain her cellphone usage and to find out the nature of the entries therein).

It is not understood how Aarushi’s phone too went missing with Hemraj’s phone, if the murders were committed by an outsider, unless the Talwars themselves arranged for the deletion of entries in,and disposal of the phones. That points to the employment of an accomplice , either their trusted driver UMESH SHARMA ,Durranis’ servant Rajkumar or a contract killer for the crime.
For it has come out later that the CBI found some evidence that Dr.RKSharma, former HoD
of Forensic Science at AIIMS, and Defense Witness No.4, had undertaken the disposal of both
the phones,ESP of Hemraj to the doctor’s own paternal aunt in Punjab.

It is also found that a call was received on Hemraj’s phone a day after his murder, and from a nearby area. Aarushi’s phone too is supposed to have been active for a day after her death,so it is likely that both the phones might have been hidden by,and thus in Rajesh Talwar’s custody only for a day,after which he passed them on to a trusted associate for deletion of entries, and ‘disposal’!

Probably, Krishna Compounder had got to know about the plan in advance,because of which, he had called on the Landline No of CBI office at 12.17pm on May 14, 2008 to inform CBI about it, but they deny having received the call. That may be why he went to Talwar house give a Khukri to Hemraj on May14’08 night, as wanted by Hemraj,who was in fear for his life since some days. Someone,whose identity has not become known, but believed to be Krishna, had also phoned Hemraj from a nearby PCO at 8.27pm on the murder eve, may be to give him a last warning of the impending’ Talwar’ on him, as “Bhaag Hemraj Bhaag!’ ‘Par Abhaaga Nahi Bhaaga’! Wonder if there was a Nepali ‘Brutus’ in this real-life melodrama too, may be Rajkumar. It is not clear though,
why he would kill Hemraj, except out of jealousy over his emotional intimacy with Aarushi.

As to the point that RAJKUMAR was busy with the domestic work at Durranis’ place upto 12.30pm on that night, it is said by Rajkumar and CBI that Anita Durrani had gone out of station that day, to return by the 10.50pm train, and that Rajkumar had gone at 10.30pm to pick her up at the Railway station with Praful Durrani, after returning from which at 11.30pm,he served them food and became ‘free from his chores for the night only at 12.30pm. So he seems to have been preoccupied with the Durranis’ work right from 10.30 -12.30pm on the murder night. The minimum time taken to reach Talwar’s house from Durrani’s, as measured by CBI, is 20mins, so he could not have landed at Talwar’s Place before 12.50, after which it would not have been possible to murder both Aarushi and Hemraj within the estimated time of their murder, viz.12-1am.

( Here,there is a difference between Rajkumar’s and the Durranis’ statements. Rajkumar said he finished his work only at 12.30 hrs after midnight, so he could not have gone to Talwar house and killed two people within the remaining 10 minutes of the estimated time span of the murder of the two persons. On the other hand, the Durranis say that it is misconstrued by CBI that they agreed with Rajkumar’s statement. They say his work was over before midnight, and that he was free to go anywhere he wanted thereafter, as the bathroom that he used opened outside.)

What is confusing is the statement and THEORY by a CBI Officer of the FIRST Team, that the lthree servant suspects were present in Talwar’s house on the murder night from 11.45pm listening to songs on a Nepali Music channel run by Nalini Singh, Sr. Journalist,in Hemraj’s room, and that the servants’ confessed to it under Narco, including Rajkumar, who even hummed a song which he said he had heard in Hemraj’s room that is confirmed by Nalini Singh, who broadcasted theo program, to have been played between 11.45pm-12(midnight). Yet, the Investigating Officer of
the SECOND CBI team, AGL Kaul, says that the servants DON’T SEEM to have had anything to do with the murder, considering that Rajkumar, who,according to the First Team, was the one to have hit Aarushi mortally,was busy cooking for the Durranis and to go to the Railway station with
Praful Durrani to pick up Mrs. Durrani, so that he could not have come to the house early enough to execute the double murder within the estimated time of 12-1am. So Kaul argues that Rajkumar might have heard that song at his own home!

Still, perhaps Krishna and Vijay Mandal,or one of the two, probably Krishna, came earlier and happened to become secret witness/es of the murder by whomsoever, by hiding behind the intervening wall of the terrace between Talwar’s terrace and that of neighbour Tandon, from Tandon’s side,and then slipped away quietly from there!
He(or perhaps Rajkumar, who might have arrived just then) may have been the one to phone and inform DSP Gautam on 16th May, through the ‘unidentified phone number’, about the presence of Hemraj’s body on the terrace, (when he saw that Rajesh Talwar was not giving the keys of his terrace to the police and misguiding them to search for Hemraj outside his house), in order to ensure that the body of his friend was not disposed of surreptitiously, and to inform the police in time about the possibility of rape on Aarushi by whomsoever!

However, the informer could be Noida Police officer Data Ram Nauneria who was the first PO to visit Talwar house on the day of the murder, and who was not given the keys to open the terrace
To phone Gautam after being tipped by the servants about it.

IF RAJKUMAR, who was mentioned by Krishna as Aarushi’s and Hemraj’s murderer during Narco analysis, WAS NOT the actual MURDERER, nor drawn willy-nilly as accomplice to commit or participate in the murder of Hemraj or in either murder because of his having been relieved from work at Durranis’ place really as late as 12.30(night) as he pleads,and the CBI believe, AND HEMRAJ IS probably INNOCENT at least as regards the charge of having sex with Aarushi that night, then the LIKELIHOOD becomes stronger OF the MURDER of both AARUSHI and Hemraj having been DONE BY someone else, ESP. Aarushi by RAJESH himself, in an impulse of anger, or accidentally, in her own room, in which case, hers might have been a sudden and unplanned Murder, but the murder of Hemraj appears to have been a preplanned one !

It is not understood why Krishna named Rajkumar as the assailant of Aarushi under Narcoanalysis. (May be he was threatened and asked leading questions to name the other two servants, just as those two said that pressure was brought on them to name him).But considering that Rajesh was awake and working at the computer in Aarushi’s room till 12.08pm, after which he must have left the room at about 12.15pm, it is difficult to believe that Rajkumar could have come into the room and killed Aarushi within the next 15-30 minutes without Rajesh getting an inkling about it.

Now, Nalini Singh, Sr. Journalist, too has come forward in support of the Talwars that,as admitted by the three servants of the Talwars, in their Narco test, they must have gone to Talwar’s house on murder night, and were listening to a music program on a Nepali TV channel run by her, in Hemraj’s room, from 11.45pm on the night of 15/16May,2008, as a song mentioned by Rajkumar as played in the program from 11.45-12pm ( as per AajTak report),tallied with her list of songs broadcasted during that period. Rajkumar may have left Durranis’ place immediately after serving dinner to Mrs. Durrani,so as to reach Talwar’s house by 11.55pm, while the song was going on, on Hemraj’s TV.( In spite of that, the CBI however claim that he ‘might have’ heard the songs at his own house ! )The STRANGE FACT though,is that in spite of the servants and the Talwars supposedly being in the house on the murder night, the CBI has not been able to find any forensic evidence of the involvement of either in the murders! It is POSSIBLE that the MURDERS took place SUBSEQUENT TO the SERVANTS LEAVING the TALWAR HOUSE after the end of the Music program around12.30 post-midnight, because of which there is no evidence of the involvement of the servants in the murders,despite their having been in Talwars’ house on murder night.

It is also strange that in spite of the Talwars having been in the house throughout, the CBI has not been able to find either of the weapons of murder in the house that they say the Talwars poused, if they had committed the murders as alleged! The weapons could disappear only if some outsider had committed the murders, or helped in them. This suggests that the crime may have been the work of outsiders. ( However, since the Talwars called their family and friends to their house before the police, there is scope for doubt that they gave the weapon/s to some trusted person to hide or dispose off before the police came. Their calling other people before the police is therefore their biggest mistake, or perhaps their cleverest move! )

There is no definite evidence of Aarushi having been exposed to sex before her murder,but if she were, there is reason to believe that it may be the act of Rajesh Talwar, as he was apparently
the last person to have been in her room from 11.30- 12.08pm, which is very close to the estimated time of her murder of 12-12.30pm. However,there is NO PROOF OF AARUSHI having been SEXUALLY ASSAULTED/ABUSED or even of having indulged in consensual sex on MURDER NIGHT in the FIRST PLACE, but there is a only a strong doubt of it, due to Aarushi’s private parts seeming to have been washed and cleaned by someone after her murder,and her uncle Dinesh telling the autopsy doctor to hide mention of rape from his report; so one can not come to any conclusion regarding whether Aarushi was indeed sexually abused just before murder by anybody or not; but there is reason to believe that she may have had, or was forced to have, sex with someone earlier, as her hymen showed an old tear and fimbriation, which suggests prior exposure to sex.
Still, as said above, there is no proof that the murder was preceded by,or was a consequence
or aftermath of rape on murder night! For no sperms were found in Aarushi’s vaginal swab smears(though these were said to have been swapped with some other woman).

May be the parents tried to check whether Aarushi was having sex with whomever,or was abused,or was pregnant.(They may be suspecting pregnancy, considering the 250 phone calls Nupur is said to have made to a lady doctor in the preceding week, and 21 times on the day of murder.Perhaps, they apprehended it because of a missed period, hence the likelihood of their having done the washing and cleaning of her Private parts after her murder.)

How I wish we had astute investigating agencies of the calibre of Sherlock Holmes in our country
To solve this never ending mystery!

The only positive finding against the Talwars was the presence of Aarushi’s Blood on Rajesh’s (and Nupur’s clothes?). Aarushi’s blood may have come on by their impulsively hugging Aarushi’s body on finding her murdered.( What is not understood is that Aarushi is supposed to have been murdered between 12 (midnight)-1am at night, when the Talwars claim to have been sleeping, and they say they saw Aarushi’s dead body at 6.00am next morning only, when their maid Bharti came for work. The blood flow from Aarushi’s body must have stopped long back,and the blood on her body and clothes would have clotted and dried up by morning.Then how did a noticeable amount of Aarushi’s blood get on to Rajesh’s clothes, as reported by Noida Police? That would happen only if he had hugged or held the girl’s body immediately or soon after the murder. Bharti however said she did not see any blood on either of the Talwars’ dress, if her word is to be believed,than that of the Police!)

No blood is reported to be found on Krishna’s clothes. The T-shirt of Rajkumar is said to have been bloodstained too, but when the shirt was sent to the CFSL(Central Forensic Science Lab.) Hyderabad, the Laboratory reported that DNA could not be extracted from the bloodstains due to the blood being denatured.

This is not to say that either Talwar or the servants are above suspicion, but to this day, there is no concrete evidence against the servants according to the CBI, and no sound proof against the Talwars either.

So then, Who Killed Aarushi Talwar? The Mystery remains as complicated and puzzling as ever!

According to me, it is Not the ‘Murder of Aarushi Talwar’ that is ‘The Big Mystery’, but
the ‘Murder of Hemraj Banjade’, their servant.Because, with due respect and apology to
the Talwars, the fact remains that the circumstantial evidence against Rajesh Talwar having committed the murder of Aarushi, and later, washing and cleaning of her body himself or with the help of Nupur,’stares one in the face’ so hard that it is difficult to rule out the possibility of his hand in it, even if one would like to. For it is almost ‘obvious’ that he is the killer of Aarushi. It is
the murder of Hemraj Banjade, their servant, that is the True mystery!

As to Krishna, however he may be as a person, regarded Hemraj as a bosom friend and confidant, and even brought a Khukri for Hemraj on the previous day on the latter’s request, as the latter was afraid for his life from Rajesh Talwar since some time, as he told his wife. If there was a threat to his life from Krishna, why would he have asked him of all the people to get him the Khukri for his self-protection? And why would Krishna suddenly turn hostile towards him overnight to the extent of becoming literally his ‘cut-throat’ enemy? Not convincing.

The neighbour’s servant, Vijay Mandal too does not appear to have any motive for the murders.

The Only person open to doubt is Rajkumar, domestic servant of the Durranis, business partners of the Talwars, who was said by both Krishna and Nupur to be ‘having an eye’ on Aarushi, and was coming to their house sometimes in their absence. He was not particularly friendly with Hemraj. However, he too is said to have been relieved from their housework at about12.00, that night (Rajkumar said 12.30), and it takes At Least 20 minutes to reach the Talwar residence from Durranis’ house, so the chances of his going over to Talwar house after that and committing both the murders in the remaining short time of the estimated period of murder of Aarushi and Hemraj (12-1am) are rather remote. Even if he might have come, it couldn’t have been earlier than 12.20,after midnight, while the Nepali song that he mentioned having heard on a Nepali channel that night was played in the Music Program at 11.45-12pm, before midnight(Aaj Tak report) as confirmed by Nalini Singh, during Which time,he was serving dinner toDr.Anita Durrani,who had arrived from outstation at11.30pm that night.So as the CBI said, he left their house that night after12.30,or at least not much before 12.00pm(Midnight).

Hence, the CBI may be right in claiming that he may have heard a particular song on the Nepali channel run by Nalini Singh,at 11.45-12pm that night, as she confirmed, but it may have been heard at his home, I.e. Durrani s’ servant quarter, and does not prove his presence in Hemraj’s room at that time, but one can’t be sure of it,as it is based on Rajkumar’s,a suspect’s statement.

None of the three servants’ fingerprints or bloodstains were said to be found on any of the samples picked by CBI’s 1st team and the Forensic expert Mahapatra from Talwars’ house.
Therefore, one cannot rule out the possibility that Rajesh only may have killed both Hemraj and Aarushi on ‘grave and sudden provocation’, due to whatever reason.

The TALWARS’ ACCUSATION AGAINST KRISHNA and RAJKUMAR, of having come to their house at late night on the pretext of meeting Hemraj and committing the double murder, by taking advantage of Aarushi’s bedroom door having been left open inadvertently, all this without the father, who had gone to sleep in his room next door,hardly 15-20 minutes before, knowing anything, would have appeared CREDIBLE IF RAJESH and NUPUR Talwar had GONE OUT, if not to a hotel for a party ,as was the rumour in the beginning, then somewhere else from12/12.15 at night, to return after 2/3 hours, so that they were not in the house when the murders took place,
AS I SUSPECT STRONGLY to be a possibility, (because of which they can deny committing the crime, or knowing who killed Aarushi and Hemraj and when, or could ask for the’Touch DNA’ test to be done as they are sure their fingerprints or blood would not be found on any article or at any place in the area of the murders, as also ask for reopening of their case in Dec.2010 so confidently.)
BUT THEY’RE NOT ADMITTING THEIR ABSENCE FROM HOME DURING THE CRUCIAL HOURS FROM 12.00 MIDNIGHT for some reason, perhaps because they don’t want the purpose or place of going to be known, which may throw them ‘from one frying pan into another’, or into the fire!)

Thus, It is likely that the Talwars may be compelled to shield or cover up for some relative
or ‘Big Person'(Dinesh Talwar?), or one of the servants themselves (may be Rajkumar, Durranis’ servant) owing to their influence, because of which they give the impression of hiding something on one hand,while pleading for justice on the other. And therefore they are not able to reveal all that they know to the Police or CBI, for self-defense. However, there is no stark proof of the involvement of any ‘big person’ in the crime either.

So the scope remains to suspect Rajesh Talwar of having committed the murders AFTER the three servants came to meet Hemraj, listened to Nepali music for some time in his room, and left soon
after 12.30 (night), or Rajesh may have hired a killer/s to kill Hemraj, in which process, Aarushi too got killed accidentally.

One Akshay Anand, from a Website’You Bihar’, claiming to be knowing Dinesh Talwar’s daughter Shreya though Internet chatting, had written to some other website long ago in this connection that, as he came to learn from Shreya, Dinesh Talwar and Vandana Talwar had gone to his brother Rajesh’s house on the murder night, and killed Hemraj, while Rajesh hit and killed Aarushi. (According to his hearsay, Dinesh and Rajesh started the hitting and killing of Hemraj and Aarushi,and their wives joined them subsequently, so that All four Talwars were involved ultimately in the gruesome crime to a greater or lesser extent, with Vandana Aunty, who is an M.B.B.S doctor and Anaesthetist, and also Having experience of being I/C of the Gynaecological Ward of the Safdarjung Hospital, having done the vaginal manipulation on Aarushi’s body sometime later,with a vaginal dilator that she might be having in her doctor’s kit! )
However, there is no forensic or even circumstantial proof of her involvement in this case,hence she has not been named as suspect in any way.
It may also be that Dinesh only may have killed the two, and told Rajesh, when he and Nupur returned home after 3.30am, in case they had gone out when Dinesh and Vandana arrived, that he was impelled into it because he caught Hemraj in an ‘objectionable position’with Aarushi, about which he is said to have seen and warned Rajesh about, before too. This explains the absence of Hemraj’s blood on Rajesh’s clothes.
(Now, if it was Rajkumar who raped or molested and killed Aarushi, then the reason for Dinesh/ and Rajesh killing Hemraj, instead of Rajkumar, is not clear, unless they believed Hemraj to be the rapist).

Dinesh may also have told Rajesh not to allow the Noida Police to open the terrace on the first day, telling him that he would manage to dispose of it ‘quietly’ later through his personal and trusted contacts !

After Hemraj was struck by Dinesh, according to Akshay’s information, Rajesh struck Aarushi,
as she intervened, crying,”No! I love Hemraj!” But it may be that this might be Shreya’s version, as she told Akshay, according to what her parents may have told her, after returning home from Rajesh’s house, and that Aarushi too, might have been killed by Dinesh only!

Now, Rajkumar who might have seen everything, may be blackmailing Dinesh Talwar, hence the latter’s hesitation to name him as the one who had assaulted Aarushi sexually, the others -particularly Hemraj being mainly onlookers. Therefore, Dinesh and Rajesh, on his instigation.
may have mentioned Hemraj, who is dead anyway,as the exploiter of Aarushi.

That might be the reason for the mysterious,brazen and challenging sort of SMILE
ON RAJKUMAR’S FACE ON ARREST and being taken by the police, unlike his two companions, which suggests that he may be sure that he would be acquitted because of the strong backing of some ‘big’ people,or He knows who the murderer is!

the investigation, posing as though he was helping his brother, by way of INDEPENDENTLY,

(1) approaching the doctor who did Aarushi’s Postmortem to request him to ‘remove’mention of ‘rape’ from his report(the reason of which is not understood), as Retd.DSP KKGautam told the CBI Court. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, Aarushi’s parents however,have been denying vehemently from the beginning that their daughter suffered any sexual attack through any servant, or was engaged in consensual sex wIth Hemraj, as the Noida Police and the CBI Insist,to have happened before her murder. So it may be to buttress the claim of the parents that Dr.Dinesh Talwar(who may have known or suspected that Aarushi might have been really, sexually violated) contacted the Doctor doing the postmortem (through his friend Dr. Sushil Kumar Choudhary,who in turn knew Retd. DSP KKGautam),to see to it that ‘rape’was not recorded in Aarushi’s PM report. Gautam told the court that he told the two men that he could not tell Dr. Dohre to hide the rape angle in his report. Then,Dinesh is said to have got Dr. Dohre on the line through his phone with Dr. Dogra, AIIMS Specialist on Postmortems, who told Dr. Dohre to’hide evidence of rape on Aarushi’ in his report,which Dr.Dohre, also refused to do.( However, Dr. Dohre seems to have succumbed to his pressure somehow,as the report he prepared does not say anything more than a white discharge on the vaginal wall, but he came out with facts suggestive of Aarushi having been exposed to sex,viz.an old tear in her hymen and dilated vaginal orifice, in the CBI Court,after the second CBi Team took over the case.) Dinesh on his part,denies having made any effort to influence the doctor through Dr. Dogra,and claims to have proved it through his cellphone records,but if the allegation is true, it suggests a strong possibility of Aarushi having been raped before murder!

(2) He also tried to get the terrace of Rajesh Talwar opened surreptitiously in the absence of the latter,who had gone to the crematorium to collect Aarushi’s ashes(instead of going there with him), by calling the ‘Retired DSP’ KKGautam, known to his friend Dr.Sushil Kumar Choudhary, for the purpose. KKGautam however, was wise enough to follow the protocol by calling the UP Police Officers on duty, along with the Media, and getting the terrace door opened by having the door lock broken by them officially,thus exposing the dead body of the issuing’ Hemraj to the Police and Media’! This secretive action of Dinesh goes in keeping with the known fact that ‘A Murderer tends to return to the site of his crime’!

Unfortunately, the chief supporter of the Talwars among the Media,’Tehelka’, has not been able to see through the seemingly oversolicitous behavior of Dinesh Talwar, as actually a ploy to save his own skin by ripping that of his younger, trusting brother Rajesh! Therefore, instead of realising and following up with the possibility of the murders being a case of breach of trust, mainly within the two brothers of the family, they are harping upon the involvement of outsiders,viz.the servants in the killings, who are actually either mere tools used by big and influential people, or helpless, purchased and suppressed witnesses of their crime!

(3)Dinesh Talwar also feigned inability to recognise his brother’s long time servant Hemraj’s body when Rajesh Talwar’s terrace was opened.

(4)Moreover, he is said to have visited all the departments of the Govt. Hospital in Delhi and AIIMS after the murders on his own,’to get to know all the formalities’! So it is possible that he may have manoeuvred the swapping of Aarushi’s vaginal swabs/slides. This effort lends strength to the suspicion generally created that that Aarushi might have been subjected to a sexual encounter by somebody, though it may not be Hemraj as the Noida Police and Second Team of CBI think, but some other person known to her.

Nupur at least, was telling a TV Channel interviewer after the incident that “It’s not possible that Hemraj may have raped and killed Aarushi,as he was like a grandfather to her.” She however made a passing remark that Rajkumar seemed to have interest in Aarushi,as it had come to her ears that he used to come to their house during the absence of Rajesh and Nupur, and that it is possible that he might have entered their house through some other entrance, even if the main door was closed.

The CBI had said to Dr. Rajesh Talwar that they were not calling Dr.Dinesh Talwar and his friend Dr. Sushil Kumar Chaudhary as their Witnesses because the two were on the CBI list as suspects, but they have not taken any further investigative action against them either! What does that show? That Dinesh Talwar, by his initial intervention in the case deliberately, or inadvertently, led to the exposure of brother Rajesh, after which he has cleverly distanced himself and friend Chaudhary from the case and the CBI inquiry! However,as some people say, it may be that Dinesh Talwar
Went all out in support of Rajesh on the first two days, because he did not know all the facts then,and believed Rajesh to be innocent.But thereafter, on getting to know the ‘truth’, he thought it prudent to distance himself from the case.

Nevertheless, it is a matter of contemplation that if Dinesh is acquitted despite the testimony of KKGautam against him of approaching him for an illegal request to a Govt. Doctor to withhold an important piece of evidence in a murder case, and thus helping the perpetrator of the crime – whoever, why Isn’t Nupur Talwar, against whom there is no definite evidence of abetting the murder, except the late submission of the golf club found later to CBI,being acquitted too?

Therefore, it is evident that the “Dinesh Verma”, who,Rajesh shouted,”framed me!”on his arrest on 23rd May2008, is his brother Dinesh Talwar only, as proved by the statement of Shree Paradkar, his sister in law, that he meant to say,” Dinesh, they framed me”! The CBI is shielding Dr. Dinesh Talwar and Dr.Chaudhary for some unknown reason, on account of whose influence, the CBI have acquitted the servant suspects and The Talwars’ Driver too with a clean chit, and are not even calling them to their Court as prosecution witnesses, apparently because they are, ESP.Raj(‘Raaz)Kumar, ‘The Men Who Know Too Much’!
However, there is no proof of Dinesh having come to Rajesh’s house that night (‘ Kaal Raat’ ) in Rajesh’s presence or absence.

As said above,therefore, The Real Mystery that’s sidelined and undermined, is, ‘Who Killed Hemraj Banjade’, their domestic servant, whose blood stains were not found on either of the Talwars’ clothes or person to incriminate them for it; but the poor man that he was, the fact of his murder that occurred at about the same time as Aarushi, has been overshadowed by the focus of all concerned, including the Media, on Aarushi’s Murder, so now the case has become only the
‘ Aarushi Talwar Murder Case’ !

17.10+18.10.2013: CBI argument in the CBI Court is over. CBI blames Rajesh and Nupur Talwar for the double murder, as well as for concealment and destruction of the evidence of the crime.
In addition, Rajesh is also held responsible for lodging a False FIR on the day of the murders, against the ‘missing’ Hemraj for murder of Aarushi and absconding, thus misleading the Police!

The Talwar couple will of course,protest against the biased and unfair verdict, but it is more difficult now to exhonerate themselves because of their making haste in going to both higher courts during the trial, which has earned them the prejudice of all courts of appeal,including the Supreme Court. In other words, they have burnt all their bridges behind them, so now, they may perhaps have to serve a jail sentence for some time,if such a penalty is conferrable on the grounds of circumstantial evidence only.

(C) HOWEVER, I feel that there is a point and may be some truth in NALINI SINGH’s argument,
which is in keeping with the THEORY of the FIRST team of CBI, viz.of the three servants
having come late on murder night to Talwar’s house,and killed Aarushi and Hemraj, after a bid
to rape and/or kill Aarushi as revenge against her father, so this possibility should be considered
and investigated more seriously than has been done, in the interest of justice!

For the sequence of events may be as foll:-

(1)Krishna,Talwar’s clinic compounder, was angry with Rajesh Talwar for insulting him over a mistake in work in the presence of patients, and threatening to sack him from his service, as Talwars’ Driver heard him telling Hemraj, his friend.
(2) As confessed by Krishna, Talwars’ Clinic Componder, under Narcoanalysis, On the night of 15/16.5.2008, Krishna and Vijay Mandal, Talwars’ neighbour came to Hemraj’s room at about 10.30pm. Hemraj was about to start his meal then, but decided to have it later. He however did not have it at all that night, as he got down to drinking with his friends and lost his appetite for the dinner thereafter. Rajkumar came there soon after serving dinner to Anita Durrani,and leaving the house at 11.35pm,i.e. before midnight, subsequent to fetching her home with Praful Durrani from the railway station. He reached Talwar house between 11.50-11.55pm, when a Nepali Song program was being broadcast on a Nepali channel on Hemraj’s TV, and a song of Rajkumar’s liking, which is said to have been broadcasted from 11.45-12pm,was being played, which he remembered later during the Narco test too.( However, this is only a possibility, and it is possible that he left his home when it was almost midnight, so that he could not have reached Talwar’s flat in time to hear the song there. The Talwars say that the murders might have been committed after 1am, so that Rajkumar could have committed the murders even after reaching their house so late as 12.50 at night, but considering the semi digested state of food in Aarushi’s gastric contents at postmortem, her murder Must have occurred between12.45-1am at the latest, whereas Rajkumar is said to have come late,then had drinks for a while in Hemraj’s room.Still, it’s possible that he had a gulp of drink and then went straight to Aarushi’s room for the kill.
OR, it may be that they were in Hemraj’s room at the time the song was played, i.e.between 11.45-12pm, having drinks,while Rajesh,unaware of their presence, was murdering Aarushi, whereby the servants became witnesses of the incident. So Hemraj may have been killed by Rajesh and/or by Hemraj’s friends thereafter,after00.30am.
(3)At 12.10pm,Rajesh Talwar finished his work at Aarushi’s computer and went to his room next to Aarushi’s, to sleep. The servants noticed that he had left the key of the door of Aarushi’s room on the door itself. That gaveRajkumar,who had an ‘eye’ on her a wicked idea,which he told Krishna.
(4) Accordingly, a little while later,after 12.30pm,all the three went to Aarushi’s room,where she was fast asleep. Rajkumar took advantage of it,and began to molest her. (Aarushi’s aunt Shree said in her article that Krishna started the rumour of Hemraj and Aarushi having an ‘affair’,but under Narcoanalysis, Krishna mentioned Rajkumar as the one to begin to molest Aarushi,
Not Hemraj!So AGL Kaul,CBI Officer seems to have got his information wrong in naming Hemraj
as the servant who molested or raped Aarushi on murder night!) Aarushi woke up with a start,
and on seeing Rajkumar near her bed,alongwith the others, opened her mouth to scream,
but before she could make any sound, RAJKUMAR gagged and hit her on the head with
a hammer or rod,and RAPED AARUSHI after she became unconscious. Seeing that, Hemraj, who had perhaps thought Rajkumar, who had infatuation for Aarushi, would leave her after just teasing and molesting her a little, got alarmed on seeing that he had made her unconscious,and started swearing at him, and threatening to call Rajesh. Upon that, all the three dragged Hemraj to the terrace, killed him by hitting on the back of his head with a hammer/rod, and slit his throat with a Khukri, that is, Nepali knife.The Talwars believe that as a Khukri was recovered from Krishna’s house after the murders with blood on it, he was the one who had slit the throats of the victims! but on investigation the blood did not turn out to be human blood. Rajkumar seems to have partaken in both the murders, which is why he might have promised to help the CBI find them, under Narcoanalysis.
(5) Then they covered him with the lid of the water cooler on the terrace,locked the terrace door, came down and slit Aarushi’s throat too, probably with gloves that Krishna had brought, helped themselves to Rajesh Talwar’s Whisky, and slipped away through the independent door of Hemraj’s room. They also latched the main door of the Talwars’flat while going, taking the Mobile phone of Hemraj and of Aarushi too, which they managed to find, and their weapons with them.
All this is supposed to have happened by 1am- first Aarushi before 1am, and then Hemraj immediately afterwards,perhaps a few minutes after1am.
(THIS HAD BEEN SAID UNDER NARCO, but not confirmed by the servants subsequently,
OR THE CONFESSIONs COULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN AS DIRECT EVIDENCE OF THE SERVANTS’ INVOLVEMENT IN THE CRIME! Instead of confirming their statements made under Narco effect, the two Nepali servants, Krishna and Rajkumar approached the Nepalese Govt. And National Human Rights Commission( NHRC) and complained that they were asked leading questions during the Narco test and being pressurized into making statements which would go against themselves, for the sake of sheltering the rich Talwars.The First Team of CBI was consequently removed and the case was handed over to the Second Team, who were sympathetic towards the servants and biased against the Talwars.
Therefore, though Nalini Singh, Sr.Journalist, in the recent debate with the NDTV, said that she had provided information to Anuj Arya, a CBI Officer of the First Team,about a Nepali Song program played on a Nepali channel run by her, on the TV from 11.45pm on murder night, which the servants said that they had heard in Hemraj’s room, as the basis for the fact that the servants had really come and were present in Talwars’ house at the estimated time of the murders, the Second Team of CBI had not taken note of it,nor recorded Ms Singh’s statement, nor accepted the recording of the servants’ confessions under Narco-,as ‘admissible evidence’ against the servants,and say that there is no physical evidence of their having gone to the house that night,or of their hand in the murders, and that Rajkumar, who even hummed a song played from 11.45-12pm, during the Narco Test,might have heard it at his own home! A Khukri had been found with blood on it near the Talwars’ house thereafter, but the CBI have not taken note of it, saying that it bore no relevance to the servants’ statements under Narco. The blood was said to be not human blood.)
(6)The washing and cleaning of Aarushi’s body, and managing to get her vaginal swabs which were taken by Dr. Dohre switched with those of another lady,though, must have been done by Rajesh and NupurTalwar, and by Dinesh Talwar, to make the case look like one of murder alone,and not murder following rape of Aarushi, for the sake of the honour of Aarushi and of their family! So it may or may not be a case of ‘Honour killing’, but there is certainly ‘Honour Cover-up’ done by the Talwars in this case!
(7)There were bloodstained footprints on the floor of Aarushi’s room of an ‘unknown person’, but none outside the room. This is believed to be one point in favour of the possibility of the murderer being an insider, for an outsider’s footsteps would be found outside the room too, on the way to the exit; but it is not necessarily so, for Aarushi’s bedroom had an attached bathroom, which had a separate direct exit to the drawing room. So any outsider too could have left through that door after washing his hands and feet in the bathroom, and getting free of the bloodstains! Also, it was verified that the footprints did not match the footwear of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, which indicates that the killer is an outsider.(Unless Rajesh purposely wore footwear of a different number to misguide the police.)

A video film by India TV News of the case showed that the murderer had washed his hands in the water of the water cooler on the terrace, as well in the washbasin in Aarushi’s bathroom.What is not understood is, that the person’s bloodstained footprints were not seen outside the room, but he has left the bloodstains of Aarushi and Hemraj on the Whisky bottle,which means that he held the Whisky bottle,which was in the drawing room outside Aarushi’s room withouted washing his hands, which is strange. One would expect him to wash his hands too, after killing Hemraj and Aarushi, besides his feet (unless the one who touched the bottle was a different person, an accomplice, considering the presence of an accomplice. Alternatively, the killer’s fingers may have been wet, because of which his fingerprints were smudged,while the Unidentified fingerprints may have come on because of someone of the visitors touching it inadvertently in the morning.)
However, it is possible that the criminal washed his hands too, but was not able to remove the bloodstains on them completely, while he might have worn his footwear, which he had left at the door of the room after washing his feet, before coming out into the drawing room, which is why he left only his smudged/unidentifiable fingerprints and bloodstains on the Whisky bottle, but not his footprints on the drawing room floor!

Unfortunately, the Talwars have not been able to seize any strong evidence of involvement of the servants in the murders, such as their fingerprints or the weapons of murder to prove that the
above sequence is the correct version of what had happened. If only they had fixed aCCTV camera in Aarushi’s bedroom that night, instead of gifting her one, that would have helped to catch the killers. Krishna and Rajkumar have fled to Nepal already, to be safe!

(Lately, I’ve observed a SUBTLE CHANGE IN the Talwars’ Defense Counsel’s STAND, FROM their contention that the THREE SERVANTS “CAME to Hemraj’s room and were drinking,while listening to music on a Nepali channel ON the Murder day”,TO the necessity to call Nalini Singh and the CBI Officer of the first team,who had approached her,as witnesses of the fact that “the three servants ‘USED TO DRINK ‘ and listen to Nepali songs in Hemraj’s room in Talwars’ house”!

The Main Flaw in the Talwars’ defense, as I see it, is that they are adopting the negative approach of pointing out and harping upon the lapses and faults in the investigation done by the
Noida Police and the second team of CBI, like leaving scope for destruction and loss of important evidence by not condoning off the site of the murders (for which they too are partly responsible
by calling and gathering a crowd of family members and friends in their house on the first day, before calling the police, on coming to know of the killing). It is also learnt that they have removed the outermost iron grill door of their flat, which was said to have been locked,or latched from outside by the killers, after the incident, the reason for which is not understood.

They would do better by bringing out some new, and unchallengeable positive fact or argument, over and above the facts said to have been told by the servants in the Narco test and the dismissed discovery of the bloodstained pillowcase, esp about Rajkumar, that might convince the courts in their favour still !

Does Any Reader have any helpful advice for them?
(1)One SOLID POINT in their favour is the positive result of the ‘Dummy Sound Test’ conducted by the CBI, which has confirmed their claim that they were sleeping that night with the AC on,
because of which they could not have heard any sounds coming from the neighboring bedroom of Aarushi,which the CBI has confirmed,however implausible it may seem!
(2)Another STRONG EVIDENCE is that of the bloodstained Footprints on the floor in Aarushi’s room, which were compared with the footwear of Rajesh (Size No.6) and Nupur, but did not match with either of them, indicating that they must be of an outsider,as the CBI has confirmed that Hemraj’s blood or fingerprints were also not present in that room. It is not known whether the UP police have matched the footwear of the three servants also with these footprints. It should be checked whether the footwear size of Rajkumar or Krishna tallies with the size(No.8/9) corresponding to the footprints in Aarushi’s room. Perhaps the Durranis may be able to tell, if that is Rajkumar’s footwear size number.

On the other hand, It is reported that (1)the double bed sheet spread to cover the view from the steel iron grill between Talwars’ terrace and their neighbour’s, which was seen at the time of opening the terrace, was ‘not available’ thereafter, which suggests that someone who was on that terrace at the time of opening the terrace may have stolen it – Dinesh Talwar?
(2)Likewise, a golfclub found subsequently,about a year later on the loft of Aarushi’s room, supposed to be one of the weapons used in the murders, was not given to CBI immediately, but some months after finding it,and looking cleaned and polished,which casts suspicion on the Talwars.
(3)The outermost grill door of the flat,which was said to be locked from outside by the killer,was removed after the murders,which is also inexplicable.
(4)It was stated in some reports that even some records related to the double murder have become ‘untraceable’ mysteriously from the Govt. Hospital,where the Postmortems of the victims were done!

Still, It has begun to look almost certain to me AT THIS POINT that the Talwars may not have committed the murders, but they HAVE tried to CONCEAL and destroy some evidence, particularly of sexual nature like cleaning Aarushi’s private parts, the reason for which is not clear – may be to prevent some embarrassing facts suggestive of sexual activity from coming out,ESP. If related to servants or some close and influential person/s. It is not understood,however,why they hid Hemraj’s body on the terrace, unless it really bore signs of having had sex at the time of his murder, as Dr. Naresh Raj,who did his postmortem stated in thee Special CBI Court.

RAJKUMAR, Durranis’ servant, was quite possibly the one who KILLED AARUSHI and Hemraj, as claimed by the First Team of CBI,and believed by Nalini Singh, Sr. journalist, but not being exposed fully for the above reason, of protecting Aarushi’s Honour,or because he knows who the sexual assailant is.There is no proof to suspect that he committed the murders on being hired for it by Rajesh Talwar.

(Even KRISHNA who was angry with Rajesh, and had told Hemraj that he would ‘see him’,
SAID under NARCOANALYSIS that ‘ RAJESH is INNOCENT’, and that ‘Rajkumar killed Aarushi,’
as he had ‘an eye on her’ and wanted to ravish her. Krishna said that Aarushi was a ‘Good Girl’! )

It is obvious that Rajkumar is being sheltered by the Second Team of CBI, because of some powerful and influential people ( perhaps also including Durranis,who told the Noida police that the blood on his T-Shirt seized by them was due to ‘boils’), who are backing him on account of his knowing about the hidden ‘Skeletons in the Cupboards’ of each one of them!

What is strange is that even though the Talwars claim that all the three servant suspects were there in their house on the night and time of the murders, including Rajkumar,as per their own confession to CBI under Narcoanalysis, and Krishna named Rajkumar, who started it all by trying to molest Aarushi, and rendering her unconscious by hitting her on her head with a heavy and blunt object, the Talwars are focussing more on Krishna who, as Rajkumar is said to have revealed under Narco-, slit the throat of Aarushi (who was probably already dead following the blow
on her head)with a Khukri, which he flushed down the toilet, as the main culprit,and not talking much about Rajkumar, though Rajkumar is supposed to have started the assault by molesting Aarushi, and also confessed that the mobile phones of both victims were with him, which he threw away after deleting their memory.

Presumably,they do not want the fact of the sexual attack on Aarushi by a servant,or her consensual sex with him to become public,though outwardly they proclaim that they lived in elite society,where people are broad minded and do not murder their own for having wanton sex with anyone,even if it were with a servant! For having sex with someone of their society and standard is one thing, and doing’it’ with a servant is something else and more shameful, even if the Talwars don’t admit it now!

ONE MORE POSSIBILITY is that Aarushi had conceived through Anmol,for which the Talwars had tried to do Induced Abortion/ Medical Termination (MTP) through Dr. Vandana Talwar(Consultant Anaesthetist with experience as I/C Obs-Gynaec. Ward in the Safdarjung Hospital) at Rajesh Talwar’s home, in Aarushi’s bedroom, but which led to problems,and Aarushi died as a result. Her head and neck injuries were inflicted on her to divert attention from her private parts,and Hemraj was killed for being a witness,and also to blame him for Aarushi’s murder.

It is not understood why the first CBI Team, who declared Rajesh Talwar as innocent,and granted him bail,did not issue a charge sheet to the servants whom they held guilty,within 90 days of their arrest, due to which they also got bail. It is said that they were hesitating first as there was
no definite and direct, admissible evidence against them, and then, when they were about
to Chargesheet them, they were replaced by the second team of CBI.

What I feel sorry about is that some people are rubbing salt over the wound of the Talwars being ,
Considered guilty of the murder of their daughter and Hemraj, by insinuating that Rajesh has raped Aarushi before killing her,rather than any of the servants.

So the game of speculation continues.Either it was Rajkumar, alongwith Krishna and Mandal, as Krishna said under Narcoanalysis, Or Rajesh with Umesh Driver/Dinesh Talwar, or Dr.AJAY CHADDHA, Rajesh’s friend, with Nupur playing a marginal role of concealment of some evidence, including the golf club which Ajay Chaddha helped her to find later in Aarushi’s room.

Sometimes, I think it was a conspiracy in which all were involved,that is, the parents,uncle Dinesh,Aunty Vandana, and their associates, Clinic Manager, Driver, and domestic servants!
Whoever may have hatched the conspiracy, the ultimate victims were poor Aarushi And Hemraj! (As a matter of fact, I don’t know whether Hemraj deserves to be called ‘poor’, because I am not sure of how loyal he was, or that he was not at all responsible for Aarushi’s murder, for it seems that it was he who had let in whoever was the murderer of Aarushi and himself, at that hour of night!)


Finally, the judgement(and justice?) in this longstanding case has been delivered by the Special CBI Court of Ghaziabad to the effect that(1)Both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been held guilty under,and will have to bear the prescribed penalty under IPC Section302[life imprisonment=25years(?) -for murder] ; Sec.201: 5yrs imprispnment (for concealing and destruction of evidence)- both sections to be read with Sec.34 :(Crime with common intention). Rajesh Talwar in addition is convicted under IPC Sec.203(1yr.imprisonment for furnishing misleading information and filing false FIR against Hemraj for murdering Aarushi and absconding).

The sentences will be borne by them concurrently,

In addition,the Talwars had to pay a fine of Rs.32000/-.

Dinesh Talwar and the three Servant suspects have been spared!
The Servants have been let-go in spite of the fact that they had admitted having gone to the Talwar house on the murder night,and committing the murders, in the Narco test,on the grounds that the Narco test is not admissible evidence before the court,and that no incriminating forensic proof was found of their hand in the crime.

As to Dinesh Talwar, his involvement in concealing and deletion/ destruction of important evidence of the crime has been mentioned and elaborated in Page Nos.7-10, 98-103, and 178-181 of the CBI Spl. Court’s own judgement dated 26.11.2013. In fact, contacting Dr. Dohre for hiding the rape angle in the PM report was entirely his doing. Accordingly, he too should have been convicted under IPC Section 201/34 along with Rajesh and Nupur Talwar and sentenced to jail for five years for the offense and appropriate fine due for it.However, he has been let off scot-free in the
Final Verdict!
The reason for this obvious discrimination or partiality between the Drs.Rajesh- Nupur Talwar couple, and Dr. Dinesh Talwar in applying the respective IPC Sections 201/34 and corresponding sentence of 5years imprisonment, is not understood, Except for the suggestion that his friendship with Dr. Sushil Kumar Choudhary ,who has powerful and influential contacts among the Noida Police has supported and saved him from going the way of his brother and sister-in-law. For while mentioning his participation in concealing and deletion of the evidence as an offense committed by him in the abovementioned pages of the text of the judgement ,the CBI have conveniently and cleverly attributed the offense totally, at the final stage of declaring the culprit/s, to Rajesh and Nupur alone, under the common, ambiguous family name, ‘The Talwars’, without specifying WHICH Talwars were guilty, and including the name of Dinesh Talwar!
[So if the CBI had made an impartial judgement in the matter, not only Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, but the entire ‘Doctors’Battalion/Pentagon’ of Rajesh, Nupur Talwar(Dentists), DineshTalwar and Sushil Kumar Choudhary(Ophthalmologists) and R.K.Sharma(Forensic Expert,who helped to dispose off the Mobile phones of both the victims), I.e.All those named in the text of the CBI Court’s judgement for one lapse or type of involvement, or the other, would be Iiable to be marching to Dasna jail on 25th Nov.2013, to run a Polyclinic there], and perhaps Vandana Talwar too.
It is not understood why Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are not bringing up this point for themselves also to be spared of application of the Sections201/34 like the two others, or protesting against the obvious discrimination. May be because,perhaps,Dinesh has knowledge of a fact relating to major/ minor involvement of Rajesh
In the crime that he can’t afford to let Dinesh divulge to the CBI/ the higher courts.

The CBI has chosen to target Rajesh and Nupur alone selectively,and had asked for the Death Sentence to be imposed upon the two,which smacks of the motive or spirit of revenge,
or ‘ Legal Vendetta’,(Taking ‘anEye for anEye’, i.e. the ‘Life of the remaining two’of the Talwar household, for allegedly taking the ‘Life of the other two’ on the night of 15/16May,2008) working against the couple for their ‘audacity’ of opposing the Closure Report of CBI, of 29.11.2010, and compelling them to reopen the case, than the delivery of ‘Justice4Aarushi’!

The Talwar couple, in turn, have vowed to fight for justice till the very end, so the case or legal battle is far from being completely over!

I don’t agree with it. As one of the members of the Panel of ‘ The Big Fight’ on NDTV, chaired by Vikram Chandra,and including Vandana Talwar as the representative of the convicted couple, on that Issue said, he would have convicted the couple ONLY under IPC Sec201/34 for concealing and destruction of evidence, and Rajesh Talwar alone under IPC Sec203 in addition, for filing a false FIR against Hemraj for the murder of his daughter,on the basis of the available circumstantial evidence, BUT NOT FOR MURDER! What the CBI could,or rather,should have done, would be to
sentence Rajesh and Nupur to 5yr. Imprisonment under Section 201/34, plus Rajesh for a further period of 1year,and together, pay a fine of Rs.12000/-.

The investigation against both of them for murder could have continued while they are in jail, and extension of the sentence to life term imprisonment if any direct evidence is found. I do not think Nupur has a hand in the murder,but she might have done the cleaning of Aarushi’s private parts,as well as cleaning and hiding the golfclub said to have been found later on the loft in Aarushi’s room. About Rajesh’s innocence in respect of the murders, I’m not 100% sure. Yet, I hold that it was wrong of the court to sentence him on that charge on the basis of circumstantial evidence alone!

Two things are almost certain,that (1) The Talwars are vehemently denying and trying to hide, but thereby evoking suspicion that there IS a ‘Rape angle’ to this murder case, judging by 3 observations about the nature of the proof sought to be concealed,viz.(1) Obvious Washing and cleaning of Aarushi’s pvt. parts and dressing up of the crime scene;(2) Dr. Dinesh Talwar’s requesting the Doctor doing Aarushi’s autopsy to hide ‘rape from report;(3)Vaginal swabs of Aarushi swapped with another woman in Govt. hospital.

(2)Also, the suspicious and furtive behaviour of Rajesh Talwar in relation to the opening of the terrace, and asking the Police to go out in search of Hemraj, instead of giving them the keys or at least urging them to break open the lock on the terrace door, and then phoning the Police to come to his house on the next day,saying that the weapon of the murders may be there on the terrace, and Dinesh Talwar bringing the Retired Deputy Superintendent of Police,KK Gautam to get the lock opened through him, suggests that the Brothers probably Knew of Hemraj’s death and of His Body being on the terrace from the beginning!

The Question is,WHO was the one WhoCAME IntoAarushi’s room atMidnight and SEXUALLY ABUSED, AND/OR KILLED AARUSHI ? Hemraj or Rajkumar, or somebody else? As the incident happened at late night, it does not appear to be the work of a boyfriend. Some people suspect that it may have been a family member. One more theory is that Anita Durrani might have sent Rajkumar to kill Aarushi and Hemraj, as they both spied on her and Rajesh Talwar, and Aarushi fought with her father over his relationship with Anita, and threatened to tell her mother and grandparents,while Hemraj gossiped with outsiders about it. However ,Rajesh had made 6 calls to Anita that night, so Who knows?That is as crucial a question now as ‘Who killed Aarushi and Hemraj’!

The case against Hemraj being the one to have had sex with Aarushi ,at the time of their being killed, is that his body was found with footwear, on one foot. The one on the other foot must have fallen off in the scuffle with the killer. Does one get into bed in one’s house, with someone living in the same house,with shoes on? (Unless it was on a sudden urge, but still, it is not believable.) Besides, Nupur herself said in an interview on the second day,when Hemraj’s body was found, that it is not possible that Hemraj would have exploited Aarushi,as he was like a grandfather to her.
(It is not known if Anmol Agarwal,whom the police questioned soon after the murders,and on being confronted with whose statement,Rajesh Talwar is said to have broken down and made a confession initially to the Police(which he withdrew later),told the Police about the physical intimacy between Hemraj and Aarushi,and her father’s a gear over it, because of which they have that idea; but he is supposed to have told the Police,like all the classmates and friends of Aarushi,that she was a nice girl,and does not seem to have said anything adverse about her character.

Aarushi’s aunt, Shree Paradkar says that Krishna Thadarai started that rumour.

On the other hand, Nupur said that the boy Rajkumar was seemingly interested in her, as she had come to know that he used to visit their house in the afternoons when Aarushi was at home and they, her parents were absent. Krishna, Hemraj’s and Rajkumar’s friend too,said that Rajkumar had an eye on Aarushi.

Look at it this way: There is a reasonable doubt from the Narco test that, Rajkumar and the other servants had assembled in Hemraj’s room on murder night from 11.45pm. Rajkumar came by 11.55pm, when the song that he hummed under Narcoanalysis was being played on the TV in Hemraj’s room. He had a few gulps of liquor when he noticed after 12. 08 that Rajesh Talwar who was working at the computer in Aarushi’s room, had left leaving the door unlocked. He drew the attention of Krishna towards it, and formed a plan he had since long been waiting to put into action. He along with the three others went through the open door into Aarushi’s room 15-20 minutes after Rajesh’s exit, at about 12.30 after midnight,by which time Aarushi was fast asleep, and started taking undue liberty with her. At that, Aarushi woke up,and seeing all the four servants gathered around her, started shouting at them; but because,as the Talwars said, she had a sore throat that night, she could not shout loudly enough for her parents to hear her,and then, Rajkumar gagged her and started molesting her. Upon that, Aarushi tried to get down from her room and run out of her room. Then, fearing that she would wake up her parents, Rajkumar hit her hard on the forehead with a golf club he had brought along in case Aarushi put up any resistance, which threw her on her bed, unconscious and nearly lifeless!
At this point, Hemraj realized that the situation was getting out of his control,and he was scared at what Rajesh Talwar would do on finding out what his friends,whom he had let him, had done,and began to swear at the others and threaten to expose them before all. Now Rajkumar saw that Hemraj had become a threat to him, so he hit him hard on the back of his head and rendered him unconscious too. Thereafter, he together with Krishna and Vijay Mandal, wrapped Hemraj in a bed sheet in Aarushi’s room and took him to the terrace. There, he slit Hemraj’s throat with a Khukri, covered him with the cooler panel, washed their hands and feet and the golf club in the cooler water.

Thereafter he removed his footwear,and came down to Aarushi’s room barefoot,shoved the golf club onto the loft opposite her room, cut her throat with the same Khukri, flushed it down the toilet in the bathroom attached to her bed room, washed his hands and feet in her bathroom, then put on his shoes, went to the cabinet where Whisky was kept, had some of it with the other two, and then they all made their way out of the flat, locking the door of the terrace and the outermost iron grill door from outside,and fled through the main gate of the block. As Rajkumar had washed his hands but not quite thoroughly in the rush, some blood of Hemraj and Aarushi passed on to the Whisky bottle, but his fingerprints were smudged. Before he left, he lifted the cellphone of Hemraj and that of Aarushi, which may have been kept back in Her room by Rajesh,after she went to sleep.

(There is a little doubt here, however, as the CBI see a possibility of both the cellphones having been given by Rajesh Talwar to DW4, Dr.RKSharma, former HoD of Forensic Science at AIIMS,
whose father runs a shop of Mobile sets, for disposal after deleting their entries and removing its Sim Card, (as mentioned in the Judgement on Page 185), who in turn, sent the cellphone to his father’s sister in Punjab,and discarded Aarushi’s phone in the local park, where the maid Kusum(who had worked once as domestic help with the Talwars) found it and gave to her nephew, Anil and brother, one Ram Bhoola of Bulandshahar,from whom it was retrieved by the Police after one year, but with its memory deleted and it’s Sim Card removed! And it is possible that it may be RKSharma who disposed off at least Hemraj’s phone, because Rajkumar would be more likely to send Hemraj’s Cellphone to Nepal than to Punjab.It’s not understood how and why he admitted to having and disposing of the cellphones to the CBI,under Narcoanalysis. May be he said that in reply to Leading questions by the doctor who conducted the test. BY THE WAY, the INITIALS OF THE SERVANT RAJKUMAR are also, coincidentally, R.K. SHARMA! If CBI’s doubt that it was Dr, not servant RKSharma who disposed off both phones,is true, it is shocking and shameful that a man of his cadre, and above all, a Forensic Scientist, should stoop to such a low level to Conceal and destroy the evidence of murder,ESP of a little girl known to him, instead of helping the investigating agency to locate and punish the criminal/s. Such underhanded tricks strengthen suspicion against his friend Talwar!
There are SEVEN more questions: (1) Aarushi was said to have been beaten on murder night-why?
(2) Nupur was eager to give Aarushi the digital camera bought for her birthday(24.5.08) that night itself-why? (3) Vandana Talwar had gone to their house at lunch time that afternoon-what for?
(4)Nupur Talwar had made 21 phone calls to a lady doctor that day -for what? and,
(5) Rajesh had made 16 phone calls to Anita Durrani till 8.00pm that night, upto 1/2hour before Rajesh left for home that night. (6) The Postmortem of Aarushi was done by Dr.Dohre, Govt. Pathologist, but that of Hemraj who was discovered the next day, was done by Dr. Naresh Raj,a Pediatrician. Why was it not done by Dr. Dohre, or another Pathologist? And if a Pediatrician was brought in, He could have done the PM of Aarushi, who was under 15yrs, and hence a Pediatric case,while Dr.Dohre could have done Hemraj’s PM; but why was Dr.Dohre not asked to do Hemraj’s PM?Is it because he was reluctant to heed the request for manipulation,or concealment requested by Dr. Dinesh Talwar the previous day, in the case of Aarushi?
(7)A social worker who interviewed Nupur Talwar at the beginning of the case said that Nupur gave her some private information, but that she is bound by the Talwars’ privacy to keep it to herself and not reveal it. Wonder what it was! (8) Attempt was made to change the password of Aarushi and Hemraj, but not Nupur’s; also, from Haridwar, I.e. After the Talwars’ terrace was opened, Rajesh phoned his lawyer to arrange fo anticipatory bail for him, not for Nupur, meaning that Nupur was not involved in the murder.

It is not known if these facts have any relation to the double murder that took place in their house that night.)

(As to the cellphone of Aarushi found by the maid Kusum, she told the Police that she had no idea to whom the Cellphone belonged when she found it).

The five Unidentified fingerprints on the Whisky bottle could well be of one of the persons who reached the Talwar’s home before the arrival of the police,and left his fingerprints on the bottle inadvertently.

UPDATED (11. 12. 13) :
Just today,which is coincidentally the birthdate of the recently defeated Communist(Maoist)
Prime Minister of Nepal, Prachanda, I learnt that his party, the United Communist Party of Nepal ( Maoist) defeated the Monarchy on 28.5.2008 and formed the Government run by the Communist Party In Nepal( Maoist) in August2008. The servants of Talwar and Durrani,viz.Vishnu Thapa, Hemraj Banjade and his son- in-law Jeevan, and the other mysteriously killed previous servant of Talwars, Raju aka Nim Raj Kaushal, Krishna Thadarai and Rajkumar Sharma were all Nepalese,and might all be having contacts with the Maoists,as Hemraj was said to be having, (known by the phone calls he was getting from some Maoists in Nepal) because of which he was under the scanner of the Delhi Police.

The two Nepalese servants, Krishna and Rajkumar are said to have approached the National Human Rights Commission( NHRC) and the Nepalese Govt through their Lawyer, after their release from jail in on bail subsequently (due to the First Team of CBI not having been able to issue a Charge Sheet within 90 days of their arrest) for protection against their unfounded and unjust incrimination for Aarushi’s murder,by the CBI.

The removal of the first team of CBI and it’s replacement by the Second, (pro- servants, anti-Talwar) Team of CBI, in September 2009, just before the First Team of CBI could proceed in its actions against the servants, may all be possibly related to the institution of the Secular Federal ( People’s) Govt. In Nepal in August 2008(after the murder of Aarushi),and it’s intervention and pressure on the Govt. Of India and the CBI.

There is ground to believe therefore, that the CLOSURE REPORT of the CBI
of Dec.2010 on the Aarushi- Hemraj Murder case(wherein all the servant suspects, as well as Dr. Dinesh Talwar, Dr.Sushil Kumar Choudhary and Dr.RKSharma, have been let off with a clean chit, and only Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been targeted as the killers of Hemraj and Aarushi),
may have been PROMPTED BY some ‘BIG PEOPLE’ who are ANTI – Rajesh/Nupur Talwar, as seen from the servants’ acquittance having come through the intervention of the Maoists of Nepal,
and of Dr. Dinesh Talwar alongwith Dr. Sushil Kumar Choudhary and
Dr. R.K.Sharma, Forensic Expert, by the influence of top level Officials in the Noida and UP Police Force, through the mediation of Retd. DSP K.K. Gautam, despite their mention as involved parties in concealing and deletion of evidence of Rape of Aarushi through Dr. Dohre in the name of
Family Honour, and trying to get Rajesh Talwar’s terrace opened through KKGautam, in his absence, instead of proceeding with him to Hardwar for the immersion of Aarushi’s ashes, and joining the bereaved couple only after Rajesh’s unexpected appearance on the scene before leaving for Hardwar, as both Dohre and Retd.DSP KKGautam testified in the CBI
Spl. Court,as per the text of the final Judgement of the CBI Spl.Court!

It would be interesting if SOMEONE SHOULD PRODUCE an ‘unbiased’ and neutral           FILM OR SERIAL on this CASE with the NAMES of the main characters CHANGED.
Better still, the project should be handed over to K.D. Pathak of the Hindi serial ‘Adaalat’ of Sony TV, to work out the plot through ‘his Adaalat’ to a plausible solution, like Sherlock Holmes, or as in an Agatha Christie mystery novel. But first, it will have to be decided, whom the producers would prefer to see exonerated ultimately-Rajesh and NupurTalwar or the Servants, Krishna-Rajkumar!

This case has caught the fancy of so many people that there are at least four producers in India who have tried to solve the mystery through their films and serials, and one producer from Hollywood, Runyard, who aspires to make a film on that case story.

1)Ekta Kapoor had woven the case story at one stage in her serial ‘ Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ produced under the Balaji Telefilms banner, in which she has suggested that the character who killed the one who represented Aarushi for being wayward and uncontrollable, was her own mother Shruti, played by Tina Parekh. However, that part of the serial had to be cut short abruptly, as the Talwars complained against it.

2)The next person to try a hand at it under the title,’Aarushi – A Love Story’, was the producer Kamal Rashid Khan(KRK), who had even decided upon the actors for the film, who were to enact the real life characters of the case,
viz. Kabir Bedi and Poonam Dhillon as the Talwar couple, with himself being the Police officer investigating the case. He too intended to project the Parents of Aarushi as the killers. I don’t think that film has made any progress so far.

3)Then it was heard that a Bollywood Producer, Karan Kashyap of Mowgli Productions, who has produced documentaries till now, was planning to produce a feature film based on this case, titled ‘The Last Night ofAarushi’. That too seems to have fizzled out after the CBI Court verdict.

I only hope that the enterprise of so many people in producing a film on the case helps in finding the true culprit, on the basis of sound facts and logic, and does not reach a mistaken solution merely on the grounds of
the common Public and Media bias against the parents, thus confusing
the case further!

4)One more entrepreneur in that direction was Milan Luthria, the maker of ‘The Dirty Picture’, who was going to produce a Bollywood film named ‘Bihaad : Outlawed’, which was to be sympathetic towards the parents. However, he has decided to drop this venture following their conviction by the CBI Court. RIP Aarushi!

5) Manish Gupta’s ‘Rahasya’ is also inspired by the real-life incident, starring Sakshi Sem, Tisca Chopra and Aashish Vidyarthi in the main roles of Aarushi, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar. (I feel that Gajendra Chauvan should have been chosen to play Rajesh).Kay Kay Menon and Mita Vasishth have also been signed, for the roles of the Investigating Officer and the Talwars’ Maid servant respectively.

Manish has started his film with giving the impression that the father is
the killer of his daughter, but shocks the audience towards the climax by projecting the Mother of the murdered girl as the culprit in the film, and shows that she has killed her daughter because she finds out that the girl is actually the illegitimate child of her husband through their maid. In Talwar’s case, his name is linked with his business partner.
(It is to be seen what Manish has shown as the reason for the murder of their domestic servant, analogous to Hemraj, if they have brought in that point).

In Aarushi’s real life case though, it has been proved by DNA tests that she was the ‘biological child’ of both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, born through
‘In Vitro Fertilisation’, and that Nupur herself had given birth to her,
Not any Surrogate Mother! Nevertheless, the dry, cold and undistressed look on Nupur Talwar’s face and her casual way of talking after the murder of her only child, conceived with special treatment as IVF,eight years after their marriage, remains an enigma!

Now, the latest news is that the Talwars have expressed their disapproval of any film or book being released on their daughter’s murder case, including Manish Gupta’s ‘Rahasya’.

I have not seen ‘Rahasya, but if Manish has picturised the Aarushi aspect sensitively (without focussing too much over the fact and scenes of the supposed molestation or rape of the girl) as also the present ‘end’, about the mother having been sentenced to life imprisonment as the culprit, tactfully and sympathetically, that is, as a travesty of justice (than as the right conclusion of the case), since the verdict is based on circumstantial evidence, and if the Talwars have been shown waiting hopefully for that day when the higher courts will understand them and do them justice, they should not object to the film so vehemently.
However,as of to date, Manish Gupta too no longer claims that his film is based on the Aarushi murder case, and says that it is a work of mere fiction, and the name of the murdered girl is Ayesha Mahajan.

It seems, Aarushi used to tell her father, what sounds prophetic now,
“Daddy, I will make you famous one day”! She sure did, but too soon, and unexpectedly, sadly, in an unfortunate, fatal manner, making them ‘infamous’ instead ! However, the Talwars have only themselves to blame really, ultimately, for harbouring a male servant in their house for 24 hours (‘YAM PRASAD’ at that), when they had a young budding daughter.

Also, if they were so keen on getting justice, they should not have tampered with the evidence for whatever reason, as they seem to have done.
Their insistence on reopening the case and finding the actual killer suggests that they know who the killer is, and they have some evidence of it with them, but they want the Police to nail him on their own, as they are either afraid to reveal the killer’s identity themselves due to some threat, or they may be related to him by blood or friendship. Otherwise, they might be under some obligation towards him, whatever !

IF I WERE TO PRODUCE A FILM about this case, I WOULD START the film DRAMATICALLY, from the wall clock striking 12.00 on the midnight of 15/16th May 2008, and the landline telephone ringing unresponded with foreboding background music, like “Gumnaam hai Koi”, as that is the point from where the mystery really starts and let the story move on as in the real case, FOLLOWING the line of the actual FACTS OF THE CASE, that is, from the arrival of the maid servant Bharti at the Talwars’flat on the morning of the murder and  ringing the doorbell, TILL the Talwars’ CONVICTION by the CBI Court.
But instead of ending the film at that point, I would show them appealing to the higher courts, and waiting hopefully for justice and ‘Phir Subah Hogi’, leaving the cine viewers    to decide ,’What might have Actually happened to, and Who May Be The Real Killer/s         of Aarushi Talwar’!

(But, who knows what the ‘truth’ is ? For all we know, it may be that the three suspect servants were in Talwar house, indeed, on the night of the murder, BUT, they did not commit the Murders. On the contrary, they might have unwittingly become the witnesses of the murders committed by somebody else, i.e. Aarushi might have got killed by Rajesh Talwar somehow, and Hemraj, being the servant of the house, might have rushed to her rescue on hearing commotion or on seeing what was happening, and got killed as witness on the spot, by being hit with the golfclub , stick, hammer or whatever Rajesh had in his hand. The three friends of his
(or Anmol Agarwal, who may arrived there secretively on not getting response of Aarushi to his midnight call on the Talwars’ landline phone, as also to his SMS on her mobile at 12.30 at night) might have hidden behind the dividing wall of the terrace out of fear,and seen everything ,and reported the matter to the Retd.DSP KK Gautam, who lived in the vicinity.That may be the reason why Rajesh broke down on being faced with Anmol’s statement to the Noida Police in the beginning of the investigation.

Aarushi’s school friends and Anmol speak of her as a good and charming girl, who did not have to get into a sexual relationship with a servant,as she had better prospects with boys of her own social standard. So if there is doubt or proof of her having been found in that act with an undesirable person, such as Hemraj or Rajkumar, it must be rape committed on her by threat of death,or by gagging and holding her in such a way that she couldn’t put up any resistance,or by making her unconscious by hitting her over the head with a stick or hammer.

However, no matter who may be projected as the perpetrator of the murders, the act of washing and cleaning of Aarushi’s body, which does seem to have been done, to destroy the evidence of her sexual interaction with whomsoever, will Have to be shown in the film, as done by the parents
for saving Aarushi’s and the Talwar Family’s Honour, for no outside
criminal would stay in the house after the crime for that !

Also, (1)the abrupt cessation of response of Arushi’s cellphone from an unusually early hour of 9.10pm;
(2)disposal of the ‘supposed to be missing’ mobile phones of the two victims(probably through a close family friend,Dr.RK Sharma);
(3) deletion of 23/28 of Aarushi’s camera photos;
(4)the deletion of information from the social networking sites of Aarushi, as well as ,
(5)the attempt to change the passwords of Aarushi and Rajesh, etc.
induce one to suspect that the DOUBLE MURDER, ESP. that of Aarushi,
of Aarushi, including Aarushi’s boyfriends, due to CONFLICTS of Aarushi with her boyfriends, as also TO HER FATHER,ON ACCOUNT OF ANGER WITH HEMRAJ for his gossiping, rather than any of the poor,innocent(?)servants!
And the relatives and friends of the Talwars helped to cover-up the ‘trespasses and transgressions’ of the father and daughter, willfully
or inadvertently.

In fact, except for the disputed confessional statements extracted through the Narco tests on the servants, and the pillowcase with Hemraj’s blood, there is hardly any direct evidence against the domestic helps!
The Khukri found in Krishna’s house did not have human blood on it.

The BEST IDEA would be that the TALWARS THEMSELVES SHOULD seek Allahabad High Court/ Supreme Court permission to PUBLISH a BOOK
on Their Own version of the matter, AND get some discreet and sensitive producer director to PRODUCE THE FILM with their version, since the Trial
in the CBI Court which had denied Nupur the right to write a book on her viewpoint of the case, is now over! They could make the film in the form
of an autobiography of Nupur, or as a BIOPIC, with herself and Rajesh THEMSELVES ACTING AS AARUSHI’s PARENTS!

BUT THEY DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT NOW. For the Author Avirook Sen has recently published a book ‘AARUSHI’ on the Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj Banjade Murder Mystery’, in which he vindicates the role of Aarushi’s parents and subscribes to the theory of Aarushi and Hemraj having been killed by the two Nepali servants, viz.Krishna Thadarai, Rajesh Talwar’s Assistant/Compounder in his Dental Clinic and Rajkumar Sharma, Domestic Servant of the TALWARS’ Business Partners, the Durranis,in the presence of Vijay Mandal, the Servant/Driver, of Puneesh Tandon, Talwar’s neighbor(who however denies his own    or his servant’s having been personally involved in the murders.                                                                   A film ‘TALWAR’ has also been produced lately by  MeghanaGulzar in keeping with the view expressed in Avirook  Sen’s ‘AARUSHI’.I personally am not convinced about that theory, as I feel that the behaviour and statements of the family, particularly of Rajesh – Nupur Talwar and Dinesh Talwar are not quite above board.Also, the beginning of the film was not as dramatic as I had expected. It starts with a CDI Officer Ashwin Kumar (analogous with the CBI Officer, Arun Kumar of the first CBI team of the real case) being assigned the investigation of the Shruti Tandon-Khempal(in fact,Aarushi-Hemraj murder)

I would also have preferred Gajendra Chauhan and Sakshi  Tanwar to play the Talwar couple, as they resemble them more. But Well, Everyone is entitled to his own choice and point of view, after all !


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  1. To Anon- I’m glad u agree with my doubt about driver Umesh. However, when I wrote to the ‘ Justice For Aarushi’ Forum opened by Dr. Vandana Talwar, that , if we have to think of anyone other than Aarushi’s parents for her and Hemraj’s murder, the next persons I can think of are, Krishna, Rajkumar (Durrani’s servant), and Umesh Sharma, who, on account of being the Talwar’s driver, must be going around with them, aswell as having quite a lot of ‘ inner’ information about the Talwar family and their internal interpersonal relations, and hence, may be their confidant in many matters ( or plots). However, they replied to me saying ” You’re absolutely right about the first two, but not Umesh, because he is a ‘ loyal’ driver and still working with the Talwars !” Now, what can we say to that ? Either those people wish to live in blind faith in an employee and don’t want to face up to it, or it’s a case of ‘ Teri bhi Chup, Meri bhi Chup’ between them !

    • ushaji, as u siuggested in ur other blog, it also looks like MTP specially planned on the eve of summer vacations in schools to avoid embarassement to the family & anmol (aarushi’s boy friend) may be responsible for the pregnancy.

    • I want to know as to why then mr. Talwar is sentenced to death?
      Have it come to a conclusion that the father killed the daughter. If no den why is this as the verdict

      • Who told you that Mr. Rajesh Talwar is sentenced to Death?
        He and Nupur Talwar are serving a Life sentence in Jail, wherein Mr. Talwar is doing his Dentist’s work, and Nupur is teaching the other inmates.
        The advocate for the servants accused by the Talwars Had Asked for the Death Sentence for the Talwars,but the Judge of CBI
        Special Court, Ghaziabad, did not agree to it. Now, the Talwars have lodged a petition for reconsideration of their case in
        the Allahabad High Court, but there is apparently no progress.

      • I did not understand why then in the initial stage Mr.Talwar had admitted that he had seen hemraj and arushi in a position amd he got angry,or was it just an assumption of the CBI??

      • I also don’t understand it, but I feel that though it seems almost certain that Aarushi had been sexually abused, it was not at the hands of Hemraj, but some other socially eminent and powerful person, or else a close relative who did it, whom the Talwars do not want to expose! Hemraj was killed probably for knowing the true fact and real abuser!

  2. Thanks for appreciating the article. I trust you might have read my other two articles related to the subject also.It is unfortunate that even in such a horrible case, neither the police nor CBI have arrived at the clue to ‘ Who killed Aarushi Talwar’, after so many years of the incident, so that all the Public can do is to keep on trying to figure out the killer just on the basis of logical thinking and our intuition. For at the very beginning,whoever is/are the murderer/s have done such a perfect job of it, that it is very difficult to identify him. And the ineptness and casual way with which the Noida Police and CBI have handled the case has led to the further loss of whatever evidence the criminal had left behind. So I won’t be surprised if the Deadline for this case,31/12/2012 brings a repetition of what happened in December 2010 viz. Closure of the case once again, with the CBI Agency and Court throwing up their hands in shameful defeat ! We can only pray that the souls of Aarushi and Hemraj RIP! However, I suspect Krishna Compounder and perhaps Rajesh Talwar too,Of having played a major role in this case. But the ultimate reason for this tragedy is the neglect of the girl’s parents to keep a watch on their adolescent daughter and her association with males, especially with household servants. They should not have allowed the servant to stay at their residence, where there was a girl in Her growing years. And now, Nupur Talwar wants to repeat the same mistake by adopting the daughter of a cell- mate in the Prison, though she could not look after her own daughter properly.
    How stupid ! The Law should allow her to adopt only a boy to fill up the void of Aarushi, and declare her unfit for raising a girl. For such a thing should not be allowed to happen again.

  3. The data deleted on the memory cards of mobiles can be retrieved with special softwares. Why the police didnt try that ? And i think, most probalby mr talwar have a special role in the plot. The girl could have ilicit relation (or were forced to) with here own father or the servant hemraj. Otherwise there couldnt be a need for investigation on the victims private parts and its extra ordinary changes . Such a relation might have led to the masacre. Hemraj found their relation or talwar found her and hemraj in such one. The father had extra marital relations, ofcourse he could have some tendency to his own grown up daughter also while he frequently visiting her bedroom at nights. Mostly a chance for the first is strong. A father having relations with daughter wont have reasons not to kill her once he is caught of it. As the servants body was found locked outside on the terace but locked from inside, it was to hide the real plot and put everything on servants disappear.

    The case have been haunting me since years. And i am eager to know what really happened.

    • Yes,I too think the CBI should have tried to retrieve the information in Aarushi’s cellphone, but they were not serious about investigating this case, may be because Dr.Rajesh Talwar is an influential man.He is probably the murderer of Aarushi and Hemraj, and hid his body on the terrace to dispose of it later, as his car used to be parked in his
      Inlaws’ garage at L-276 of the same society,and it may not have been possible to bring it for disposing of the body at that time, otherwise,he would have got rid of it then itself,so that he could have convinced the police and everyone that Hemraj killed Aarushi
      And absconded.And since Hemraj’s body was found the next day on the terrace, he started accusing Krishna and Rajkumar. He would have got away, with just a negative remark about his being the likely culprit for the murders,deletion of evidence,and also for misleading the police by telling them to look for Hemraj outside the house, as well as for filing a false FIR,in the closure report,without suggesting any penalty; and Nupur got away almost totally, with only a doubt of her having helped in destruction of proof. If they had kept quiet then,they, esp. Nupur Talwar, would have been totally free now, but as they say, ‘ Vinaashkale Viparit Buddhi’, so they protested against the closure,and asked them for reinvestigation of the case, which was followed by the magistrate of the CBI Court also
      Demanding reopening of the case, and charging Nupur also of participating in their daughter’s murder.So now, the CBI seems to have decided to be strict with the Talwars. Still, no one can say what will be the final outcome, so we have to wait and watch.All that the Public can do is to give suggestions which may help in nailing the killer/s.
      One thing I wonder about is, whose was the Unidentified Number with which Dr. Dinesh Talwar-ie Rajesh’s elder brother-his friend Dr.Choudhary,and Retd. DSP KKGautam had formed a telephonic loop on 16.5.08 AN after which Dinesh requested the doctor doing Aarushi’s PM
      To refrain from mentioning any evidence of rape in the report;and also on 17.5.08 morning
      After which they went to Rajesh’s house in his absence, and got the terrace door opened
      Upon which they found Hemraj’s dead body there itself, whereupon the focus of doubt turned back on the Talwars as suspects. I am surprised however,about how and why Dinesh took the initiative to take DSP Gautam to his brother’s house and get the terrace door opened, which led to Rajesh’s arrest. Probably, he knew that Rajesh had committed the murder, and had affection for Aarushi as his niece and felt that Rajesh should be exposed and punished!

    • Thank You! I don’t know if you mean it as that, but I take it as a compliment. However, I would not join the CBI even if I could,
      As I don’t want to become a ‘caged parrot’, as the CBI is jokingly called!

  4. Madam……Really hats off for the information you gathered……CBI can use this information for their investigation..i think they may be using it..!!

  5. Why was hemraj scared and what he wanted to talk to social activist uma thakur urgently, someone was threating him directly from the past or he perceived a threat from someone
    How did the key land up on the floor, on top of painting at noon next day
    If it was an outsider, what was way to escape, terrace door was locked from inside, did downstairs also have a door ?, also to get rid of bloodstained clothing, shoes etc
    Was the terrace door locked first night or earlier nights also.
    Hemraj was beaten, did that wake up Aarushi, or beaten later to shut up
    A blood stained underwear was found on terrace in a media video, whos was it ?
    Hemraj was wearing shoes, did he normally wear shoes inside house while serving dinner or later he wanted to go out
    Who all did the cleaning the next day, under anybodys instructions ?, what time they came and who called them

    • Let me answer your queries point wise:
      (1)Uma Thakur,the social activist had not given a patient ear to poor Hemraj, because she was very busy!So she has not found out or stated the reason for Hemraj’s fear,but from what his wife said afterwards,he was afraid that his master, Rajesh Talwar had threatened him that he would kill him for gossiping with outsiders about his family matters.Whether Rajesh really meant it,or said it as many people do, just to frighten the servant into stopping his gossiping,is not known.
      (2)How the key landed on top of a wall painting from under the pillow on his and Nupur’s bed, during the night,and then happened to be found on the lobby floor in front of Hemraj’s room,is not known.
      Nupur Talwar told the Police that she had forgotten to lock the room that night,and so the key might have remained on the door, and thus got into someone’s hands,whereas Rajesh,who went to sleep after her said that he HAD locked Aarushi’s room after finishing his work at the computer, after 11.30/.35 and had kept it under a pillow on their bed.Someone stole it from there,and left it in a different place after the murder.
      (3) The terrace door used to remain open till that day, but Nupur told the Police that Hemraj had locked it the previous day as painting was going on in the block and the painter’s men used to take the water from the cooler,so the key was with him and they did not know where he had kept it.
      (4) Hemraj’s room had an independent door to come in and leave,even if the main door of the flat was locked.
      (5) It seems that Aarushi had already awaken when Hemraj was beaten,by whoever-her father or by Rajkumar, Vijay Mandal and Krishna.
      (6)The u/wear I saw in a video by India TV,was supposed to be of Hemraj.
      (7)Hemraj had shoes on when he was attacked, which is one reason to believe that he may not have been killed in Aarushi’s bed, but elsewhere. It is not clarified whether he wore shoes all the time,or had worn them just then.
      (8) The cleaning of the floor and walls of Aarushi’s room was done by the employees of Rajesh Talwar,viz. his driver Umesh Sharma and his clinic manager, Vikas Sethi,after her body was taken for cremation at 4.00 PM.on 16.5.08. It was learnt that the instructions had been given to them by Nupur’s mother,but with the knowledge and consent of the Noida Police who were present there at that time. The blood stained bedsheets and door mat of the room were washed by Rajkumar on the first day under the instructions of Rajesh,who had called him to give water to the people who had gathered there on that day,as Rajkumar told the CBI.It is not known who called the Driver and Manager,but they must have come there on their own by virtue of being Rajesh’s staff, on learning about the murders in their master’s house.

      • P.S: I don’t think that Hemraj had sex with Aarushi,as his body was found with shoe on,which is hardly a thing to be seen on a person having sex with someone in his own house. Somebody else,
        perhaps Rajkumar might have done it,as per the assumption of
        the first team of CBI,who believe that Hemraj had let the Nepali servants and Vijay Mandal,neighbour’s servant into his room
        at late night for drinks and listening to Nepali music!

      • 1. Hemraj was scared for his own life and some of his near and dear ones, as mentioned to Uma Thakur. Were his wife and kids staying with him, or scared for them in Nepal ?
        Or perhaps Jeevans kids or perhaps scared for himself and Aarushi. Maybe someone was threatening him for personal issue like money, gambling or threatening him for giving access to the house.
        Dont think Rajesh would have threatened Hemraj that he would kill Hemraj and his daughter Aarushi

      • His wife and children were staying in Nepal.I don’t think he was worried about them,or Jeevan’s family. He was not afraid of Krishna,or he would not have confided in him that he wanted a Khukri for self-protection,and asked him to get one for him,which Krishna on the day before the murders.

        I think he was worried for his own life,and perhaps for Aarushi too.
        I don’t Understand why he remained there till he was killed as he feared.Rajesh from his side may not have removed him for fear that he might go around spreading gossip about his family,and because he liked his cooking.

      • 1. If Hemraj was worried he and Aarushi would get killed by Rajesh seems far fetched with remote possibility. If this was the case Nupur, Dinesh, Air Commodore Chitnis, wife would have known something about it, unless they are all accessories to the crime as per CBI
        2. Seems Rajesh forgot to lock the door, and if he did lock it, then there is remote possibility of hemraj having duplicate if attack was premeditated. In the melee next day it was put by someone on painting.
        3. Terrace door was locked from outside and broken outside by police, wonder why cbi says locked from inside. The killer took lock and key from Hemraj.
        4. What I wanted to ask was escape route for killer or helper outside the complex, from terrace or stairs down where there was no lock.
        5. If Hemraj was killed first the enmity of killer was with Hemraj, if aarushi then the motive was sexual.
        6. Torture ?
        7. Someone should clarify whether he sometimes did wear shoes at home.

  6. Hi Ushaji,

    I have few doubts in this case,

    1, if the parents know their daughter engaged with male servant howcome they allowed servant to stay in same house??
    2.i suspect the driver as well as relatives Vadna and Dinesh i think they played a crucial role in this murder??
    3.Rajesh had told to somewhere they wont kill their daughter cos of having sex i came across while surfing matter regarding in this case…motive behind her murder is not engaged with someone or having bf..may be family affairs??
    4.Internet router switched off at 3..logically i thought when we finish off work and leaving the room will switch off fan, light etc..it would have happen the in tis case..while switchoff light , fan etc without their knowledge they would ve turned off router…scene was totally made off…
    5.if someone murder her k who cleaned the private parts of the girl it possible only for insiders .after murder who ll do this things is quite impossible for outsiders???
    6.her murder happen 12-1 as per pm report …my guess it took inbetween 12.30-1 after her parents slept….. then y told to priest after 2 pm…i hope the parents knows the mystery behind this death ..but they are hiding somefacts or trying to save to some one else who is that??? big mystery more than loved ones??
    Who is that fifth person in that night??

    • (1)I personally don’t think that Hemraj was having sex with Aarushi in her bed on the murder night,for it it is clearly seen in some photos that had his footwear on? Does one go to bed with another member of the same house with shoes on?It is not known if some other servant was after her.In fact, Nupur said in an interview that Rajkumar,Durranis’ servant was interested in her,but he was not staying with them. However,when Nupur knew of that boy’s lust for her daughter,she could have have warned Hemraj and Aarushi not to entertain him at their home in their absence,and could have told Rajkumar too,to come only in their presence.
      (2)Yes, I too suspect Dinesh Talwar, the Driver and one of the servants other than HEMRAJ WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER MURDER.

      • (Contd): I don’t think Rajesh killed Hemraj and Aarushi, but ultimately,the fact remains that we don’t know those people personally,so we can’t be too sure of what would or would not do.

  7. Ushaji,

    I just happened to read the article and your view on the murder and things around is simply amazing. I appreciate the efforts behind. Let me address you as “Miss Marple” hereby…

  8. killer planted a lock on terrace door
    killer put school bag on her head
    killer drank from whiskey bottle for an hour contemplating
    killer or someone else put door keys on painting frame
    killer locked door from outside
    killer stole mobiles
    killer deleted mobiles
    killer disposed of bedsheet and bedcover, footwear, murder weapon

    killer could be rajesh or someone who has intimate knowledge where whiskey bottle is, which side of bed, where terrace lock, where to get bedsheet and bedcover

  9. great sleuthing!…with all the bad press against BJP & Modi ( some quite deservedly so) , I believe they are 100% right in getting India rid of Westoxication. The nation and its leadrers should at least learn from the ugliness and “gone to the dogs” western society….and I say this as a muslim who disagrees , rather opposes, Modi and BJP…..India ( “the East”, in fact) is very glorious , but sadly tarnished and corroded by westernism.

      • thanks…we still get to expiate slavery from our national psyche….our “fundamentalist” values must be cherished, flaunted, and promoted. the Bollywoodisation of India , even that coinage itself, is a reflection of this slavish mindset…and the rotten culture it so shamelessly considers as “modern” or “advanced”.

  10. This is pretty clear Talwar n Nupur left the house on murder night. When they came back they noticed Aarushi was dead, rape n murder from Rajkumar n friends they escaped. Talwar suspected on Hemraj assulted Aarushi, so killed him with anger n lack of patients with the help of Dinesh n Nupur. Only thing is that they are NOT admitting the fact they left the house on murder night. They dont want to be blamed for being irresponsible parents bringing up girl child n also Aasrushi may be raped by killer or forced sex or even masturbation done. whatsoever dead body been washed n cleaned by Nupur before postmortem. How come anyone go unnoticed when crime accured inside the house that too double murder. But one thing was sure Talwar nor Nupur have not killed Aarushi for any reason, in there absense whole criime scene have taken place. Thats why Nupur state that ‘our child has given us strength to continue to fight for justice that they have not killed her own daughter.
    Ex. Old story: woman left the baby at home n pet mongose as well to get water away from home. As soon as she returns she see Mangose with mouth full of blood, assuming her pet have killed her baby, she hit that animal with water pot n run inside, her baby was happy n smiling. She noticed snake was dead aside which was killed by Mangose to save her child. She came out to see her pet was dead by force hit from water pot. Mother was the culprit to kill her pet.
    Same thing happened in Aarushi case I believe couples found her daughter dead in anger thwy killed Hemraj and distroyed all the evidence of the 1st culprit. Sad thing may poor Aarushi n Hemraj soul RIP.

    • Quite possible.The only hitch is that there was no blood of Hemraj on their clothes, but only Aarushi’s.How would you explain that,unless we presume that they changed the clothes in which they killed Hemraj, before attending to Aarushi’s body.

  11. Criminal negligence by the Police….whodunits are possible only in logical societies…In society like India where police becomes a cultural accomplice and abettor of criminals . The investigation was botched either deliberately or by being daunted by the Western-lifestyle people like the dentists. In India ( as elsewhere in slave lands) one can achieve a lot by flaunting english language (in foreign accent) and attire (nudish kind)…poor policemen get cowed down simply by such cultural oppression.

    No use trying to find answer …it is there…Slavery, Slavery, Slavery of the West.

    • Well, to be frank and fair to the Noida Police, there is reason to believe that the Talwars too tried to mislead the Police at the beginning to prevent the rape or sex angle of the crime from becoming public, and to convince everyone that it was a purely
      non sexual crime, by washing and cleaning her body,and telling the P.M doctor not to mention rape in his report. For they belong to a society where, even after their daughter’s death, prestige of the family is more important than the truth coming out! But then,they should not blame others.

  12. AS PER CBI, possibilities:

    Rajesh heard some noise and went to Hemraj’s room.
    He did not find Hemraj in his room, but heard some noise coming from Aarushi’s room. He picked up a golf club from Hemraj’s room and rushed to Aarushi’s room.
    He saw Aarushi and Hemraj in an objectionable position on Aarushi’s bed.
    In a fit of anger, Rajesh hit Hemraj’s head with the golf club. When he tried to hit him second time, Hemraj moved and Aarushi was hit instead.
    Awakened by the noise, Nupur Talwar came to Aarushi’s room. By this time, both the victims were near-dead.
    The parents decided to hide Hemraj’s body in order to dispose it at a more opportune time. They wrapped his body in a bed sheet and dragged him to the terrace. They slit his throat and covered the body with a cooler panel.
    Then they came to Aarushi’s room, dressed-up the crime scene and also slit her throat to ensure that the wounds on the two bodies look similar.
    They then cleaned the blood stains on the floor. They also collected all the blood-stained clothes and the sharp-edged weapon in order to dispose them off.
    They then walked out of the flat, latched the middle grill door from outside and entered the house through Hemraj’s room, in order to mislead the investigators.
    Rajesh then drank Scotch whiskey.

    • To tell the truth, I feel that the CBI theory also is possible,whether it really happened that way or not, for if you think as a parent, you can imagine how shocking it may have been for the father to see his daughter in such a disgraceful position with a servant!

      However, they themselves are at fault if the situation was as per the CBI hypothesis, for they should have kept in mind that they had a young daughter before letting the male servant stay in their house for 24 hours.And they should have kept the servant and their daughter under control, and restricted their intimacy from the beginning, knowing how most servants are like. It is of no use opening eyes, and swearing at,or beating up the servant after the worst comes before one’s eyes! Sagarika Ghose of CNN IBN TV channel too said the same thing – that even if they may not be legally responsible
      for the murder of their daughter,they are nevertheless
      morally responsible for it,because of having failed to keep a watch on their girl from the beginning,and leaving her in the hands of a male servant.

  13. A very vivid and detailed analysis of this inexplicable case which has garnered the entire nation’s attention. The best part is the 360degree- multi faceted approach you have taken for this.Floored by your write-up !!
    Just wish and hope that the actual truth and sequence of events comes out. This case is a perfect example of power, twisted-realities, influential statuses, dark-side of human nature, flawed investigations, unclear motives and the so called pseudo-progressive society we are a part of.

    • Thank you. My son asked me why I spent so much time after this case when there have been so many other murder cases like the Jessica Lal and Nirbhaya case,which are more gruesome. I told him that the other cases ,may have been more horrible to read about, but at the moment, they have not remained a mystery. The killers have been identified and caught,and the only question that remains is whether they would get the punishment they deserve.In this case,the identity of the murderer/s itself is a mystery, and in every theory, one comes to a dead-end at some point,so that one has to start thinking along an alternative line all over again.That is why I covered all the angles.I am almost sure about one thing,that Nupur has not committed the murder,though she may have assisted in destruction/concealment of evidence. She has made her position difficult by going against the closure report in Dec.2013.About the innocence of Rajesh, I’m somehow not so sure, as his version about the key of Aarushi’s room,
      That he had locked the room that night, but he forgot to lock his own bedroom from inside, so someone may have come in and stolen it from under Nupur’s pillow where it used to be kept. Now, if they had gone out without remembering to lock their room, it would have been possible to believe what he said, but he denies their having gone out that night.In that case, would anyone of the servants, known to these people, and in their service ,dare to come into their room and lift the key from under their pillow after they had retired to their room to sleep?Nupur’s version was different, that she forgot to check before going to sleep that Aarushi’s door was locked an d that she had brought the key to her own room. Why this descrepancy in their statements? That is what is is suspicious.


      • P.S: ( Corrigendum): Please read the year of th CBI’s Closure Report as December 2010, not 2013.
        I found Nupur’s version more genuine, that she did not remember to see that Aarushi’s room was locked and to bring the key with her, but then, she had gone to sleep before Rajesh,at 11/11.15pm after putting on the router in Aarushi’s room for him,while Rajesh sat at Aarushi’s computer, from where he sent 2 emails before midnight. As such,it was mainly the duty of the person who left the room last,viz.Rajesh, to make sure that he locked the door,if Aarushi was asleep,and take the key to his bedroom with him as usual. This alibi
        Of someone coming into their room while they were sleeping there and stealing the key of Aarushi’s room from under their pillow,I.e. From right under their nose without their coming to know and killing Aarushi,is a ‘cock and bull story’!

        It was proved by a dummy test that the Talwars might not have heard anything when a killer entered Aarushi’s room and killed her, because of the sound of the Airconditioners running in both the rooms, BUT their not coming to know that someone had come into their room first to steal the key of the adjacent room and then committed
        a murder in the next room, is too much for anyone to believe.

        Again, many reports say that Rajesh sent an email from Aarushi’s computer at 11.57pm,I.e a little before midnight,and was at the Internet till 12.08, means that he would have left the room after that, maybe at 12.10/.15 after midnight, not at 11.30/.35pm,as he says. After that too,he couldn’t have fallen fast asleep till 12.30/12.45, when the holocaust is supposed to have started, ESP. If the killer entered his room first to get the key of Aarushi’s room.

        Further,the cellphone of Aarushi fell silent from 9.10pm that night, that is, long before the double murder, which suggests that her parents may have taken it away from her soon after that last call on it to her boyfriend, either after Rajesh came home that night, or perhaps earlier by Nupur, who had returned home at 7.30pm,
        to prevent her from being on it till so late as 1.00 am as usual.
        For Nupur’s brother is said to have told the police that Aarushi was beaten that night. How is it that the phone fell subsequently into the hands of the ‘outsider’ who killed her the same night 3hours later between 12.00/12.08 and 1am, that is, in less than an hour after Rajesh went to sleep? Did the man who stole the key from the Talwars’ bedroom that night, steal Aarushi’s Mobile phone too alongwith the key ?

        So, though I don’t wish to jump to the conclusion that Rajesh only is the perpetrator of the double murder, the above facts cannot but create a doubt in anyone’s mind about whether he is really the killer,as the CBI say so confidently, or got her and Hemraj killed through a ‘hired killer’,who may be the one,the ‘fifth person’ in the house that night,who left his ‘unidentifiable’ fingerprints on the Talwars’Whisky bottle! He may have killed Aarushi with Hemraj, by accident.

  14. Hi Ushaji,

    Its really great that you are taken keen interest to find out the mystery behind this case ans the queries ….i ve spent lot of times reading this case for past few days…whatever maybe as per CBI theory if Rajesh hit the Hemraj and Aarushi by accidental….it quite impossible for the parents to slit the throat as they loved their child that much.. however i came back few doubts

    1, who is the person hit Rajesh infront of public place is too infront of court..why so ??? what the gain for him?if some one got bitten in highly populated area there should be some reason…why police or CBI have not questioned him..simple mistake may lead to loss of big evidence ….

    2.Aarushi phone phone used some one…i have not find out anywhere how that person got phone by which means…..i dont know whether this doubt is right or wrong ….but just clicked on my mind….

  15. Scenario 1- Talwar hired a killer:
    if Rajesh hired a killer he would target only Hemraj not his daughter, killer would have entered the house handling Hemraj n Aarushi was a eye witness so she been killed accidently.
    No chance Aarushi can be eye witness, coz she was asleep in her room was locked from Talwar. Even her room was air conditioned n Aarushi also cant here whats happening outside the room.
    1.How could Aarushi can come out and see Hemraj n killer at midnight…?
    2.There was also no force entry into Aarushi room. She opened the door ?

    Scenario 2-Rajkumar n friends:
    No servants would dare to entrer the house at midnight n have whishky also pick the room keys in Talwars room even though couples are in deep sleep. Postmortem says there is no force sex on Aarushi.
    1. How could Aarushi bed sheet is so smooth n neat without any mess, no blood stains on her schoolbag n book ‘3 mistakes of my life’ she was reading last night.?
    2. Why not Rajkumar n friends were absconded next day ?
    3. Three people would have not used glouse, they surely left there fingerprints, which was not found any where?

    Scenario 3-Talwar n Nupur were out on murder night:
    one of the police stated that Talwar was the part of Wife swapping club. On May 15th by 11.45pm Rajesh recieved a call from Dubai that was from High-profile society club have reminded about the party tonight. After using computer till 12.08am Talwar left the room n loxked from outside may be after that Talwar couple have left the home to attend party. Someone have obversed and entered the house. During there absence this crime scene was held.
    1. How could they attend party without car n a driver umesh was needed ?
    2. If Rajesh drive the car they should reach till Nupur mother’s place to get a car, someone from Nupur family would have noticed Talwar taking a car away at midnight ?

    Postmortem states very clear that Aarushi was indulge in sex before her murder, which was not forced sex. Her hymen has a old tear as well.Her private had been washed n cleaned. Even Hemraj postmortem says his private been swallon, he was also indulge in sex before his murder. DNA scientist conformed Aarushi pillow hold Hemraj DNA. Crime scene was dressed by someone. In gifted camera out of 28 pic 23 were deleted. Dinesh states that Aarushi was captured her private n wanted to upload on some website or to send it to her friend Anmol, Aarushi was beaten by her parents for the same. Talwar taken away her moblie after her last call from 9.10pm. Anmol must have still waiting for the mms n photos to be sent so he called Aarushi again on landline by 11.30pm. Inspite of all this undecent behaviour of Aarushi her parents were so annyoed n angry which was so disgusting for them at that point of time, same time they even caught her red handed with Hemraj in objectinal position this would have made Rajesh to hit on both of them till death. Once they confirmed dead. Couples have planned to slit there throat n dress up the crime scene of Aarushi n to hide Hemraj on terrace. So there is no blood stains nor footprints in living area. This have taken 5yrs to confirm the actual scenario but still it remaing mystery.

    • There are so many indications and contraindications of the Talwars’ role in this case that it is difficult to be 100% sure of their innocence
      In this crime, but if they have done it, it must have been under some
      Acute impulse like CBI say.They must have forgotten to lock the door as Nupur said first.

      • Further, you have asked how Nupur’s parents did not know that the Talwars had taken out the car that night. It may be that the Talwars had a spare key of their garage,which was outside their house, so they may not have heard anything,or they might have taken the old people in confidence.

        Another point is of the possibility of Aarushi having engaged in sex with someone before, and on the day of her murder. It could be anybody, but the body of Hemraj had shoes on,so he may not be the one to have abused her on the murder night.About his penis being swollen, it is a common observation in the decomposed body of a dead man. Of course, if one dismisses the option of Hemraj having abused her, the question arises – who else could it be? Rajkumar is supposed to have had interest in her, but just like Hemraj, his fingerprints or blood was also not found in Aarushi’s room!

      • You are right in saying that a hired killer would not kill Aarushi unless she came out of her room for some reason or Hemraj was caught in her room as CBI think,so that she saw him,and if it was someone known to her, he may have feared being exposed by her,so killed her.
        Even then, he would not have raped her. About Rajkumar’s fingerprints/blood stains not being found in Aarushi’s room, the same can be said about any suspect,as the Noida Police did not investigate the case properly and allowed outsiders to trample all over the place and destroy the evidence. They also allowed Talwar’s staff to clean the floor and walls immediately after she was taken for cremation!

    • As you said, the absence of the fingerprints of Rajkumar or any of the servant suspects puzzles everyone. But, if you remember, the staff of the Talwars are said to have shown undue haste in washing the the floors and walls of Aarushi’s room,as also in removing the bloodsoaked mattress and bedsheet and dumping it on the neighbour’s terrace after she was taken for cremation.That may explain the observation.

      The Talwars say that they were not at home when the cleaning was done, but the Driver and Clinic Manager who got it done, say that it was done with the knowledge and consent of the Police, and
      Nupur’s mother.

      • (Contd): Rajkumar told the CBI when he was in the jail that Rajesh Talwar called him on the morning of the first day to give water to people who had gathered there, and told him to wash the bloodstained clothes in Aarushi’s room and the mat at its door.
        It is strange that Rajesh called Durranis’ servant to do that work
        if according to him, he was one of the three servants who killed Aarushi? Of course,on the first day, Rajesh Talwar told everyone
        That Hemraj had killed Aarushi and absconded, and only after finding Hemraj’s body on the terrace the next day, he changed his version.

  16. Judge Shyam Lal’s profile on Allahabad High Court website says he got a second division in B.A. and third division in M.A. – clearly a man of below-average intellect. His college is not named but based on circumstantial evidence I assume it was a dubious one. I wouldn’t even hire someone with such academic record as a clerk, why did the judicial system make him a senior judge?

  17. I am also following this since Long time.
    Points to be noted:
    1. Nupur said that the terrace door was not always locked, but since 2 days because of paintings Hemraj locked the door and kept the key with him. There was water available on the terrace where the painting men were washing their Hands after work.. May be Hemraj got friendly with them.
    There were no inquiries made over these men.. Who r they???. Unidentified footprints and palmprints, neither from the servants nor from Rajesh… Also, it was said that the killer/s washed their Hand in this water which was red after murder.. I don’t think that Rajesh made such a stupid act.
    About the Whiskey bottle which was drunk after the murder.. may be the killer did this to leave an Impression that the owner of the house did this. May be Hemraj was having a drink on the terrace with the killer/s. From own experience i know that my servant stole drinks from vodka or Whiskey bottles or other alcoholics drinks when my husband and i we were not at home.. I made Pictures of the bar at home before we went in holiday. After 3 weeks we were schocked to see all the bottles were missing drinks or some bottles just not on the bar. These servant were also Indian.
    May be Hemraj talked about his affair with Aarushi to them and they got jeolous or just talked about Aarushi….. And eliminated Hemraj to get access to Aarushis room.
    A very big question which Keep going in my head is, why Hemraj didn’t take his meal on that day..
    Why, why, why..
    My opinion is that Hemraj was not killed in Aarushi’s room, never.. i don’t believe the CBI..

    • I too don’t think Hemraj had sex with Aarushi that night,or was caught red handed in her room, as his body was found with footwear on.

      I too think it is possible for the painters to have murdered Aarushi after raping or molesting her. However, the cleaning of the body
      Was definitely her parents’ work for their ‘Khandan ki Izzat’!

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  19. The parents are not responsible. Here is what happened according to me.

    background before the crime, 1. Hemraj’s cousin was killed just couple of weeks before this incident in a mysterious manner, 2. Hemraj was very scared according to the social worker with whom he wanted to talk something important, but as she dint have time he was not able to talk. (These incidents have been reported already, search google for the story)

    3. The murderers (of hemraj & arushi) were well known to Hemraj and he allowed them to get into the flat to settle some matters. He tipped them off on how to meet him etc, it is very common among Nepali house helpers to see each other without the knowledge of the owners. Who knows what gangs/nexus/situations Hemraj was in. It was highly important for Hemraj to meet them without anyone seeing him with them. As he knows the pattern of the house members, he coordinated the time and entry of these people into the apartment.

    4. After they met up and had some drinks in his room (there were three glasses in which drinks were taken) in a drunken state and by may be blackmailing Hemraj, they enter Arushi’s room, and there is a scuffle between them and they threaten to kill arushi if she screams or shouts and hemraj is held by one of them, things go wrong and they attack Hemraj and arushi killing her accidentally, after that they drag hemraj to the terrace and lock the door from outside so that even if someone wakes up they cant catch them quickly and they have enough time to be safe/get away.

    Cbi theory of they re entered the house drank whiskey etc is not true, it all happened before the criminals left the crime scene. The people who did this crime are physically strong and young individuals. (Dr. Talwar is highly asthmatic) The cell phones were taken away to be disposed off later. Arushi’s phone’s battery would have drained the following night itself hence her phone was anyway in switched off mode, The criminals pressed the answer button on Hemraj’s mobile by mistake and subsequently disposed it off. There were 2 (or even 3) individuals involved, who took one cell phone each to dispose.

    The crime scene was tampered or simply not preserved as people started moving in and out of the house even before the police arrived, the grieving parents were in no state to monitor the scene due to their state of shock, and it is but natural to point fingers at the only other person in the family who is missing as the culprit. Pl. tell me how many of us easily blame the maid servant of stealing or get suspicious on them for a missing watch or a pair of gold earrings. It is but natural at this point to suspect Hemraj and offer the sky to the person who will track him, there is absolutely no hidden agenda seen here.

    cbi is just trying to justify without any strong evidence. a similar story can be given as evidence against any other person too, they are all words thats all. The evidence collected is not viable at all. How do we know how much of truth is their in others testimony, just because 5 people say somebody is a criminal, they dont really become one. Have they checked detail backgrounds of Hemraj, his close friends, cousins, also that of krishna and others.

    why is detailed touch dna not being performed inspite of repeated requests from the parents and well wishers. Its a case of ego for the cbi or rather lazy cbi who is just complacent and does not want to accept that they have severely goofed up from bringing the criminals to justice.

    But soon, very soon everyone will know.

    This is a comment which i found Usha ji.
    According to Hemraj’s phone’s record he had an international call on that night around 10:00 pm.
    I think after this call he couldn’t eat. Post mortem Report says he had only Liquor Content in his stomach. Secondly before taking the Job at talwar’s place, he was working outside india. He was not even working as a cook. I think he came back to India and looking for a shelter to hide. This is the reason he said to Krishna his life is in danger and Krishna should bring him a khukri.
    A serial killer had this skill to slit a throat precisely. A serial killer also leave deliberately his palm print
    on the wall as a sigh of revenge. A serial is cold blooded, These People will clear very good any type of evidence.
    Do u think Dr talwar would hide the golf Club in aarushis’s room ( loft) and later deliver it after one year to the cbi? When he would be the culprit… Never
    In this case there are some high profiled person behind. This is the reason of the Manipulation of the post mortem Report etc..First Report said NAD ( nothing abnormal detected) and then second CBI came and the Report changed.
    Read the case of Sana Hasan …. then u will understand what the CBI in your country, to which extent they can go to prove they are right.

  20. Pingback: woman killed at white house

  21. 4th April 2014: Now, myself and many readers have come to agree that it may be the elderly bachelor neighbour Puneesh. Tandon, a soft wear engineer living on the first floor of the building who seduced/raped and killed Aarushi, and Murdered Hemraj as well for being a witness and Aarushi’s bodyguard.

    • Ushaji, that is the reason why Anitha Durrani asked puneesh for the terrace door KEY,……that LOCK belonged to puneesh !! And Vijay Mandol’s involvement is also proved… yes!!

      • I also read just now that Vijay Mandal was the one who molested(or sexually assaulted) Aarushi before murdering her. In the article of reference, it is made to appear that he did it with the two Nepali servants, but it may be Tandon involved with him in the crime rather than Krishna/Rajkumar,who denied having come to Talwar house on the murder night. For the mystery scrapper who is said to have sent the msg”The next day will be vital for you” would not send msgs in such good English if he were one of the servants.

      • What kind of a lock do you think it was, internal lock,or one of the external type, put on a latch?For if it were an internal door lock,
        may be the two adjacent terrace doors in the building have
        common keys.

      • Usha ji,


        i am receiving today the whole day these comments per mails.

        i think we can read it on the public blog or not



        Gesendet: Freitag, 04. April 2014 um 14:42 Uhr Von: "Usha Padiyar's Blog" <comment-reply@wordpress.com> An: wellnessconsulting@web.de Betreff: [New comment] Aarushi Talwar Sr.No.1) Who killed Aarushi Talwar? – Noida Police and CBI Theories (Part-I)

        Usha Padiyar commented: "May be he had lent the Talwars the lock earlier sometime, but did not have/find its duplicate key."

      • Ushaji, correction-Anita Durrani was asking punish’s terrace door key bcoz Rajesh’s terrace was locked nd key not traceable.
        It is surprising that he allowed things connected with a crime such as Matress ,bed linen etc.,on his terrace ,being the son of ex-serviceman ,didn’t he know the “AK-56 and Sanjay Dutt ” story ?
        It is also surprising that no media brought him in front of camera even though, he was the immediate neighbour !,
        Looks like this un (punish)ed tandon and Rajesh were unfriendly neighbors.Rajesh showed reluctance to accept his condolences by pushing his hand at 6.15am on 16tn mrng
        Ushaji please tell where exactly he stayed-L30 or L28 ? In the 1st floor below Rajesh’s flat or in the 2nd floor sharing common wall and terrace with Rajesh?
        If possible, pls give more info about this un(punish)ed tan(done).

      • (1)Tandon lived in L 28, on the 1st floor , below Rajesh Talwar’s floor and flat.However, his terrace was on the top floor, adjacent to Talwars’, and separated by them by an iron grill dividing wall.The doors of the two terraces were facing each other. Both Tandon and Talwar’s staff could have thrown Aarushi’s bloodsoaked mattress
        And bedsheet over the dividing grill onto Talwar’s own terrace,even if his terrace door lock key was untraceable,as the grill is not very high, and the bedding could not have been too heavy for the
        4 strong men-Talwar’s Driver Umesh, clinic Manager Vikas Sethi,
        Puneesh and his servant Vijay Mandal-to throw over to Talwar’s side, instead of dumping the dirty bedding on Tandon’s side of the terrace.
        Very strange, this much of cooperation and helpfulness by Puneesh, in this respect, when at other times, the two were not very friendly with each other! It was as if Tandon did not want the staff to go near the dividing grill to throw the mattress across,or to insist on their getting the Police to open their own terrace door by breaking the lock.On top of that, somebody, perhaps Tandon himself,had spread a double bedsheet on the grill,to prevent anyone from seeing across. As to why he was not coming before the Mediamen’s camera, maybe he wanted to avoid exposure.Hence, he preferred to remain in the shadows, like,
        “Purdemein rehne do, Purdah Na Uthao;
        Purdah Jo uth Gaya to Bhed khul jaayega”,
        Talwar mere Tobah, Talwar mere Tobah” !
        Conclusion:”Golmaal Bhai Golmaal hai; Sab Bada Golmaal Hai”!

      • No, I think that she asked Puneesh for the duplicate key of Rajesh’s terrace door lock, and since he said that he didn’t, she sent Talwar’s driver for Puneesh’s ownTerrace key.But the fact that she asked for the duplicate key of Talwar’s terrace door lock once, means that
        the padlock on Rajesh’s door was given by Puneesh!

      • All that I have read about him is that he is a 40(now must be 45/46) yr old, unmarried, software engineer, whose father,and owner of the flat, L28, is one Retd. Vice Admiral, Avnish Rai Tandon,who is now staying away from Noida in a resort in a small town near Nainital.
        Puneesh was staying in the flat with his live-in servant-cum-Driver, Vijay Mandal,who used to frequent Hemraj’s room often for drinks and gossip.He has gone to stay elsewhere after the murder of Aarushi and Hemraj, but he was there upto 17th May2008 morning,when Talwar’s terrace door was opened by the UP Police, through the mediation of Retd.DSP Gautam, in front of Dinesh Talwar and Dr.SK Choudhary,and Hemraj’s body was found.

        Puneesh was the one to call the police on the morning of the murder,and also the one on whose terrace the ice slabs and bloodsoaked mattress and bedsheet of Aarushi was dumped after her body was taken for cremation on 16.5.08 afternoon.
        It is reported that his father was accompanying him to the CBI Court
        When the proceedings of the Double murder case started in 2012,
        And also that once inside the Courtroom, Puneesh never made eye contact with the Talwars even once.However, he was the one who identified the place in a Police photograph taken at one part of the common staircase of the Talwars’ block in Jalvayu Vihar, showing the trail of someone’s bloody footsteps coming down from
        Talwars’ floor, as the landing of the 1st floor,in front of his flat!

  22. I think the parents did not kill Aarushi. The outsiders (friends of Hemraj) raped and killed Aaarushi that night. The also killed Hemraj and left. In order to protect aarushi name and hide the rape, parents cleaned her and rearranged her bed sheet and hide the body of hemraj. That is the only mistake they did. No parents would want the world to know their daughter has been raped. To hide this rape or molestation they cleaned the crime scene/aarushi body. The parents thought the police would look for hemraj instead of focusing on aarushi’s rape angle. They even tried to hide the rape angle from PM report. Parents tried to cover up aarushi name but it turned against them. But this double murder is definitely a work of outsiders who are friends of Hemraj. They might have got keys from Hemraj and got inside the house that night. My only question is if the parents say they could not hear anything that night because of a noisy A/C, how come they heard the door bell around 6 am in the morning from the house maid? In spite of the noisy A/C how come they heard the door bell and woke up after 6 am? I am not able to accept this. If the A/C is noisy (like they said) they might have heard the door bell ringing at all. So my conclusion is the parents hide something they know. They are not the murderers though.

  23. This is a good argument reg. the A/C..But on the other hand, i don’t think people leave their a/c the whole night on. As per report, the maid rang several times till somebody reacted.

    • Can’t say. In the torrid heat of summer in Delhi, as in the midst of May, some people do keep it on till early morning. And in Aarushi’s room, who would put it off, if the parents say they slept the whole night from midnight till next morning, and Aarushi had died between 12-1 am?

      • The murderer himself could have put off the A/C. Logically, so that he could also hear somebody outside….

      • But in that case, the murderers would be putting themselves to the risk of waking up and alerting Aarushi’s parents, so I don’t think they would have put off the A/C.

  24. I have read Nurpur saying there were painting s done in terrace and the painters used to wash their hands with the water inside the cooler tank before they leave. She mentioned that hemraj used to lock the terrace and kept the keys with him during those days of painting work. If you notice the police statement regarding crime scene on terrace, the murderers washed their hand in the water floating inside the cooler on the terrace. This shows the pattern, The murderers could be the painters, they killed hemraj and they subconsciously washed off their hands (as they used to do after painting work) locked the terrace and left. Why nobody inquired about the painters? I can recall an incident in USA, my neighbor hired some maintenance workers to construct compound around the house, after the work has been done, that is after 2 weeks the whole house was robbed ( the bunglers wiped out the entire house, took all furniture, laptops etc). They brought a pick up truck and loaded all the items from the house and flew away. During that time the family was out. After a thorough investigation by cops they finally caught 2 of the maintenance construction workers and arrested them. These 2 are the one who was involved in constructing compound around the house. They kept watching the house, what time the family is in and what time they leave and planned the burglary. So I am thinking why can’t the painters killed aarushi and hemraj. I have read the complete case history, Hemraj got a phone call around 8:37 pm from a public PCO on the day of the murder. It could be the painters called him to hang out on the terrace for some drinks as he is acquainted with them.

    • That possibility had occurred to me also, but in that case, why or how would the painters murder Aarushi, sleeping in her own room?
      Also, they would have robbed the house for money and other
      valuable items, which was not done.

      • If they were so interested in raping Aarushi, they could have got into Talwar’s house that same afternoon when Aarushi and Hemraj were alone together for 3 hours by manipulating him,and then tied up and gagged both,raped Aarushi and finally killed them both.
        What was the need to come at night when both her parents were
        at home- that too, between 12-1 am, when many working people
        are likely to be awake and catch them?

    • Yeah, bcoz the narrow minded CBI team was mostly concentrating on the honor killing angle.
      How is it possible no footprint/shoeprints of both Nupur and Rajesh were not detected on the terrace. Were they disposing Hemraj’s body in a flying motion…Matrix ha ha ha

  25. Drinkers usually meet in the night and drink. Either at home or at the bar. The outsiders did not know Aarushi is home alone at the afternoon. Hemraj received a call around 8:30 pm on the day of the murders, it could be the painters or some friends of hemraj want to hangout and have drinks with him that night. Hemraj is a teetotaler but he meets his friends(who drinks) just for fun and for chatting. Hemraj did not have dinner that night, his portion of food (dinner) was in a plate untouched next morning. That means he served himself food on a plate but did not eat it. This implies that he was waiting for his company to arrive. Perhaps he might have had plans to meet his friends before eating. This was not a planned murders at all, they all had drinks, the drinks might have triggered the outsiders to rape aarushi. Nurpur said that she might have left the keys of aarushi’s room at the door, the friends might have noticed that and got the chance to go inside her room. Aarushi must have been in a deep sleep when they entered, they did not even give a chance for her to shout, they blew her head with golf stick first that made her loose consciousness and they raped her. The parents could not heard any sound if they have sneaked aarushi room in this manner.

    • I do believe, it was a planned rape and murder… Aarushi received from an unknown profil one day prior to that horrible night, a strange message on her Orkut account.”next day will be vital for you”..As there was one unknown DNA detected in her room and one kind of bloody shoeprint on that terrace, so it must have been only person who commited this cruel act. And not to forget, both injuries were similar. Somebody must have had an eye on her since many days. As per cbi theory, if ever this was the case that Rajesh caught them and hit Hemraj first then accidently hit Aarushi with the same golfstick, consequently Hemraj DNA must have been detected on Aarushi’s body/head/hair, clothes etc… but this was not the case.

      • True. Hemraj did not rape or kill Aarushi. It was a third person who may have planned and raped Aarushi, and then killed Aarushi and Hemraj, who might have come to her rescue, after injuring him and dragging him to the terrace. I won’t be surprised if it turns out
        to be Puneesh Tandon, the TALWARS’ neighbour, considering the
        trail of blood/bloody footsteps from the TALWARS’ flat upto
        Tandon’s door!

    • I think they tested the DNA in the bloody palm on the Talwars’Terrace Wall, and found that it tallied with the DNA found on the railing of the staircase leading to the Terrace and on the Terrace door bolt. However, I don’t think they tallied it with, or detected it in any of the suspects’ samples.

      • This is a report from 8th june 2008: SSP Ganesh in media briefing had stressed that Aarushi was very close to his boyfriend Anmol with whom she shared 688 electronic exchange (SMS and calls) on mobile in last 45 days. However mobile was not the only source of contact between the two even though when both studied in same school and class and obviously meet each other. They were also connected through mails, chats and orkut.
        According to sources, Aarushi’s constant occuptaion with her mobile and internet had become a bone of contention between her and parents. Since Talwar’s couple was a busy doctor and had huge client list, it was not possible for them to keep constant check on her only daughter activities. However they had come to know about her closeness with Anmol and this had lead to lot of tension in the family. Parents tried to talk to her but she was in no mood of listening. With her birthday coming (on May 24) she wanted to throw big party all her friend including Anmol.
        It was due to Anmol’s extreme closeness to Aarushi that Noida cops had quizzed him on detail and announced it to media. Had he not a significant factor in Aarushi’s life there was no need of Ganesh’s giving number of mobile exchanges.
        During investigation cops had also learnt Anmol and Aarushi used to meet outside the school. This fact was admitted by Anmol in his initial interview with media when he said he had called Aarushi around 11.30 of fateful night to finalize their meeting at a restaurant to discuss birthday plan. However cops learnt that Anmol even visited Aarushi’s house in absence of her parents. This fact, however, recently came in knowledge of Talwar’s couple and they were extremely upset and worried. It was the reason why they started locking her door and taking other precautions. One of the big fear of Talwar’s couple was that she would do something “stupid” and it would bring disrepute to them (remember DPS sex video episode in which teenage student were involved which caused so much trauma to their family members). Talwar’s couple tried to cajole, threat, sweet-talk her to maintain distance with Anmol but she was adamant on her continuing with the relationship.
        I think, in this matter reg the boyfriend, the Talwar’s are tightlipped.
        In addition, Aarushi put an end to their relationship. Perhaps, this rape and murder was a revenge. Giving false testimony on Rajesh and placing the whiskey bottle, was to see him behind the bars.
        In this DPS sex video from 2004, two 17 years old boys were involved.

      • Very interesting clue.Quite possible that Anmol Agarwal might have murdered Aarushi fot revenge and Hemraj for intervenong and being a witness!

    • This article is interesting, not bcoz of this wifeswapping theory but rather to know whom Hemraj tried to contact in Dubai one day before the murder.

  26. They way the murder act unlink it seen to be. If the parents guilty why they didn’t ran away coz as a doctor they can easily shifted themselves any other place easily after murder her daughter. The relationship between no matter how deep it is…parents can easily identify over a long period and if someone had been into a feeling or such experience then the some little things happening into the life can be easily notice but a normal day cannot explain anything !!

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