(54) The Wonderful Promise of BIONIC(Electronic)Magic                        For the Physically/Visually and Auditorily Handicapped.


The Latest Advances in the Science of Electronics have come as God’s       answer to the hitherto untreatable physical disabilities, like amputation             or loss of limbs due to accident or disease,through the Invention of BIONIC, (Artificial Electronically Powered) Body parts, such as Eyes and Limbs !                  No doubt, these are by no means equal to the original, natural parts of the body, but are nevertheless, very valuable because of their conferring about 50% or so function. Of the lost or damaged parts, like the eyes, limbs, etc. Research is being done to restore the total vision or limb function by regenerating and replacing the organ’s damaged tissues by Tissue culture of embryonic cells harvested from foetuses,in their place, and cochlear implants to restore hearing; but this will take time. besides, the success of this limited by shortage of embryonic tissue. Therefore, surgeons working for functional restoration and rehabilitation have come with excellent prostheses to chide the time for biological cure of handicaps, with gadgets aimed at restoring functional ability of damaged organs by novel aids ,viz,’Bionic(Electronically Powered)parts, like hands and eyes!

(A) So far, three men have undergone surgery for replacement of amputated Arms and hands with BIONIC (Electronic, Mind controlled) HANDS, ARMS ,    and other LIMBS at Vienna, Austria,and in U.S./UK, fitted by joining the artificial limb to the body by the chest muscles, arteries and nerves. These hands are equipped to carry out the simple and day to day functions required of them.                It is learned that the cost of the Electronically operated upper limbs in                 Indian Rupees is ₹ 13.5 lacs.

(B) The Head of the Department in Computer Applications and Softwares,       Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, India, alongwith the Assistant Professor, and a Master’s Course student in Computer Application and Software, have   Developed a ‘BIONIC(Artificial Electronically Powered) EYE, which is a Visual, more exactly, a Retinal Prosthesis with a Video Camera fitted to a frame of glasses and a light sensitive Silicon implant to serve as a light receptor and transmitter in place of the damaged Retina of the patient’s eye, viz. in cases of Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macular Degeneration,, connected to the Optic nerve. This enables blind people to regain at least 50% vision, to recognise faces as well as big words, objects, which helps them to live and move about more independently and confidentially, without falling on the streets.it costs $30000/- each. 

Another invention is a Training system called ‘Brain Port’ enabling to transmit light impulses to the brain directly with the help of the tongue. 

There is also a Sonar White walking Stick designed by U.S, which enables the blind to ‘see’, that is, ‘feel’ their way about by making them aware of the obstacles in their path by the use of Ultrasound. 

Russian scientists have added a ‘ Primesense Sensor’ (which is like Microsoft ‘s ‘Kinect camera’) strapped to the chest of a blind person, with a small pocket computer and a earbud in only one ear, to make walking easier for the blind,      Especially if used alongwith the SonarStick, though they claim that with the improved version of the Sensor, the blind can dispose of their stick as well !

 The U.S. also are producing the ‘Bionic eye’, but the cost of it is exorbitant’, $150,000/- ! Australian scientists too are producing a version of this called                  ‘Argus II Bionic Eye’ which, with the specially made spectacles for fixing the camera to it from within, make it look almost like a normal commercial spectacle frame, and enables even COMPLETELY BLIND PEOPLE TO SEE FACES, BIG OBJECTS AND EVEN TO READ BIG LETTERS, SO AS TO BE ABLE TO NAVIGATE INDEPENDENTLY on streets, and boosts their selfconfidence and self esteem! However, this device cannot help those people blinded by a glaucoma or damage due to injury/disease of the optic nerve, or developmental abnormality of the Optic Nerve.

The Optical research scientists are also almost ready to release a new product called ‘SMART GLASSES’, manufactured in such a way as to replace the bionic retinal implant/prosthesis, which, though they cannot restore the eyesight            to Completely Blind people, are of great help to those with partial visual impairment, whose eyes still have the capacity to perceive light and darkness but cannot focus on any object or written material, by enhancing the things and words on name plates. The advantage of this innovation is that it is much less costly than  the Bionic Eye, and simpler to use.

Now, Some brilliant young boys of 12and 13 years too, around the World,        like one Shubham Banerjee, staying in California, as well as Pavel Kurbatsky from Moscow, have brought out variations of the above aids for the blind, like Braille Printers using the Lego, a talking-walking stick, and smart glasses, by their own inventions !

A Similar bionic implant (BIONIC EAR) is also available in the U.S. to enable hearing to the Hearing Impaired, which also improves the faculty of Speech, in those people who are not really mute, but Speech Impaired because of their      Hearing Deficit.
Another invention to help the Hearing and Speech Impaired, is of a ‘DIGITAL GLOVE’ devised by a Pune M.Tech. Student,      Abhijit Kathwate, which is operated by electronic sensors fitted to the five fingers with a palmsized controller and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen,    to enable the deaf- mute and blind-mute to communicate by making hand gestures that are converted into common signs and words, and also to receive simple auditory messages. The advantage of this gadget is that it is moderately priced at ₹5500/-, and is easy to use.

( Though the further information  is somewhat out of context, it is interesting to learn that the Chinese and Japanese, as well as some Western countries, have come up with a Novel ‘Item’, viz. an ELECTRONIC MANNEKIN, or Roboot, which is designed to look and operate almost like a Real ‘Sex Doll’.                Though at first sight, this idea may seem preposterous, it has the value of serving to help men who need to relieve their Biological Tension, in the absence of their wives, but at the same time, do not wish to cheat their wives or risk their reputation, by going to a ‘Call Girl’, or getting involved in an Extra Marital Relationship.                                                                                                       It may also be useful to Psychiatrists and Sex Therapists to treat patients with the problem of Psychological and Partial IMPOTENCE,I.e. ‘Sexual Handicap,’ which is due to Inhibitions or diffidence, or faulty technique.                                             Who knows, it may help in reducing the social problem of Pedophilia and Pedophilic Rape,  which is supposed to be due to some Adult Men feeling Inadept and inhibited to perform with adult women, by helping them to gain selfconfidence. There is a plan to devise similar male models for Women too).

The Science of Bionics is now being extended to the manufacture of Vital Internal organs like the Heart. Let us hope for an early breakthrough in that direction. There is thus vast scope for research in this field. Truly, ‘Bionic’ Science is a Magic Wand for providing valuable Synthetic Aid to the Various Surgical cases of Handicapped people, just like the Sciences of Biochemistry and Genetics for Medical cases!

(53)Restoring the ‘Face’ to People with Disfigured Faces like       Acid or other Burns and Weapon injuries, and Accident Victims, Vitiligo, Hyperpigmentation and various facial abnormalities, by Cosmetic Camouflage.


There are two main developments in the cosmetic treatment of Facial Disfigurement due to Burns and injury cases and Disorders of pigmentation like Vitiligo/Leukoderma,partial and total, and Hyperpigmentation,viz.

(1) Plastic face masks of natural skin colour; and,

(2) Foundation creams of natural skin colours;

(3)Tattooing: Cosmetic/Medical and permanent tattooing.

These methods are used in untreatable cases to avoid social embarrassment and resultant psychological problems for the patients of such damage to their appearance.

(52)How can the Imbalance of Power Between The Genders Be Bridged?


Much of the problem of inequality between Men and Women and atrocities on females is due to the  Difference in Physical Strength and Aggressive tendency between them.Some of the imbalance can be corrected by right upbringing,   that is, by education, instilling self confidence as well as self esteem in Women, and training girls in Martial Arts; and boys’ pugnaciousness can be toned down by teaching boys to respect women. Still, due to the basic biological disparity of physical strength between the sexes, and the sexual vulnerability of women, not all women can cope with the power of men, at least physically. Hence, it is easier and more necessary to curb Male Aggressiveness than to make Women strong enough to defend themselves against rough and ruthless men.

In my opinion, Women are Born violable because of their lesser muscular strength and the Open and Admissive or Receptive structure of their private organs. Of course, they can, and many do, become fairly strong and formidable as they grow up, some women growing to become stronger than some men, with the right training, but that takes time. Till then, the fact remains that Women, or at least, young girls need Protection!

Men on the other hand, are Born sexually Inviolable. Hence it is logical that       Their aggressiveness should be controlled and properly directed, so as           not to be allowed to grow beyond acceptable limits, from their childhood, so that they do not become delinquent and criminals, and a menace to common and especially the weaker sections of society like young girls and children, Rather than trying to make Girls forceful enough to cope with violently inclined men, by hormonal administration and heavy exercise to bring them on par with men physically, for it is difficult to change the bodily structure, muscular and hormonal make-up of women to match that of the naturally Testosterone–influenced males. (Even if it is possible in the case of some girls/ladies, it is not desirable as it may have the harmful effect of complicating the female constitution and reproductive capacity).                                                  

Thus, Humanity’s hope lies in the fact that No man is born a criminal, and Every male is innocent as a child, but Becomes antisocial because of the influence of negative but corrigible environmental factors like –                                                                                                          (1) Bad company ;                                                                                                             (2) increasing exposure of youngsters to unhealthy presentation of Sex through Uncensored Media, like Blue Films and Pornographic Literature and pictures;                                                                                                                          (3)lack of supervision or control, and improper Upbringing of boys/men, as well as the disparaging attitude towards females, by Parents,Police, Law and Govt.; and,                                                                                                                               (4)lack of privacy between the elders and youngsters among the poor people, such as Slumdwellers.                                                                                                         (5) Competition and stress of the present times.

  Therefore, what is needed is Timely correction and proper upbringing by parents or guardians and teachers, right from the childhood and the formative years of males, Over and above strict Laws, to curb Juvenile Delinquency and growth of Criminal tendencies in Men by instilling sensitivity towards, and respect for women and their rights as equally worthy human beings, to reduce their pugnaciousness and tendency to commit Crimes against Women, as also in General!