(1) On becoming a Grandmother


Do you know? I’ve just postgraduated to becoming a Grandma. Makes one feel really Grand,no? They say it’s like reaping the cream over one’s milk; getting interest on your deposit. As for me, I feel as if I’m seeing a newer and more revelling edition of my son,Vijay.We haven’t named the new Monssieur yet,so I ask all who’re interested, how will ‘Dig-Vijay fit him ?Please dig into the new baby boy’s name list and tell me.


When my grandson was born, he looked sweeter and more adorable than my son, but with time, it seems that my son was cuter when he was a baby than his son. So I joke with my son, teasing him saying, “My baby was more cute, funny and wonderful than your baby,” at which my son just smiles amusedly but looks obviously pleased !


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