Should Hindus in Government service of India be posted in their respective Native States, for example Kerala, to retain or restore the Hindu majority or significant minority in each state?(Sr. No. 63)


The Title of this article might appear ‘Highly Communal’to the Pseudosecular citizens of this country. However, in view of the fact that Hindus are losing their majority in some states of India, where they were in the majority before, as in Kerala, or pushed down from significant minority to an insignificant lot, as in Kashmir and the North Eastern States due either to,
(a) the influx or rise in the number of settlers of other communities in the state, with the native Hindus of the place leaving the state to migrate elsewhere as in Kerala, or
(b) conversion to other religions as to Christianity in the North East, and (c)their exodus from the fanatic Muslim dominated states as from Kashmir, Hindus are in danger of becoming outnumbered by other religious communities in one state after another in India, and falling out of power everywhere ultimately!

Hence, an active and serious effort has to be started right now to ensure the presence of either a majority or reasonably high numbers of Hindus in each state of Hindustan. Otherwise, the next thing that will happen is that all the states will be dominated by the people of other religions, including the Sikhs, and all the communities will demand the separation of their state from India, resulting in either the ‘slicing off’ or splitting of India that is, Hindustan, or its conversion into ‘Khichdustan’!

Therefore, Hindu employees in Private service or private entrepreuners need not, or should not be disturbed or forced to go back or migrate to
their native land, especially if they have already become used to living
in some other state or become domiciles of that state, as for example, Maharashtrians and others, like the Kannadigas who have been born and brought up in Baroda, which was earlier under the erstwhile Gaikwad State, and thereafter under the Bombay State upto it’s bifurcation in 1960 into Maharashtra and Gujarat.

New Hindu employees however, should be encouraged to stay in their native or domicile state by recruiting them in a branch of the Appointing Organisation or Bank of that state or region, in the interest of maintaining the optimum number of Hindus in every state of India! For example, Hindu natives of Kerala appointed in the State Bank of Travancore may be posted
as fresh recruits or even on promotion in Kerala, if not permanently in
Travancore itself!

Unfortunately, this will not be possible in the State of Jammu, Kashmir and
Ladakh, because of the block of the Article 370. Therefore, the Article 370
Should be lifted from at least the Jammu and Ladakh provinces (and perhaps a small part of the Southern Kashmir valley containing the Amarnath cave and some other prime pilgrimage sites, though it is difficult), whereby it can be possible to post some more Hindus there on Longterm
or Permanent basis there too !


(62) Should Euthanasia Be Legalised in India?


Should Euthanasia, that is, ‘Mercy killing to relieve the intractable suffering of terminally ill patients by painless means'(literally meaning ‘Good Death’
in Greek)be legalised in India? This is a question that has been debated since long, especially since a Court petition for it was made by Pinki Virani, an Indian Journalist, Writer, Author of various books, including one on Aruna Shanbagh, and a Human Rights Activist, for terminating the tragic life of
Aruna Shanbagh, a staff nurse of KEM Hospital of Mumbai, who was attacked with Sexual Intention by a Ward boy of the hospital in November 1973 at the age of 25 years, who strangled her with a dog-chain, rendering her to a ‘near-vegetable’ state since then, till her death recently this year.

The Supreme Court had turned down the Appeal. Yet, it passed the Landmark Resolution permitting ‘Passive Euthanasia ‘, viz. turning off
the Artificial life support systems like Ventilator in irreversibly comatose and brain-dead patients. Unfortunately, Aruna did not get the benefit of this modification of the Law as she was not totally ‘brain dead’, nor on life support systems. In fact, her caretaker nurses reported that she used to respond to pleasant sensations like soothing music or voices, and relished tasty food, while on the other hand, she used to scream on hearing the sound of male voices. The Only thing that could be done , was the ‘Cruel’ Method of Withdrawal of the Food and Drink that was keeping her alive.
As such, all the other nurses of the KEM Hospital too were strongly against the ‘Mercy Killing’ of Aruna Shanbagh!

Still, even ‘Passive Euthanasia’ is a valuable form of relief for terminally ill, brain-dead patients who were hitherto kept alive only with the help of
Artificial Life Support Systems.

No doubt, there are genuine cases calling for and deserving of ‘Euthanasia’
proper. However, the risk in liberalisation of it, which is feared by all, is the
not-so-negligible chance of the Law being misused to end the life of old or
Sick but treatable patients for their Property, or of poor, old or infirm persons to get rid of the burden of looking after them, or spending on their
treatment, for which force too might be brought upon them to give their consent.This is quite likely to happen in India too, where corruption is

Besides, Medical practitioners are bound by the Medical Ethics imposed on them by Hippocratic Oath taken by them at Graduation, that it is their duty to Save Life, Not Take It under whatever circumstances! There is also a Moral or Religious objection to Euthanasia, that it is a ‘Sin’ to take anyone’s life, as one cannot give life to anyone!
For that reason, many other nations besides India also do not allow Euthanasia, Except Netherlands, Belgium, Columbia and Luxembourg,
as per the updated information of June 2015.

Some countries also permit ‘Assisted Suicide’, as in Sweden, Germany, Albania, Japan, as well as in the U.S. States of Washington D.C.,Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico and Montana, and now in Canada.

Active Euthanasia by injection of a combination of lethal drugs like Sodium
Thiopental and Barbiturate eg. Pentobarbital, to ‘Put the patient to Sleep’,
is of Two types (A) Voluntary with the patients’ Request or consent, and
(B) Involuntary , where the patient is not in a position to give consent, and the decision is taken by the treating Medical Personnel with the consent of the close relatives for putting an end to his/her suffering.

In my opinion, the permission for ‘Passive Euthanasia’ is good enough for the Majority of cases in this country, where the Law enforcement is not
Sufficiently adequate .

Yet I have a doubt, about whether the recent Law of ‘Decriminalisation of Suicide’ can be utilised by anyone to end his or her life with the Help of another person, for example, in the case of a helplessly handicapped person such as a Quadruplegic.
Or would the friend or relative helping such a person in Good Faith be charged with the crime of provoking or encouraging and abetting Suicide, even if the ‘assistant’ obtains ‘prior request’ from the dying person to help him/her for the suicide, and acts with the help of a medical person, in the presence of a Legal witness, that is, ‘Voluntary Euthanasia’?
It is very necessary that this point should be confirmed!