Who Became Manifest First In The Universe? Did Brahma Arise From The Navel of Narayana aka Vishnu and Padmanabha, according to The Story In The Vàishnava part of the Puranas, OR Did Brahma The Creator Give Birth to Vishnu, As per the Usual Rule of The Offspring Being Connected By Its Umbilical Cord To Its Parent or Creator? It Could Have Been Brahma Who Manifested First.


The First deity to be worshipped in the Lower Indus Valley was the Mother Goddess with Shiva as Kaal Bhairav, her holy consort. Shiva the god of the Lunar Races, was held supreme as both the God of Fertility and Creation, as well as of Destruction.

Later on, the belief of Brahma as the Creator made its appearance, and the Powers of Creation and Destruction were attributed to Brahma and Shiva separately.

The mythological concept of Brahma appearing from the ‘Nabhi- Kamal’,i.e. the Lotus arising from the Umbilical Cord stemming from the navel of Narayana, Lord of the Celestial Waters (because of which Vishnu is also addressed as Padmanabha), evolved with settlement of the Solar race of Aryans in the Upper Indus Valley alongside the Dravidians of the Lower Indus Valley, so that the Shaiva gods became of secondary importance to Narayana or Vishnu, the Aryan Devata.

Brahma came to be known as the Creative aspect of Vishnu rather than the swayambhu Cosmic Entity ‘Brahman’, probably as a personalisation of the latter. However, the Creator or crearive aspect cannot be the creation of the Protective or Regulatory energy, but the other way round.


The Cosmic Sound of AUM


UPDATE:The Literal meaning of Omkara is ‘A beginning;Female Divine Energy’ This coincides with the belief of Shakti Worshippers that the first form of the Saguna Brahma or Manifest Supreme Spirit is a female deity – ‘Devi Bhagvati’! She is the Mother of Ganesha and other gods. A report published some years back quoted the Padre of a Catholic Church who had a near-death experience who revealed on being revived that he had been to Heaven and that he had found that God was a Woman! Genetic Scientists have begun to think that the Female is the Original or Basic Genotype. Yet this is about the Manifest Spirit. The Highest Spirit or Power is formless, whatever its first manifest form or gender maybe. The next form then must be the ‘Ardhanarishwar, a form of Shiva also.

Does India really need to recover Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(for which 24 seats are still kept in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly in anticipation of its recovery)? What are the advantages of getting back the Totally Muslim populated region of Kashmir which Sardar Patel too was not initially in favour of acquiring, and which is now moreover infiltrated irreversibly by the China Pakistan Economic Corridor?Can CPEC be removed now if India gets back POK? We Should Think Seriously Before Giving The Dragon The Chance To Enter India Through POK to avoid ‘Falling From The Frying Pan Into The Fire’!


It is said that the residents of the Northern Areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, namely, Gilgit and Baltistan have expressed their desire to join the province of Ladakh of the Jammu and Kashmir state of Indian Administered Kashmir, after the Abrogation of the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution conferring Special Status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir, including Ladakh. Many Indians are thrilled at the rumour, as it means ‘One More Feather In India’s Cap, or One More Bastion won back from Pakistan , that would be an unprecedented achievement for India, thanks to the daring step of revocation of Article 370 and Article 35A by Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, which by itself is an excellent and long due feat.

However, For All We know, the attempt of inclusion of Gilgit and Baltistan in the Union Territories of Ladakh or Jammu-Kashmir, is fraught with danger. For Pak Occupied Kashmir is not the same today as it was immediately after its conquest in 1947. Now these Northern Areas of POK have been already infiltrated by the network laid down by China with connivance of Pakistan for construction of the planned China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which will make it difficult for India to acquire unless we are prepared for War with Pakistan who will be supported by China and possibly the United Nations. Moreover Pakistan has made Gilgit a part of Pakistan proper recently, but the procedural formalities are still pending.

So Even if India somehow succeeds in getting back POK, It will be at risk of the Chinese finding their way into Ladakh and spreading their CPEC network far and wide into Ladakh as well as in the Indian Subcontinent, aided by the Abolition of the Article 35A alongside Article 370, given that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are now converted from a separate special State, to Union Territories directly under India. If not the whole of India, the Chinese will at least surely occupy the whole of Ladakh under the pretext of expanding their Schemes of CPEC and OBOR (One Belt One Road), which may compromise the territorial security of India.

The Worst that can happen – which cannot be ruled out entirely, knowing the usurping nature of China – might be that Ladakh, having been made a Union Territory separate from Jammu and Kashmir, could be dragged back to become a part of Tibet as it was before conquest by the Maharajah of Jammu in 1840 AD on racial and historical grounds and thereby slide under the sovereignty of China proper!

This may seem like nightmarish and far fetched thinking, but such prospects no longer appearso distant. For it is no secret that China is trying to engulf many Indian and other states in the Himalayan region that are populated by Mongoloid tribes, e.g. Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Bhutan, over and above Shaksgam Valley and Aksai Chin of Baltistan which it has already taken, like a Big Fish swallowing Small Fish and is watching the political developments in India like a Hawk !

(Also the Indian Economy is a more pressing issue now than getting back POK, which will impose a further load on our resources. Hence the crucial question- Does India really need POK? Is it worth the heavy toll the mission will take of our already stressed Financial position besides our Military Strength?)