Limitations of Buddha’s Ahimsa and Detachment philosophy.(87)


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Is Ahura Mazda, the God of Parsis, a version of the Hindu God Kartikeya?(My Facebook post of 22.7.2016)(86)


An author, Ajit Vadakayil, has written that Shukracharya, the priest of the Asuras, is Ahura Mazda, but he was not the god but only the priest of the Asuras. Also, he is depicted as a man blind in one eye, and having a horse as his vehicle, which is far different from the image of Ahura Mazda, which shows him as a man with only his upper body and shoulders showing, while the lower part has wings and a plume like tail. The description of Ahura Mazda is more like Kartikeya atop his Peacock.

How can India Resolve The Kashmir Issue?(Part I)                                       (My Facebook post of 12th June 2015)(85)


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