Is It Possible To Make India ‘Hindu Rashtra’- With the Intense Regionalism Dividing Hindus Of India From One Another?

  1. Kanarese, Tamil Hindu                   Give Hindi Bhais The’Zadoo’;     2. While Mamta Didi of Bengal                Hates Hindus Above All !             3. UP-Bihari, Gujjus ‘Pariah’               In ‘Aamcha Maharashtra’;          Phir Kaise Banega India                        United ‘Hindu  Rashtra’?                                           Duje Hinduonse Nafrat Karte Ho, HinduRashtra Tum Kya Banaoge?


Building Up A Strong, Effective Opposition   to the Government is The Need of the Hour in India, in the interest of Democracy.         Who can do It? –                     CAN the Horde of dissatisfied Senior leaders of the various   non- NDA parties     NOT UNITE between themselves to form such a new,less radical party to curb the fast and steady ‘Shrinking’ of the Opposition in recent years?


It is one of the mandates of a healthy Democratic government that there should be a good and strong opposition party versus the Ruling Party or Government, to maintain balance of power between absolute Autocracy or Dictatorship of the Ruling Party, and Anarchy. India, since its independence, has adopted Democracy as the basic principle of its Government.                                           The present Government of India formed by the Bhartiya Janata Party and its allies, viz. the National Democratic Alliance, is headed by       a powerful and principled  leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.         He has made many important and necessary changes in the interest of the nation, e.g. for the control of corruption, Swachchhata Abhiyan etc. However, the Parties that form the Opposition at present have become deplorably weak or almost defunct, EITHER because of their own infighting and/or charges of corruption against them, like the Congress, Aam Aadmi Party(AAP), Rashtriya Janata Dal, Bahujan Samaj Party, OR on account of the high incidence of uncontrolled violence in their respective states, as in UP during the rule of the Samajwadi Party, (which is taking time to subside even now), the Trinmool Congress Party in West Bengal, and the Communist parties in WB and Kerala, due to which they have lost their standing before the people of India. As a result, They cannot bring sufficient pressure on the Government or the allies of the ruling party like RSS/Bajrang Dal to curb certain excesses that have started occuring in the name of religious dogma due to orthodox ideas of ‘Hindutva’, like Mob Lynchings on people of other religions and Dalits as an excuse for ‘Cow Vigilantism’, to give an example. As a news magazine, ‘The Economist’ has remarked,              “The BJP Government does have its faults, but the Opposition is -‘HOPELESS’!

  • Hence it is the ‘Need of The Hour’ that some powerful, righteous , broadminded and popular leader should gather the support of capable people with a record of honesty and credibility to create   a Just and Strong opposition group or party. The QUESTION is, Who is the leader with a frank and independent mind, who can garner the support of all right thinking political leaders to initiate this rebuilding of a clean, steady and formidable Opposition (in place of the current dilapidated group). Shankarsinh Vaghela and Capt. Amarinder Singh of the Congress, as also Nitish Kumar of JD(U) HAVE the ability but lack the will or perhaps the confidence to take up the challenge.Therefore, they prefer to stay where they are, or join the Governing party.
  • It is not understood why despite the obvious deteriorating popularity of the Congress among the general public and its loosening hold over its members, greatly due to the apparent inadequacy and unfitness of Rahul Gandhi to lead the party, none of its senior leaders are taking the decision and initiative, in their party’s and the nation’s interest, to seize the authority from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to restore the faith of its members and public in the party, OR separate to set up another party, as some top rebel leaders did during the time of Indira Gandhi, to form Congress (Opposition) i.e.Cong(O) as distinct from Congress (Indira) or Cong(I)! (It is enough to snatch   the reins of power of the Congress party from ‘Sonia Sultan’, the Matriarch of the Gandhi family and the Congress, and compel her to go into political retirement, for the Gandhi bastion to collapse, and leave the post of Congress President open for a more competent leader to assume.     For Rahul is just the ‘Dummy of his Mummy’)! It is sad to see that the present group of politicians are either slavishly loyal to the Gandhis or the Lalu Prasad/ Mulayam Singh Yadav family, or given to their own selfish personal ambitions than to maintenance of democracy in India. They choose to stay on with the Congress/ Rashtriya Janata Dal/Samajwadi Party despite their disillusionment with the lack of credibility or capability of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, or of the Yadavs,Without making any Effort to Dislodge the unsteady and irresponsible Rahul and corrupt Sonia from the post of Vice- President and President, or Tejaswi Prasad Yadav from his Ministerial post, as also Akhilesh Yadav to improve the standard of the respective parties.                   OR else, All the dissidents rush to join the Ruling ‘Band Wagon’ at the Centre, that is, the ‘Rising Sun’, so that there is hardly anything like a formidable Opposition left in India Today for Balance of Power.        BUT, it does not occur to the rebels of the different parties to unite and form a new party with   a good and moderate ideology to have a significant ‘Voice’ in Both Houses of the Parliament.             So much for Patriotism and Democracy in India! This is because Indians are forever divided among themselves on the basis of Religion, Caste, Region and Language. We have not yet learnt to think of all Indians as One Community.                              It also seems that the majority of Indians are so used to Dictator- ship under successive invaders and their Dynasties that they ‘Can’t Digest’ Independence or Democracy! That is seen from the fact that they chose to elect Three of the first Four Prime Ministers of India repeat- edly, from the Nehru-Gandhi family, from the first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was practically a dictator, (considering the way in which he dominated and overruled his Cabinet of Ministers including the Deputy PM Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and     Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, the Architect of the Indian Constitution, thereby creating almost irreversible problems on the Kashmir and Chinese front), to his even more imperial daughter Indira Gandhi (who lost her earlier lofty and popular image due to the Emergency laden by her in 1975, compounded by the aggressive, sterilisation campaign launched by her younger son Sanjay, and then, the ‘Operation Blue Star’ in 1984, during which many Sikhs were massacred, in which her politicaly new and raw but smug elder son Rajiv was also involved, who too during his own term as PM earned notoriety on account of the Bofors scam), to rule India for a lengthy period from India’s Independence in 1947 to 1989, barring a few short periods of alternative rule – viz.   (1) under Lal Bahadur Shastri from demise of Nehru in mid-1964 to his own death in January 1966,s he was the seniormost minister in Nehru’s cabinet,and again      (2) under the Janata Party headed by Morarji Desai from 1977-80. The Second break was a reaction by India’s people to the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi from mid1975-March1977. The reign of the Gandhi Dynasty would have continued further after 1991 upto 2014 (except for the 6 years gap from 1998-2004 under Atal Bihari Vajpayee led BJP Government), if it had not been for the unexpected, untimely death of Rajiv Gandhi by his assassination in May 1991.         The nation has paid heavily for this excessive adulation for        the Gandhi family including their European daughter-in-law Sonia, which prevailed until Narendra Modiji of BJP beat them and the Congress hollow in the 2014 elections!
  • On the Other hand, India suffered the drawbacks of a weak leader- ship and virtual ‘Anarchy’-       First under the new and raw ‘National Front’ Govt formed by Vishwanath Pratap Singh in November 1989, for which almost all Indians had voted with full enthusiasm and hope, but which turned out to be the most disappointing and short lived experiment for establishing  a non-Congress,non-dynastic govt, as it ended miserably due to the faulty and rigid policies adopted and imposed on the people by the VP govt, like the Mandal Commission granting exorbitant reservation in educational institutions and government services forBackward Castes and Tribes, in protest of which there was a spate of suicides in mid1990. The brutal attack by bullets by the State Police on Kar Sevaks in Ayodhya on October 30, 1990, under the order of Mulayam Singh Yadav, then CM of UP, also reflected badly on the control of the Law and Order situation by the Central Govt. The mass killings and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir valley too occurred in January 1990, after VPSingh assumed the office of PM in the first week of December1989, so that it could verily be termed as a disastrous or ‘Qayamat se Qayamat Tak’ Government! (However though, the blame for the holocaust in Kashmir should go, in all fairness, more to the previous Congress party govt under the PMship of Rajiv Gandhi and Farooq Abdullah’s National Conference ruled J-K Govt than to VP Singh, as the seeds for the explosion of anti Hindu hatred by the Kashmiri Muslims were said to have been insidiously sown in the Valley by Sunni Pathan fanatics right from 1986, after Rajiv Gandhi becoming the PM).                                 Another low point was reached during the Congress rule under the meek, soft PM Dr.Manmohan Singh, from 2004-14 which was said to be more of a ‘proxy rule’ by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul’s Brazen Insubordination. Dr.Singh is said to have been prompted by Sonia Gandhi to consider giving up India’s hold over Siachen in 2013! His lack of control over the scams being made by his ministers as well as Sonia and Rahul is what led to his ultimate defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
  • No wonder a large, hitherto complacent section of people of the nation is reeling under the countershock of the uncompromi-sing Modi led BJP-NDA Govt now, which is Sure to Continue after the next Lok Sabha elections in 2019, and possibly after 2024 too, for   as it stands today, THERE ARE HARDLY ANY DEDICATED, DARING LEADERS LEFT IN INDIA TO TAKE the INITIATIVE and CHALLENGE OF UNITING COMMITTED PERSONS FROM ALL PARTS OF INDIA FOR REVIVAL OF A SOUND AND SINCERE OPPOSITION !

What Is Hindutva?


What is Hindutva? The Literal Meaning of The Oft-Spoken Word Today is the ‘Hindu Way of Living in keeping  with the beliefs in Hindu gods and goddesses, and the precepts of Hindu religion, I.e. Hinduism.’ However,  the Interpretations and Observation of the same vary vastly from one Social Group, Caste or Sect of Hinduism to another, especially between the Upper and Lower Castes of Hindu society, as the principles and values differ a lot between them . 

Of late, some of the practices of staunch Hindus like Cow Vigilantism have drawn a lot of public ire because of the increasing incidence of cases of Mob Lynching of persons found or suspected  of abducting Cows for Sale to Slaughter Houses, or for Beef eating, mostly of Muslims, which has strained  the relations between Hindus and Muslims more than ever before. Another allegation against Hindu Society is the discrimination and ill treatment of Dalits (who are the untouchables and the lowest caste of the Hindu Society), like exploiting their labour and women, as well as denying them the use of basic facilities like getting Water from Public Wells and other sources. They are also refused entry to temples frequented  by the  Upper caste Hindus, which is an obstacle to Unity among the Upper and Lower castes of Hindus, and has been instrumental in inducing many Lower Caste people to get converted, to Christianity, Islam    and Buddhism.

Coming to the different sections of Hindus,                                                              The followers of the ARYA SAMAJ subscribe to Rigvedic worship of the Five Main Elements of the Universe, the 33 main Gods and the Cow, but   Do Not Perform Idol Worship.                                                                                The DRAVIDIAN Castes, and now practically all the Hindus, including Brahmins and the other Upper castes of Aryan origin, are sworn Worshippers of Idols, and are devotees of Shiva Parivar(family) including Shiva, Devi(Parvati), Ganesh, Kartikeya,the 10 main (but actually 24) incarnations ofVishnu, besides the 33 classes of subsidiary gods,and Brahma,according to some authors. Most of them worship the Cow, but it is only the radical Hindus who resort to violence in the name of CowVigilantism and Sites for construction of Temples like RamMandir at Ayodhya.

Still different are the religious customs of the Adivasi or Aboriginal tribes of India like the NATH PANTH/Sect of GORAKHNATH and Aghoris. The Nath Panth are said to do Tantra-Mantra, that is, Magical Orgies accompanied by chanting of related hymns to cure people of ‘possession’ by ghosts or evil spirits. They do not however perform the offensive carnal and sexual rituals that are indulged in by the Aghoris. They are the devotees of Lord Dattatreya, whom they consider as an incarnation of Lord Shiva (unlike the upper Hindu castes who regard Dattatreya as the joint incarnation of  Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh/Shiva, but particularly Vishnu). The

The  AGHORIS (meaning Fearless) are a related sect residing in the forests,( from whom the Nath Panth is said to have been separated by Gorakhnath with shedding of their evil customs). They are supposed to be Shaivite, Ash-smeared Naga(Nude)Sadhus, who leave their hair loose in tangled knots. They also worship the Mother Goddess Kaali, and Shiva as ‘Kaal Bhairav’, the Mother’s Consort.  However, they have certain customs or rituals which are horrendous and obnoxious to the other Hindus, like Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Sexual Orgies with Corpses, and Sorcery or Exorcism. 

  1. These AGHORIS ARE the Tribes and their rituals NOTICED BY tourists from OTHER NATIONS    of the World FIRST, AND ARE SCANDALISING TO THEM, and THEREFORE REPORTED MORE PROMINENTLY than anything else, as if those rituals are an important part of Hindutva.         The Upper Caste Traditional Hindus, namely, the SANATANI Hindus, become indignant and PROTEST vehemently AT THIS EMPHATIC PUBLICISATION OF THE AGHORI RITUALS AS IF  they are a significant or MAIN part of HINDUTVA, and deny that their backward and repulsive practices are a common feature of Hindutva. YET, the Hindu Society, which incorporated these tribal sects as a section of it in ancient times, continues to tag them to itself, notwithstanding the fact that their above mentioned beliefs and rituals of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism etc. are in direct or diagonal contrast and violation to those of the other Hindu Castes and communities, which abhor and condemn even Cow slaughter, leave alone Human Sacrifice for appeasement of any god/goddess!

All this confusion and resultant humiliation on account of the ghastly and repulsive customs of these backward and ignorant sects of Hindu Society before people of the Western Nations and Culture, is because of the educated Hindus not trying to enlighten and reform the Aghoris and other backward castes to shed their bloody and perverse rituals due to Superstition.                    As long as educated and ENLIGHTENED HINDUS do not lead the way to INSTIL HOMOGENEOUS IMPROVED CONCEPTS/PRECEPTS in keeping with modern times, IN ENTIRE HINDU SOCIETY, by weeding out the practice of undesirable, harmful and outdated customs and rituals ( including Jallikattu in Soutth India,which harasses Bulls and Cow Vigillantism) from all the castes/sects that are acknowledged as Hindus, the exact NATURE and understanding OF ”HINDUTVA’  WILL always REMAIN VAGUE and open to Misapprehension and Harsh Criticism! AT LEAST, the learned and evolved sections of Hindu Society should make it clear to the World that they are not in agreement or unison with those abiding with the dubious, superstitious and outdated practices of the BlackYajurveda! Can They, or shouldn’t They?

In my opinion,the Best type of Hindutva is that propounded by Swami Vivekananda and         the Ramakrishna Paramhansa Mission, whose members practice Love for Humanity and  acceptance of Life as well as Tolerance of other people ‘s nature as it is, and Meditation as a way of communicating and achieving communion with the Supreme Spirit. No religious text    of any religion has appealed to me or inspired me as much as the writings and personal biographies of Vivekananda and his Guru, Ramakrishna Paramhansa. I felt an immense sense of Peace during my visit to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial at the Southernmost tip of India,   in the midst of the Indian Ocean, and swept by the waves of the ocean, which I have not experienced anywhere else. There is No rush or jostling one another (भगदड़) of the devotees or pilgrims just for a momentary glimpse of the idol, or accidents as at other temples, and hardly any tedious ceremonial rituals. Just Meditation and Heavenly Peace in the Natural Oceanic Background!