Why I regard Devi Parvati(Annapoorna),The Mortal Woman Who attained Divinity and Immortality through her tedious ‘Tapasya’ or Ordeal to become The Spouse of Shiva as – Not My ‘Aaradhya’ or Deity for Worship, but my ‘Adarsh’ or Role Model!


I am not a worshiper of idols by faith, although being a Hindu by birth. Yet I keep pictures of the popular Lord Krishna and Goddess Parvati, also called Devi Annapurna, which surprises those visitors to my residence who are aware of the nature of my beliefs. They also question me about the apparent contradiction between what I profess and what I display in practice. Hence I feel the need to explain the seeming discrepancy as follows.

The Simple Reason is that one tends to just revere a deity as a godhead who is uncomparably superior to oneself, and to idolise him or her as a divine entity for worship and turning to for passive receipt of boons or blessings. On the other hand, one tries actively to emulate the superior being whom one regards as one’s Ego- ideal or Role Model for Self-improvement.

For example, the Lord Krishna is more than a God to me. I consider Him rather as my Friend, Guide and Philosopher, to get inspiration and solutions to any dilemmas or problems that I may face from time to time.

Likewise, my favourite Female Icon is Devi Parvati, also addressed as Uma, Ambika and Annapoorna,’The Bountiful’ Mother, But I regard Her as an Ideal Role Model of Womanhood than an Object of Worship.


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