ARE RAPE CRIMES RELATED TO PROVOCATIVE DRESS AND FREEDOM OF WOMEN? It is believed by many that Rapes on women occur because of the Revealing and Sexy dresses of Modern Women or due to Unbridled Mixing of Girls with Boys nowadays, as Orthodox,Tradition-al Thinkers say. Can These Self-righteous people explain, (a)Why do Rapes Occur on Nuns of different religions;(b) on Very Young Girls And (c)ALSO On Boys in Schools, Religious Places and even at Home at times? This means that Rape is Not Just a Sudden Unplanned Acting Out of The Sexual Urge Arising at the Sight of a Provocatively dressed and Seductive Female, BUT, The Desire To Wield Power Over Physically and Socially Weaker Persons of Both Sexes of Any Age, in the Society or Family, To Keep Them Under Constant Fear and thereby under Their Subjugation as Slaves. Otherwise, (d)Why is it that Rape Victims belong to the Poor or Middle Class and Backward Sections of Society? (e)Likewise, Why are Women of Conquered Nations Sexually Ravished En Masse by the Victors as Booty following Wars? Are Those Women All Sexily Dressed and Immoral? (f)Finally, Why Is It That Daughters of Socially Prominent and Powerful Families rarely become the Victims of Rape, No Matter How They Dress or Behave, Or Even If They Venture Out Drunk On The Streets at Late Nights? Men with the Worst Sex Crime Record do Not Dare Molest or Rape Them. (UNLESS Someone of Their Own Family Members or Close Family Friends Betrays Them). These Highly Placed Women enjoy an Immunity from Sexual Assaults, Not So Much because of Moral Superiority, but because of The Powerfulness of Their Guardians, and the AWE they command over other persons by virtue of the Social Eminence of their Familial back- ground. The women from a common background people do not have that strong backing, because of which the offences against them are not registered by the Police or not processed promptly by the Police and Courts. Even our Political leaders and Ministers are not serious about sexual offences, and neglect rape or even cases of. rape accompanied by murder as something that happens off and on, which is difficult to control e.g Mulayam Singh Yadav saying “Ladke Aksar Aisi Galti Karte Hain”, which emboldens their abusers and perpetuates the social menace.


Is the Aggressive Nature and Proclivity towards Violence of some Ferocious and Invasive clans rooted in their Harsh and Inhospitable Climatic Environment?


The Original Communities that hailed from the region of the Arabian desert and Iran, as also from the formidable mountainous region of Afghanistan, have been the target of much criticism and swearing for their apparently aggressive nature and infliction of violence on other races and nations. However, very few critics consider the angle that most of these clans have lived in a very harsh climatic environment and scarcity of resources in their land of origin, which has influenced their mindset and culture.

There are Four Main Types of Habitat, influenced by One of the Four Main Natural Elements, namely, (a) FIRE- (Heat of the Sun)- Deserts and Regions close to the Equator; (b) WATER – Coasts of Seas, Rivers and Large Lakes; (c) AIR – Mountainous areas and Hill Stations, Polar Regions and (d) EARTH- Inland Plains, Mines etc. The Realms of Fire are the hottest and most uncomfortable for living.

Not only the Muslims, but if one goes into the pre-Islamic history of the Arabian Desert region- say of the Biblical times- the ASSYRIANS , an Arab tribe, who were the same as the Asuras mentioned in the Hindu texts, were also a fiery lot, and have been described by an English historian as “Breaking loose on the occupants of the valley of Mesopotamia like a pack of wolves, who were ruthless in killing the conquered people, and are said to have been dismembering their enemies after assassinating them!” They ruled the area from Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean Coast upto the Aral Sea on the East of the Caspian Sea from around 1320-612 BC, after which they were in turn defeated by the Persians.

Likewise, the Moguls invading India from the time of Babur, also came from Mongolia, which is a partly desert, party steppe, and partly mountainous area; but it is pertinent to mention here that warring and invading tribes existed in Central Asia even before Babur and his forefathers Timur and Genghiz Khan. Examples are of the ‘WHITE HUN’ (or Ephthalite, as the tribe has been named by anthropologists) TORAMAN and his son Mihirgul who invaded (and established their clan in) India, from their homeland in Central Asia in the 5th century AD, and ATTILA, the HUN who invaded and ravished and terrorised Germany and the surrounding parts of Europe around the same time. The religion of Islam did not exist then, as it was founded by Mohammed Paigambar in the latter half of the 6th century AD.

In Europe also, it was the races of Northern European origin, like the GERMANS, CELTS and SCYTHIANS who invaded and conquered the Southern and Mediterranean seaside countries like Bulgaria, France and Italy. In Greece, the original Greeks named the ‘Mukes'(short form of Mycenae) or ‘Black Greeks’, as they were a mixture of European and the dark Hamitic races, were overthrown by the Nordic tribe of Dorians to which Alexander belonged, from 1100-1000 BC.

In India too, it is observed that the people of Rajasthan which is a desert state and of Punjab which has extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters, including Hindus, tend to be more easily provoked and aggressive than the residents of the temperate coastal regions.

This indicates that ferociousness or aggressiveness and irritability tending to spark violence of at least some communities like the Muslims and the other communities mentioned above is related significantly to the intensity of heat or other intemperate and unsuitable climatic environmental factors like very frosty areas, as of the people living in the Arctic region, or rough mountainous regions like the Ural-Altai mountains on the northwest border of Mongolia with very high altitude and thin air. The relation of extreme climate, especially hot climate, to aggressiveness and violence in populations chronically exposed to it, has been recognised by Ecologists and Environmental Biologists.

Hence, most long past and recent invasions and wars have been initiated by the tribes or clans belonging to the countries with harsh environment against, and than the people blessed by nature with temperate or soothing climate, as around seas, major rivers or water beds like large lakes, that is bountiful human and animal resources, which those belonging to the hostile equatorial and polar regions eye with envy and covet to conquer, as a FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL! The aggressive writings of such people, like Jihad, are also probably prompted by and a reflection of their envy and resentment against those who are environmentally better placed, which arouses the urge to defeat the latter and seize their land and resources. So Perhaps, improving their own environment may bring real Peace to them(and to others)!

For Why is it that all sections of Muslims are not as intolerant to people of other religions as the Sunnis , that is, if the apparent hatred and destructiveness of some of their members are due to their religion?

One important ‘KEY’, though not the only one, for augmenting equanimity and BRINGING DOWN the occurrence, if not ending, of the bitter and fierce WARS waged by one nation against another for possession of the gifted and alluring lands around the world, is by making the regions with unmerciful weather or other severe environmental flaws ON THIS EARTH more bearable for habitation, that is, ENVIRONMENTAL UPGRADATION, which the MODERN, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY invented by Mankind, CAN certainly ENABLE it to do, if only Humanity would realise the pressing importance and need of such a mission (more than exploring the possibility of finding some OTHER planets like Mars, which can, perhaps(?) sustain life) ! CAN WE ?

GENUINE JUSTIFICATION FOR INDIAN and JAMMU-KASHMIR GOVERNMENT TO GRANT LAND FOR ‘PANUN KASHMIR’ and DIRECT PLACEMENT UNDER STATE GOVERNOR and ARMY TO KASHMIRI PANDITS FOR PROTECTION OF THEIR SAFETY and RIGHTS, as well as, Greater Autonomy for the Kashmiris of the Rest of Kashmir Valley, who feel neglected by the Indian Government, under the local political parties elected by people of the (optimally) ‘AUTONOMOUS KASHMIR VALLEY’ of Indian Administered Kashmir, comparable to ‘Azad Kashmir’ of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. A very distressing situation has arisen in the State of Jammu and Kashmir since January 1990 in that the Pandits of Kashmir Valley, a Brahmin community, (and lately, the Dogras of Jammu too) are being regularly subjected to attacks and (persecution by the Kashmiri as well as Pakistani Muslims, making them flee from the Kashmir valley despite the Indian Army posted there. Their temples are also vandalised. TheKashmir Valley is no longer the ‘Paradise on Earth’ that it once was. Thorns had started cropping up among the flowers from the time of the independence. of Jammu and Kashmir.Now it has become a Valley of Bloodshed,with which the gentle Kashmiri Pandits are in no position to cope and have become exiles from their own homeland. Hence a part of the valley needs to be earmarked for them, as per their plea, where they can live in peace, in the interest of preserving their culture and the original demography of Kashmir. The original undivided Kashmir Valley of 22065 Sq.Kms as it was when sold by the British to the Maharajah of Jammu in 1846 AD, including the Muzaffarabad block of ‘Azad Jammu Kashmir’(6117 sq .km),which is now under Pakistan Occupation, has been taken into account for calculating the 4% share of it(about 900 sq km) equivalent to the over 4% numbers of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley prior toPakistani invasion from 22. Oct 1947. (Baramulla andSoporeCities, not tehsils are asked for Panun Kashmir.)Remaining blocks of Azad Jammu Kashmir,viz.Mirpur and Poonch blocks were parts of Jammu before the Pakistani invasion. The present Indian Administered Kashmir Valley is 15948 sq. kms. in area, so even after sparing 900 sq kms of it for Panun Kashmir, 15000 sqkms will still be left with Kashmiri Muslims, which is more than the area of the total Azad Jammu Kashmir (13297 sq. kms). The Details of the Tehsils included as required for Panun Kashmir are given in the image enclosed with this article, below.(Srinagar is not mentioned in the tehsils that are desired to be included in Panun Kashmir, as it is the capital of the KashmirValley, and would have to be with the rest of the valley.The KPs can make another city/town e.g.Ganderbal with Manasbal lake/Pahalgam/Anantnag their capital if they want to live separately from the other Kashmiris of the valley.Or Srinagar can be Joint capital for them, And for the Rest of the Kashmir valley). THE DIVISION Can be made Without scrapping Art370/ 35A, or Dissolving the State Govt., simply by placing Panun Kashmir Under the Direct Control of the Governor of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh, Permanently for more safety – singly, or as a combined Unit with Jammu and Ladakh, whose people also want to be separated from Kashmir). In view of the increasingly bitter and violent struggle of the Kashmiri Muslims for Freedom, the Government of India should contemplate giving at least Greater Autonomy to the residents of the Kashmir valley, (except for the part mentioned above as required for Panun Kashmir, which alone should be kept under the protection of the Indian Army, while the remaining valley should be managed only by the Central Reserve Police Force,barring the border areas which too have to be under the protection of the Border Security Force), subject to the condition that they should give up their demand/fight for ‘Azadi’ or for joining Pakistan, and agreeing to the formation of Panun Kashmir. Else, a Civil War of Kashmiri Muslims – backed by Pakistan – with India cannot be ruled out, with uncertain and disastrous effects! All said and done, the Chief Problem in this sort of settlement would be not so much of settling Kashmiri Pandits in the ear- marked area, but of relocating the old domicile Muslims out of Panun Kashmir, even if demarcation of Panun Kashmir is agreed to by the other Kashmiri Muslims of the Valley. So those among them who want to stay on there should be allowed, if they agree to give a Binding on Oath Not to harm the Pandits or their Homes, Property and Temples. Perhaps it may not be possible to accommodate all Kashmiri Pandits in the earmarked area for Panun Kashmir. So the older members of the community, who were residents of the valley before their exile should be given the first priority to return to the valley, while the younger members can be settled in Jammu, or in Himachal Pradesh which is supposed to have been their original abode [on the banks of the ancient river Saraswati, that is said to have sprung from HP (but exists there now as a tributary of it named Ghaggar- Hakra river), which passed through Punjab, Haryana,Rajasthan, and northern Gujarat upto the Rann of Kachh, from which they have derived their caste name of ‘SaraswatBrahmins’ as they worship the river Saraswati as Goddess, which is also called Sharda, and migrated to Kashmir on the river drying up, where they were given shelter by the Naga Kings who were rulers of Kashmir that time]; Or in Uttarakhand, where the ecology is similar to that of the Kashmir Valley.