Tapping Brain Potential through Medical/Prosthetic and Electronic Research  to rehabilitate Physically and Mentally Challenged Persons.


‘It Is Better To Light A Candle Than To Curse The Darkness’.

Thus goes the popular saying, which means that it is Better to Carry Out A Task with Humble Efforts Than To Give Up The Enterprise Altogether For Want Of Optimum Provisions For Perfect Output.

This Saying is Aptly Applicable in the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped or rather, Physically/ Mentally Challenged Persons, for whom there is Immense Scope of Cure or At Least Significant Improvement for becoming self sufficient by Tapping the Vast Potential of the Human Brain, and the Central Sensomotor Nervous System through the latest advances in Medico- Surgical and Electronic Research.

There are many examples, but one of the best by far was replacement of the original amputated arm of a man by a Natural arm ! More to come !

Who ‘Stood'(Erect)First-In the Process Of Evolution? Man/Woman?                                                                                          The Latest Scientific Research shows that contrary to               the traditional belief that the Man,that is, the Male,                   led Humankind to stand on its feet, literally, on the basis of the Biblical story that God created Eve from Adam’s Rib,            It Was The WOMAN,’Mother Of Man'(MOM), who acquired the ability to stand erect on the hind legs First.                                       For it is proved that the basic Human Genotype is Female.                    Man is A Genetic ‘Phenotype’ of the Woman!